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Feng shui secret for wealth – money spot

Chinese wealth symbol 招 财 进 宝 (centre).  The symbol is made up of four characters "zhao cai jin bao", meaning "attracting wealth and treasures".

Chinese wealth symbol 招 财 进 宝 (centre). The symbol is made up of four characters "zhao cai jin bao", meaning "attracting wealth and treasures".

One of the feng shui secrets for wealth lies in the Money Spot, which is also known as Wealth Spot or Fortune Spot.

In feng shui, the Money Spots are categorized into “symbolic money spots” (象征性财位) and “substantial money spots” (实质性财位), as well as “Open Wealth Spots” (明财位) and “Hidden Wealth Spots” (暗财位).

Different feng shui systems have different methods of determining fortune spots. Listed below are four types of money spots in a household, namely:

(1) Symbolic Wealth Spot

(2) Personal Wealth Spot

(3) Eight-Mansion Purple White Wealth Spots

(4) Yearly Wealth Spot

Now, let us go through each type and see how the Wealth Spots are arrived at.

(1) Symbolic Wealth Spot (象征性财位)

The corner diagonally opposite the main door is the symbolic Wealth Spot.

If the door is on the right, the wealth spot will be on the left, and vice versa. When the entrance is at the centre, then there will be left and right wealth corners.

However, there are certain requirements regarding wealth corner where prosperous qi is supposed to accumulate. The corner should be formed by two solid walls. There should be no window, door or opening at the wealth corner; otherwise the auspicious qi will dissipate, resulting in a decline in wealth.

This type of wealth corner belongs to the category of “Open Wealth Spot” because of its conspicuous location.

(2) Personal Wealth Spot (個人財位)

The Eight Trigrams ()

On the Luopan (geomancy compass), you will see a ring of Eight Trigrams (Bagua) and the 24 Mountains under them. The Eight Trigrams represent the primary and secondary directions, and each direction is subdivided into three sectors. The 24 Mountains (sectors) are used to show the directional divisions of 15 degrees each.

The Eight Trigrams are Kan ( 坎 ),Kun ( 坤 ),Zhen ( 震 ),Xun (巽 ),Qian ( 乾 ),Dui (兑),Gen ( 艮 ),and Li (离). The direction or orientation represented by the Eight Trigrams is as follows:

☰ Qian Northwest

☷ Kun Southwest

☳ Zhen East

☵ Kan North

☶ Gen Northeast

☴ Xun Southeast

☲ Li South

☱ Dui West

Calculation of Personal Wealth Spot

Under each Trigram, there are three mountains of 15 degrees each.

Qian governs Shu ( 戍 ), Qian ( 乾 ), and Hai ( 亥 ) in the Northwest.

Shu represents Dog and Hai Pig.

Wealth Spot for Dog & Pig - Northwest

Kun governs Wei ( 未 ),Kun ( 坤 ), and Shen ( 申 ) in the Southwest.

Wei represents Sheep and Shen Monkey.

Wealth Spot for Sheep & Monkey - Southwest

Zhen governs Jia ( 甲 ),Mao ( 卯 ),and Yi ( 乙 ) in the East.

Mao represents Rabbit.

Wealth Spot for Rabbit - East

Kan governs Ren ( 壬 ), Zi ( 子 ),and Kui ( 癸 ) in the North.

Zi represents Rat.

Wealth Spot for Rat - North

Gen governs Chou ( 丑 ),Gen ( 艮 ), and Yin (寅 ) in the Northeast.

Chou represents Ox and Yin Tiger.

Wealth Spot for Ox & Tiger – Northeast

Xun governs Chen ( 辰 ), Xun (巽 ), and Si ( 巳 ) in the Southeast.

Chen represents Dragon and Si Snake.

Wealth Spot for Dragon & Snake - Southeast

Li governs Bing ( 丙 ), Wu ( 午 ), and Ding ( 丁 ) in the South.

Wu represents Horse.

Wealth Spot for Horse - South

Dui governs Geng ( 庚 ), You ( 酉 ), and Xin ( 辛 ) in the West.

You represents Rooster.

Wealth Spot for Rooster - West

(3) Eight-Mansion Purple White Wealth Spots (八宅紫白財位)

The Eight-Mansion Purple White Wealth Spots are derived based on the orientation of the property and the auspicious Purple White Flying Stars (紫白飞星). These are “substantial wealth spots” and are under “Hidden Wealth Spots” category.

In order to locate these Wealth Spots, we first have to find out the trigram for the property.

The sitting direction of the property determines its trigram. For example, if the house faces South and sits on North, the House Trigram will be “Kan”. The house will be referred to as “Kan Mansion” (坎宅).

Listed below are the Wealth Spot locations for the eight types of mansions:

Qian Mansion (乾宅)

Facing direction - Southeast (112.6º - 157.5º)

Sitting direction - Northwest (292.6º - 337.5º)

Wealth Spots: West, Northwest & North

Kun Mansion (坤宅)

Facing direction - Northeast (22.6º - 67.5º)

Sitting direction - Southwest (202.6º - 247.5º)

Wealth Spots: East & Southwest

Zhen Mansion (震宅)

Facing direction – West (247.6º - 292.5º)

Sitting direction – East (67.6º - 112.5º)

Wealth Spots: East & North

Kan Mansion (坎宅)

Facing direction – South (157.6º - 202.5º)

Sitting direction – North (337.6º - 22.5º)

Wealth Spots: Southwest & North

Gen Mansion (艮宅)

Facing direction – Southwest (202.6º - 247.5º)

Sitting direction – Northeast (22.6º - 67.5º)

Wealth Spots: Northeast & Northwest

Xun Mansion (巽宅)

Facing direction - Northwest (292.6º - 337.5º)

Sitting direction – Southeast (112.6º - 157.5º)

Wealth Spots: Southeast & Southwest

Li Mansion (离宅)

Facing direction – North (337.6º - 22.5º)

Sitting direction – South (157.6º - 202.5º)

Wealth Spots: Northeast & South

Dui Mansion (兑宅)

Facing direction - East (67.6º - 112.5º)

Sitting direction – West (247.6º - 292.5º)

Wealth Spots: South, Southeast & Northwest

(4) Yearly Wealth Spot (流年財位)

According to Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星) Feng Shui, the direction of the Wealth Star, No. 8 White Zuo Fu (八白左辅星), changes every year. The location where the No. 8 Wealth Star is during the year will be the Yearly Wealth Spot.

The Yearly Wealth Spot for 2012 is West.

Other names for the Flying Stars are Purple White Flying Stars (紫白飞星 ) and Nine Palaces Flying Stars (九宫飞星).

Enhancement of fortune spots

Now that you know how to find the Fortune Spots, harness these treasures so as to enhance wealth for your household. Auspicious symbols such as dragon-turtle, 3-legged money toad, chi lin (or qilin), pi yao (or pi xiu), etc. are useful wealth enhancers for such locations.


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pinkytoky (author) from Singapore on July 21, 2013:

Hi Amy,

The general rule is that auspicious divine beast figurines should not be placed in bedroom. Putting the pi yao inside the cupboard is like "encaging" it, definitely not recommended. Should consider using other auspicious symbols to enhance wealth.

Amy on July 21, 2013:


I read that Pi yao should not be placed inside Bedroom , but I am living in a shared room in University Hostel , so Can I place Pi Yao inside my cupboard in Top compartment of the cupbaord where its placed at Higher level than my head ?



pinkytoky (author) from Singapore on August 08, 2012:

Dear Lady Enchantee

So happy to know that you are also interested in feng shui.

As my feng shui knowledge, though very limited, has helped me to survive some midlife crisis years ago, I hope more people can benefit from this ancient Chinese wisdom. From personal experience, reading up on feng shui is a useful hobby.

Thanks for the voting up. Best regards.

Lady Enchantee from My Enchanted Garden on August 07, 2012:

Blessed be, pinkytoky, & once again, "Thank you!" for this wonderful tutorial on feng shui. I'll go over this again, then go over my home with the remedies recommended, to increase my enjoyment of success & prosperity.

As always, voted "Up" & for all qualities, save "funny".

Warm regards...Lady Enchantee