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Is Church an Essential Service?

Supernatural in Origin, Eternal in duration, Infinite in scope, Personal in application, universal in interest. This is the Word of God.

Protecting the Cross

Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

A lesson in Church History

During the Bubonic plague, John G Lake (March 18, 1870 – September 16, 1935) the American Missionary who was also known as God's " Apostle to Africa" went out to bury people who had died from it, yet he never caught the disease. When asked by a doctor, what was the secret to his protection, he answered, “It is the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. ( Romans 8:2)

He then proceeded to ask the doctor to put the germs on his hand and keep it under a microscope. They tried it and found that the germs died instantly. He believed that as long as the Holy Spirit flowed into his soul and body, that no germ would ever attach itself to him.

Compare that to the current pandemic, Churches worldwide have been shut; they have been deemed non-essential, high risk and even linked to several super-spreading Covid-19 events. Countries where churches have been pressuring authorities to reopen as essential to spiritual well being, it has been implied that their motive is for the purposes of collecting tithes and offering.

If God is not essential to the Church, don't expect him to be essential to the world. It is easy to give God attendance, it is difficult to give him attention.

— Tomi Arayomi, RigNation

The sole purpose of the Church

While the body of Christ is biblically mandated to gather all the more as we see the day approaching (Hebrews 10:25), the church will not disappear if it cannot meet in a building. The New Testament affirms that the foundation of the church was divinely established by the Lord Jesus Christ (Mathew 16:18).

The original Greek for the term church as Christ used it here was Ekklesia and the disciples clearly understood what he meant. Whenever the Roman Empire conquered territory, the governor sent to rule the territory would use the Ekklesia to enforce the decrees of Rome in that jurisdiction.

The Bible says in Revelation 11:15 “The Kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ, thus every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, is a member of his Ekklesia, and has been called out of this world to ensure that the will, culture, and influence of the kingdom of God is established and dominates on the earth.

"The Ekklesia was a building-less mobile people movement designed to operate 24/7 in the marketplace for the purpose of having an impact on everybody and everything."

— Ed Silvoso, from Ekklesia

Unmasking The Bible

Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

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An uncomfortable truth

One of the instructions Jesus gave believers (Matthew 10:1, 8, Mark 16:18), was to heal the sick, and herein is the contradiction, can you for a moment, imagine what would happen if believers worldwide, prayed for the sick and and they recovered? Do you know what that would do to the spread of the gospel? Christians are meant to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5:13 -16).

The dictionary describes the term, salt of the earth as an individual or group considered as representative of the best or noblest members of society, however, in this pandemic, the impact, influence, and presence of the church has not been felt. When it was needed the most, nobody paid attention to the Church. For far too long, the church has been comfortable in Church buildings, it has become like salt confined to its container, while the mission has always been to spread everywhere. It was in danger of losing its saltiness.

This pandemic is a once in a generation storm that has come to check the foundations of faith for every believer, and sheltering in homes as families has provided time and opportunity that will lead to intense reflection, at the end of which will be a strengthened Church aligned to the will of the Lord.

New Frontier

Image by Queven from Pixabay

Image by Queven from Pixabay

How the Gospel is thriving in this era

Did you know, that it was in isolation, that David was being prepared to kill Goliath? That when Jesus was left only with the disciples, did he give them the revelation of the Kingdom of God? This time will be no different, for there is a spiritual hunger that needs to be met going by the spike in Bible app downloads on Google play and physical Bible sales.

Churches have embraced online and digital technology to reach out, connect, and spiritually nourish their congregations. From conducting Bible study through Zoom to live streaming services through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with the more innovative churches promoting their own media platforms for exclusive content.The media production of audios, videos, and messages being preached online are increasing in quality and are being tailored for a global audience, with millions of views reflecting this.

Looking forward, just as the early Church grew in the midst of terrible circumstances, the believers who will endure through these perilous times will be strong in faith and will boldly bear witness to Jesus Christ, bring a harvest of souls, and manifest his authority that will challenge the powers and principalities of our time in a measure that has never been seen before, such that this world will not be able to ignore them, and I for one have to be part of them. What about you?

What do you think?

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