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Old Testament Worksheets


Here you'll find a series of Old Testament worksheets which I have created. They are all similar in style and layout so that your children can make a very neat notebook about what they have studied. The activities include crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, fill in the blanks, and matching words to clues. I have sorted them, for your convenience, into the books of the Bible. There is even a selection of links to pages which allow you to create your own worksheets.

These worksheets are great for Sunday school, vacation Bible school, homeschooling, religious education, scripture in schools, Bible note-booking, and more.

These printable pages would make great reinforcement for your students after they have studied a particular Bible story or passage. Make sure you bind them together or store them in a binder once they are completed, so your child can enjoy looking through them at a later date.

Another fun activity for children is for them to design their own worksheet, such as a wordsearch or fill-in-the-blank activity, to give to another student to complete. The more adventurous may decide to make a maze or crossword puzzle.

You may also be interested in my Sunday school resources page which is the gateway to hundreds of Sunday School resources including coloring pages, crafts, worksheets, and more.

Using These Activity Pages

Please feel free to download these sheets and print them to use with your class or family, but please do not sell them or post them anywhere else on the web. Feel free to link to this page but please do not link directly to the Google Drive versions of the pictures.

Which Bible Worksheets Do You Prefer?

Six Days of Creation

Review what happened on each of the days of creation with these sheets.

Adam and Eve

Revise the creation of Eve, how the serpent tempted her and Adam, the fall, and the consequences of the fall.

Cain and Abel

Cain killed Abel out of jealousy—the first murder recorded in the Bible.

Noah and the Great Flood

Learn about Noah building the ark, the animals boarding the boat, the Great Flood, the ark coming to rest on the mountains of Ararat, and the rainbow promise.

The Tower of Babel

Activity sheets about the Tower of Babel, where different languages and nations of the world were formed.


Sarah, Lot, Baby Isaac

Worksheets about Abraham and his family.

Isaac and Rebekah

Abraham doesn't want a wife for Isaac from among the Canaanites, so he sends his chief servant back to his relatives to find a wife. God directs the servant to Rebekah, one of Abraham's close relatives. She goes back to Canaan with the servant to marry Isaac.

Jacob and Esau

Some of the events in Jacob's life, including getting his brother's birthright, his dream at Bethel, his wives, and his sons.


Jacob was sold into slavery by his brothers. He was thrown in prison for a crime he didn't commit but then rose to a position of great authority after interpreting the Pharaoh's dream.

Baby Moses

Moses, an Israelite, was born at a time when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. He was found in the Nile River by Pharoah's daughter and she raised him as her own son.

More Baby Moses Worksheets

The Exodus

When the Israelites leave Egypt, they are pursued by Pharaoh, but God helps them across the Red Sea on dry ground.

10 Commandments

...and other laws

Revise the Ten Commandments with these activity pages.

Tabernacle, Priests and Sacrifices

Learn about some of the priest's clothing and some of the furnishings of the tabernacle.

The Battle of Jericho

These pages revise the account of the fall of Jericho under the leadership of Joshua.

Joshua Crossing the Jordan River

These activity pages are about the Israelites crossing the Jordan River while the priests stand in the middle of the river with the ark of the covenant on their shoulders.


Two stories from Gideon's life are covered here: Gideon and the fleece and the time Gideon and only 300 men defeated the entire Midianite army.


A summary of the life of Samson, including his birth, his great strength, the loss of his strength, and the end of his life.

Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz

Two stories from the life of Ruth: her dedication to Naomi, her mother-in-law, and her meeting and marrying Boaz.

King David

Activity pages covering different events in David's life: his life as a shepherd and musician, his encounter with Goliath, and being reprimanded by Nathan for his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah.

King Solomon

The famous story of a young Solomon asking for wisdom rather than wealth, long life, or the death of his enemies.

Elijah and Elisha

Two prophets during the time of the kings of the divided kingdoms: Elijah and the drought and Elisha tells Naaman how to be healed from leprosy.


Revise two events from the life of Daniel: his commitment not to defile himself with Nebuchadnezzar's food and his commitment to continue praying to God, even though he was thrown into the lions' den for it.

Create a Bible worksheet

Create a Bible worksheet

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For a Sunday School class

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Distance Learning for Grades 3-5 Bible Study

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I am teaching bible class this year with Elementary school students, these would be great for activities and free time worksheets. Thanks!

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Sunday School, How do I print them?

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I will use all of these worksheets with my class on the week of vacational Bible school at my church

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Children's Ministries Leader

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Am a Sunday schoolteacher for anchor Baptize

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This is a great way to learn about the Bible.

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Why do some worksheet copy full page and some do not?

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For my Sunday School classes

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For a small church, this will be used as a follow-up activity . It does help a church that can't afford the Sunday School material.

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Just started teaching a Sunday School class last weekend :) I'm excited to incorporate this in my lesson plan.

Jeanette (author) from Australia on November 09, 2017:

Sorry about the late reply. To download individual worksheets, you will need to:

1. click on "source" under a picture

2. click on the name of the file that appears

3. download the file that pops up on docs.google

Hope that helps


MDT on October 04, 2017:

Looks great, but how do you download these worksheets? All the download links on the right side of the page have the word "advertisement" above them. I don't want to get a virus! I tred using the "copy/paste" commands - but it is poor quality.

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Will use them in my wed.night 3rd-6th grade classes at church

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Very helpful for my Bible class! Thank you!

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My Sunday School class will be studing the old testament. These resources will help supplement the material I have.

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Teaching the old testament to our little lutherans

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Thanks for this worksheets... very good worksheet in the tower of Babel

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First may I congratulate you on the work you are doing. I am truly blessed by what you offer as without a budget there is not much that I can do. YOU are a tremendous help.

The puzzles, I am happy with every format. I deal with a wide age group and I will certainly find something appropriate here for each group. Thanks and blessings!


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God Bless you.

Cheers from Melbourne

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I like it when God changed Jacob to Israel, like when he change other names of people in the Bible, it was because they had a new identity in that name!

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Good to see the old testament is still getting attention nicework

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What a great resource. I will bookmark and return often.

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@anonymous: See the section above on worksheets for the whole Bible

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Deuteronomy 10

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What a great job, great!

Congratulations!, really good!

A lens that is enjoyed for its content and appearance.


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How about the Bible puzzle makers at http://www.puzzlefast.com/bible/?

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How about Connect the dots?

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david and Barzillai

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King Saul

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I believe it's very important to instill in them faith in God in a fun way at an early age.

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Wow, there are so many great resources in one place! Thanks :)

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Many thanks. I got a list of resources from everyone in the family from this lens, from my youngest to my mom and dad. Excellent help.

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@anonymous: Hi Mary, I've added a couple more Rachel worksheets and a new section on Isaac and Rebekah. Hope you find your way back here again :-)

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My kids will love doing these activities ( me too!). Great resource.

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love your site, but found nothing for Isaac and Rachel as far as worksheets go. Maybe in the future??

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Thanks again. Everyone loves these worksheets and coloring pages. I even had a couple of grown-ups rendered praise!

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Fantastic lens. It is both very pretty and extremely informative. Thank-you.

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this lens has been a blessing. thank you and may you be blessed in return!

Philippians468 on January 09, 2011:

this lens has been a blessing. thank you and may you be blessed in return!

Jeanette (author) from Australia on November 10, 2010:

@JeffMcRitchie1: No. I didn't design these. Just collected them from various place aound the net to make them easier to find.

JeffMcRitchie1 on November 09, 2010:

Great lens! Nice choices of worksheets- did you design these? I liked how they included a variety of activities instead of only one style.

DARdreams on September 28, 2010:

These are wonderful! I have some resources on my lens "Make Your Brain Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise" that would also work for making worksheets, including how to make your own crossword puzzles and links to puzzle sites, including at least one with Bible themes.

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Also, as the other people said, great design, great clean webpage!

If you have a chance, check out my site dedicated to Youth Ministry Resources

Thanks again!

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