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Cosmic Light

Katerina Kostaki is a Greek visionary author, poet, healer and speaker.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT Network.


Cosmic Light

Cosmic Light

Cosmic Light

Cosmic Laws, Poetry and Books

As in a continuation vacuum Squidoo provides lens masters with helpful, useful and inspirational means to promote their brilliant ideas.

...And I would like to thank Squidoo for being such a lenses DREAMLAND (no joke it is !).

Honestly writing on Cosmic Poetry and Laws is an insightful activity ,but building a lens on Cosmic Poetry and Laws is more than an leap of faith.

Provided with lots of modules ,Spirituality is re-formed into a really pleasant and fruitful experience.

In the depth of my heart ,my work recites my Spiritual Awareness and here resides my motive.

To share with Humanity my spiritual -meta-physical endowment so that make this world a better one.


Pleiades Constellation - Painting made by Nicole Javvaji


Cosmic Light is an hymn to Twin Flames, Unconditional Love and Re-Union with Source

On the following lens I would like to introduce you with my Cosmic Poetry inheritance that is my Universal Source of Endless Inspiration.

That is the motto of my spiritual work, but the motive resides elsewhere.

My lens mastery has been enhanced with a wonderful lens that I compel you to read first thing in the morning.

This lens is entitled "Cosmic Poetry ".

Living as an entity under a filled with stars sky and seeking for intuition, a voice whispers from your heart, for soul is unchained from whatever pulls it down, while what she is craving for is but only Ascension towards Divine

Katerina Kostaki

The Light of the Dawn



Open, Compassion,

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like the flower

of Dawn

spread your rosy petals

over the ebb tide

of the Universe.

Let me become One

and lose myself

like a star in Heaven.

The gifts of Universe

are boundless

feeling the Love

and Universal Light

in the embrace of the One.

We are all children

of a Higher Nous

we abide beneath

the same roof

although much divides us

Love unites us.

Let Compassion


over the pebbles

of Happiness

letting me cherish the waves

of Gratitude

sensing the flood tide

of Love

carrying me away.

May the sun kiss

my hair

and feel

my heart opening

to the breeze's caress.

Cosmic Light ~Poetry Book

Author Katerina Kostaki


Comic Light - Greek Edition


I came to know the truth

and it moves me deeply.

Life was never been

so beautiful

as now.

The truth covers

everything and gives meaning

to life.

I know I am here

for a purpose

it is that simple

and simultaneously enticing.

Formerly life

was so dull.

Not a trace,

not a sign.

I cast my net

and caught hold of "Hope".

I touched my dreams

and embraced


Cosmic Light ~Poetry Book

Author Katerina Kostaki

© 2012 Katerina Kostaki

My Cosmic Guestbook

Katerina Kostaki (author) from Athens,Greece on November 25, 2012:

@flinnie lm: Welcome Finnie and thanks for reading my Cosmic Light lens!

Gloria Freeman from Alabama USA on November 25, 2012:

Hi I enjoy learning new things, thank for sharing.

Katerina Kostaki (author) from Athens,Greece on November 16, 2012:

@whats4dinner: @whats4dinner thank you ,you are right !This cover artwork is really magical and uplifting .

whats4dinner on November 16, 2012:

very nice painting. it's alluring and i wanna stare at it. very magical.

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