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Dover Castle – One of England's Most Haunted Castles

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That is the majestic Dover Castle based in southern England in Kent county.

That is the majestic Dover Castle based in southern England in Kent county.

Dover Castle

England is a country filled with many interesting castles. They are all known for their rich and captivating history, but some of those are also known to be a residence for the unknown world of the paranormal.

This time, we will head to south England, known as home to one of the most haunted castles in the whole of England – the famous Dover Castle. Being a castle built in medieval times by none other than Henry II back in the 1180s, it has a lot of stories to tell. We will now check out some legends and tales surrounding this haunted castle.

The Tragic Fate of the Headless Drummer Boy

One of the most common tales surrounding Dover Castle, located in Kent, is one about the so-called headless drummer boy. He seems to have been haunting the castle for more than 200 years. But why is he called the headless drummer boy? The story goes back to Napoleonic times when an Irish boy named Sean O'Flynn got brutally murdered.

At the TV program called Most Haunted Live, which was broadcasted from Dover Castle during Christmas time back in 2002, Derek Acorah, who is a medium, has come to the conclusion that the drummer boy was attacked and murdered by men from his regiment in the passages based beneath the castle. The reason for the murder itself? O'Flynn seems to have been on a mission carrying a lot of money with him, money that unfortunately cost his own life.

The reason why he's called headless drummer boy is that when his body was found after the murder back in 1802, his head was gone. Weirdly enough, the boy's head had never been found. That seems to be the main reason why people nowadays can see a young headless boy appearing in the castle, more precisely in the battlements section. But why the boy has been seen and heard banging on a drum is still unclear.

Who knows how many ghosts roam around these walls?

Who knows how many ghosts roam around these walls?

The Underground Tunnels of the Castle

The section of the castle stationed under the ground played a key role during the terrific World War II. But the tunnels were built and already used during the Napoleonic Wars as a shelter for the troops. And there was a relevant reason for that. Being so close to France, Dover Castle was one of the most "exposed" targets for Napoleon and his notorious army.

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But since Napoleon never invaded Dover, the tunnels remained abandoned for many years. They were, however, reused in 1938 and started to fill the function as an air raid shelter. Later, it would become a military command center. One that the famous Winston Churchill often visited during the war.

Played the Key Part During the Escape From Dunkirk

The massive tunnels underneath the castle were playing a huge part in the rescue mission from Dunkirk during World War II. The British forces found themself in a trap in Dunkirk by the Germans. They needed to defeat themself in a small area and were facing an uninterrupted attack.

Thanks to the escape over the sea to the tunnels, as many as 338 000 soldiers got rescued. But having played such an important part in one of the biggest and most terrifying events of World War II, many ghosts seem to have been attached to these large tunnels and seem to be roaming its corridors long after their passing.

There are several reports recorded of people seeing ghosts of those that used the place during World War II. When an American couple was paying a visit to the tunnels, they heard screams and cries. However, they initially thought it was just a scary effect included in the tour to make it more atmospheric. But when the couple told the personnel about the screams and cries, they were told that nothing was arranged or was part of the tour itself.

Other Paranormal Experiences in the Castle

Besides all those above-mentioned sightings and experiences, there is more to be mentioned. During the nighttime, you can hear voices in the castle. Doors seem to be living their own life, as they can be seen opening and closing without any living person doing so. The so well know temperature drops are also occurring in this castle.

There are reports of a ghost that tends to look out from the window located in the castle's keep. The medium, Derek Acorah, thinks that it's a ghost of a woman and that her name is Anne of Cleves. She was one of King Henry VIII's wives. To this day, she seems to visit the keep wearing a red dress.


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