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Encountering God’s Normal -Part 1


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You Have Inside Information Because The Holy Spirit’s Inside Of You

The spirit of God is constantly briefing us. He’s constantly updating us and he’s constantly wanting us to open up to him. Do you understand, while you’re on this earth there are very few people who have ever fully opened up to the holy spirit. You will know who they are. Because they’re history makers. These last days God wants everybody to be a history maker. You’re not fully convinced. Don’t you want your name written in Hebrews 11? I mean it’s going to continue on that Hebrews 11 is still being written as far as the names that are mentioned in there. Just like the book of acts is still being written.

Well, there’s a couple of things to go over with you so that I can set up and get you caught up in what’s going on. Jesus is very active with his body because it’s his body, and he wants you dressed up and ready to go. It’s a romantic story for a bride to wait for the groom to come. She’s preparing herself. She’s actively preparing herself. They already know you’re crazy. Jesus is taking care of his own body by ministering to you. That’s how personal this is. It’s his body now. How many know that Jesus is not going to neglect his own body. So we don’t just worship a head. It’s a body. Jesus has a body so he’s a full person. But on the earth, the mystery of the ages was that we would fulfill his mission. We would finish it for him. He’s finished his work. But he did say that I'm going to leave but it’s good that I'm going because I'm going to send another one like me who’s going to be a friend just like I am to you. He is going to let you know what’s to come. He’s going to remind you of what I've said and he’s going to give you revelation.

Jesus said this even when he came back to the island of Patmos and talked to John. He said if you have ears to hear listen and hear what the spirit is saying to the seven churches. Well, where’d they go? They’re all gone, all those seven churches in Turkey gone now. Well, I guess they didn’t hear right, but he did tell them. He told them through the holy spirit.

Because I thought if I can go to the people if I can go to you and let the holy spirit minister to you. That would start a movement, where it would accelerate the move of God on the earth. It’s already begun but he did say if I leave you, he said, this comforter, this deliverer, this healer, this revelator is going to come. He said this the works that you’ve seen me do, you’re gonna do now. Now a lot of churches don’t like that anymore because you’re being put on the same level as the ministry of Jesus. But isn’t it true that Paul said it’s as though Christ has borrowed my body and is doing his ministry through me. Is that still in there? Did the Nearly Inspired Version take that out? So he said that. The greater works are coming, greater than these you’re going to do. There’s a lot of information here. So I have to tell you that the holy spirit is wanting you to do the works of Jesus and then do the greater works now.

This is not a question, this is not an interview, that’s it. They’re orders. We’ve got to be fully convinced as to how we do that. It’s through relationship. The position has been taken care of. The father looks down at the mercy seat, that he is sitting on and he sees the blood of his son. That’s the position. Your sins have been cleansed. However if the father turns to his right, guess who’s sitting there? Jesus. If Jesus turns to his right who’s sitting there? So he told the seven churches, he said, he who overcomes will sit with me on a throne. Paul said in Ephesians two six. He said we are seated with him in the heavenly realms. He told the Colossians the same thing and he even said hey listen don’t focus on things on carnal things, on things below, but focus on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

This is the good news of the gospel. See because you’re seated, Satan is defeated. That’s it. We got that all. The position has been secured. Paul’s ministry of reconciliation now in second Corinthians chapter five, where we go out and we tell people that the price for their sin has been paid. If they accept the way, that was chosen, which was Christ Jesus the son of God. And if that is the only way, if he is the only way, then there is no other way and you say no way, there is no other way no matter what the Pope says. I met someone higher than him. So you’ve got to listen. You got to listen and when people say things, you’ve got to hear, you’ve got to discern where it’s coming from. Because they are clouds out there without rain. Some people are trying to put bondage on you. They’re trying to put chains on you. Jesus came back to take them off.

This process that you’re going through right now as you’re getting ready to be married, but you’ve been given the holy spirit as a down payment as an engagement ring amen. So just sit there right now and look at it because one day he’s coming back for you. But you better have your dress ready guys. Don’t worry about it, it’s not going to matter. So you look at that ring and every time you look at that ring you know no matter what you haven’t seen yet. It’s going to happen because you’ve been given the down payment, that deposit, the holy spirit. Paul said that the deposit is guaranteed. Now just barely breathe right now, don’t move, now let’s go a step further.

What is faith the substance of things hoped for is that still in the bible? So we take hold of the realities that are in the spirit. With our spiritual eyes, you see, we’ve got it, you see you will never cease to exist amen. You will never cease to exist, you’ll always be who you are. Since you’ve chosen Jesus christ then you will not go to hell. Let’s get over that, we’re not going to hell but while we’re down here let’s get as many people to go to heaven with us as possible. While we’re at it, let’s get them healed, let’s get them delivered, let’s get them out of pampers and off milk, and let’s be mature saints, eating meat and all the Texans say amen.

So if we are mature then we’re going to do not only the works but we’re going to do the greater works so there is this gap that seems very big. Does it? Because we look at our experience and it doesn’t match up to what we know based on what I just said for the last eight minutes. There’s a big gap between where you feel you are right now, where you should be or where you’re going. But in the spirit there is no distance, there is no time, yes it’s always now. That’s why the book of Hebrews starts with now. But see faith in its fullest mature form is manifestation. I have the substance of things hoped for. It’s manifesting inside of me. Why? Because my spiritual eyes are staring at it right now. I just have to yank it into this realm. Listen there’s a lot of yanking going on but you’re going to have to do a lot more because you haven’t been taking your deliveries. You won’t open your door and Amazon’s getting upset.

There’s a lot of pending things I see it over your heads. There are pending things right now but you can have everything that God has placed in your heart, everything. Jesus was bolder than all of us. He said if you love me passionately or you actually obey me, you can ask whatever you desire not whatever you need, you don’t have to be a great scholar you just have to be able to look up a strong’s number. And you’ll find that this the language was stronger than it’s been translated many places. They kind of like held back a little bit and thus we have a lot of gray areas.

We have a lot of inactivities, we have a church. They’re plugged in but we’re talking about things that are going to happen instead of them happening. They’re not pending anymore. Listen I'm telling you when I was in heaven the thing that I saw that was stopping us is we stare at the clock, we stare at the calendar, we’re waiting for something that’s already done. This sounds so simple. It’s because that’s the gospel. It’s that simple and it’s good news. So you will live forever in the kingdom of heaven. If you continue to produce fruit in keeping with repentance, you will end up fine. So get over that, get over yourself, and let’s start working on our relationship.

Jesus said I call you friends, a servant doesn’t know the master’s business but you know my father’s business. So I have an announcement to make because it says, this in Romans chapter 8, it says that those who are led by prophets are sons of God. No, it says those who are led by the spirit. Do you have the spirit? Have you checked? Yes of course you do. So you’re entitled to hear from your father because in Romans chapter 8:15 it says that you’ve been adopted. You’re a child of God. John chapter 1 verse 12 says that he gave those who embraced him the power to become children of God. That word there is the word for authority it’s not dunamis it’s authority. He gave us the authority, the right. If that’s the case then maybe you need to reconsider. You’re waiting for God to do something when you are a child and you don’t have to knock. It’ll sink in. Last time I checked the veil was ripped and a new and living way was made for us. Is this too bold I can’t back off, we can talk about fluffy? We talk about fluffy on the ark. Did you come to see a reed bending in the wind?

If you want to hear fire from heaven then you’ve got to yield to the fire from heaven. But if a person’s not going to yield to the fire from heaven, maybe it’s better just to not go. But God wants people to speak from the fire. You got to speak from that fire but guess what you’re going to be speaking, where you’re going? I have inside information, you have inside information because the holy spirit’s inside of you. Trust me he knows more than you and he wants to make you look good. He might even make you look prophetic instead of pathetic. But you have to yield to him right. So everybody’s nervous because you got two angry hurricanes. But out of my mouth says no I'm going and we’re gonna have a great meeting amen. That’s all I said. I didn’t tell it to go somewhere. I didn’t do anything but out of my mouth, I said no Marco will encounter dry air and he will disappear. That happened but with Laura, I didn’t say a word I just said we’re going to have this meeting. So what you say, what your spirit has received from the holy spirit. You make it manifest, you yank it, you yank it into this realm through your vocal cords.

So you don’t want to talk about your circumstances because Satan built those circumstances and you might have helped them. But you know we won’t get into that. I won’t offend anybody but you might have helped them but James is in the bible right. He almost didn’t make it in the bible. They were arguing if they should even put that book in the bible. I'm so glad they did but James said that tongue can be messed up. It can be lit on fire with the fires of hell and that it’s a rudder that can guide your life. So where are you going because I can tell where you’re going by what you’re saying and if you’re chasing your tail and staying in your living room like a little puppy. I'm going to know it but someday you gotta grow up and be a police dog or a fire dog. You gotta grow up and go out of the house and do something. So Jesus didn’t die on a cross, send the holy spirit, and sit at the right hand of God waiting for his enemies to become His footstool. He didn’t do all that so that we can hide and wait for him to come. Because the gospel must be preached in all the world and then the end will come. Matthew 24 is still in the bible so Thessalonica, Paul had to write to them twice you don’t want to know why because Jesus was coming back any week now so people were quitting their jobs.

Paul had to go through that, you ought to read those letters. He explains this is when it’s going to come and he can’t come while he who hinders is here and you know who that is. So we’re hindering because the holy spirit is here and he’s in you and the antichrist cannot come forth because we’re messing up the party and every time that you show up somewhere praying in tongues and acting crazy you’re messing things up. Every time you vote you’re messing things up. You see in your practice you go to funerals and you pray in the spirit you say Lord is it time because I'm ready to yank this person out of the casket. You do that even if it doesn’t happen. You don’t have to go up there and do it. It’s not true, you’re not going to try it, but you never know when out of your mouth is and say “come back in the name of Jesus” and the earth is going to quake when you say it and give him up. Yes because it wasn’t their time to die. You don’t know when that’s going to happen. Are you not the bride waiting for the bridegroom. So you’re always supposed to be ready.

Jesus Went Around Correcting What Was Wrong

You don’t want to talk about your circumstances because satan built those circumstances and you might have helped them. James said that tongue can be messed up. It can be lit on fire with the fires of hell

You don’t want to talk about your circumstances because satan built those circumstances and you might have helped them. James said that tongue can be messed up. It can be lit on fire with the fires of hell

God’s Normal Is Not Your Normal Unless Everyone Around You Sees That It’s Normal

The problem that I saw and what I was sent back for was, I saw that we were lied to and this message has been watered down and everybody’s afraid to say anything about it. Because you offend people. But what if you’re a flight attendant that prays in tongues and you don’t care about offerings and you don’t care about if people like you or not. What if someone just wants to tell you the truth and doesn’t care about anything else except getting it out there. Then that person delivers the pure gospel message and people start to think, it’s a new doctrine, I've never heard anything like this.

Like you should have I'm quoting chapter and verse every two seconds. It’s all there. So I saw that at the end of the age that the sons of God would be revealed. Not some mystery. It’s all through the bible. But even creation right now is groaning because they fell and they didn’t want to fall. They fell with us. Fluffy did not get us in trouble. But they fell right. Your dog is constantly saying what I want prime a beef. I don’t want that cheap stuff. Your dog’s always trying to talk to you. Your dog would tell you I need a menu. I want to have a variety here. See the animals used to be able to communicate. So we’re all in this situation but Jesus Christ did not hang on a cross for us to just hide, reloading, drinking our water and eating our beans, reloading and waiting for the antichrist.

Jesus is not into that, what Jesus is into is preaching the good news and seeing signs and wonders follow confirming that word amen. That’s the truth so I'm calling all of you to rise up and be who you are. Don’t wait for the apostle and the prophet to come to town. They’re set in the church to build you up so that you get off the bottle. I'm not talking about wine I'm talking about milk, out of your pampers, and become mature. Paul said in chapter four of Ephesians. Building us up so that we become mature in the faith, in unity so that we all agree. Well, what happens when we agree. Just ask Babylon because God said if we don’t go down there and stop them, anything they imagine is going to happen. They will have it. Why? Because they had unity. Well, he fixed that, didn’t he? God fixed that right but on the day of Pentecost, he reversed Babylon. Now we speak one language in the spirit. So Satan is after our unity. Oh dear all right, I’ll say that the Lord just told me to talk about negative attention. Boy, this is a new one for me he just told me negative attention. I haven’t even done the word studies or anything. It’s not even in my notes okay.

If a child doesn’t get positive attention, then he’ll create a scenario where it’s negative attention but he gets attention. An animal does that. You got in the car and you left your dog and you didn’t take him with you so guess what happens when you get home? He threw a fit and he made sure that you remember the next time you take him. But it doesn’t work. So people start to be toxic in enjoying negative attention but then they’re never delivered. You don’t want to be like that you want to be delivered and get positive attention from God because you please God.

Well, how do you please God? Hebrews says you diligently seek him in the new covenant. Can you believe that? That sounds like works. Jesus said if you passionately love me you’ll obey me that sounds like the old law. Jesus said it in the new testament it’s in red. There was no new testament he was the new testament. They were still working on it. You know it was still going to the printer they were working on it. Hadn’t even been edited yet. God through Christ was walking out his new covenant and then Paul the apostle was shown that incredible revelation of the covenant. So you don’t want to create a scenario where you get negative attention.

Jesus told me whatever I forbid on the earth is forbidden in heaven. Whatever I allow on the earth is allowed in heaven. He said when you go places if you forgive sins they’re forgiven. It’s in the bible just get over it. How can we do that because we have the word of life and we call those things that are not as though they were. Because they really are. But think about it, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in an airplane that has lost both engines, you want to be moved to do something about it. Whenever you get into a situation you want to be moved to do something about it. You want to feel the passion of God to do the right thing in a situation. You want to bring correction to it. That’s what Jesus did for three and a half years. He went around doing good, correcting, having compassion on people, and correcting what was wrong. He had compassion for people, he did good destroying the works of the devil.

He healed everyone. Did I say, everyone? You know what says in Greek everyone, Hebrew everyone homebrew everyone. He went around doing good and healing everyone that was oppressed even acts 10:30 tells us the source. Healing everyone that was oppressed by the devil. See why? Because God was within him. God was working through him, while he’s in you. So this is how we encounter God’s normal. That’s what this whole article’s about is encountering God’s normal. God’s normal is not your normal unless everyone around you sees that it’s normal. Because it’s going to be supernatural.

Why Do You Need To Discuss Theology With A Serpent?

Jesus even said listen I'm going to give you peace. But it’s from above. It’s not from this world. But what the world gives is cheap fake peace. He gives us real peace. It’s from the other realm. So what Jesus gives us is the father’s normal but when we encounter it, it changes us forever. Why? Because we need it changed, we need it transformed. I'm announcing to you tonight the things are about to change, transformation, change. It’s happening right now. There are cells in your body that are freaking out because they’re hearing the word of God. They’ve got to behave. They’ve got to like quit being rogue cells in your body. They’ve got to quit your organs, have to start operating correctly because in the name of Jesus I have compassion and I'm commanding every organ in your body to operate correctly. Every organ I don’t care what it is. I tell my body to behave. I tell my kidneys to behave, my liver, my heart, my brain I give out a command. Because inside of me, just like you is the kingdom and I'm speaking from the kingdom which does not have any sickness.

So why can’t you speak to your bank account? Someone’s got to prosper just need a few brave people that admit that God wants to prosper you. Just a few, just some crazy people okay. A few good people that will admit that God wants you well. You don’t base it on what you believe, what you experience. You base it on what God has said because what he has said is completely foundational. It is absolute and it cannot be revoked. But see we don’t encounter that. Because everybody lies to you so you don’t know what it’s like to have someone keep their word to you. I know a brother that is closer than any of my brothers. His name is Jesus. He never reneges. If he has plans for you to prosper then there you got something going on here where the banks are going to want you to be part of their establishment. Listen it flips, I don’t care what disease comes near me. Whether it’s a thousand fall or ten thousand at my right hand it shall not come near me. Why? Because Jesus has already established that truth. He quoted psalms 91 because it says that you’ll trample and Jesus quotes that because he knew psalms 91. He said you’ll trample on serpents and scorpions nothing shall by any means harm you. You should check it out in psalms 91. Just check it out there in 9-16 the verses. You’ll see all these goodies for those who have chosen to make God, the most high God their dwelling place. Not a visit. Not a drive-through window but a dwelling place that means you never leave.

Jesus said this in John 14. He said if you passionately love me and my father will come and live with you. Did he say that? That is the absolute truth. It doesn’t matter what happens now. It is predictable that the thief will come to steal, kill, and destroy immediately as soon as the word sown. You just sit there with your shotgun and you let him try it. Usually, it’s a deterrent. If you got a barrel pointed at you, you don’t even come into the yard. Why would you let the devil steal the word that is given to you? Why would you let him convince you? Did God say does it sound familiar because that’s how we got into this mess. Why was eve talking to a serpent when God came down every day and talked to her and walked with her. Why was she discussing, a conversation with a serpent? Why do you need to discuss theology with a serpent? Did God say yes? He did well.

Doesn’t he know that if you eat of that you’ll be like him? Doesn’t it say that God made him in his image? He made man in his image genesis 1:26 says. Let us make man in our own image in our likeness. I'm missing something or am I? What is it that serpent was trying to sell her. Something she already had. You don’t need to know the evil. You just need to know good, isn’t it? Weird. How you hear the gospel? The thing that you will encounter the most, the thing that you’re going to get hit with is when you tell people that God is a good God. They are going to come to you. Why? We’ve all suffered by eating that fruit. Now we know the difference between good and evil. I could preach hell and get everyone scared and bring them in by calling them up here. You don’t go to hell. You need to repent or I could preach the goodness of God. It leads people to repentance according to Paul anyway. If you want to bring him into it, if God’s people would preach the good news it would compel people to come in because you would have something that they didn’t have. You can’t throw favor out. You can’t throw healing out. You can’t throw deliverance out, you can’t throw prosperity out. Because if you don’t get sick that’s prosperity. If you have favor, if you have favor and God smiles on you, you trust me everything else is going to work out.

The idea here is that you move from position to relationship. Where God comes and asks you. He asks, shall we hide it from Abraham, what we’re about to do. The answer is no. To Moses God says, you know what, I can’t be among them. God was asking for advice. He said I can’t stand them. Can’t be among them. He said you’re okay. You’re gonna do fine. Moses, it’s your people. And Moses says wait a minute. When do they become my people? They’re your people. That’s what he said. He noticed that God started saying they were Moses people. And Moses like, this is not going to work right so he said no they’re your people and we’re not going anywhere if you’re not going. God says well I can’t be with them I mean it’s going to kill them and make you a nation. No, you can’t do that either okay. So the compromise was to send an angel right. But God said listen I just want you to know they’re not off the hook because if they grieve him it’s not going to go well with them. And guess what happened they all died.

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