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Undeniable Reasons That Prove God's Existence

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The development we made so far is just an attempt to understand “nature”. The entire knowledge that has been extracted is collectively just “Science”. Science in short is the study of nature or the surroundings. The study of life comes under Biology, Physical phenomena are studied as Physics, and all the chemical reactions are categorised into chemistry.

No matter how we look at the accomplishments we made, it is just because we tried to know nature. The more man knew, the more he evolved. So the entire struggle put simply is trying to unwind the mysteries behind nature.

Meanwhile, the biggest question every man in his life comes across is about the existence of God. Does God exist? Some deny it in the name of science.

While In my view is that God does exist without a doubt but it’s still up to you to accept it or not. So, let’s explore the science through logic to find it out.

Creation of the Universe: The Scientific view

The big bang theory (Alexander Friedmann -1922 & George Lemaitre -1927)

According to this theory, our universe was born around 13.7 billion years ago from ‘singularity’ – which means that the entire universe was compressed into a pinpoint size. No, even smaller. The size is estimated to be smaller to the size of an atom. One may not be able to imagine what the temperature and pressure would have been when the entire universe was such compressed. Then it had an explosion, with which the universe expanded faster than the speed of light. It is estimated that at 10-36th part of a second, the universe expanded more than 100 times its size. With its expansion, the temperature started falling from around 60 million of billions degree Celsius to a few million after few minutes of expansion. As it began to cool down the temperature was now sufficient for subatomic particles to form. Neutrons, Protons, and Electrons made the formation of atoms. Both matter and antimatter formed releasing an incredibly intense light. As the universe cooled further, the clouds of dust comprising of the elements grouped together forming stars and planets (and then the formation of galaxies) with the contribution of Gravitational forces.

The expansion was so powerful that the universe is still expanding as it’s after effect.


Logical view:

Now, one could still deny God’s existence as the big bang theory doesn’t speak of anything about a supernatural being. Though the theory holds the fame of being true across the globe, it doesn’t relate god in any way. Then what made the formation of the universe possible? One might say – It could have been created by itself (or) by chance.

When there’s an invention or a creation there should be a creator. No one could deny the computer to be a man’s creation. If I say the computer, mobile, plane, the buildings, aircrafts all got created by itself. Just popped out by its own into existence and no one created it. You won’t believe me Sound’s foolish. Similarly, there should be a creator to the universe as well.

Things don’t get created by chance or by itself. Why try to build a house then? Why not wait for it to be built by itself?


The more complex a thing is, the more difficult is its creation. In short, the formation of the computer by itself becomes impossible because it is too complicate to get created by itself.

If being complicated makes it impossible for things to get created by itself, then the creation of the most complicated machine ever seen ‘human’ should be super impossible. The value of a human body part is priceless. It is so complicated that a single human contains hundreds of million functions and an example of excellent engineering. It possesses the highly complicated nervous system, circulatory, excretory, digestive, and respiratory systems apart from musculo-skeletal, reproductive and immune systems. It is so complicated that the highly intelligent brains on the face of the earth would fail to produce even a single drop of blood in the laboratory.

As a result blood donors are required for its transfusion.

  • A single drop of blood contains millions of cells like RBC’s, WBC’s and platelets.
  • The structure and working of the heart have excellent engineering itself. Each organ surrounded by some fluid and membranes for its protection; be it brain, lungs, heart, or eye.
  • A human is a machine of production, besides excretion, reproducing young ones by a drop of semen.
  • The union of two cells forms a complete body in the mother’s womb out there in the darkness without external involvement is amazing. Every part is placed perfectly. A chick is also formed perfectly in a closed egg without any flaw.
  • Which software stores the master formula for this production? – The DNA
  • Deoxyribose Nucleic acid (DNA) – The genetic material holding the entire data of every being, plant, or animal each fraction of a fragment of our body part holds our ID card. Our identity of ancestry, shape, color, structure, gender, diseases, place we live, and what not all is recorded.
  • We leave the proof of our presence everywhere we go the fingerprints, sweat, the hair, we leave, the skin fragments we shed every minute is evident to our presence.
  • Each of the 100 trillion cells of the body collectively supports a life. Each cell containing cellular fluid, organelles, and nucleus.
  • The nucleus contains chromosomes (23 pairs in humans); each having a DNA stand of 1.8 meters highly coiled, compressed, and packed into a mere length of 0.09 micrometres (9x10-8 metres) 90 nanometres..
  • DNA – the terrible store of data. Just 1 to 2 grams of DNA would be significantly sufficient to hold the entire digital information including that of the internet (Google, facebook, etc.) 1 gram of DNA is capable of storing 700 TB of data – mind-blowing.
  • If the DNA in all 100 trillion cells were to stretch out as a single strand, it would cover a length of 10 billion miles (more than the distance from the sun to the Pluto.)
  • In brief, the nature is so complicated that the man since his evolution is trying to understand, the brilliant minds still in researches struggling to understand and solve the complexity of nature and still we are far beyond grasping the complete understanding of nature. Such is the complexion in nature.

Does it now seem possible for the universe to be created just by itself?

Biological systems in humans

Biological systems in humans

Systems in Nature:

Before we proceed, let’s differentiate two things

1. Irregularity or Randomness

2. Organized or Systematic

Take some water in a bowl made of glass. Now pour down the water on the floor. If you observe the pattern the water followed, that is randomness. If you drop the bowl from your hand, then the pieces formed and the spots where the broken pieces fell are all random – irregular. Now, if you imagine a perfect shape. It is regular; a circle, square, and rectangle all are regular.

What makes the shapes perfect or beautiful?

Symmetry – the more symmetry a shape has, the more likely we are to adore or like it. Our favourite shape to imagine becomes a circle that way because of the infinite no. of diameters makes it more symmetrical than other shapes. If you ask a person to imagine any shape, he would either choose a square or circle.

Consider you are at the shore of the Pacific Ocean with a package that has to reach the desired island near Australia is boarded on a ship. The ship has no captain or any way of controlling or guiding it. The ship is set free. Could the ship reach its destination?

It’s likely impossible. Taking into account the distance it has to travel is large; dot sized island on the map, the wave currents, and the inability of the ship to take turns along the correct route. It is not possible.

The functioning of the world, nature, and the universe is not random as if someone had simply dropped a bowl of water or the bowl itself, but nature is highly organized.

  • The Stars, Planets, galaxies – all possess a regular shape with symmetry.
  • Humans have bilateral Symmetry, Starfishes with radial, DNA with helical symmetry in bios.
  • Nature creates beautiful things with different colors, perfect dimensions, symmetry and highly systematic. The beauty that cannot be created randomly.
  • Ants follow a system making them highly-organized.
  • Birds fly in flocks well-organized.
  • The day and night are followed by each other; the seasons appearing at its respected time is organized.
  • The rotation and revolution of satellites around planets and planets around the stars are systematic.
  • The evaporation of water and falling off from clouds by rain; the water cycle is systematic.
  • The microscopic crystals of ice are irregular.
  • The birth and death life cycle is regular.
  • The food chain – an animal eaten by the other is regular. All these cycles balance nature.
  • Every single process of the universe is systematic as if someone had set up the rules for everything to be in place & balanced and everything is bound to obey those rules.
  • This nature does not seem to be left on its own as the water in the bowl or the bowl was left.
  • How could these systematized processes go on without a controlling power when a mere ship can’t possibly reach its destination just to a neighbouring island without a control unit?
  • So, there has to be a controller to the universe without which the universe will break apart as the glass bowl broke into shreds or the universe shall go astray its path (orbits) as the ship lost its way.
  • Even the arrangement of molecules in a layer of a substance is regular and systematized.
  • Biological functions like heartbeat, respiration, digestion are regular.
  • The creation is even more perfect than we could imagine. Ever heard of the golden ratio? Everything, almost everything is created on the golden scale ratio in dimensions we calculate. (Golden ratio =1.618)

I would recommend going through a video on the golden ratio on YouTube and the golden mean point of the earth. I found this video most interesting about the “Golden Ratio”. Click here to watch the video.

Solar System

Solar System

Nature’s Selection:

Birds fly in the sky. Fishes swim in the water, animals rule on land. This is a natural selection but above all, the humans rule everywhere. In the sky, in the depth of oceans, above the ground and under it. We rule everywhere, even over the plants, insects, animals, fishes, and birds. We breed animals; hybridise crops, culture bees (for honey) and fishes. We also have an eye into outer space. We have a unique status in the living world.

So, why are we selected one? As if someone gave us the authority. Or why are we so evolved in the first place? The answer doesn’t lie in the false Darwinian theory of evolution. We haven’t been evolved from apes or monkeys. People just stick to this theory to answer how humans originated but science still doesn’t have a correct answer to this as of now. If the apes and monkeys evolved to humans, why don’t other animals evolved into something else? Or why don’t monkeys continue to evolve into a man now? Why evolution stopped? NO answer. There haven’t been found any pieces of evidence verifying the theory. No skeletons of intermediate stages of monkey to humans have been found.

Though monkeys resemble humans and by DNA up to 99%, the DNA of banana also matches human DNA up to 95%. That doesn’t account to reason that bananas would evolve into humans from the plant kingdom to animal kingdom. DNA printing provides fragments of evidence supporting the ‘Adam and Eve’ story.

Nature provides everything we need. The suitable atmosphere, food, shelter, emotions, medicines, a life partner- Every factor supporting life, while the probability of finding life on other planets around our solar system reaches zero and life on other planets haven’t been found yet. Mother Nature appears to be too selective only in our favour. Everything in plant or animal kingdom is used or is useful to humans in some or the other way.

We do depend on plants and animals and they, in turn, depend on us. For oxygen in plants, for example, we all are interdependent either directly or indirectly. This is nature’s selection.

Could it be that we stood on this platform with such obligatory interrelations by our own out of nowhere or by chance? Or could there be a God who created this selection and interdependence?

All the questions put together to give the ultimate reason to put your belief in God.

  • When nothing gets created by its own, how we and the universe got created? – Created by God.
  • When even a ship and can’t reach its destination without a controller, how then are thousands of cycles and processes going on in nature? Controlled by God.
  • How did everything reach where it is? How come we all are inter-dependent (to other species)?

“The only possible conclusion to all of this can be answered by acknowledging the God’s existence.”

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Mohammad Ibrahim


Mohammad Ibrahim (author) from Hyderabad on February 11, 2020:

I've already wrote the answer to this question as well. You can read this...


Santhosh on February 11, 2020:

We do beleive in God, but my people believe in many Gods existing in both genders, with different powers like a different god for fire, god of life, god of prosperity, goddess of wealth, goddess of knowledge and wisdom

This thing gets me sick to my stomach. I don't think this way.

When you say that God does exist, then also justify which God should we pray to??

Sandeep Kumar on February 11, 2020:

Nice content with undeniable reasons, and I used to think that God is just a imaginative story to create fear among people to set them on a right track

Max William on February 11, 2020:

I liked your article. The way you think and represented your ideas are awesome... Please write something about soul. I don't quite get what it is and how do I know whether to believe in such stuff

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