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Cartomancy and Kings


Divination, and reading about kings in any suit, or divination period can be a bit fun. It's like being a fly on a wall somewhere. However, when reading someones cards, please get permission. If you use the king to represent a questioner, please keep in mind that the meanings listed are not the only meanings for cartomancy. You should understand that these are a small outline of many possibilities. When you understand more meanings of playing cards, you should also start using your intuition. Intuition is always important when reading cards. The king in a deck of playing cards usually represents a man with certain characteristics, and or appearance. If you see a king, you should think to yourself, "does this represent the questioner, or a person in the questioners life?" Your instincts may also tell you something.Sometimes your senses will give you insight so quick, you have to listen close. Your senses may tell you, "this represents a person in the questioners life" even when sometimes logic tells you that this person represents the questioner. Override your logic and go with your gut. When reading a deck of playing cards, you are supposed to go with what you feel at that time.

A king in cartomancy can speak of a person that has power, authority, money, or love. If you receive a king in your reading, it is usually talking about a male (depending on the cards and situation). It can be as follows:

king of hearts

king of hearts

King of hearts: a loving man

King of diamonds: A wealthy man, or a man of business

King of clubs: A friendly man

King of spades: A widower, a man of power, or a man of little remorse.


The kings can also represent a person and their physical appearance as follows:

King of hearts: A man under the age of 35 with a light complexion

King of diamonds: A man over the age of 35 with a light complexion

King of clubs: A man under the age of 35 with a dark complexion

King of spades: A man over the age of 35 with a dark complexion

king of diamonds

king of diamonds

possible combination meanings

The king in a deck can also tell you something when they are seen together in combinations:

Two Kings: success in business

Three Kings: temporary problems in a relationship

Four Kings: gain

If you see a king in between two queens, that can mean an affair.

If you see a king followed by a queen of the same suit, it can be speaking of marriage.

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If you see a king followed by a queen of the opposite suit, it can be speaking of a romance with no marriage

A king with the ace of hearts- he will have happiness in love, with family, or new beginnings in love

A king with the ace of diamonds-he will have a successful business deal, increase in money, a promotion

A king with the ace of clubs-he will be receiving new friendship, property

A king with the ace of spades- he can have an affair that becomes difficult, conflict

A king with four tens- he will have great success

A king with three nines- financial gain

A king with three eights- New family ties

king of clubs

king of clubs


As you see here, combinations can be limitless. You will learn that as you go along, as you will learn that there are several different meanings to one card, there are different styles of reading with cartomancy as well. You will learn your own methods as you go along, and use your intuition with the cards. The kings in cartomancy can represent a woman with a certain state of mind, or in a certain position in life as well. You will stumble across many methods and many different meanings if you are self-studying cartomancy. You will learn that your instincts are important, they are there for a reason, use them. Remember, when reading cartomancy, you put together the cards as you would a story in a book, or the words in a sentence. In this sentence, the individual words I am using have a definition, but when put together, they have more meaning. The same rule applies to cartomancy. The more you read, the better you will understand cartomancy. For now (and later), enjoy your reading.

king of spades

king of spades

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