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The Happy Man

I have many hobbies and one of them is writing and putting pen to paper about what I think or love doing. My article might help someone.

Happy means Content with Life

Happiness belongs to every god-made creation - - man, woman and child. If only everyone can find it! The happy man is not the dancing-on-one-foot type, merrily clapping his hands with glee and playfully proclaiming 'joy to the world I am so jolly’. He is simply content with his life and the way he is living it. Neither is he/she one hundred per cent happy, just satisfied with getting by well enough and able to deal with every-day problems.

LIFE is how the Happy Man Made it .. Decisions count

You reap what you sow...obvious and very true. Look Before you Leap old-time saying that I've been hearing since my boyhood days tells how it is best to ’measure a hundred times before you make the first cut’.

Good decisions are basic :

studying, finding a job, earning, spending and saving some of your money, choosing one's status in life, choosing one's spouse/partner .....

Before making a decision the Happy Man thinks about the consequences. What happens if I do this, will I be better off?

Financial issues .. Is this a scam? Will I lose all my money? Will my family suffer?

Moral issues - like sex outside marriage) - who will know? What will people say? Would I be sorry, what will my wife say, what about my friends, my neighbours, my colleagues at the place of work, my son and daughter and above all, would I be giving a bad example? Apart from my shame and loss of face, I do not want to do that ever.

He Plans his Life

A small sacrifice now and then goes a long way. He.goes to work, earns money and he is wise enough to manage it carefully. It is decided to save some of it for a rainy day. Maybe he has to forego a new outfit, a holiday or a new appliance, but at the end of the day this decision will pay. The savings keep growing and maybe could serve as a first investment in a property.

Money breeds money and with enough of it to go by, the outlook on life becomes more rosy. The problems that surely arise do not seem too formidable.

Content with What He Has

He Chose the life-style that his means allow. I remember another saying : do not stretch your leg from under the blankets, sending a warning to never overspend or borrow money unwisely.

It is best to live the day, work and strive, have patience, faith and pray for better days.

It is useless and psychologically unwise to Barbour envy in one’s heart, be envious of one’s neighbours or friends who are better-off since this only brings sorrow and frustration and makes one’s existence still more miserable.

The happy man’s small second-hand car serves him well and takes him safely to work and to the beach with his family on the week-end. So he is content with it though it is not exactly like the brand new Mercedes of the lady who lives in the big house. It is not a sin or bad to wish for one like it but he does not envy the woman because it is no use.

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Instead he decides to do his best and work harder and remain content with his life and to stick to the ambition to make it better.

The Happy Man does his Duty

In the family the man respects his wife and shows his love by ...

caring, listening, helping, complimenting, being patient and calm, being faithful and appreciative, making love to her.

He teaches his children by example how to respect and love their mother and shows them how important it is to study and to choose their friends carefully. The happy man takes pride in his family and raises his children with the values that he cherishes most.

At the place of work he is willing and efficient and is not likely to get a warning for being late or careless. He enjoys a good level of job satisfaction and communicates his enthusiasm to the staff in his section.

His friends know him as a man of his word, reliable and helpful. Never disagreeable and ready to praise the efforts of others. Above all he is good company, has a sense of humor and makes them laugh. A good laugh after work is good medicine.

The happy man lends a hand in the community too. He is good with his hands and at times one can see him doing maintenance work at the local band-club or at the civic hall. Keepin busy is his motto - his hands full while his mind is free from worries, his formula of being happy and keeping in good shape.

He is kind and gentle with everyone.and ready to help where necessary.

The Happy Man and his Hobby

Hobbies are very important for a happy life. Indulging in a hobby takes your mind off more serious things. This gives your brain some time out and a chance to breathe fresh air as it were.

The happy man’s hobby is painting. He likes to paint in oil mostly. Oil painting is very forgiving and a mistake can be easily cleaned off the canvas with a rag or just painted over. He does still life, landscapes and portraits too. He has a fine sense of proportion so it is not too difficult for him to bring out a good likenes.

He spends a good deal of his spare time indulging in his hobby so he has become.quite an expert. With practice some people become so good at their hobby that they turn it into a business.

Therefore besides being beneficial health-wise a hobby may add to one’s disposable income.

The Happy Man Believes and Prays Regularly

... ..................................SKIP IF NOT. FOR. YOU...................................

The HM has faith, hope and charity and believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ. He prays quite often and goes to church frequently.

He does not however see himself any better than the rest of us and doubts whether the Lord listens to his prayers. Notwithstanding, he keeps on praying and seeking the Lord‘s blessing and forgiveness. He thanks the Lord for all that He has given him and asks for the blessing of his children, his house and family and for deliverance from sickness and evil.

He accepts the logic that God the Almighty must have created man and the universe, he believes in life after death, in the kingdom of heaven, in the saints and angels and in the souls in Purgatory.

It is important for the Happy man to uphold the Ten Commandments, to read and listen to the Gospels to learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ. He holds that this is not enough so tries to put in practice what he knows. He does his best to follow the example of Jesus in real life. He admits of course that he is not Jesus and knows his limitations. When he finds himself in a difficult situation he asks himself how would Jesus react.

Some days ago some things were stolen from his bedroom so he emailed the person concerned insisting on their return or a small payment of €50. As expected the other person, instead of admitting his ‘mistake’ replied with a barrage of abusive language and accused our man of trying to make an illicit profit of a few Euro out of him.

How do you think the Happy man reacted? He was wise enough to foresee that the matter was not going to be resolved peacefully so he decided not to answer back. What good would it do to reply with a similar chain of bad words. So he made up his mind to forgive and forget the whole thing and let the matter die on itself.

Silence is golden he thought and forgiving an offense is psychologically very healthy Indeed.

Last Thoughts

The man who lives happy dies happy.

Knowing that he has (almost) always tried to be good and fair, never done any harm to his fellow men, forgiven and forgotten the trespasses against him and has done his duty as best he could he hopes that he is in the good books of the Almighty and that his soul might end up in a good place somewhere in the beyond.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Joseph Attard


Joseph Attard (author) from Gozo, Malta, EU. on June 07, 2021:

Zarathustra, thank you for your contribution. I think that it is true that one reaps what one sows though sometimes bad things may crop up unexpectedly. That saying about not stretching your legs and the blankets etc is a Maltese saying which I translated. You seem very well versed on the subject ... I just wrote down my thoughts of the moment. Gattard.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on June 05, 2021:

"getting by well enough and able to deal with every-day problems" - That is basically it: as long as I can overcome whatever Life throws my way, I'm happy.

Otherwise, "Happiness is over-rated" (A great book by Angelo R. Belliotti).

Chasing happiness can mislead one so, I do not encourage people to always search for happiness. It'll evade us continually if we do that.

"You reap what you sow...obvious and very true." - No. Not true. Haha!!

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple" - Oscar Wilde. I was born and raised in a dictatorship; a nasty one at that too! Did I deserve that somehow? If You believe in past lives maybe I did. I do not.

"He Plans his Life" - Yes, very important this "planning thing", haha! I am a freak about planning. Call me "General" when it comes to planning.

So, when we plan we should pay attention to what the Navajo Elders tell us. Planning has to be done in such a way that we pay attention to the physical side of any specific planning, to the emotional side of that planning, to the spiritual perspective of our planning and to the critical thinking of the planning. All these four areas have to be taken into account when planning.

"do not stretch your leg from under the blankets" - I never heard of this one before. Thank You for sharing this bit. Have You ever heard that "the man who sleeps on the floor can't fall off the bed"? Well, I do not own a bed. I sleep on the floor. I took that saying and put it right to practice, literally; ages ago. Haha!! : )

"It is best to live the day, work and strive, have patience, faith and pray for better days." - Very well said. I wish I could say that sentence was true for me but it is not because I have very little patience. If You have some to spare please do send me some. I think my sister got it all when she was born first and by the time I came out, there was no more patience left for me.

"His friends know him as a man of his word" - I did write a piece a long time ago titled: "My Honor Is My Life". You know? I can lose everything: money, clothes, house, friends, family members ... I can lose a limb, or two but I can never, ever lose my word, unless I give it up. It's that simple.

The Happy Man Believes and Prays Regularly

... ..................................SKIP IF NOT. FOR. YOU...................................

How nice of You to give a choice. But are we not all Spirits first and Humans after? Do we really have a choice when it comes to Spirituality? Or, do we just think we have a choice?

"He accepts the logic that God the Almighty must have created man and the universe" - There is no logic in Faith. Hence the proverbial "leap of faith". Logic is for this three dimensional perspective. In the Spirit World, logic has no power.

Okay, we made it to the end. Thank You for sharing your thoughts on the "Happy Man". I had to comment. I do trust You understand - I've been given this nickname and carried it for over twenty years. So, if I don't know about ""happiness", who will?

All the very best to You!

"Good thoughts, good words, good deeds" - Zarathustra

Joseph Attard (author) from Gozo, Malta, EU. on June 05, 2021:

This article took me three days off and on to write. I hope that someone likes it :))

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