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Holy Trinity Church Newbold

Holy Trinity Church Newbold

Tapton House

Tapton House

The Crooked Spire

The Crooked Spire

Sun Inn

Sun Inn



Williamthorpe Colliery

Williamthorpe Colliery

Holly Well Cross Church

Holly Well Cross Church



There are many haunted places in chesterfield and you can even book a ghost walk

PLEASE feel free to leave comments on your own experiences.

Holy Trinity Church newbold road.

In 1927 a 10 year old girl taking a shortcut through the church yard reported seeing a grey misty figure leaning on one of the gate post.

During the second world war During A blackout a young fireman passing the gates of the church yard (Despite the lack of light) saw the figure of a woman in a white dress , He enquired if she was all right but she did not reply but just disappeared .On The second when the man was passing he saw the woman again and once again approached her and asked if she had been there the previous night to which she replied she had, He enquired again if she was all right to which she replied she was, Holding a crucifix the lady apparently walked off into the darkness of the night.It was a very strange experience for the fireman but he could never be certain or sure if what he experienced was paranormal or just very strange.

st Mary and All Saints The Crooked Spire Church.

The Chesterfield parish church is the largest in the country, It has a long and wonderful history but will keep as short as possible.

Building Began on the present church in the early 1200s and continued for many years with a rebuilding of the west front in 1509. On Many occasions Phantom footsteps have been heard by bell ringers and visitors, on the occasion the bell ringers heard these heavy footsteps all the doors were locked with no one else in the building.

HolyWell Cross Church (now a nightclub)

This chapel dates from around 1881.

While still a serving chapel many sightings of a dark shadowy figure were reported all of which happened at a similar time. When the chapel closed down it became the YMCA on one occasion a young rock band practising had packed most of their gear up and left leaving three behind to pack the remaining gear up when they noticed a sudden drop in temperature,it was reported one of the men was in a trance like state and seemed to talking about a sermon.There has also been reports of shadowy figures seen around the kitchen area and what is now a dancefloor, Apparently a shadowy figure has also been caught on the CCTV.

Williamthorpe Colliery.

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In The early 1960s A road man spotted a figure walking along a shaft in the dark. Throwing his light up to illuminate the figure, the road man recognised the figure as a person named Marren, who had died a few days previous. The witness ran screaming from the site, and terminated his employment. Another story from the mine concerns two senior electrical apprentices working on a pump. The men forced themselves through cobwebs which completely covered the tunnel for hundreds of yards to reach the pump. On completion of the tests, one asked the other 'is the pump running right?'. Before he could reply, they both heard a voice say 'yes it is'. They searched the area to ensure that they were not having a joke played on them, but were totally alone.

Pomegranate Ghost.

The Pomegranate is reputed to be haunted by no other the famous engineer George Stephenson who built the first steam locomotive engine,Stephenson died in chesterfield in 1848 and some claim they have seen him striding proudly across the stage. Other reported sightings include an old lady with grey hair wearing a grey dress in mourning.

Rosehill House (Now demolished & replaced by town hall)

Around the 1830s poltergeist activity was reported, This large house was subject to continuous ringing of bells on the site, The tired occupier eventually fed up of the phenomenon left but could get no one to take up residence after his departure.


During The mid 1950s on one evening bottles were smashed and barrels moved around in a locked cellar. The vandalism was blamed on a ghostly coachman who`s murdered body was thrown down a well in the cellar in the 18th century, There has also been reports of ghostly footsteps walking around the building.

Tapton House.

George stephenson occupied this house for the last 10 years of his life.

The caretakers wife was unaware she was sharing the house with a ghost until one day she was walking down a corridor with a locked door at the other end when she heard a mans voice asking why his water had not been bought up,She did not recognise the man, She reported that the man looked a little old fashioned, He repeated the question again thinking she was one of the servants, She apologised and quickly hurried off to tell her husband or ask who this man was, They returned down the corridor to find no one there and no one had passed them in the corridor,The woman was shown a photo album of portraits and quickly pointed out a photo she recognised as the man in the corridor (It was a portrait of George Stephenson)


bryony on October 14, 2014:

I also witnessed something at cavendish junior school when i was there 14 years ago in the year 6 toilets when i was there no one would go in the end toilet because a creepy red stain that looked like blood would appear on the door voices could be heard and the doors banged a lot also when i skived class one day on the older kids playground i saw a young boy about 10 years old in really old clothing walk down the playground towards the street then he vanished and the gate was shut so he couldn't have got out we used to call him the shoe shine boy

Alan dart on October 09, 2014:

I need to know of any one else has seen a young man on the footbridge over the bypass at horns bridge he on the bridge then looked back he had gone I actually looked around the ground a bushes to see sadly if there was a body but nothing and he couldn't have ran over the bridge as I was on it and could see either side

D Philip Carney from Stockport on September 13, 2014:

We have been gathering quite a collection of haunted pubs in Derby; just here:

Lydia-mae on June 01, 2013:

Hi my name is Lydia and I have witnessed paranormal activity at my school ( Cavendish Junior ) I have had several paranormal encounters. My first 1 was in year 4 every time I went to the toilet I could hear someone humming or going to the toilet but when I said hello is anyone there no sencond one was in year 5 Once again I was at the toilet *on the loo* I could hear the taps running *auto taps * and people gossiping ,giggling,laughing ,humming and talking it sounded like girls ( I am a girl too ) then it stopped it was quite frightening and my last few encounters are in year 6 which I am in now anyway I was getting redressed from P: E I saw a chair with wheeles on it move No DRAFT NO Windows open it moved I told my friends they thought I was nuts then they saw the chair move too and every time I got the yr 6 toilets I get a really sacerd I hear humming I keep seeing a man I girl with a purple dress and people humming talking whispering and it freaks me out is this paranormal or strange ?

ainsley bailey 27 on September 03, 2012:

i was walkin back from town after a night out and walkin up newbold road i decided to make a detour through the church with i now know to be called holy trinity church , well it must ov been about 3am and i was walking through on ma own with knowone around headin to get out the other end about 3 or 4 things came over really fast and started walkin with me kickin the leaves being really loud is all i could see at each side ov me was the leaves ruffling but nothin was there what was real i got proper scared an couldn't wait to get out it felt as if they was escorting me out it lasted about 10 seconds. it gave me a really horrible feeling and really didn't understand what was goin on , im not scared ov ghost usually an wasn't even thinkin about ghosts before it happened i was jus stumbling through drunk, the next day i told ma family n that an checked to see if it is a known haunted stop and found out that it is.. i wont be walkin through there at night again was really scary to know it wasn't living people.

stephen jones on July 29, 2012:

I had a strange thing happen to me one night when I lived in the flat,s on flamsteed crescent in newbold. I was sitting in my flat at around 23:00 when I heard my mate next door going out of his flat and the security door bang shut.when there was a knock on my front door I opened it there was a little girl about 8 years old dressed in what I can only say was a school uniform which was white sock,s, blue cardigan,white shirt and a grey skirt and brown old type school shoes.

she had brown curly hair and NHS glass,s,she asked me if I knew which flat was trever,s I told her that know one by that name lived in this block she said ok. I closed my door sat back down and a thought hit me

who would let there little girl out at that time of night and why did she not ask my mate about the flat as she must have come in as he was going out and why after I closed my door did I not hear the main door close which closed with a huge bang normally. I do not know if she was a ghost or real.

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