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Baron Samedi for Witches

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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.


Baron Samedi For Witches

Here we will go over some successful spells, information, and a few pointers for witches who wish to work with Baron. Never you mind all the debates about mixing energies. Baron is just as gifted as Hecate when it comes to a mastery of magic. Truly he is the highest magician there is. He has no problem adjusting his or your magic to work with you. Baron knows your path better than you do anyhow; all ancestral knowledge is his. So every witch that ever lived has contributed his or her doings to his vast store.

NOTE: I am not a Mambo. This article reflects modern witchcraft practices. There are vodoun elements, but they are more New Orleans or even Gnostic (that darn Crowley) than Haitian. No offense or disrespect is meant by a blending of traditions. Also, if you want to say Wicca-doo that is cool by me. My style works for me.

Remember stay with the l-o-v-e love and you will do just fine. Baron is the most loving, gentle and affectionate spirit I have ever worked with. He'd put his hands in fire before he'd hurt me, so you just ignore all that nonsese about him being wrathful. You'd have to be a practicing Vodouisant for him to want to rap some sense into you. He adores women, children and loves meeting new people. So what are you waiting for?

Oh that handsome skull in the top hat is on my altar to the Baron.

Who is the Lwa Baron Samedi? - Also some ghede info

Ohhh, he said the p-word. Ohhh!



Before you hurt yourself...

As with all magical workings, always:

Show respect. You don't have to kneel or be afraid, but show the respect you would give any magician. Baron loves deflating egos, so check yours at the door. He will have respect for your knowledge, so please respect his. He is among other things, the highest ranking Mason. Don't mistake his acting the fool for being one.

Think before you cast. Make sure you want the end result. Barons have an odd way of taking you up on stupid requests. Want an example? Once I teased High Hat. I told him he was too boring and needed to be more wild and strong like Baron Samedi. Then he could burst into ceremonies like his brother. Oh I got wild all right. He took this as a request because it amused him to do so.

Recently I told him I'd love to see him prevent me from leaving the house. I was pretty ill, but he wanted me to stay home and I was feeling stubborn. I know he loves me but I have issues with authority figures, OK? Anyhow, Baron delightedly made sure I could not leave the house and got my rest.

Listen to Baron. Before me, before anyone, listen to Baron. One translation of his name, Do as I say, gives you an idea of his top dog status.

Please only work for positive ends. Using Baron for negativity will get you a side of him you'd rather not meet. Think of dark magic like raising an attack dog. Keep teaching that dog nothing but hate and pain, and where will you be if he decides he wants to attack you? If Baron favors the other person he will only attack you anyway.

NOTE: Some houses see Baron as dangerous, cold, and hostile towards all non-Haitian folks. My first Mambo said no, he loves everyone and is fun-loving. A later Hougan said his house NEVER approaches Baron as he is only Death and Judgment and will kill you if bothered. No two Vodouisants can agree either. So be careful and let him take the lead.

In Haiti he can be seen as cold, and his brother Ghede is the fun one. But again, some houses say no, it is the opposite. Ghede is dour and Bawon fun. Whatever his personality, he is ruler of all the ghede, or unclaimed and neglected dead. Some of my Barons are cold as ice and remote authoritative figures. Some are warm and loving, some behave like ghede instead of Bawons.

Still Life Skull Votive

This crystal skull holds a tealight, the prefect accent for any Baron altar, or as a thank you gift for a service. It comes in purple, one of the colors he sometimes likes, clear, also used with him. Red, and green. Some people use color magic with the lwa, so you could certainly order a different color HERE

A Video Mine Enjoys

OK, his royal majesty wanted this renamed and new music put in. His ego knows no bounds. But whatever makes him happy, right?

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Baron's place in the New Age

He is...

Baron is seen both as a God and a loa, or spirit. Those who seem him as a god often base this on much older African spiritual traditions. He will respond to being treated this way, and as he is as old as the most ancient Gods it does make sense. But there are many who point out that only Bon Dieu is God, and treating any lwa (spirit) as god is disrepectful and not true Vodoun.

Those who favor Haitian Vodou will treat Baron as a loa (lwa), or spirit. Here he is more like a Catholic saint. Powerful, but able of being stopped by Bon Dieu, the Good or Great God/Father Spirit. Here the rules are much more strict as to approaching and dealing with Baron. For example, some houses say you must meet him at a house only. They feel the only thing coming to uninitiated folks is a ghede, or trickster spirit.

Add to this that many Haitian have every reason to exclude blans (any outsider) and they will say you will never meet him. This to me is understandable, but Bawons in general do as they please. So do any other spirits. We all have African blood unless your ancestors dropped from the sky. My lwa at least, Bawon included have never shown a race hatred towards me. It is true it comes up, of course. But if you show respect and love to him as your elder, he will work with you.

Neither way trumps the other. I have the most success blending both. I treat Baron as a lwa, but with relaxed rules for working with him By relaxed I mean I try to follow Haitian rules, with some New Orleans flavor. So instead of his beloved casavva bread, he gets dry toast or flat bread. Instead of a mosquito drum, he gets a spirit rattle from my PowWow work.

Oh, chaos magicans love Baron! So yup, I bet he can bring disorder along with everything else. Think trickster energy. That does not make him evil. Just dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. So please resist the urge to do harm. Oh, he'd help you all right. Or do unto you what you'd have him do unto others if he judges against you. Remember like all lwa, Bawon is niether good or evil. The same Bawon that apparently aided Duvalier in his Petro form, will heal a dying child in a cooler one.

His skills depending on the Baron include luck in gambling, fortune telling with dice and tarot cards, contact with the dead, healing, sexual potency, endurance and more. He can even cover farming fertility as Baron Lundi and ignore poor Cousin Zaka.

As the site Tribe of the Sun points out, he is a Scorpio. I've noitced some almost Gemini traits as well. He therefore likes his red and a burnt orange, something people have notcied independently. The site lists his animals as Vultures, centipedes, wolves, black widow spiders and ants. To which I add black horses, tarantulas, wolf spiders, scorpions, black bulls and tom cats.

He likes reminding me he is very male and very powerful. The picture by the way, is from the New Orleans Vodou Tarot deck. As you can see, Bawon hath not struck Mambo Sallie Ann Glassman down in his wrath yet. If he doesn't mind being seen as a fun-loving woman chaser in the tarot deck, I'm guessing he is fine with appearing that way too.

Trust me, in comparison to the ghede, he is an angel.


His Altar

You are going to need a place to work with him. Depending on how many Gods or Goddesses you serve, or your personal life, you may have little or no room. At the very least remember to have his candles in white, black or purple.

He prefers an altar cloth of white and black, or a white cloth or lace over a black altar cloth. He will happily accept purple as well. Most traditionalists avoid using an all black altar cloth. This can channel you to a Baron will little patience for beginners. Well, it can also channel you to a very gay Baron who'd adore some personal time with you. I've also noted folks using red, rainbows, red and black, purple and white, and yellow with him. Baron can get peevish and demand new colors. Remember not all Barons behave the same.

Try to avoid red and black together. The Petro, or hot Bawons wear these. He is in a mood to harm you if he shows up in red and black. Remember Duvalier? His Bawon adored red and black and was as much a heartless desport as Papa Doc. Remember he is death, and he does not care for humanity in his hottest aspects.

He will also need a cross, not a crucifix. Unless of course it is from an order with the skull and crossbones on it. The cross is his symbol. If you find it repellant, try to deal him away from it and into a pentacle. He seems enchanted with them in my experience.

A skull symbol with a hat and glasses would be appreciated and will act as your altar statue. You can substitute a picture of him for this. These are the basics. He also likes many other items depending on his path.

Traditionally sunglasses with one lens missing, playing or tarot cards, the death or judgment tarot cards, dice, an offering bottle, all his offerings, a baton or walking stick, and a top hat. There are many others and you don't need them all. But he does have a way of amassing things.

He also likes bright and shiny. All loa are attracted to light. So tinsel, Christmas or yule trees, bright shiny objects, or even strings of lights would all be good ideas. My Baron insisted on having a nasty old Nissan emblem we saw by the side of the road. It is shiny and he likes it.

He will ask for unusual things. My Baron wanted and got nine pine cones. He has fresh flowers, books, and other gifts too. Anything on the altar is his. I have to ask very politely if I want to read those books. He has some DVDs as he likes anything about himself or those that dress and act like him. He finds zombie movies extremely funny.

He also has a copy of the films The Serpent and the Rainbow, The Princess and the Frog, and Rag Doll. He is in each of them, and each represents a side of him. He likes to be seen as many different things. He also is not beyond appearing as a film version you find repulsive to flirt with you. He has a strange sense of humor that way. Knowing I think Dr. Facilier is ugly and looks like a horse, guess who he likes to show up as?

My Baron's altar is an old computer stand. He loves it since it is large, and has of course, out grown it. He has a radio for his music, lights, candles, offerings, jewelry, his rum and cigars, and more on it.

How much more? Try his baton, hat, glasses, wine, cinnamon sticks, coffee cups, ritual gear, bottles, food and water offering. My Baron is extremely spoiled and he knows it. He also has a massive potomitan or portal touching it. This is traditional and reaches from the ceiling to the floor.

It gives the loa a safe access from their world to ours. Or from the heavens to the earth if you like. When I pointed out it is rough and sticky he just grinned his devil's grin and said something that would ruin my G-rating.


Baron as healer

Baron can and will heal people. Being Death, if he refuses to 'dig the grave' the person will not die. You can simply light a candle for him in one of his favorite colors: red, black, white, purple or match the color to your tradition's color rules. For example, Baron knows darn well I practice PowWow healing. He insisted, and yes, I mean insisted we do the healings together.

He would stand there watching carefully, helping to strengthen the energy and direct it. When he was pleased and at the right time, he would add his own energy. Baron also accepted non-initiate rituals several times, but enjoyed my PowWow work and meeting on the astral realm or simply during waking hours.

Baron would also stop me at times when I was too weak and do the work himself. He would not let me go on, and a cooing or growling Baron would gently curb me from continuing. If I listened the first time he was a lot nicer about it, but refusing to give up did result in him holding me gently down at one point and, as telling me not to continue. One look into those burning eyes and I gave up.

He is proud of his skills and loving and generous to a fault if he is fond of you. He helped me to extend a family members life by ten years, and for that I am in humble awe of him. Please, if he wants to do your traditions, listen. Remember there are ancestors for every trad, so he already knows it better than you do and approves.

Of course before you light that candle, call on Papa Legba to protect you and open the door for Baron to come through. It is usual to light a white candle for Deity and Legba, then Baron's candle.

If you are treating Baron as a guest spirit, simply light his candle after casting your circle. Have a small offering for him, more on that later. Keep in mind the closer you get to him, the more powerful his influence will be. So you might find yourself preforming non-initiate's services for his pleasure when dealing with him. Remember, all Bawons love tradition. He is the past, after all.

Simply tell him the healing you want. Remember not even Baron can change nature. There are times when even he is not allowed to change things. This is also why he can't fix every bad thing on the planet. Oh, do not be surprised if he shows up in all white or at least a white hat. This is how he works with me at times, and other folks have noticed the same thing.

He will enchant jewelry for your healing and protection. Simply leave it on his altar with a gift. Always return this jewelry to his altar, it is really his, he just let's you borrow it. His enchantments are strong so people may be attracted to the jewelry he has blessed. He loves anything black, purple, or with a skull motif. He will work with your colors and tastes however. High Hat seems fond of faux or real emeralds and the colors green and yellow. Go figure.

I have amulets, rings, and other trinkets he has blessed. Baron will from time to time demand his own special jewelry and it is not always masculine. He has a small box on my smaller altar with the pieces he has enchanted, blessed, or been given. Considering he simply takes what he wants to his side if it catches his eye, this works well for both of us.


Offerings to Baron

Keeping him happy.

I feel you are safer to begin just by talking to Baron, and getting to know him. You just might not like him, and once fed he is impossible to get rid of. He might leave in boredom, but he might decide to shake up your life to suit him too.

But if you want something here are his popular gifts, some traditional, some not: Peanuts, candy, water, rum, wine, blood, cigars, cigarettes, any spicy food Piman (rum with peppers), candy, toys, rice, beans, sweets. Always offer two coffees, one black, one black with sugar.

His wide range of offerings show the wide range of Barons paths. He can appear as a child, a warrior, a healer, a magician, a lover, and much more. Try to match the offering to the Baron you want. Blood should only be used by initiates as he will be far too excited and dangerous once fed blood. A house would teach you how to safely and with honor, offer it to him.

Feeding any spirit, God, or whomever blood can always backfire. Yes, a lot of night or Goth witches and pagans favor it. But you must think long and hard before hitting that road, ok? And for goodness sake, if you do make a blood offering despite my advice, DON"T use your own blood. Lwa are uised to being given fresh blood from a recently killed animal, they often drink right from the animal. And some Bawons like eating parts of the animal raw as well.

Try candy and flowers instead. He adores getting flowers all for himself. Hyacinths and daffodils go over well, anything in purple. Any flowers like the Iris or other ones associated with the dead would work as well. He also likes outdoor altars but may be too shy to ask. He wants to share that special outdoor place if he can. Yes he can walk around in sunshine. He may be sensitive to light, but as mine points out, that is what hats and sunglasses are for. A nice shady place for his sensitive eyes is nice. Candy makes him sweet and calms him down. Spicy hot food excites him to get to work.

He'd also like me to point out his fondness for the tam- bour maringouin. Considered a child's toy, it is his favorite drum in all of Haiti. He will also take any cute drum, so long as he is fussed over.

Cooking for Baron

Hey, I'm not going to just mention food and leave you floating. Here I'll give you classics, some requests, and ideas others have found to work. Just remember he will eat literally anything. Oh, I also feed him at every meal. If I can honor God and Goddess this way, it is fine for him too.

I simply offer him the spiritual essence and give him time to eat before me. This does not have to be long enough to make people stare. He is good at swooping in uninvited anyhow to beg or take, so why not invite him?

He does this happily as I can't afford to feed him separate meals. He doesn't mind in the least, as he shares his food with the Vodoun community anyhow. Just make sure he gets his own special things when you do a ritual for him. A happy Baron is a well fed one.

A note to vegans, he understands and loves you more than you will ever know. Like I said he will eat anything. He is very fond of meatless Boca sausage if that helps. I'll include a bit more under vegan.

Candy and Sweets He has a massive sweet tooth. Sweets are used in the tradition to soother him and calm him down after he has done something for you. But being contrary, he may demand them before work. Just listen and give him what he wants.

He loves chocolate like his wife Maman Bridgette. Her will also eat any candy you like, anything like cakes, doughnuts, honestly, the sky is the limit with him. Sweets tend to make him very loving and affectionate. Consider them the perfect "I'm sorry." gift for him as well.

Cinnamon This might be traditional, or might be my own Baron. But he is very fond of anything with cinnamon in it. He has his own jar of cinnamon sticks from the dollar store and we use one to stir his coffee. I've tried to take his old store out and away, but he likes them nearby to look at for now. Go figure.

You can sprinkle powdered cinnamon in almost any offering, and cinnamon candy or cookies never fail to please him.

Fast food and Junk food It may shame the traditionalists. But he will happily dig in to any fast food or junk food. He loves bacon cheeseburgers. A surprise as he does not seem fond of milk products in general. French fries, sodas, anything goes.

Honey Yup, he loves honey. Add it to anything, even his coffee once in a while. Yes it sounds repulsive, but he loves the stuff. Honey is a great big deal to many tribal and religious traditions worldwide, so it makes sense. For your amusement, it is well known that in certain areas men die every year climbing trees to get honey. Yes Mari tribesmen, I'm looking at you.

It is a big thing there, and can affect the number of wives and tribal status. Baron is well aware of this, but being Baron, would rather you just give him the honey. He ain't climbing no fool trees or messing with bees. Scorpio male, remember? You gets to fetch and carry.

Hot Peppers Lord how he loves his hot peppers! All kinds from all over the world suit him. Yes ones from Haiti would be super traditional. But again, he likes his jars of halepenos, home grown hot peppers, and a local one. Now I'm not sure where the gentleman developed it. But it is called Viet Nam as in the horror and pain of Agent Orange.

One bite and you will be on the ground seeing your life flash before your eyes. And I love hot! So please be very careful. If you like extremes, the world's hottest known peppers are ghost peppers. They are used in tear gas so please be careful. Oh hot foods are used to excite him and get him working quickly.

Offerings to anyone else There is nothing sadder than Baron waiting outside your circle, watching some God or Goddess get a feast. He will whimper, he will whine, he will fake starvation. His eyes will tear up in silent pleading. Or he might barge right in or try nuzzling you to death.

I've never had a God or Goddess mind and they even invite him on purpose at times. He will happily devour Bastet offerings like tuna salad sandwiches, catnip tea with honey, and sweets. Remember as powerful and suave as he is, he needs reminded he is loved and needed.

Horning in for food is his way of assuring himself he does matter and you do love him as much as anyone else. Yes he can get jealous and 'steal' if you won't include him. This is his way of dealing with hurt feelings. Some folks say only the Ghede, his children steal, but my Bawon always manages to show up for food, just like my other lwa.

He doesn't see it as stealing food, so much as taking the food you neglected to give him for himself. After all you should love him and feed him anyhow, right? Many lwa are like this. So it isn't him being childish. If not fed, loved, and worked with he will lose power. Legend has it that when neglected by all people the lwa will simply fade away.

Did you neglect him? He will do such things as taking the coffee and leaving the jar. He will take the sugar too. He will take the food he needs to stay healthy, and yes, oh yes, this he does indeed take to the other side.

Vegan He is delighted by vegan food. He will happily devour things like humus, meatless offerings, and so forth. He adores jasmine rice, Thai. and Chinese vegan dishes, and so much more. He will happily adapt to anything so get creative.

Baron might balk at raw veggies, you'll have to be creative f you eat all raw. Maybe you can try juices or tasty blends. Bread and vegan sweets will always work as well.

Sometimes you will notice Baron has eaten or drank something. This is normal from time to time. He has pawed through his peanuts, stirred his coffee, drank offerings and eaten bites of food for me. Somehow he manages to do this when you are not looking.

But I have seen things move and definitely noticed coffee disappearing. He has even drank water, which I've only heard of in one other case. He will sometimes take one bite and unhappily leave an offering. This is rare, but sometimes even candy can be terrible.

Just ask what was wrong and adjust. The one bite can be him being playful.

Oddments: banana chips with honey and chocolate sauce, peanuts, peanuts with chili powder, pop rocks, body candy, banana chips, coconut, sweetened pineapple, black beans and rice. Rice and baked beans with hot dogs thrown in. Dry toast, smoked mackerel. Sardines in hot sauce, Spam. Anything you are eating, seriously.


Coffee I mentioned this before, but he does adore his coffee. In fact it is a standard offering. If you feel coffee is the evil drink of the world try and barter out of it. He will take what he can get but for the rest of us, he takes his standard black coffees. One with sugar one without.

I've found it works hot or cold. Fancy french press or instant. He will take it stirred with a plastic spoon (avoid metal), a cinnamon stick, or your finger in a pinch. He does not show any fondness for milk in it. But then again he will happily drink sugary lattes when it suits him.

Coke Don't laugh. He loves sugar and the black of the soda with the red of the label make him happy. He is of the drink-enough-until-your-heart-races tribe so don't let him infuence you in a diner. He loves to drink, and you are his number one buddy at times.

Power drinks Honey, it is power, he likes that idea just fine. Remind him this just enhances his super stud status. Give him one with a skull or skeleton to send him to the moon. He adores himself, so anything that looks like him makes him happy. There is or was a drink with his name on it in Australia.

But he likes such things as Jester with the skull jester on it, Rock Star with the winged skull, Black Mamba with the red and black can or Mohave Rattler with the purple and black can. He will happily take power shots as well. Oh yes, this makes him very hyper.

But it also can get him to work quickly if he seems too sleepy to move.

Rum This is traditional. But let's face it. If you have had a drinking issue and rum was your drink of choice you don't need it in the house. I've substituted wine and even water for this with no problem. His favorite rum has 21 peppers steeped in it. You'll have to do that yourself then strain.

Hotness is not a problem. Being dead he really can't taste the peppers or he can endure the pain. The drink is used more to prove a horse in voodoo is truly possessed by Baron or a ghede than anything else. And no I don't want you trying that at home.

My Baron enjoys his plain rum just fine. I do not pour it out but leave the bottle on his altar along with some wine. Seriously take him shopping with you. He will pick out his own. I wanted Captain Morgan for the picture but he insisted on Myers's dark rum instead.

I don't drink but I appreciate the traditions so there it sits. I also got the Baronessa as I call her a lovely liqueur. She likes her sweets. This isn't needed, but as I spend so much time with him I like to compensate her from time to time.

Water He does not often drink the water, but it is a standard offering to make him happy. He will let you know if he wants more or wants it changed. I've seen him pointedly open doors so I will fetch the fresh stuff.

I know sometimes he is so darn charming you just want to make him something special. Now remember not all Baron's take to things like this, but mine is very fond of it.

Chocolate Coffee

You'll need:


chocolate syrup

whipped cream


He loves sweets and chocolate, remember? Prepare the coffee as desired with the milk. My Baron favors Boston coffee, which features a lot of milk. Add plenty of chocolate syrup and stir well. Add plenty of whipped cream and serve with a spoon on the side.

He will happily go after the whipped cream and coffee. When he is done he might want you to drink it or leave it for him. He might even want it offered outside. He will not want it wasted as being offered this is a treat for him.

Well, do you?

You may like

The most known, and a few I've met. I never force a Baron. I let him approach me instead and watch him warily. Some are hot-tempered and that causes me to give them a respectful distance. But if one wants you, even a fiery one, be brave and alert. Mind your manners but show no fear. As a hot-tempered or warrior Baron he has no time for cowards.

Remember honey, I'm a witch. The Barons figured out real fast they do not have to behave in a traditional manner with me. Remember too, I see all Barons as aspects of the one true Baron. So he gets away with a lot. I often use English names for two reasons. My Baron may not be THE Baron whatever. And two, I don't assume I may use the traditional names with all Barons. I do this out of respect and to make it clear the type of energy I wish to get from that Baron.

Cousin Zaka: Did you know cousin Zaka, the farming loa, is Baron's brother? Yes he is a true Baron, but his overall sweetness kind of disgusted the family and he got the boot. Plus he adores the marriage Iwa, how improper! He is considered by many to be the younger brother of Baron Samedi, who tends to torment him. Keep them separate if you want Zaka to get to eat his offerings. Zaka appears as a barefoot farmer. He loves women but is shy around them at first.

Baron Caca: Yeah, his name means what you think it means. He will use that to spread disease and kill his enemies. But conversely he can use it for healing or fertilization. He prefers caves, and jumps quite well over the chasms he enjoys underground. He can appear as a native of India if it suits him. He can heal or curse the bowels.

Baron Centipede: All centipedes are his children. He can move them to get your attention. Like his children he prefers cool, damp places. He is a hunter like them, and also like them will eat vegetables. His children, centipedes, often eat garden pests, so a few vegetables set aside in thanks would be appreciated.

Baron Executioner: He rules over all executions of humans. He is concerned with whether it goes well or he wishes the person to linger. Neither dark nor light, he dispenses the will of the family. He is also involved with warfare, like many Barons. His sign is the double-bladed axe. In this sense he is connect to the Goddess and the moon.

Baron Ghede: He is Baron, he is Ghede. They are two, yet one. He shows us that Baron and Ghede are separate yet the same being. He unties the paths and knowledge.

Baron High Hat: He is a lot like Top Hat and may be a younger assistant to him. He is sweet, adores children, and will often sleep at the side of a charge their entire lifetime. He can fret easily, and worries about his charge's morals. He does not like the dark path and refuses to let his charges swear. You will be his child and he hates foul-mouthed children. He wants innocence, happiness, good health, and light for all mankind. Playful.

Baron Kriminel: Wears all red. Carries two machetes. The Jason Vorhees of the family. Once started he does not stop. He can agree to protect women or children as all Barons will. But he tends to take heads and souls of those who oppose him.

Baron Lundy and Baron Limba: These two tend to come as a set as they are lovers. Some say they teach a homo-erotic form of nude mud-wrestling. This is supposed to increase endurance and virility for men. Baron Lundy in my experience is very sweet and kind. He is far less aggressive and likes to help women. Call on him if Limba seems angry. Limba though is a fighter and more hostile. He is the one who will deal with things that require swift, violent action. Both are strong warriors so don't mess with either one. Thiink of them as twins. The sun and the moon.

Baron La Cwa (LA Croix): On one hand, he can be a total idiot who loves to party. He loves to break the law and cause trouble. Great at figuring a way around obstacles. He hangs around graveyards. Very dirty clothes, can carry a shovel. But he is also known as the black man of the graveyard, and can be quite terrifying when defending the dead.

Baron Maggot: He's an example of one of those Barons that just pop up. He is the color of a maggot, and they are all his sacred animals. Flies too. He is a healer, and he devours illness. He will show up and devour the illness for his own pleasure if it suits him. He can do this through magic or the use of his children in the astral realm. He insists people know he is the healer who devours illness. He is slightly creepy, but it is a mask he wears. He'd secrectly like to be loved and looks forward to meeting new people.

Baron Never Drunk: Extremely paranoid, but never drunk. He tends to cause a lot of problems with his paranoia, but can come back to rectify this if he wants to. He can yell and pound on things for attention.

Baron Pennant: He carries the banner of Christ and will lead the army on the final day. No I am not kidding. He is one of a myriad of Catholic Barons. He is concerned with keeping the proper parameters, balance, and landing on the side of the good Barons. He rides on horseback like the classic Death tarot and will bar you from dark paths. His true loyalty is unto Christ Himself.

Baron Samedi: Can appear as any other Baron. But usually appears in a gravedigger's or corpse's clothes. He likes to keep clean, chases women, and eats vast amounts of food. Also a heavy drinker. He loves cigars and making what are to him charming gestures with them. Also carries a cane which he calls his zozo. It he waves it at you he is blessing you. Dances the banda, a very procreation oriented dance. Oh yeah he curses like a mo fo too.

Baron Scorpion: He often wears a scorpion pin, the color of any scorpion, or just appears as a regular man or Baron. He tends not to wear sunglasses, at least with me. He can be fierce, but also shy like all his animals. He is a good warrior and tenacious when he wants something. He likes all scorpions, and toy scorpions delight him.

Baron Sorrow: He grieves for the world. He is connected to Christ on the cross and shares His Divine sorrow at God abandoning Him for the sins of the world. He will call to God in sorrow ("My God, why hast thou forsaken me?") but accepts his fate. ("Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit."). Read Luke chapters 19-23. He cries and mourns and carries a sad energy. He also mourns for the world and all the sick and dying. He can be cheered by loving and holding him. Praise Baron Sorrow's work and he will be your devoted ally and teacher.

Baron Spider: Guess what he controls? He favors in my experience letting spiders walk, run and leap on you. I don't mind this but be careful. He will use spiders to get attention, ask for something, or scare you into submission of you are the alpha male type. Rescuing spiders will earn his favor. Killing them? Not so much. He does not cure or prevent spider bites so be careful.

Baron Top Hat: He's odd and suave. But this gentleman Baron will use his charms on you. He doesn't ask for much and seems amused to help. Just mind your manners. I've seen him as virginal, but he has happily appeared with a girlfriend on his arm and leering happily to others. If you ask him he will just smooth his lapels and change the subject.

Baron Zombi: He rules over zombification and may simply be another form of Dark Baron. (See below.) But in my experience he can also be a kind and gentle protector. He will decide if the zombi will be made, and sees to it people on his good side rot in the ground and can never be brought forth as zombis. In Gnostic Magic he is one of the sexual Barons.

Dark Baron: Pure darkness, wrathful energy. Makes Satan look like a lapdog. Loves to kill everything, help with curses and make zombies. He releases the evil dead for evil magicians. Beware as he will always kill his followers sooner or later. Mercy is not in his nature. He enjoys making people suffer for calling on him. Enough said?

Little Baron: There are countless child Barons. They tend to be super cute and are pros at conning you into reading them stories and giving them candy. They love to play, and like any child feel jumping up and down on your bed when you are half awake is great fun. You must keep in mind never to scold one, as all those Baron powers are in full effect. Plus the adults in the family are super protective of the children. If you've been entrusted with little Barons it is an honor.

Papa Baron: Lord and master of all other Barons, Can be vicious tempered, and not above hitting an errant child of his family with that cane. Able to be very kind too and will rescue you from the more irritating Barons. He tends not to drink, curse, or be sexual. Cold at times. He is also related to judgement.

Ghede: Traditionally, he is the grave. If Ghede refuses to dig your grave, you cannot die. Some say he and Bawon are brothers, some say they are the same spirit. Ghede is often seen as crass, but as mentioned earlier, sometimes he is seen as the stronger more reserved one. Some of the behaviors in this article attributed to Bawon are based on observing Ghede as they seem like the same spirit to me.

Some Recipes

These may sound gross, but he will dictate food choices to you. Surprisingly he likes to, no, loves to share. So he will have me cook. After he has time to enjoy he insists I eat to improve my health. He will insist I eat all of it, so these potions are human sized. Note: some traditionalists would jump off cliffs before touching Baron's food. But it certainly heals me to eat it and I'm not arguing with death.

Chicken and Sausage soup

You'll need:

1 can of any hearty chicken noodle soup

5 sausages

soul food seasoning

chili powder

Cook sausage, chop or mince and add to soup. Add soul food seasoning and chili powder, bring to boil. The longer you cook this the better the flavors blend. The chicken soup will go from clear to a creamier almost gravy color.

Sugar and Pepper Bacon

You'll need:




I prepared mine in the oven. It cooked nine minutes, his number, according to the package. You may want to just give him nine pieces, or nine broken pieces. But simply sugar and pepper the bacon on both sides, then cook.

He seems to prefer underdone as I do, and forget about removing the grease. Surprisingly, as sick as I was that day, he was right. This perked me right up. Thank you papa

Baron's Bananas

You'll need

Two very ripe bananas

sweetened coconut shreds

chocolate chips





crushed graham crackers

sweetened pineapple

Peel the bananas, put in a nuke safe bowl on high for 15 seconds. Take out, mash, add plenty of honey, a drop of pure vanilla, nutmeg and ginger to taste.. Nuke 15 more seconds on high. Remove, add plenty of chocolate chips and generous handfuls of coconut to cover the top. Finish on high an additional 15 seconds. That makes 45 or a multiple of his nine.

When done add his pineapple on top.. I prefer dry as you can simply add shreds of it and the extra sugar suits him just fine. He likes his tropical foods, and when done right you will love this too.

He goes crazy for this. The crushed crackers are a binder if you want to make this less syrupy. Add them at the end if desired. Yes, you could put enough on the bottom and make mock pie for him. If you want to make him happier, just make a bigger portion. Yes he will make happy comments about bananas being zozos and every other naughty thing he can think of. He is flirting with you. Don't be surprised if he starts singing about what a great lover he is. Any chance to make you laugh he will take.

Wild Salad

You'll need:




wild onion

garilic mustard

buttercup leaves only

I make a simple wild salad for Baron. The base is dandelion leaves, with safe local herbs thrown in. Then I add violet flowers for extra spice and his purple color. That there is free food just for the taking is a concept that delights him. NOTE: Garlic mustard is an invasive little bugger, so use all you want and help the native plants out.

I don't add a dressing but you could if you like. I have a spot we share where I leave the salad for him to enjoy. Please make sure you are using plants safe to eat. No pesticides or strange plants you can't ID. Making him sick would not help you. And trust me, he will let you know what he thinks of it.

Also, if you happen to have some veggies you can spare for a poor starving Baron, he'd be delighted with those as well. So add any extra hot peppers, tomatoes, or lettuce you have on hand. Anything really.


The Petition

For great needs

This one is serious stuff. We're going old school and using a Vodoun ritual here.

Get the altar ready. You need a puple cloth, three white candles, and a purple one for Bawon. Have a chalice of water for the spirits to move about in, any offerings, and scents ready.

Open by cleansing your space and casting a circle. For non-initiates this is fine and replaces what a house would do. Light your white candle for God/dess, and say a prayer for Deity. Light a white candle for Legba, ask him to please open the gate. Ask three times, he likes threes. I say "Papa Legba, please open the gate for me. Antibon Legba, open the gate so I may pass. Legba, open the gate for me and I will thank the lwa when I return." I bow my head to him and any other lwa as a sign of respect. I was raised to not look at an elder unless told to do so. Light any scent and your Bawon candle at this time.

To call Bawon you may play a CD of Haitian music, African drum music, or anything that speaks to you of him. He loves it if you sing his special songs, or at least say the words. Making up songs about him for non-initiates is just fine. Play any instrument if you like, and dance. You can try his super sexy banda, or any other sexy dance. Just keep your clothes on. He is your elder after all.

When you feel him near, make an offering of his coffee, food, and anything else you have for him. State your need and be prepared to set a price. Thank him for coming, then tell him he hay leave when it pleases him. Thank Legba, and tell him he may close the gate at his pleasure. Thank Baron again, open your circle and relax.

If Baron tells you, take his offerings outside, leave them, or eat a portion he as blessed. What you'll add on. Tend the altar daily. Clean water daily and a service or petition weekly. Visit the altar daily. Thank Baron for hearing you and again ask his help.

Here's where the witchcraft comes in. In addition to all that hard work, let Baron into all your casting circles and works.

Also, meditate and ask Baron for a spell for your need in meditation.

Always remember to thank him for his kindness. Baron can be a true friend and loving father to his children.

Below is Baron's veve. This is the sign that calls him. You can meditate right here on it if you wish.

Baron Spells

Use your witchy wiles

Here's a general all purpose spell:

you'll need:

one black candle or purple candle

two cups coffee

food offering or small gift

image of Baron

Cast your circle and invoke Baron. Tell him your needs and make your offering. He may ask for more, but you can bargain. Thank him and close the circle. Let the candle burn out. This adds fire to his power.

Baron Bath:

You'll need:

one purple candle

nine bath soap petals

You can swap in nine of anything. Nine drops of oil, what have you. Light the candle. Center and relax. Ask the Baron to bless the bath and hear your specific need. This is good to do before an offering to him too to help you center and attune to his energy.

Gentle Bond

Use this to lure Baron to a special spot for the two of you. I wouldn't normally do anything resembling binding with him, but if you are very gentle and sincere this should work. This just came to me out of the blue, so don't expect it to make traditional sense.

You'll need:

one violet

nine twigs

offering stone

Gently wrap the nine twigs with the violet. Place this charm where you want him to spend time with you. The violet symbolizes love and is his traditional color of purple or white. Nine is his number, and the bundle of twigs can mean several things. Wood for his 'home' wood for his fire, warmth, solid starts to your relationship.

The result was a very gentle Baron who seemed charmed to be placed within a garden. His stone was just flat, nothing fancy. I put his wild salad on it earlier that day and used the charm to gently and lovingly bind him there. Note you can't really bind him anywhere. But if you can convince him you love and want to work with him he will accept the charm. NOTE: He points out this binds you to him as well.

So keep that energy gentle and loving during the entire time.


To quote the Tribe of the Sun website: "You can find the Baron in deep caves, hospices, hospitals, adult bookstores and strip bars."

But he can be found many places. He does consider the graveyard his home. That is the traditional place to give him offerings. But he also inhabits the crossroads as he controls the crossroads of death.

Anywhere his symbol is found, so church grounds as well. He seems amused to just chill out on the steps of one local church, smoking and enjoying the scenery. He can be found wherever death has occurred. But areas of intense suffering and death would not link you to a happy Baron. Try leaving offerings there if you pity him his work.

Barons can be found in caves as the ground is theirs. I've noticed some that live exclusively in caves or underground. They can therefore be sensitive to light and sound. He also loves children so anywhere there are kids he will be. That means schools, toy stores, anywhere.

He seems charmed by babies, so try neo-natal clinics. He will be around the dead and dying as it is his job. So morgues and throughout hospices and hospitals. He will be there as a healer as well. Sometimes he just, well, mourns in sympathy for the dying. He'd rather not see people suffer.

Yes try strip bars, the Mardi Gras, any party. He is attracted to fun and excitement. Yeah he would be in brothels and on the location of any adult film. Depending on the form or his mood he will either be bored, amused, or aroused there.

Baron, protector of children

He loves them.

There is no better gaurdian for a child. All Barons adore children and will do everything they can to protect them. Keep in mind this protection lasts a lifetime, so even when you are 120 he will still be there for you. Baron is a healer and using that will heal a child. He hates to see children die as he wants them to have a long happy life.

As he runs a large family, he will not tolerate any abuse or slack in a parent or gaurdian. Baron despises those who prey on children or hurt them in any way. He will do anything, including unleashing dark Baron on these scumbags. Barons tends to feel death is too good for these people and will torment them for a lifetime.

Then when the evil person dies, guess who will be waiting on the other side for them?

Simply mentioning a child's name is enough to put Baron on the case. He does not care if the child believes in him, he will protect them all the same. He does tend to love playing with his wards, and makes an excellent gaurdian against monsters under the bed.

He will feel free to inform you if he thinks something is wrong with the child. Remember as a healer and magician he can sense things from a long way off. Also he will often come down on the child's side of a debate if the end result doesn't harm the child. So your little one could honestly say "That man in the funny clothes told me I could have a cookie."

Trust me, if the child mentions waking up cradled in his arms, nothing is wrong. Baron so loves and adores humanity he will hold anyone close for a cuddle. Took me on his lap and cuddled me all the time. Look how normal I grew up. Like the art?

Baron Samedi - Haitian Voodoo

The Baron loves that he has become a tourist attraction or at least mine does. Some adore cameras and will fuss and preen some dislike them and cause havoc. You honestly have to ask them before bringing them or an affronted lwa will simply shut them down. I know decades ago it almost never worked to try and film a ceremony. I think though the Barons see this as a good thing. The last is a staged dance of the banda, a dance belonging to the Ghede, and some say, Baron.

Also a grown man acting the fool, after. But it honors the Baron, kind of. Besides mine will act like a royal git just to see me smile.

Some conflicting Views

Even in Haiti people will disagree as to how a Bawon or Ghede should behave. Some claim one is stronger, more reserved, or more prone to violence. Traditionaly Baron can be seen as a reserved father figure, and Ghede as the foul-mouthed womanizer. But as niether spirit is known to lie you may want to trust what he says about himself.

Typicaly in New Orleans Voduon he is a ladies man. In Gnostic Vodoun a sexual magician, in Haiti a reserved and somewhat cold father who seems to be capable of mirth in some houses. Each Baron is different and will certainly let you no in no uncertain terms he is a Baron.

Some of course believe that a sexual Baron is a ghede, or unclaimed dead soul having fun with you.

Here's some info from Wikipedia.

"Depiction of Baron Samedi Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday, also Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, or Bawon Sanmdi) is one of the loa of Haitian Vodou. Samedi is a loa of the dead, along with Baron's numerous other incarnations Baron Cimetière, Baron La Croix, and Baron Kriminel. He is the head of the Guédé family of Loa, or an aspect of them, or possibly their spiritual father. 'Samedi' means 'Saturday' in French. His wife is the loa Maman Brigitte.

Portrayal He is usually depicted with a top hat, black tuxedo, dark glasses, and cotton plugs in the nostrils, as if to resemble a corpse dressed and prepared for burial in the Haitian style. He has a white, frequently skull-like face (or actually has a skull for a face) and speaks in a nasal voice. He is a sexual loa, frequently represented by phallic symbols and is noted for disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and having a particular fondness for tobacco and rum. Additionally, he is the loa of sex and resurrection, and in the latter capacity he is often called upon for healing by those near or approaching death, as it is only Baron who can accept an individual into the realm of the dead. [1] .[2]

Baron Samedi spends most of his time in the invisible realm of voodoo spirits. He is notorious for his outrageous behavior, swearing continuously and making filthy jokes to the other spirits. He is married to another powerful spirit known as Mama Brigitte, but often chases after mortal women. He loves smoking and drinking and is rarely seen without a cigar in his mouth or a glass of rum in his bony fingers. Baron Samedi can usually be found at the crossroad between the worlds of the living and the dead. When someone dies he digs their grave and greets their soul after they have been buried, leading them to the underworld.

Connection to other Loa Baron Samedi is the leader of the Guédé, loa with particular links to magic, ancestor worship and death.[3] These lesser spirits, all dressed like the Baron and all are as rude and crude as their master. They help carry the dead to the underworld.[4]


As well as being master of the dead, Baron Samedi is also a giver of life. He can cure any mortal of any disease or wound, if he thinks it is worthwhile. His powers are especially great when it comes to voodoo curses and black magic. Even if somebody has been afflicted by a hex which brings them to the verge of death, they will not die if the Baron refuses to dig their grave. So long as this mighty spirit keeps them out of the ground they are safe. He also ensures all corpses rot in the ground to stop any soul being brought back as a brainless zombie. What he demands in return depends on his mood. Sometimes he is content with his followers wearing black, white or purple clothes or using sacred objects; he may simply ask for a small gift of cigars, rum, black coffee, grilled peanuts or bread. But sometimes the Baron requires a voodoo ceremony to help him cross over into this world."

About My Baron

My Baron tends to fit the Maya Deren description, in that he is Ghede as well. Trust me I've seen a lot of members of his strange family tree, and he does at times favor me with his classical Ghede appearance of one lens popped out of those sunglasses. As a matter of fact when I asked him if he wasn't also Ghede, he cocked his head and looked at me. "Of course I am," He said, his tone implying everyone knows that. Then he wondered if I was quite well as I should have known that.

But he most often appears as a well dressed skeleton. Whether this is his Masonic garb, or not he will not say. Although he never lies, he will not volunteer any information that will get him into trouble, which often enough, causes more trouble.

He always fears being replaced, and grumbles constantly about me also having his stupid brother Azaka in residence. Even though he is the one who brought him in. He will look at his brother, then me, then announce that all Azaka could ever give me is stupid babies. Which of course embarrasses me and Azaka, exactly what he wanted.

Although he likes to torment his brother, he'd be the first to defend him. As Ghede he is seen as an indulgent older brother to Azaka. Although my Baron insists, in his highest nasal tone that they are still brothers if he is Baron. Then he screeches that nobody listens to him, and it is a pity he is Death, because he cannot kill himself in his despair. Why yes, he does have a flair for the melodramatic.

Although he will act as if he is scared of the other lwa at times (he loves to torment them, then flee, screeching) he can also be very serious, and would defend me against anyone. He will either sing, or tell me jokes in a situation where I could use comfort, to the effect that I smile something when most folks would be solemn or frightened.

Maya Deren points out that for all the fun Baron can have with people, in the end all fear him and he is the most lonely of all the lwa. Even with those of us who do love him and are grateful for his work can shy away at times, and he fears our personal losses will mean his abrupt dismissal.

I can't say I understand him very well, nor could I ever predict what he will do next. He delights in being the trickster, fooling me into things, and being a glutton at times. But then when I am about to despair, he is a proper gentleman again and refuses to admit that five minutes before he was acting like the village idiot.

I've included some traditional Vodou, but this page is for witches. You'll get to see what luck other modern witches are having with the Baron. Nope, I ain't the only one.

Agree, disagree? Be respectful and post your thoughts here.

Worked with the Bawon?

vishwanath on August 01, 2018:

good one post wow

Rhodri on December 22, 2017:

I really enjoyed reading all of that! He seems like such a character! It's nice to read something comical and fun about him for a change ! I've felt a certain pull towards Baron Samedi the last couple of days and made a few pages about him in my BOS, as im sat here wearing his veve on a necklace, im very eager to hold a ritual in his honour, calling him to the circle and give him an offering. It's my birthday next week - 25, so ill buy him a glass of rum to celebrate :)

Erin on July 25, 2017:

I love how by you've shredded Bawon Samedi in a more positive light, even if the word "positive" is slightly different than most people know it to be.

What's funny is the first time I met Bawon, three years ago, was in a dream. I was standing in an empty street in city, and this black, inebriated man with a skull painted on his face and a pure black suit is huffing a cigar. He soon looks at me and asks "Why the f*** you lookin' at?"

I was so shocked, but found myself retorting "Who do you think? Not many people go parading around with a skull painted in their face." I remember him laughing and the dream ended.

I was turned off by it, but then after years of working with him I found him to be...most interesting.

I was married to him on November of 2016, on Fet Ghede. He's an amazing lwa, and once I worked with him he revealed his true nature...sweet, nice and very funny. Here's to *hopefully* many happy, productive years of marriage.

Nightcat (author) on October 04, 2015:

Greetings, Senlin! I'd say take it slow, but it sounds like you have a Baron with you. They tend to give gentle nudges towards things they like. You might get an idea to set out coffee or buy snack cakes, or even play a video on You Tube. But once they make contact they tend to gently lead us to what they want. In my experience it tends to be Baron who comes first as his children, bless them, can be a bit wild without their Papa to keep an eye on them. But even if it is one of his children or another Baron they are all wonderful to have around.

Senlin on October 03, 2015:


I came back to this article to ask you a question, but after reading the comments/answers you may have covered what I am asking...but forgive me-- I am hoping for clarification anyway. :-) My situation is this: just a very few days ago, I was reading an Etsy listing that included a description of a baron spirit. I began to wonder idly to myself what a baron spirit might be like to have around, when suddenly I clearly heard a name and then a vision appeared in my mind's eye. I also felt a presence ( I am not new to spirit presences, and this one felt unlike any I'd felt before). I became excited when I looked up the name and not only was it French-derived but led to a French baronry. Ahem. So now I am wondering-- could this be one of my dear guardian spirits taking on a new form to please me, or have I actually made contact with the Baron or one of his minions? If they agree to make us happy, as you say above, how might I ever know? Or is it not important to know-- should I just treat it 'as if' I know?

Sorry for the long comment-- and thanks for letting me skulk around your hubpages. :-)

Nightcat (author) on January 29, 2015:

Hi, rattletrapblue! The longer I work with them, or rather, have them hanging around I think we get our own unique versions of whichever Baron it is. So if yours like Clyde for his name then Clyde it is. My Baron has always been vague as well, agreeing to whatever Baron I'm sure he is, but they are a wonderful family to have around, aren't they? We may never figure out exactly who they are and I think sometimes they agree just to please us. Thanks for visiting and comment! :)

rattletrapblue on January 28, 2015:

I read this, and so much of my childhood made sense. My nanny was hatian, and she never made fun of my unusual imaginary friend. i called him Clyde, because I'd told her 'sammydee' was a girl's name. this is what happens when a six year old has a baron watching over her. Baron never minded i called him 'Clyde'. but apparently he comes and goes, and knows when i need him. He's never left for good, or for longer than a few months, but the bond is there, and frankly, He's always been a man painted up as a skeleton in fine clothes, or...a skeleton in a top-hat and tails.

He's always treated me with a more friendly, childlike nature than anything adult, never demanded or pushed, even now i'm older and wiser enough to finally realize who and what he is. (he still in fact insists I'm still allowed to call him 'Clyde' or sammie-dee' apparently he thinks it's adorable and cute.) He's told me leaving him candy and peanuts is fine, since we 'shared them as snacks' when i was younger, and with my job selling liquor has been a little more pushy about getting some rum on his altar. I am however, trying to figure out what type of Baron he is, so i can better understand him, because I'm not sure where he falls since my baron still is, and has always been more of a special secret bestie who's always been there for me since i was a toddler.

Nightcat (author) on July 01, 2014:

@squidhearts: He is a sweetheart, isn't he, squidhearts? I'll admit mine can make things disappear at times if he's annoyed but they come back in due time. And he's always there to cheer me up even when things seem hopeless. I'm so happy he cleaned house for you! Thanks for visiting! :)

squidhearts on July 01, 2014:

So anyway, imma get all overly emotional here and be like, THANK YOU I NEEDED THIS.

But I really did, and my relationship with the Baron (or my Baron) has been neglected for many years, and I just had my first negative experience in a cemetery and came back to a super frosty/kinda hostile altar space--

And I've missed him, I really have, and I needed the sort of emotional reframing you provide here of Baron not just as cruel crude sex death revenge spirit, but as fun and kind and silly. That he could feel hurt or slighted instead of just ANGRY hadn't occurred to me for a long time, and I needed to be reminded. Your experiences with him remind me a lot of my own from years ago. My Baron is definitely a party Baron and a shameless flirt--and very cool, but kind of goofy, too. So I read this last night, and cleaned up my altar some and talked to him and gave him some apology gifts and generally was like, "sorry, bro, that I came into your house and didn't even say hello"--

That night I slept better than I have in a very long time. Nights were getting creepy--like, full on, other people are hearing the horrible midnight screeching noises creepy--and, just, man. He just wanted a little bit of love and then all the nasty hangers on in the house got kicked OUT immediately. I feel so much better. Even the dog is no longer jumping at the shadows.

So thanks for this, really.

Nightcat (author) on March 16, 2014:

@shanekirkland12: Just start talking to him, shanekirkland12. If you are interested you have his attention.

shanekirkland12 on March 15, 2014:

also i do not know a lot about this but i would like to learn i had one near death instance were i was healed but i have not seen the baron since so please can you help?

Nightcat (author) on February 21, 2014:

@Spoza_di_Serpente: Hi, Spoza_di_Serpente and welcome to Squidoo! If you go to my profile there will be a button to contact me there and it will send me an e-mail you'll see the button right below my profile pic. I'm happy to finally meet someone else who loves Erzulie Freda and Baron as well. He is a total sweetheart and I have no idea where the bad rep comes from. Our marriage isn't official as in a house because most houses wouldn't do any such thing, but you are right it works great for some of us. :)

Spoza_di_Serpente on February 21, 2014:

Hi, Nightcat. I just love your lenses on the lwa. I actually signed up for squidoo for the purpose of getting to communicate with you. You are the first person I've come across who actually sees Erzulie Freda the way that I do, and so I started reading your other lenses on the lwa. I adore the Baron as well. He gets kind of a crummy rap from a lot of people. He's been nothing but sweet to me, and I care very much for him. Is there a way that members can communicate without it being posted on the lenses? I would really like to speak more in depth with you about maryaj lwa (hope I'm spelling that right.). It's awesome to me that you chose to marry Baron. I'm like you in many facets, and one of those facets is that I see/hear/interact with "the other side". I have fallen in love so many times with angels, I can't even tell you. I would write love letters to them, just to get it out of my system. I have known of maryaj lwa for many years, but am the point of seriously considering it. When I was reading your post, it just really hit me that "I" can actually do that if I want to. Who cares what other people think. I read both of your pages about Baron, and am so thrilled that you posted about your marriage to him and the astral relationships in general. I think for some people, it just makes more sense and works better. There are far more people that it would be difficult for, or even just out of the question. But not for all of us. I'm glad to have found you and hope to hear from you soon.

Blessed be-

Nightcat (author) on February 18, 2014:

@aannaeyalia: He may be, aannaeyalia! I'm happy you found it useful. :)

aannaeyalia on February 17, 2014:

Thanks for writing this up. I have a friend that channels Baron Samedi so I have meet him. I know he hangs around me because he is always on my mind. I was looking for alter info and I found it right here. Thanks again. Looks like he is bugging me to work with him. ;P

Nightcat (author) on November 12, 2013:

@betara-indra: Hello and welcome, betara-indra! Hugs! :)

betara-indra on November 12, 2013:

hi i am Greetings from Indonesia, may I join you

Nightcat (author) on June 25, 2013:

@Antagoniya: Hi, Antagoniya! I've found most of the Barons to be total sweethearts. Kriminel can seem gruff until he gets to know you, but then he is friendly enough. Like all Barons he is rather fond of women and treats them with respect, my Barons never match anybody's descriptions, so I hear you! Thanks for visiting, hugs! :)

Antagoniya on June 22, 2013:

Thank you for the lens! It is interesting, I crossed Baron Kriminel once and he behaved... Not suiting anybody's describtions. Or maybe it was some other baron, who was playing with me idk.

Nightcat (author) on January 26, 2013:

@VspaBotanicals: That's wonderful, VspaBotanicals! Voodoo is such a rich and wonderful tradition. Thanks for the visit, hugs! :)

VspaBotanicals on January 26, 2013:

I live very close to New Orleans, and have actually met an elderly woman that practices voodoo. I loved learning about the Baron. Thanks!!!

Nightcat (author) on January 25, 2013:

@anonymous: Thanks so much erzuli Dantor. Baron is a wonderful spirit, much more laid back and friendly then his fearsome rep suggests. With women he is extremely gentle. Of course all Barons are different, but the ones I've met are very sweet, even the Petro and flambeux ones. Thanks for visiting, hugs! :)

anonymous on January 24, 2013:

i'm haitian and i found your information very useful. thank you for your hard work

Nightcat (author) on January 01, 2013:

@SteveKaye: Yes, honestly, I've worked on it for years. But he deserves all the love he gets. Thanks so much for the visit and your kind words. Hugs! :)

SteveKaye on January 01, 2013:

Wow! This is like a book. You must have spent months making this lens. Wish you the best.

Nightcat (author) on May 07, 2012:

Thanks chris1402. No he's not dark at all. He's always been very kind and respectful with me. Thanks for visiting! :)

chris1402 on May 07, 2012:

Well, that was interesting, I had the Idea that the Baron was of the "dark side", but now i know better. I learned something today. thanks.

Nightcat (author) on April 08, 2012:

Thanks Aquarian Insight! He will be pleased to no end to see he got another visitor and insightful comments, Thanks for visiting!

aquarian_insight on April 08, 2012:

So much amazing information here! I loved this lens - thank you so much for explaining about Baron Samedi.

Nightcat (author) on February 29, 2012:

LOL! I even used a Skullduggery fanvid for him on his tribute lens. Baron's, not SP's. I had no idea the books or anything were out there until I was looking for vids on You Tube. Baron, inflated ego he has, loves the videos at least.

I have no idea where mine gets fire ability unless he is a La Flambeaux. They all have it, but they have the tempers to go with it, too. LOL! Thatks for visiting! :)

nephthys lm on February 29, 2012:

...He sounds a bit like Skulduggery Pleasant.

Nightcat (author) on February 26, 2012:

Aww, Goddess Bless you KonaGirl. Many thanks to you and all my visitors.

KonaGirl from New York on February 20, 2012:

I have returned to bless you for 2012 and add you to My Squid Angel Blessings 2012 to the "Culture & Society » Religion" neighborhood.

Nightcat (author) on February 11, 2012:

Thank you, spellbindingsisters. I know, I can't see why he doesn't get more good press. He is a total sweetheart and gentleman.

spellbindingsis on February 08, 2012:

I thoroughly enjoyed your lense! I love Baron too. You seldom hear how good and loving he is. I was thrilled to read this. Thank you :)

Nightcat (author) on October 10, 2011:

Thank you so much sweetie! I just love my Baron to bits even if he is a tad bipolar. Right now he is going through his somber phase. But without warning he will be bouncing off the walls with manic energy.

KonaGirl from New York on October 10, 2011:

Wow! This is a fantastic lens! I had never heard of the Baron and all of this voudou information is nothing short of Amazing. *Squid Angel Blessed* and I've added your link to My Squid Angel Wings to be featured in the "Culture & Society » Spirituality" neighborhood.

Nightcat (author) on October 04, 2011:

Siigh..never make plans to leave anything and post them on Baron's site. He already got a lenography out of me and is pushing for a Ghede lens. I may not tackle that one, but he is well pleased with himself at this time.

Nightcat (author) on September 29, 2011:

I'm not going to be writing lenses on Voudo anymore. Will miss my visitors to pieces, and Baron as well. See why I'm leaving at:

Missmerfaery444 on March 17, 2011:

This was utterly fascinating! I love your writing style too. Favouriting so I can come back and read more thoroughly, and dusting with a sprinkle of lucky leprechaun dust!

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