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Erzulie Freda for Witches

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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

She Is Love

Love is everywhere, if you just look for her presence, you will find it.

Love is everywhere, if you just look for her presence, you will find it.


She is Happy to See You!

Welcome, sweet sister! As you enter Ezili Freda's home you see it is appointed with many fine things. Chadeliers throw out millions of rainbows that caress the abundant vases filled with sweetly scented pink and white roses. You might think that is all the lwa of wealth and luxury is, a woman who collects things and lives in a palatial home replete with scented gardens. But while it is certainly true that Ezili likes the finer things in life, she does so from a source of love. Not only for her own comfort, but for those she gathers to her.

For Ezili Freda pours abundantly and ceaselessly from her fountain of love into the world. Without her there would be no love. Not just romantic love, but the love that dances through life itself. She inspires all who work at something they love. Both the chef at the four star hotel and the volunteer at the local shelter.

You are surprised when she comes forth to greet you warmly. She is singing your name, overjoyed that her daughter has come home to her at last. How she has missed you! Tears of joy spill down her cheeks. This is not the woman-hating, jealous, back-stabbing, petty creature so many vindictive women talk about. Then give presents to anyway so she will give them wealth. For the real Ezili Freda is love and inspiration, hope, courage, and many other fine things.

As you melt into her loving embrace she is everything to you at once. Loving mother, sister, girlfriend, and daughter. You stop fighting her call and at last join her in a dance of pure an unmitigated happiness.

Male visitors are certainly welcome here, as are all who come of good intent. The Ezili you will meet here comes from personal interaction. If the idea of a warm, loving kind Ezili frightens or offends you, turn back now. All writing and photos are my original work. Videos are only included for educational and entertainment purposes only. As always, if you are the original artist, or own the copyright, please contact me for credit or to have a video removed.

Hearts Sing For Her

Even in a mundane parking lot she can leave traces of her presence.

Even in a mundane parking lot she can leave traces of her presence.

Maitresse Erzulie Freda Dahomey

In Vodoun every spirit is greeted with joy! Sacred songs are sung, and sacred dances danced. You may enjoy learning songs for Freda to greet her, or play tapes of her music.

Freda Myths

She is such a loving and sweet lwa, I hate seeing petty human attributes asigned to her. Ezili Freda is love.

She hates women: Goddess no! She has plenty of daughters she rides in possession. She has never been anything but loving to me and other women. She honestly wishes more women would work with her. I've only seen her angry if women assume they can take things without asking, make her jump for them, or hang in the background while they are the superstar. No, you better have her right alongside you when the cream of life you asked for comes in.

She's a tramp: That is so insulting I don't have to words to reply. Yes I do. She is the lwa of love, yes, romantic and sexual. Of course she is going to like every man she sees. She knows if they undertake the marriage lwa they will take good care of her. But she is not some over-sexed home wrecker. She inspires both men and women to sexual acts. But that does not mean we get to blame her we we abuse sexual love. Remember she gives all of her heart and being to each of her lovers and spouses. Multiplicity in love is the norm for all lwa, not just her.

She's jealous: Some folks say she will chase all your other lwa away and ruin your life. These folks feel she is greedy and never gets enough of anything. They say she will destroy marriages, friendships, everything. Well, she won't. We humans with our human hearts destroy our own marriages without any help. When we see our beloveds for what they are and not what we hope they are, it takes true love to continue a relationship. Don't blame Freda if it was never there in the first place.

She is sneaky and manipulative: Wow, all the nasty things folks say about women are said about her. Noticing a pattern yet? While she might charm you into an extra cake or two, I've never known her to be sneaky. She is all lady and ladies do not sneak.

Waiting For a Star to Fall

A non-religous song for Ezili. She knows what is in my heart and knows all the love I put into the selections. She loves all romantic music, not just chante lwa, you know. The lwa are so much more than we give them credit for. Mine sing to me in pop songs, so I sing right back.

So why all the negative stories?

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Well there are two reasons, for one, Ezili Freda seems to be based on a time after the Haitian revolution. Often seen as white or light skinned, she was modeled on the elite. And elite women the world over are never nice. Not to other women, not to men, not to anyone.

Which is strange as she was a heck lot more benevolent in Africa where she was seen as a serpent (for lack of a better word) goddess. She was and still is love itself. The problem is, people don't want that. So we come to the second reason.

Most people slam the lwa into highly restrictive boxes. Freda only can be haughty, cold, and vindictive in most houses. Why, the very idea of her being loving towards women would be shocking. Imagine the horror if she seemed to crave love far more than pretty things. Like as not she'd be chased right out of the house.

Sadly this reputation hurts Ezili outside of houses. Witches who had only loving relationships with her before suddenly can't wait to be rid of her. After all, if she is going to start acting like a Bridezilla, who'd want her? We shove her out, neglect her calls. Poor woman ends up paying for the boxes others try to shove her in.

In Honor of Erzulie Freda

Gifts For Erzulie Freda

Most folks use pink and white, pink, or white for Erzulie Freda. She does love these colors, but some houses also use blue and green, and she favors those as well. These houses say that the wonderful La Sirene is another aspect of her. Or maybe she has a sea connection other than that.

Her animals include doves, and if you want to invoke her African form, snakes.

Ezili has been described as a smiling beauty with wings of love, so angel statues and pictures please her as well.

My Ezili is fond of seashells, roses, heart-shaped anything. Anything that speaks to you of love. Whether it be romantic, maternal, or simply the love and happiness of two souls together. My little feline lady dances in front of her altar in joyous abandon, as they share many loving traits. One of which is to give your heart and joy completely without expecting anything in return.

She loves water, and has no enemies among the lwa. She doesn't mind my Baron at all. As a matter of fact, her altar is always near his so she can keep a watchful eye on him. Ever the gentleman Baron keeps his wild children away from her. Mine at least like one another, though they'd never admit it.

Ezili can appear at any age, and in any color. Tradition says white or mulatto skinned. My beautiful loving one is a deep brown, jet black at times. After all, is she not all women, and therefore all colors? She loves and love is what she craves most.

Other traditional items include hand fans, lace, pearls, perfume, sweet liqours, dresses in pink and white, and doves. Make up, some insist shoes, jewelry in gold. Some also say chocolates, pink champagne, wine, tea, and even sweetened coffee. White foods like milk go over well with my sweet Ezili. Far from wanting them to be the most expensive things, my Ezili insists they be given with love. She wants love and womanly affection from women above all else.

She's tired of being lonely and wishes women would open their hearts and homes to her. For only she can soothe a woman after a hurt, only she can understand the joys of shopping, designing and beauty. She wants to help you, to be a mother, sister, friend.

Despite horror stories to the contrary, I keep her altar in my bedroom so she can watch over me in my sleep. She is a protective mother, one who despite her outward soft appearance will fight for her children. She will bless your relationships, not curse you in jealousy.

Turn to her for advice on love. Listen to her. Trust her and welcome her into the circle of women once more. For far too long we have abandoned her. Do not let her weep in loneliness and pain any longer. Welcome her in and the healing can begin for both of you.

NOTE: Ezili is one lwa or spirit where each form is honored as a distinct woman. So Ezili Danto and Ezili Red Eyes are not considered the same as Freda. You can call them different aspects if you like, but honor these ladies separately.

Erzulie Freda


Setting Up an Altar

A pic of her place on my hearth.

Now some say Thursday is her day, but I've also worked with her on a Friday. I've noticed some folks don't assign her any day. I think you will know when the time is right. You will need some nice candles, pink is best, but white will do as well.

An altar cloth in pink of course, and you can put pink or white lace on as well. Think frilly and ladylike. A statue, her veve, or something that reminds you of her. I use dolls dressed in pink, angels in pink, so forth.

Something sweet to eat like those little debbie cakes in pink, pink frosted cakes or cucakes, or chocolate. She also likes white food like milk. Fruit juices if sweet can take the place of wine or champagne. She'll understand if you can't have alcohol in the house.

You can add, over time, small bottles of perfume, makeup and the like. These things are hers, but if she instructs you to share in the wealth, do so. Freda can enchant anything. Remember that she is so pure, she is a hex smasher. Evil and negativity simply cannot remain where Freda is.

You could add doves statues, chocolates, and such, but start small. I've never found her to be anywhere as demanding as folks say she is. Heck, my Legba eats more. But you don't want to start with huge amounts than have to outdo yourself next.

Sometimes being so very wealthy she can forget you need a blessing before you go all out. So if she asks for more, politely tell her you will oblige if she blesses you. Then make sure you do so as she hates being lied to.

I think people who forgot on purpose are the reasons she has a bad rep. Well, if she has come through and not been paid she will take something else instead. All the lwa will. It isn't cruelty, it is the same balance of nature that applies everywhere.

I don't ever recall meeting a patron God or Goddess that just dumped things on a witch and never asked for things in return, do you? If we can pay homage to our gods with gifts we can pay sweet Ezili too.

I love You Too, My Lady

I got a review on a Hub so vindictive I was going to give up, darn if my sweet Ezili didn't inspire me to take my camera for a walk and I found this heart where two roads meet.

I got a review on a Hub so vindictive I was going to give up, darn if my sweet Ezili didn't inspire me to take my camera for a walk and I found this heart where two roads meet.

What She Can Teach You

Ezili Freda can teach you to roll with the punches. She's had as hard a life as anybody, what with half the folks she meets terrified of her. So she knows all about rejection and can heal your heart and help you to move on. She certainly isn't one to pine or brood.

She can help with all love spells and sexual magic. The same rules apply though. No casting on a definite target. Because you see, you'd most likely get him or her. But as they really are, not as you want them to be.

Ezili can sow peace where there is discord. Instead of burning up the web looking for revenge spells, ask her to make the hearts of both you and you enemies sweeter. Kind of hard to cause trouble when you are chockful of love.

Joy! So many folks leave out the joy part, as if it is childish, or something only Christians do. Ezili loves to dance, have fun, cavort. She wants you to take joy in things whether they be your work, watching TV, walking in nature, or reading fashion magazines.

Freda is an expert in relationships of all types. She can tell you how to sweeten up your boss, parents, anyone. She'd rather see peace and love. She knows all the other lwa well enough to give you tips on them too.

She's on very good terms with my Isis and Bastet. As a matter of fact, my Freda created Girl's Day. She gets them, along with some other female lwa and we take off to girly land. Chocolate, silly love music from the 80s, cooking shows, baths, girl time! Dressing up, wearing jewelry, heavenly! Keep in mind I don't often do girly things, she knows I need to balance out and recharge after too much male lwa action.

Did I mention she destroys hexes and all manner of evil spells? If you need protection, sweet little Ezili becomes Ezili the angry lioness. She will search out and destroy the cause of the problem. She doesn't carry a jeweled dagger for pretties, after all.

Her Family

Ezili has plenty of family. Starting with three husbands.

Dambala Wedo- It makes sense such a benevolent spirit would fall for the ever-loving Ezili. Dambala is a rich lwa as well, and considered the benevolent father of humankind. He watches over his wife and makes sure she is well cared for.

Agwe- This lwa is lord of the sea. That might be where she picks up her green and blue colorings. He is considered her most favored husband as he can give from the endless bounty of the sea. He is also said to be by her side whenever Freda falls ill from carrying too much love or passion in her heart. He is sometimes shown as a man or merman.

Ogu- There is a debate as to which Ogu she is married to, but often it is a hero from the Haitian revolution. Ezili likes a strong man, and also a gifted craftsman and warrior like Ogu. He likes Ezili as she can calm him down and loves him for what he is. Although witches might cringe, he is often shown as one dragon-slaying saint or another.

Ezili Dantor- Sister to Freda. She is a hard-working woman, with her own farm. Although some insist there is hatred between them, mine are close and loving. Dantor values hard work and has spartan taste when compared to Ezili. She is a warrioress and fought in the revolution in Haiti. Often pictured as a tigress or black pantheress who will die to defend her young. Also carries a dagger. She partners with her sister to protect me, like a pair of lionesses.

Thank you, Ezili!

Sometimes Freda can send a bit too much of her wonderful energy your way, and you will start to act like her. This is fine when you are being all loving and sweet, but when you reach the same realization she does, of how much BETTER things could be, you can collapse into bitter tears.

People think Freda is greedy because she always cries and things are never good enough. That's because as the lwa of inspiration, she sees how much better things could be. She doesn't do it to be greedy, she can't help seeing things as they are.

When her energy overwhelms you it can happen to you too! No matter how sweet life is, you will burst into tears and become an emotional wreck if you are her daughter. I'm sure it happens to sons too.

So then you must go to her and thank her kindly for her wonderful gift of inspiration, but explain to her it is beyond your power to make things as wonderful as they could be. That's why she cries too, so she will understand and withdraw her energy a little from you.

Make sure you assure her she is loved and you are very thankful, tears, pain and all. Not too many lwa share such personal attributes as emotions so freely. Besides, it will freak out your male lwa, and they will fall over themselves trying to fix things.

You can both have a girly giggle over that later.

Oh, you may find people telling you their tales of woe and expecting an answer if she walks with you. (That means she is close to you.) Just do the best you can since she will be watching to see if you have a loving heart.

The jewelry is from an auction I won years ago. Surely you have a piece you can spare if you think she feels neglected.

Altars, Service Too!


A True Story

Now I don't want visitors to think that by telling this story, I'm saying that Freda and Dantor don't fight during possessions if not kept separate. They both loved the same man, or well, the story is messy, and shows why we don't match husbands and wives by skin color alone, but there's a reason one has a pierced heart and one has slashes on her face in religious icons.

But my Freda loves her sister so much and expects me to respect her and love her that she taught me a good lesson. You see, sometimes you get to wondering if your lwa see and care about what you do...

I had hung up an icon of Dantor next to a mask for Ogu, but when redoing the room figured she didn't care if it was there or not. So I took it down and hung something else, but put the icon close by. Dantor didn't say a word, even shrugged in indifference when I asked her permission.

Freda on the other hand gave me a mega dose of Freda tears, which she reaches at the end of every possession. She made sure I was so miserable life seemed hopeless. Then in the way of the lwa, she let me stumble across a site that just made everything click.

She was mad her sister was disrespected in her view, even if Dantor couldn't care less. Both ladies got jewelry, the icon was restored and I talked to them both. Now in the room they are at angles since the are never supposed to face one another.

But Freda still had a clear view, and using her statue she looked at me, then at her sister, then at me. It made me laugh, but in a good way. She was even making me see it move, and the facial expression change so I could see how worried she was over her sister's welfare.

Then I could tell she wanted an update so she could be sure people know she cares about her sister. Seeing them greet one another in joy made me happy since mine are, as they say in certain paths of Vodoun, twin sisters.

Yeah, they fought over one of the Ogus, but as my girls say, it isn't like he was worth fighting over in the first place. I burst out laughing because technically one of them is my mom because he's my dad.

But don't worry! Both ladies ended up with the right Ogu for her.

PS Some people say the story of the fight never even happened, and grew up during slave times to fit the icons used for the sisters. The fact that one is more African and one is mulatto in the version I've heard would fit that trend.

The photo is one of the angels I gave her, dressed in the blue some houses honor her with.

Let the world know how much you love your sweet Ezili. About time we women embrace her and find strength, beauty, grace and love. Male visitors are welcome to sing to sweet Ezili too.

Sing Her Praises!

Nightcat (author) on August 20, 2015:

Thanks for the pin!

Sciatica Treatment Denver on August 19, 2015:

Always love your lenses. I pinned this to my witchcraft board tanks

Nightcat (author) on February 17, 2015:

Hi, Anaïs! I would say go with your heart. If you think she is asking you for it I'd consult a mambo or hougan.If she wants you to have the tattoo she shouldn't be shy about telling them. The problem with getting the tattoo is a lot of people feel it is a mark of ownership and you can't then decide to move on. You would be marked as hers forever, so please seek advice first from someone known to work well with her.

Anaïs on February 13, 2015:



What do you, both think, about having her veve as a tatto? I learned different bad things about it 'specially because a veve is supposed not to stay in time.

Nightcat (author) on July 01, 2014:

@squidhearts: My pleasure, squidhearts! She definitely inspired me to do this. Because I was fairly sick of seeing people drag all the spirits, especially her through the mud and she has been nothing but kind to me. And oh yes, I'm well aware of the tears I can cry at the darndest times now and before I was about emotional as a chalkboard, but you're right, it is very much worth it. Thanks so much for the visit and I'm happy you enjoyed the lens! :)

squidhearts on July 01, 2014:

I think a lot of the weird and unjustified fear/hate about Erzulie is just plain sexism--it's all the negative stereotypes of women all at once, because any woman who actually gets stuff DONE is greedy (ambition: the horrors), and probably also a tramp, because, you know, let's get all types of judgey all at once if a woman bucks any social norms.

This was a fantastic page and I'm really thrilled to read a more positive (dare I say--feminist?) take on Erzulie. I have a tattoo of her veve, and I very much see her as a loving and inspiring force. Sure, there's the eventual heaps of tears for no easily conveyed reason...oh, man, is there ever the eventual heaps of tears...but that's just part of the grand emotional time, that is the Erzulie experience and that is the human experience. It's not bad. It's letting your heart really FEEL the full spectrum of emotion.

Also, I'm convinced that my Baron and Erzulie get along just fine, so I'm glad to have someone else think that it's possible...I mean, sure, I think he's annoyed that I didn't get *his* veve as a tattoo, but ultimately he respects my decision. Probably. I mean, there's pouting, but he got the Halloween costume for years.

It's also really cool to see discussion of Erzulie's water/ocean/sea motifs. I don't see a lot written of her as La Sirena, but in my practice she has ALWAYS been intensely tied to water and beach imagery.

Anyway, this was really great; thank you for writing it.

Nightcat (author) on September 12, 2013:

@Gypzeerose: Thank you so very much, blooming rose, hugs! :)

Rose Jones on September 12, 2013:

Always love your lenses. I pinned this to my witchcraft board and I am going to return here to read more about Erzulie Freda.

Rose Jones on September 12, 2013:

Always love your lenses. I pinned this to my witchcraft board and I am going to return here to read more about Erzulie Freda.

Nightcat (author) on October 30, 2012:

@anonymous: Thanks so much brigette. I'm so happy you dreamed of her. She needs a lot more love than her current rep gets her.

anonymous on October 30, 2012:

very informative, i had a dream of her last night, i can feel her energies come through your expressions

Nightcat (author) on April 23, 2012:

Aww thank you pensivetwril!

anonymous on April 23, 2012:

Very inspirational, beautiful!

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