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God and Logic

"There is no God." - God

I know there is no proof for God, so I am speaking in Hypotheticals.

An omnipresent and omniscient intelligence is based on what?

How would it work?

A God behaving like a Tyrannical Human would use Humans in General as Clustered Wireless Wetware.

The Biblical God doesn’t make sense as an Objective Creator of the Universe but does make sense as a MultiHuman Organism.

This Organism would take all of our Flaws and Features to a higher level of abstraction, but the foundations would be based on Human Nature.

Quantum Entanglement Brain Networking makes more sense for this than Brainwaves because Brainwaves are Organically Generated Radio Waves.

Radio waves travel distances based on their Frequency.

Higher Frequencies travel further before they need a Retransmission Station, but the Human Brain has such a low frequency that you can only read it by putting a sensor right on your head.

Quantum Entanglement Communication wouldn’t use Distance at all. Nothing leaves or enters your head, but Networking is still happening, regardless of distance.

Again, all hypothetical.

Another guess I have is that such a God would be structured from our collective networks of written and spoken language, in which each person is acting as a Neuron of a Larger Mind.

Is it reasonable for God to create humans and then decide to make them go to hell for not worshipping him?

Not from the Logical Perspective of a Given Person.

From the Logical Perspective of a Creator, this does make sense, because Humans are being Cultivated through an Intensely Complex Process.

Think of how much waste is involved in the process of Creation.

Waste is an expectation in the process of Creation.

The Human Soul is an Emergent Property from the Chaotic Experiences of Life.

Some people are going to come through the System as Wheat, and some are going to be Chaff.

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Wheat is used in greater Systems of Creation.

Chaff is Burned.

What does Genesis tell us about God?

“He is now as one of Us.” -God, Genesis (off the top of my head, so correct me)

Who is “Us”?

Others like him?

What if God was simply the Man from another much older and larger Human Culture that guided a New Colony on Earth starting with Adam and Eve?

If the story was very long ago, speculating on prehistory, and getting the nostalgic rose-colored glasses effect multiplied through the millennia, the Colonist Administrator would have been poetically referred to as the Father of Humanity, and then the Creator of the Universe.

In 10,000 years, a given brand of Soda will be mistaken for an Ancient Deity that was worshiped by most of the world.

Do you see how these things get out of hand?

Another guess I have is Adam and Eve as the first Homo Sapiens, being mutations of Homo Erectus, and one of the wisest of these created an Environmental Preserve for them to develop, understanding the importance of this new subspecies branching off from his own.

“One of us” may have meant an understanding of the Larger World outside Eden.

This reminds me of “The Truman Show”

You were cast out of Eden because the Experiment Failed.

“God is Good” and “God wipes out all life except some people and animals that could fit on a large boat” are two statements that don’t logically belong together.

The God of the Old Testament is a Tyrant.

He’s only “Good” in the same way Kim jong-un is “Good”.

Love him, or he’ll Torture you.

This is a Bad Relationship.

Kali should arrest him for abuse of his Children.


I’m guessing that the Astral Plane is real. I’m extrapolating based on what I’ve read about it. It's kind of a paradox if you think about it. The Physical Plane has Matter, which obeys Natural Laws like Logic, Physics, and Mathematics. The Astral Plane is supposed to be the Plane between Mind and Matter, implying a Mental Plane, which is one of the Planes described in Buddhist Spirituality.

People have encountered these Planes, and have written many books concerning them. So, if the Mental Plane does not follow the Natural Laws of the Physical Plane, then I can assume that it follows the Laws of Psychology. That’s predictable enough for a foundation, except that it's a whole Layer of Reality that not only behaves like a Mind, it is one, without using a Brain.

Now, while such a Plane may not have much impact on the Physical Plane, the Astral is another matter. Literally, another Matter(pun). So, I can extrapolate that Astral Matter would operate under both Physical Laws and Psychological Laws. That’s what leads me to believe that Fantasy Magic like throwing Lightning Bolts and Fireballs barehanded could technically work. There seems to be a logical connection here.

Physical Matter cannot be controlled by the Mind except through the application of Science via the Hands. Astral Matter has Mental Properties. How would I change the weight of my Table by thinking at it, and making it float to the ceiling? First, I would need to understand that my Brain is a Physical Extrapolation of the Mental Plane, and not a Plane by itself. Only a Plane can have an effect on another, is what is reasonable to assume. The Mental Plane would have to be given Commands, and in a way/language it could understand and therefore apply, given that it even takes Human Commands.

It may refuse. Physical Matter can’t refuse because it has no Mental Properties. But, assuming it did take a Command to lighten the Table to have minus 50 lbs of weight, it would have to affect the Astral Matter of the Table to Manipulate the Physical Properties of the Table, as well as the Physical Laws governing the table, like Weight and Gravity. A Key to visualizing this is seeing Reality as being a 3D Space with more Dimensions occupying the same space, which I have referred to as “Layers” or “Planes”.

Therefore, the Table in question has a Physical Layer, an Astral Layer, and a Mental Layer. So, it may be assumed that the Mental Matter in the Table makes the Table Intelligent, and not on the basis of Physical Law. I am implying that Mind is a Dimension of Space, and the Emergence of the Human Mind is an extrapolation of that Dimension that is progressively correcting itself over Millions of Years of Evolution towards fitting that Mold.

I take the fact that I can even conceptualize this and put it into words as some abstract form of evidence for this. Assuming all these things are true, then the entire range of Imagined Systems of Magic from Fantasy Fiction can be assumed to be Physically Possible through the Application of Technology. Why does a person have access to the Mental Plane? Is it because of Sentience? Is it because of Consciousness? Can these two things be Emulated by Machinery? Why or Why not? That’s possibly a massive technological revolution if we can build things that aren’t restricted by Physical Law, but only by what we can Imagine.

It also follows that, given that none of this is true, or was originally true, a non-deterministic view of time and a multiversal future that collapses into one that also alters the past(Superposition of Future Timelines), that a future of a comparatively ludicrous level of Human Civilization and Technology, even if it is Millions of Years in the Future, could alter the Present, and even all the way back to the Dawn of Creation, and alter the Structure of Reality to conform to the Rules I have described, so the Imaginary Magic that was originally nothing more than Fiction on the first run-through, now on the 2nd run through is redefined as "Magic works now. Fireball!"

Here’s another concept to play with. What if the advancing structural basis/platonic realty mold of females and males were also Whole Dimensions of Space? The Feminine Dimension, and The Masculine Dimension. I wonder if these would be aspects within the Mind Dimension or Pure forms of Matter all by themselves. Is my Table Feminine? What would be the Properties of Matter from the Masculine Plane? I’m going to make 3 separate Assumptions.

1. Gender Dimensions are Independent Dimensions.

2. Gender Dimensions are Subsections of the Mind Dimension.

3. Gender Dimensions are Subsections of the Astral Dimension.

(note: It may be a bit confusing that I am using Dimension and Plane interchangeably, but it just sounds more balanced in the wording. I’m not being literal with this specifically)

In the case of Assumption 1, the Gender Dimension shapes the Mental, Astral, and Physical Dimensions, making it not a Dimension at all, but rather a Platonic Concept Being from the Realm of the Forms. In other words, the Ultimate form of Female, Male, and so on.

(note: If I can word concepts like all of the above into existence, the creation of new gender concepts is a small matter. Let it go.)

In the case of Assumption 2, Gender exists as a Spectrum within the Mind Dimension and therefore imprints upon the Astral and the Physical.

In the Case of Assumption 3, the Physical World would be the Foundational Basis for Gender, which would extend that influence of Design into Astral, and then into the Mental World...or perhaps further...

What is beyond "Mind"?

If I extrapolate, I can assume that it would be a Plane that has Foundational Influence on the Attributes of "Mind."

A mistake in my overall logic in this post may be placing these Worlds in Linear Progression like a Spectrum of Low to High Radio Frequencies.

What if these Worlds had a placement, not in such a linear fashion, but fashioned after Modular Design?

That would mean each world is:

1. Independent.

2. Creates another Halfway World like Astral between Physical and Mental for every relationship it has with every other World.

My thinking is imprinting Linear Logic onto a Parallel Concept. Parallel Mechanics seems like dividing by zero. Linear Mechanics involves the Core Dynamic of One Thing affecting Another Thing. That’s not present in Parallel Mechanics. It reminds me of Eternity. You don’t assemble a Car in Eternity. There was no assembly. There was no time in which the Car was not assembled. The parts never existed independently. How do you figure out how the car works if there wasn’t a process through which it was assembled? I bet there is still linear logic even in my description of the problem. There is a wall where I can’t seem to get past.

So, this was something I wrote a few days ago. It seems like the best answer I can come up with.

God is bigger in concept than the Gods of the Gods can perceive.

You aren’t going to correctly define him.

He evades definition from our perspective.

I assign to him both genders and all the genders on the spectrum.

I assign to God all types of Minds, all Moral Alignments, all Sides of Every Argument ever made, and all people who ever lived, and all life that ever existed.

I assign to God all Dimensions, Shapes, and Forms.

A God is a Dimension shaped like a person for funzies.

THE God is the God of those Gods, and really is no business of Humans, just as Ants have no Business with Missions to Mars.

The scale is off.

You can attribute no direction which is not pointing at him.

You cannot evade him, because wherever you go, there you are, and there he is.

There isn’t a thing you can name, in any context, in all of reality, in all the understanding of every word ever written in any language, in general, in which he is not present.

You are like a fish in the Ocean, trying to avoid Water.

Define what is in the Water all you like.

Define what is in God all you like.

Nothing goes against God.

Trying to Slander or commit Heresy against him is like One Hand Clapping.

He is the force behind the Heresy pointed back to him.

He is the Heresy and that which is attacked by the Heresy.

He is both the Insult, the Insulter, and the Insulted.

He is context, meaning, and definition in general.

No matter how much you widen your gaze, you will never see him.

Your question is folly.

© 2021 Matthew Paul Chapdelaine

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