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The Church a Building Could Not Contain

Barb has been a Christian for most of her long life. She has been actively involved in churchs from many different denominations.

The Reunion Cake

This cake was served at our church reunion.

This cake was served at our church reunion.

Crenshaw Christian Reformed Church Reunions Prove a Church Can Survive Separation

Crenshaw Christian Reformed Church was conceived in the hearts of George and Mary Lau several years before I arrived at the CCRC (How I shall refer to Crenshaw Christian Reformed Church throughout the rest of the this lens.) It began as an effort to minister to the Chinese closer to where they lived in the Crenshaw area and was independent. According to records at the national headquarters of the Christian Reformed Church, it joined the denomination in 1963. It closed its doors on the first Sunday of 1995. In the years between, many people have entered through its doors and into its heart. Some came from across the street, and others from across oceans to get through those doors. Many took what they found at CCRC back across oceans to share with others.

During the short life of CCRC, it knew six pastors: the founder, George Lau, and the others who served for long or interim periods -- Cliff Christians, John Hollebeek, Stephen Jung, Gordon Van Enk, Dale Chin, and Michael Brands. There were many long periods when this church at 48th St and 8th Avenue in Los Angeles, had no pastor at all. It is possibly this one characteristic that enabled this church to survive an an organism, if not as a congregation that meets in a building every week to worship together. More than any other church home I've had, this church has been the family of God in my life and in the lives of many others.

They'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love

This song expresses what most of us at CCRC felt and tried to live. Out of all the versions available on You Tube, this one seemed the closest to the truth of the Gospel.

The Crenshaw Christian Reformed Church Extended Family at its Reunion, - August 6, 2011

Dansen and I took most of the photos at this reunion and he said I could share his in this article along with mine.

Dansen and I took most of the photos at this reunion and he said I could share his in this article along with mine.

Who's in that Photo Above?

Everyone in this picture has a relationship to CCRC. In this picture are former pastors and children who have grown up in the church, married, and had families of their own, and brought them to the reunion. There are also adults I worked with in the church, and many who came after I had moved away. There were many conflicting events on August 6 that kept many from coming, and this picture could have been twice as populated as it is, but maybe all would not have fit if everyone had showed up. When this picture was taken, many who arrived later had not yet come. I believe there were about 100 people in all who participated at this reunion.

Look closely at the faces to see who we are. To the left on the front row are our hosts, one of our former pastors and his wife, Gordon and Barbara Van Enk. Also at the front are two important people in yellow. Jane Lim is on the right end. She was at CCRC from before my time, and she was head of the junior department of the Sunday School when I arrived in 1967 to take my place teaching sixth grade girls. Behind Jane is Dale Chin, one of the planners of the reunion and the last interim pastor. I might add that he was one of the students in the junior department Jane and I taught in back around 1970.

Dale Chin Explains How the Reunion Came About

Dale was one of the first children to enter the Sunday School long before I came. He doesn't remember who knocked on his door and talked his parents into letting him and his brother come. Dale stayed until 1985, and then returned as interim pastor in 1992. As an adult he taught in the same Sunday school department I'd taught in when he was a student there. When I asked what kept him in the church, he said he stayed because there were a lot of kids and many of the adults helped supply transportation each week. Dale graduated to Heaven in January 2019.

Music Expresses the Soul of a Church

When cultures and generations mingle, a variety of music styles will be a part of the gatherings of the people of that church -- both for formal worship and for small groups. We sang many styles of music, from the old hymns and Psalms to the newer music of the Gaithers and some of he contemporary music composed within the Catholic Church.