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Satan Myths Lucifer, Morningstar and 666

GetFactsnotHype has been a Biblical scholar for the better part of 19 years, and has dug deeper to explore Christian facts and expose myths.

Christian Myth #3 in a series: Satan Myths

Does the Morning Star symbolize Satan? Is Lucifer the name of Satan the devil or is Lucifer related to Babylon's dynasty of kings? Is 666 the number or sign of the devil? Myth number 3 in a series. Listed on: Online Directory for DMEGS.

Satan as Lucifer

Is Lucifer the name of Satan?

Is Satan's name Lucifer or was Lucifer a name of a king in Biblical history? If Lucifer is not Satan's name then how did the name become associated with Satan? Is Lucifer a name at all, or a description?

Lucifer and Dynasty of Kings:

At Isaiah chapter 14, verse 4 and again in verse 12, there is a descriptive designation applied to a King of Babylon based on Satan filling the king of Babylon with ambitions to have complete domination over the earth, even over God. This king (in Biblical times) 'lifted himself up' in his own heart and was in his own eyes and the eyes of his admirers a "shining one", a son of the dawn. The shining one when translated in Latin means Lucifer.

The King of Babylon (from Isaiah), was a wicked ruler, who represented himself as the shining one depicts Satan the devil, the wicked one who keeps shining in the sense that he keeps appealing to people (falsely) as an angel of light. In other words the wicked ruler was acting like Satan who has the same traits. Notice the picture below resembles a light bearer.

Lucifer was retained in the Latin Vulgate because it is merely a translation of the Hebrew word heh.lel', "shining one", which is not a name, but a title describing the boastful position taken by Babylon's dynasty of kings of the line of Nebuchadnezzar.

Keep in mind the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew with limited portions being in Aramaic, and the New Testament (called Christian Scriptures) was written in Greek, specifically Koine, with the exception of Matthew, which was first written in Hebrew, then Greek. The reason I point this out is because the Latin translation (of shining one to Lucifer) came about after the original Bible manuscripts, and has since been taken out of context, which has confused masses of people. Lucifer is found in the Geneva Bible and therefore was transferred over to some revisions of the King James Bible, but only once, with both Bibles borrowing from the Latin Vulgate (see link), where the Vulgate references a king not the devil.


Lucifer in Pop Culture

The Latin Vulgate, widely misunderstood by many, which partially was the basis for the out of context Geneva Bible, was perhaps borrowed from for the arts and entertainment industry. Lucifer, now being stuck in the minds of many has become the norm and accepted name although erroneous and movie makers and comic book creators capitalized on it.

The 1987 movie "Angel Heart" starred Mickey Rourke and Robert Dinero, whereas Dinero played the devil Louis Cyphre (aka Lou-cifer), perhaps borrowed from the Latin Vulgate, but which is wrong in interpretation, since I previously stated describes a king.

Additionally, Mike Carey's "Lucifer" is a D.C. Comics character and was a spin-off of Neil Gaiman's comic book series, "The Sandman", where Lucifer was first introduced as a supporting character. Carey's full name of the character is Lucifer Morningstar, which is also misleading, and leads us to the next topic of Satan as the Morning Star discussed below.

Summary this section:

#1) Satan is Lucifer - myth and #2) Lucifer is a name - myth for it is instead a description or title describing a person who falsely shines like the evil spirit being, Satan.

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Satan as the Morning Star

Is the Morning Star associated with Satan?

In the previous section we discussed how Lucifer as a name came into being, but some also associate the Morning Star with Satan. Is this correct? Let's find out if and why.

That name was given again (thousands of years later) to the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, which heralds daylight so the words "Day Star" or "Morning Star" were rendered by some when speaking about Satan, because The King of Babylon was the "shining one" with the same traits as Satan.

This is however incorrect on two accounts when referring to Satan as the Morning Star. First of all Venus has been known as the Morning Star OR Evening Star, because it reaches its maximum brightness shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset, and second because Satan is seen as the angel of light (that shines) NOT a star that shines.

Previously we had discussed Mike Carey's DC comics character (see link) as one of many that has misled people about the so-called "Lucifer" name, but also misled the public about the Biblical use of stars, but that is not the only example. There are others that have ALSO misunderstood the concept of the phrase "Morning Star" as it pertains to the Bible. Wikipedia has as an example (and wrong I might add) that Lucifer is a Morning Star based on a concept they have from a passage from Isaiah.

I have already described shining ones and morning star (above), but still Wikipedia's explanation does not mean what they say it does. Wikipedia quoted Isaiah 14:12 and described it as pertaining to Satan, but it is actually a metaphor used in referring prophetically to the Davidic kings of Judah from Numbers 24:17. In the book of Numbers, the Babylonian dynasty for a time did rise above these Judean kings by conquest of Jerusalem paralleling Isaiah's Babylonian kings as a "shining one" who is seeking to lift up his throne "above the stars of God". Isaiah's "star" just parallels another book and has nothing to do with Satan, but instead is referencing evil kings. Moreover, the Isaiah scripture is not speaking of a morning star at all, but the kings acting like Satan are "shining ones" hence the Latin word Lucifer.

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Summary this section:

Short answer: #1) Satan is the Morning Star is a myth. This is wrong and completely misunderstood. #2) The Bible does not refer to Satan in any scripture as the morning star, which some have done by taking the Holy Bible out of context, but instead the bright morning star is Jesus and seen at Re 22:16.

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Sign of the Devil

Is 666 the sign of the devil?

Supposedly 666 is the devil's number or sign of the devil, however this too is taken out of context. When you know what the Bible says, you'll realize 666 is another Satan myth, but instead is the mark of the wild beast.

Revelation 13:16-18 states, "... and its number is six hundred sixty-six", yet it also describes it as being "a man's number", meaning NOT something the Devil calls himself. This is not to be mistaken as only ONE man, because those same scriptures state "...and it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead." Notice the phrases give "these" a mark and "their" forehead implies more than one. These are the enemies of God. Those same scriptures state, "... let the one that has intelligence calculate the number of the wild beast." Those with intelligence and who are Biblically wise and not wise in a worldly way will know who has the mark of the beast. Now if you read this paragraph again, but this time with your Bible open to those scriptures it should make more sense.


Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

The Book of Revelation is full of the symbolic meaning of numbers, including the supposed number for Satan. Six hundred sixty-six or 666 is a symbolic number, and the book of Revelation is full of them. It is true that some numbers including those in Revelation are meant to be taken literally, but many of them are not. For example the number seven is repeatedly used with regards to seven angels and seven bowls (Re 16:1); seven seals opened (Re 6:1); and seven stars and seven lampstands (Re 1:20). The number 7 here is symbolic, just as the number 6 is meant to symbolize imperfection or not normal or monstrous. Therefore 666 or the number 6 to the third degree means failing miserably to measure up to seven. Additionally the number 6 is repeated 3 times to denote emphasis and indicates intensity.

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Titles of Satan

Will the real satan stand up please

With so many myths surrounding satan it's hard to sift through what is real, but below are the actual titles and descriptions of satan as evidenced by the Holy Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. Let's explore them.

Titles of Satan:

  • "the Tempter"- (Mt 4:3)
  • "the Birdcatcher" - (Ps 91:3)
  • "a liar"; and "the father of the lie" - (Joh 8:44; Re 12:9)
  • "the wicked one" (1Jo 5:19)
  • "the one misleading the entire inhabited earth" (Re 12:9)
  • "Serpent" (Ge 3:1 - 7) which came to signify "Deceiver"
  • "the original serpent" (Re 12:9 and 20:2)
  • "adversary" (1Pe 5:8, 9)
  • "like a roaring lion seeking to devour" (1Pe 5:8, 9)

Additionally "Resister" can have two meanings: the 1st is individuals as resisters (without the definite article), and the 2nd is The chief resister, which is Satan (with the definite article). Also note that the Pharisees used the phrase "Beelzebub", the ruler of OR prince of the demons (seen in the gospels of Matthew and Mark).

Summary this section:

The original manuscripts that made up the Bible do not address Satan's name at all, and only gives titles and descriptions.

Article is original, copyright retained

Related reading on the subject is found at Hellfire myths, part 5 in the series.

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Satan Myths Comments - Feedback - You are invited to comment

Moral Man on June 21, 2020:

My comment hasnt been posted yet. Is there any reason why?

Moral Man on May 18, 2020:

The Bible is vague, ambiguous, unclear, and full of contradictions. We dont agree on how to interpret the Bible and we cant even agree on which translation is the correct one.

Is Lucifer the same being as Satan? It depends who you ask. Is Lucifer evil? Is Lucifer good? Is Lucifer both evil and good? We dont really know what Lucifer is like, we dont really know what Satan is like, and we domt really know what God is like. Different people believe different things and claim different things. The Bible and religion and mythology have caused mass disagreement, mass division, and mass confusion. We cant even agree on how to interpret history. All we can do is speculate and guess.

Before I state my personal opinion about who or what Lucifer is, something should be mentioned about the problem of evil, whether its Moral evil by human beings, or whether its Natural evil such as cancer, tooth decay, ebola, centipedes, jellyfish, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lice, birth defects, miscarriages, the corona virus, hurricanes, tsunamis, or Supernatural evil, caused by the Devil, Satan, demons, evil spirits, evil fairies.

In Isahaia chapter 45, verse 7, it says that God makes peace and creates evil, in the King James Bible. Other translations say God creates disaster, calamity, catastrophe, misery, woe. This seems to mean to inflict harm or to inflict suffering. How could an all good deity create evil, harm, or suffering? How could an all good being create cancer, centipedes, mosquitoes, and ticks? That doesnt make sense. Thats why later on in the Bible by New Testament times, people developed the idea of a separate evil being who is responsible for evil and suffering, which is Satan and demons. This is still very controversial and theres much confusion. Some say Satan isnt evil, while some say he is purely evil, and others say Satan is both good and evil, or has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Well, which is he? Whose belief is correct? It seems there is more than one Satan, and theres more than one Devil. But who is the real Satan, and who is the real Devil?

Some believe Satan and his demons are to blame for all Moral evil or for all Human evil and sin, but are not to blame for any Natural evil. Others, such as author Gregory Boyd, believe that Satan and his demons are to blame for all evil, or are to blame for both human evil AND Natural evil, and are to blame for deceiving and confusing people and possessing people and sending people to end up in hell. Remember the Zoroastrian devil, Angra-mainyu/Ahriman, whho is believed to be responsible for both human evil and Natural evil. Zoroastrinism is Dualistic and might be as old or older than Judaism, and certainly older than Christinity. Which Devil was invented first, Angra-mainyu/Ahriman, or Satan, or was it the Egyptian Set? Enki the Annunaki alien is believed by some to be another identity of Satan, and Baal, Moloch, Mastema, Ra, Ptah, Horus, Nimrod, Poseidon, Prometheus, Neptune, Saturn, Malek-taus, Shiva, Kali, Lucifer, and Baphomet , Typhon, Apollyon, and Beelzebub are all different names for the Devil. Yes its confusing. How many Devils are there? Its believed that demons number in the billions or trillions.

Anyway, the question of Lucifer and Satan. Are these one and the same being? Or are they two separate beings? Christins believe Satan was called Lucifer before he fell from heaven. Maybe Lucifer is Satan's right hand man and is an ally to Satan.

My personal belief or opinion is that Lucifer is evil. Let me explain. I have had paranormal experiences of hearing voices when I sleep, or Clairaudience. I would hear voices telepathically, and sometimes converse with them when sleeping. It would last a few seconds to nore more than a minute before I got cut off.

I have had Clairaudience experiences while sleeping since April 2004. A number of times these voices were Satani/demonic in nature and motivation. On one occasion, a voice informed me that Saturn and Satan are the same being, and on another occasion, a voice tried to entice me to Satanism and when I refused, it got angry and made a threat. Just wait until you die, it threatened.

In 2016, while sleeping, a voice told me in an evil tone, Lucifer is waiting. He didnt explain what he meant but its obvious and self explanatory. Hes looking forward to my death because he knows Im going to hell for being a heretic, apostate, and blasphemer. He knows Im unsaved. So Lucifer and Satan both desire for people to end up in hell is what It seems to me. Yes its scary. Theres more to say about this.

Oneshotvariety LM on July 12, 2012:

This is a great and interesting lens! Well written.

GetFactsnotHype (author) on December 21, 2011:

@JeremyCrow: @JeremyCrow - Some people have called the mythological god Baal "Lord", but it has never meant Our Lord or The Lord. Many false gods and even people such as kings have been called lord, just as some think of God as both good and bad like some kinda ying and yang thing, but that does not make it correct. For me there is only one Lord.

norma-holt on November 16, 2011:

Great information here and nicely presented. Featured this on Religious Myths - why do they exist,.

JeremyCrow on July 09, 2011:

Really enjoyed your lens! Glad to see people sharing this knowledge. Most people aren't aware that Lucifer was at one time used as a common title for Christ and that early Christians did not associate the word "Lucifer" with "Satan" at all. Going to SquidLike and Facebook Like this one as soon as I finish submitting this comment! Thanks again for creating this page.

GetFactsnotHype (author) on July 03, 2011:

@IamCarl (I am Carl) - to address several things:

#1) The implication that the King of Babylon was "acting like Satan" - yes it is addressed and the Bible gives this descriptive designation applied to the king of Babylon at Isaiah 14:4, and 12. One should also read Isa 14:13 for "shining one".

#2) But I do agree that kings do set themselves (metaphorically) as the brightest star, which I did reference.

#3) I also agree that Satan can be attributed to people or governments who act in opposition.

#4) I do not agree that Satan is another myth.

#5) While I agree on #2 and #3, I do NOT agree on #4 and have already explained again #1. You are of course entitled to your opinion, and that's why I have the comments field open.

GetFactsnotHype (author) on July 03, 2011:

@IamCarl: @IamCarl - while I do agree with you on some things, there are others I do not. I agree the Book of Enoch is blatantly wrong, and I agree it was CORRECTLY left out of the Bible. I do not agree however that God is responsible for both good and evil toward man, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

IamCarl on July 02, 2011:

@anonymous: The Book of Enoch is the main cause for people believing in a supernatural devil. Belief in such is paramount to polytheism as you have a god of the Heavens (Zeus, Jupiter, Amen-Ra, Odin) and then you have a god of the Underworld (Hades, Pluto, Set, Hel). It is clear within Scripture that it is the Almighty who does both good and evil toward man.

We know that the Book of Enoch is blatantly wrong because: 1. it sets an angel as mediator between God and man, when that position is held by Christ, 2. it has Michael condemning the actions of the 'evil angels', when in Jude and 2 Peter, it says that angels do not condemn anyone, 3. it says that angels married the daughters of men and had giants, the nephilim, but Jesus says that angels do not marry and also in Genesis, the 'sons of God' fathered the 'men of renown' and not the nephilim (which are really those men who rebelled against God).

There are more, but this should suffice. It is a work of fiction which was correctly left out of the Bible.

GetFactsnotHype (author) on May 14, 2011:

@Demaw: @Demaw - BUT because the page is on myths of Satan the devil, and how kings had traits of Satan, then Lucifer for any other person's name is not part of the MYTHS contained here for the topic.

But thanks for contributing to the guestbook - I like comments.

Demaw on May 14, 2011:

I understood that "Lucifer" was a proper name at one time as in Lucifer of Cagliari.

anonymous on April 20, 2011:

Agree with you that Satan is not Lucifer. A good majority of the problems in interpreting the bible arise because of the indiscriminate chopping and churning of the biblical texts. The book of Enoch and the books of Adam and Eve (along with other apocryphal texts) offer a clearer picture to the whole truth. Evangelists over the years have sadly dismembered and gagged the truth 'out of perspective'. Truth will prevail in the end. God bless. Thanks. :)


compugraphd on April 07, 2011:


One thing -- Beelzebub (Ba'al Zevuv") means "Lord of the Fly" in Hebrew.

Interesting lens. Keep up the good work!

Delia on January 22, 2011:

Another interesting lens! great subject.

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