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The Demon of Suicide

Suicide is happening everywhere, everyday! This is a sad truth, however, did you know there is a better way to commit suicide? Learn more.

The Demon of Suicide


Suicide Demon Entrapment


What About You, everyone?

Suicide, Why Suicide?

Suicide is saying "I've had enough". Suicide is saying "No more!" Suicide is giving up. Suicide is raising the white flag of surrender. Suicide sees no hope. Suicide pushes the "STOP" button on a fast forwarding tape. Suicide says "I can't take it!" Suicide says "Leave me alone." But at the same time suicide says "Look at me." Suicide is black and gray. I hate me. Suicide abandons. Suicide reaches out yet pulls away. Suicide traps. Suicide whispers "help me". Suicide says "Come with me, I am your way out, the only way." Suicide Lies. Suicide is a tree that no longer feeds from its own roots. Suicide separates.I hate me. Suicide hungers for death. Suicide is lonesome. Suicide demands to be fed. Suicide spreads disease of doubt. Suicide is confusion. Suicide suffocates. Suicide ponders. Suicide drowns. Suicide is reluctant, but always ready to jump. Suicide is chaotic. Suicide is anxious. Suicide is ready to go, but wants to stay. Suicide destroys. Suicide wants rid of. Suicide claims to have "change". Suicide is falling. Suicide is a plan. Suicide debates. Suicide rewinds and clings to. Suicide goes all in. Suicide is an ending. Suicide wanders. Suicide relates. Suicide rebels. Suicide evaluates. I hate me. Suicide appears as light. Suicide imitates. Suicide is shady. Suicide says "Don't stand up, don't stand up!" Suicide is impatient. Suicide rearranges and manipulates. Suicide picks. Suicide takes away. Suicide hides. Suicide bickers. Suicide predicts. Suicide complains. Suicide is in a hurry. Suicide carries the stench of sulfur. Suicide magnifies situations. Suicide closes in. Suicide cries. Suicide closes doors while opening only one. Suicide bites. Suicide accuses. Suicide is a blanket of clouds. Suicide kills. I hate me. Suicide strangles a flower before it blooms. Suicide suggests. Suicide complicates. Suicide encourages. Suicide buries. Suicide impatiently awaits submission. Suicide flares up in rage. Suicide is silent. Suicide devours.Suicide aches. Suicide remembers. Suicide is eager. Suicide blinds. Suicide does not forgive. Suicide is inviting. Suicide is the "pot on the back burner". Suicide mentions. Suicide boils. Suicide takes note of. I hate me. Suicide is the salt on the wounds of a broken family. Suicide obsesses. Suicide attempts. Suicide is a friendly enemy. Suicide desires your soul. Suicide, why suicide? Suicide imposes. Suicide rejects. Suicide hurts not only you but everyone around you. Suicide is a final agreement. Suicide is selfish.Suicide is a heavy burden.Suicide requires you. Suicide, why suicide......

Choose to Live


Suicidal Tendencies: Christian Testimony


How To Kill Yourself Spiritually

Did you know Jesus Christ offers a type of suicide? He calls this being Born Again. And obviously you have to die in order to be born again in any circumstance. What? Jesus Christ offers assisted suicide?! Yeah, sure, just look for yourself. (Ephesians 4:22-25) "Strip yourselves of your former man which characterizes your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lust and desires that spring from delusion. And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude, and put on the new man created in Gods' Image in true righteousness and holiness." This is spiritual suicide. Instead of raising a gun to the head, the bible is raised to the head. The point of suicide is to get out of what your in and move forward to the next life. Satan offers his ways of suicide just as Jesus Christ offers the one right way to commit suicide. "Broad and wide are the paths to destruction and many there be that enter in."

We call Satan a "copy cat" due to the fact that if it gives glory to Jesus Christ in any way, Satan will pervert it in as many ways as possible in order to hide the truth, and the truth is Jesus offers spiritual suicide. Jesus Christ offers the escape one may be seeking. Jesus Christ offers the only right way out. Using an escape route that Satan has provided requires a lot in return. Loneliness without a doubt will increase after choosing his path. The burden is heavy.

Jesus Christ says, (Matthew 11:28-30)"Come to me, all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yolk upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart,(Jesus Christ understands and relates)and you will find rest unto your soul. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Satan's ways promise removal from the physical realm and relief from that, but what is to come after? That is a chance no one should take in our opinion. Many places report being haunted after a suicide occurs in a certain residence. Is this because they are trapped in their sorrows after committing suicide?

Jesus Christ offers this added promise, in the bible> (II Corinthians 5:17) Therefore if any person relies and trust upon Jesus Christ, they are a new creation; The old man is passed away, Behold the fresh and new is come.) If someone is trying to commit suicide in order to gain loved ones attention, then Satan provides this. Committing suicide in the physical effects many around you leaving them with a feeling of abandonment and unworthiness. Committing suicide to Jesus Christ also gets the attention of loved ones, but in the positive way. Your loved ones will need to discover you again because you are a new person, Jesus Christ will cause a light to shine from you, and this suicide experience can be a very exciting time instead of gloomy and gray because Jesus Christ is simply the right way to commit suicide.(Matthew 16:24-25) "If anyone will come after me, let him deny himself and follow me.Whoever will lose his life (Spiritual Suicide)for MY sake shall find an Eternity of LIFE."

Jesus Christ: A Faithful Friend


How to Kill Yourself with the assistance of Christ

We are buried with Jesus Christ by the baptism, into spiritual death, so that just as Jesus Christ is raised from the dead by the glorious power of our Father so that we too may live in a newness of life. If we have become one with Jesus Christ by sharing a death like His, we shall also be one with Jesus Christ in sharing His Resurrection by a new life lived for Jesus Christ. We know that our old self was nailed to the cross with Jesus Christ in order that our body, which is an instrument of sin, might be made ineffective and inactive for evil, that we may no longer be a slave to sin. When a man dies he is freed from the power of sin. Now if we die with Jesus Christ, we believe that you should also live with Him because we know that Christ, being once raised from the dead will NEVER die again. Death has no power over Him. By the death Jesus Christ died, He died to sin once and for all! The life that He lives, He is living to God in an unbroken relationship to Him. So, consider yourselves also dead to sin and your relationship to it broken. And alive to our Father living in that unbroken relationship with Him in Jesus Christ. If your going to commit suicide, you might as well do it right. The right way is to kill your "old man" and put on the "new man". It may be the change you are truly seeking after all.

Do you think committing suicide is a sin?

Is committing suicide a sin?

"Is committing physical suicide a sin?" is a frequently asked question. Many will look for this answer before attempting suicide. They want to know their next destination, perhaps, before taking that leap into death. Ultimately, only Jesus Christ can judge you, but here is what the bible says about this. Murder is sin. This sin is forgivable. However, if you kill yourself physically, you will no longer have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. That window of opportunity closes after the first physical death. So, if you kill yourself, your opportunity to ask forgiveness for the act of murder has obviously passed. So it seems you may die in sin, and the wages of sin is death. Something to ponder, we suppose.


Hope Found in Jesus Christ

(Jeremiah 29:11-14) "For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord. Thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil. To give you hope in your final outcome. Then you will call upon Me and pray to Me and I will hear and heed unto you. Then you will seek Me, and inquire Me and I will lead you. You WILL find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart. I will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will release you from captivity. Although your family may have forsaken you, yet the Lord will take you up and adopt you as His own child." If you are considering this type of suicide offered by Jesus Christ, then the next step can be taken right here and right now. We're not going to ask you to repeat a few lines or anything, it's not our prayer that saves you, but your own from your own heart. There are no secret words to chant or say. Just simply talk to Jesus Christ as if He were there with you this very moment. Talk to Him as if He were a long lost friend. Tell Him how you know you have sinned against Him. Tell Him you are sorry for these sins. Ask to be forgiven and state with your words that you believe He died and rose again in order to defeat death so we all may experience life and in the fullness of it. Whatever you do, never let the shame of anything hold you back from talking to Jesus Christ. He already knows all about you and loves you no matter what. He wants you as you are, don't wait to go to Him when you are "cleaner". He wants you now, He will work out of you what needs to be worked out. This is why He says His burdens are light and easy to bear. You do nothing but accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, your protector, your provider and your wisdom. He does the rest, Jesus truly says, "Come to Me as you are."

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God Has Not Forgotten You


I know you are there, I see you....

He knocked and we told Him to come in, however, we left the door locked. He was baffled at this, so He politely knocked again. Again, we said "Come In!" But still we left the door locked.
After peaking in the window, He knocked once more......We said..."Fine, come in Jesus Christ, but excuse our mess. We were trying to hide this part from You."
And Jesus replied..." I have come to clean."

-Team Wiseman


Megan on December 26, 2014:

I want to kill myself .

Wondering on July 23, 2013:

When you lose your independence and quality of life, what's left? Suicide seems to be the best possible solution to end endless days of misery and the isolation you feel. It's overwhelming---

Joe on April 07, 2013:

just don't see the point in life the way people go day to day working there life away and getting nowhere im ready for death to come and end it all we are not free !!!!¡¡¡¡

JM. PDRA on November 06, 2012:

Life is something that is not meant to be easy or to be too dark.

I don't know the answer ,but it maybe best to just not care about the troubles of what it brings anyway.We all have different problems and some far apart from one to another. I have always wanted to end my life as it has (in past times become so bad it felt like glory to die!)

in short I still want to end my life.But I found that nomatter if things workout for the better or the worst , what can I do about them anyway?

Like I said everyones hell differs , but It does nothing(zero) to let it weigh on you until it leads to suicide. If myself end up in the streets because my family not wanting to deal with me anymore or lossing my job ! oh-well. Idid the best that I could do as what god or life has dealt me.So as of now this is my way of going on. we all know that we should face our demands and become stronger for it. But we are not all made the same. Me ,WAY-TOO-SENSITIVE !!! EVERYTHING HURTS!!!

So I try now try to see it as that I do what I can do not to let it get to me and at least to think of it as a start of something positive. I can go through all this hurting leting it hurt and go down, and or just the hell with it, if I am to go down at least leave out the pain and suffer!!!

maddi on July 20, 2012:

oh people.... iam so sorry... don't give up. nothing ever stays the same. life is everchanging. this is not the end. once you end your life there is no coming back. you will escape the small and minuscule tortures of this life to go straight to the horriffic tortues of the next. if you end your life there will be no hope of escape from anything. you are only going to make your suffering worse. i will pray for every one of you.

SJ on June 17, 2012:

Wow after reading all these letters, I don't feel so bad. My life is overwhelming, but God only gives you what you can handle. I guess I am strong for I have handle much in my life. Life is only what you make it, turn your negativity off and start being positive.

Mbg on February 04, 2012:

I have taken enough pills and have prayed forgiveness. No one will se this but I did want to post this somewhere. No one will miss me.

gg on January 14, 2012:

I think about suicide at least once a day.

him on October 12, 2011:

i am here.........i walk the earth now......its almost time to remove the candles off the the seals.....the time i cant tell you....near it is and at hand will be.............i walk i see i listen pray i hear be the father as he is the mother also

Random on September 09, 2011:

I have been realizing for some time now that I really don't much feel like living anymore, my lifes not horrible my family loves me though I have no friends but that's not horrible I really like my job schools gay as hell but its always been that way I might be going to jail for some dick headed things I did when I was 16-17 years old but that's no that bad either. But I still would much rather go and kill myself then live cause I realize the things that I truly want I will never be able to have and that kills me.

kristy on August 21, 2011:

my life is so sad i have kids a husben and some one always need me and they use me like always is i love my family but all my life people have used me i form the home i live in to the ones i love they say go to god with your promblms he see them pray 4 me i feel dead even no am alive just want to give up on life i just hope god give my kids a happyer life then me

anonymus on July 24, 2011:


John doe on July 09, 2011:

I had God it failed, I had the devil it failed, nothing left. Chow!

tom on June 30, 2011:

thank you for posting all of this before I did something stupid. God Bless.

Anonymous on June 17, 2011:

Being an atheist I don't expect God,or miracles to change my life in any way.I am despaired,disappointed an extremely frustrated with myself;having been sexually abused by a family member at the age of 4 or 5;I've always had an option of ending my life,but never had the courage to take it on.This incident has really had a huge impact on my life,but I've never disclosed this secret to anyone.Today-15 years since the incident,my life is completely messed up and I don't see a future at all;suicide is just a matter of time.It's not that I am too coward to do it,its just that I've given myself numerous opportunities to make things right,but now it seems as if I completely despise life.

JawsSD1973 on May 02, 2011:

BreakingPoint I live in San Diego

JawsSD1973 on May 02, 2011:

Ya I agree about meth being the devils drug but to all you people thinking about suicide please don't give up on God I'm not gonna.

slock62 from Florida on February 05, 2011:

Well it seems that you have opened the proverbial Pandora's box in this hub. One must be careful what they express when addressing a subject so sensitive as suicide.

Persons who are truly contemplating this act are truly hurting and no words written in a hub are likely to release them from something that would drive them to this dark place. The person facing this choice truly believes that they have exhausted all of their options, whether or not this is true, they think it is.

The mind can become so weary when subjected to extremes of suffering that it seems ending ones life is the only way to make it stop. They cannot find a way to protect themselves from the suffering so they want to disappear.

The sad thing is what they are contemplating is a permanent choice. In their current state of mind they feel the suffering will go on forever. It does not, things change.One day in the future their lives will be completely different. Time takes care of this. For those that are truly trapped in an abusive situation there is always a way out and it need not mean the end of your life.

Everything we experience is controlled by our state of mind. People have suffered endless torture and were able to find some beauty in life, enough to feel hope that there is more to life than this physical being.

If your life is truly going to be nothing but torture and you wish to have it end and have the courage to do so, God bless you and I believe he will be there for you on the other side.

It is said that God will never allow us to suffer more

than we can bear. The problem is we also were given free will. What will you choose?

anon on February 04, 2011:

I am still wanting to die, nothing is worth staying here for.

cheryl on December 31, 2010:

i still want to die just looking for something to use

Anonym on December 04, 2010:

Hi there,

I guess everyone who read this page has thought about suicide one or several times in his or her life.

That's the same with me. I thought about it especially during the age of 16-19. Even though I could not bare my life I did not commit suicide.

Today I am 28 years old. I still sometimes struggle. But there has changed so much. I could never imagine that 10 years ago.

When I was 19 I decided for Christ again. (I had decided at the age of 5 but somehow did not contact God since the age of 16.) I know sometimes God just changes so much in a second. But with me it was not like that. He took me on a long way. I guess the way sometimes took longer because I did not realize the right steps.

For example: I did no it would help me to go to a psychologist -- that was at the age of 14 or 16. But I did not go. At the age of 21 I finally went there. And we worked on my memories of my past. We also worked on my present and of what I want my future to become like. I spent so many tears during the first 2-3 years because of what I had experienced in the past. At the beginning I thought I will never overcome all this. I thought nothing will ever change.

After 2-3 years I could see the first light. And during the next years I realized my life IS improving. The wounds have started to heal, my relationships have started to change, my life has started to change.

Now I am 28 years old -- and I can say my life has changed a lot. I am not finished yet. But I know for sure that my life has changed a big deal ;)

God is good and he really wants to help you - and sometimes he likes to use the help of other people like doctors or psychologists. Be sensitive that God may speak with a soft and quiet voice to help you. It is difficult to realize that in the beginning - but it will change and become easier - like learning a new language or a new sports game or anything new. ;)

And what helped me a lot, too: Every tear you cry inside or outside is shared by God. You may not see his tears, you may not realize his sobbing. Though it is. He feels every pain you feel and longs to be allowed to help you.

Humans may have emberassed you. Humans may have tortured you. Humans may have misled you. They may not have helped you. But God is not human. God is every Good you have experienced in your life and he even is more.

ss on November 01, 2010:

i don't wana live anymore. i made a sexually perverse mistake and told it to my family. now they are treating me like dirt. i wana kill myself. i really do. oh i do.

stephen goswami on October 08, 2010:

My experience is that only actions of love to human or even to animals can divert us from selfish suicide

Ronald Stephanie WISEMAN (author) on October 07, 2010:

He knocked and we told Him to come in, however, we left

the door locked. He was baffled at this, so He politely knocked again.

Again, we said "Come In!" But still we left the door locked.


peaking in the window, He knocked once more............We

said..."Fine, come in Jesus Christ, but excuse our mess. We were trying

to hide this part from You."And Jesus replied..." I have come to


Michael Meow on August 28, 2010:

Death is the only answer now in this corrupted world of ours.

anonymous on July 12, 2010:

Is it possible that we are thinking of ourselves too much, and too often?

johnny on May 02, 2010:

i have thought about suicide before, and today is no acception...i feel like no one cares about's always all about my sisters, or someone else...i'm always left out, and put on the back burner...i feel so alone...i use to cry, but can't anymore...and i feel like death is the only way out....outta this loneliness...i've asked for help cause i know that there has to be another answer than death, but they still ignore me...i don't know what to do, but i can't keep living my life invisible...even right now, i'm writing this and am on this family is right here and don't even care!!!

wnt2go on April 17, 2010:

Thanks !

katie on March 08, 2010:

if he really loved me, he wouldn't make my life a living hell everyday

Dutch Hermit from Utrecht on January 17, 2010:

White is the snow,

where I walk through.

The first snow of this winter

a long winter

when will it end?

In the distance you can see a black figure,

a little bend over, a small man.

You can't help him.

He walks alone.

When I look behind me,

I see the footsteps leave a trace,

a black trace

but soon new snow will cover them

and no trace of me remains.

I am already dead,

hanging myself will only do the physical part.

No one loves me

all hate me

a spiritual winter,

with no end.

In the middle of this field stands a tree.

A lonely oak, I believe.

I must walk around a small lake, so I don't get wet.

What does it matter, If I'm dead?

This man reaches the tree

he doesn't seem to doubt a moment

as he climbs the tree faster than you supposed.

He climbs up to about three meters,

where he knots a rope of about half a meter

and then,

puts his head in the bow.

I doubt a moment, but it's a small

I have no hope that winter ends

now I fall

the tree has little buds

ready to burst open

by the first sunlight

Melancholy is something many people have, with a strongly developed emotion. Suicide isn't a good option, because there is always hope underneath. But it is often a logical option, and I've thought about it very often. This story above is almost my story, but I turned back.

Anonymous on January 15, 2010:

Thank You Jesus! Thank You!

BreakingPoint on July 17, 2009:

For the record, if we are all here speaking of this, lets get semi honest and say where we are from, might be able to help us all out? Im from San Diego

BreakingPoint on July 17, 2009:

So before it all ends, I just want to throw this out there!

I understand GOD gives us free will. GOD knows what we are going to do before we do it. And yet, i still cry inside, for my reasons Blah blah! So if its such a gift to be born into this world, where is my choice in the matter? Now Im here, Im miserable! If I do decide to go the dark route, GOD already knew I was going to do it, If I'm correct? So how much did GOD love me if from the start we knew this was going to happen? Is my demize and now my eternal suffering all part of a plan to save someone else, that was bound for glory from his first written page? I wont tell my whole story because I want to see what people have to say about that.....

DAN on July 15, 2009:


Brian on July 08, 2009:

This was a good read. I've been contemplating my own mortality for the past four years of my life. I've talked to priests, teachers, my parents, but the rest of the world just brings me down. I can't even focus on my jobs or pay attention in school because it just doesn't seem worth it. I don't feel anything anymore. Since high school, I have lost all of my friends. I spend Saturday nights with my Grandmother. How's that for pathetic? It's knocking at my door, I know. It's just a matter of when I get around to opening it..

Darren on June 23, 2009:

I just lost the point in even living any more I truly hate my life

pj on June 14, 2009:


Tricia Lee from Colorado on May 23, 2009:

Dave: I would rather say this to you privately but I don't know how to reach you. Sounds like your life has been very difficult. Please don't commit suicide because god has not answered your prayers. Put your faith in yourself, you are the only one who can change your situation. I don't mean to sound glib. Stop putting your faith others or god. When all is said and done we can only rely on ourselves. I do hope your life improves.

cece on May 20, 2009:

welll im always thinking about suicide but after todaii reading this idk wat i should do i mean i feel like i have no purpose here but others say i do but wat do u guys say come on causei need some feed back like quick ..... the confused and the lonley

Dave on May 17, 2009:

After being born-again twenty three years ago, losing everything since following Christ and going through the last nine years of unprecedented hardship, I am ready to end my life.

I can find many reasons to live IF, I were being given the chance to LIVE!!!!! Going through life each and every day where God refuses to grant Grace and Mercy so that one can find reason and purpose to live is meaningless.

As a matter of FACT, I want to end my life, NOT because I do not want to LIVE, but to bring an end to the daily torment of abuse that comes from having no home, no work, a family to support, no friends, can't find a church or any christians who trully care, and worse of all God is silent and more then ten years of praying has resulted in NOTHING!

My reason to end my life is to set my family free and so that I can go directly to God and present my case before Him, so that I can release the anger that comes from a life of being abused at the hands of christians and trusting God:IE: 'Give and it will be given back to you...'


Authoress from India on April 29, 2009:

Absolutely fantastic hub! Praise be to the Mighty and Loving Lord!

einron from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA on April 29, 2009:

Well written. Good job. Am not able to write like this. Keep up and continue on.

Randy Behavior from Near the Ocean on April 29, 2009:

Interesting view. My mother committed suicide when I was young, so I spent decades pondering it.

MellasViews from Earth on April 29, 2009:

wow... I am so shocked by the fact that there was a 47% statistic in those who thought about suicide as a way out! Man, I didn't know the stats would be that high!

Lgali on April 29, 2009:

Excellent hub. thnaks

Becki Rizzuti from Indiana, USA on April 29, 2009:

Totally fanning you. I've been meaning to get to your hubs and just haven't had time. I saw this one pop up on the topics and I grabbed ahold of it because I've been so depressed and feeling so godless lately. I'm glad that I did!

Larry on April 28, 2009:

Another great hub, writtenlike a master


Ivorwen from Hither and Yonder on April 28, 2009:

"By faith are you saved, through grace..." So glad to be alive IN Christ!

mohamedhmm from USA on April 28, 2009:

great topic and approach

coffeesnob on April 28, 2009:

Thought provoking!

Vladimir Uhri from HubPages, FB on April 28, 2009:


Thank you. Excellent hub. I must say amen to it. Glory to Jesus.

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