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Baron Samedi for Witches

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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.


Baron Samedi For Witches

Here we will go over some successful spells, information, and a few pointers for witches who wish to work with Baron. Never you mind all the debates about mixing energies. Baron is just as gifted as Hecate when it comes to a mastery of magic. Truly he is the highest magician there is. He has no problem adjusting his or your magic to work with you. Baron knows your path better than you do anyhow; all ancestral knowledge is his. So every witch that ever lived has contributed his or her doings to his vast store.

NOTE: I am not a Mambo. This article reflects modern witchcraft practices. There are vodoun elements, but they are more New Orleans or even Gnostic (that darn Crowley) than Haitian. No offense or disrespect is meant by a blending of traditions. Also, if you want to say Wicca-doo that is cool by me. My style works for me.

Remember stay with the l-o-v-e love and you will do just fine. Baron is the most loving, gentle and affectionate spirit I have ever worked with. He'd put his hands in fire before he'd hurt me, so you just ignore all that nonsese about him being wrathful. You'd have to be a practicing Vodouisant for him to want to rap some sense into you. He adores women, children and loves meeting new people. So what are you waiting for?

Oh that handsome skull in the top hat is on my altar to the Baron.

Who is the Lwa Baron Samedi? - Also some ghede info

Ohhh, he said the p-word. Ohhh!



Before you hurt yourself...

As with all magical workings, always:

Show respect. You don't have to kneel or be afraid, but show the respect you would give any magician. Baron loves deflating egos, so check yours at the door. He will have respect for your knowledge, so please respect his. He is among other things, the highest ranking Mason. Don't mistake his acting the fool for being one.

Think before you cast. Make sure you want the end result. Barons have an odd way of taking you up on stupid requests. Want an example? Once I teased High Hat. I told him he was too boring and needed to be more wild and strong like Baron Samedi. Then he could burst into ceremonies like his brother. Oh I got wild all right. He took this as a request because it amused him to do so.

Recently I told him I'd love to see him prevent me from leaving the house. I was pretty ill, but he wanted me to stay home and I was feeling stubborn. I know he loves me but I have issues with authority figures, OK? Anyhow, Baron delightedly made sure I could not leave the house and got my rest.

Listen to Baron. Before me, before anyone, listen to Baron. One translation of his name, Do as I say, gives you an idea of his top dog status.

Please only work for positive ends. Using Baron for negativity will get you a side of him you'd rather not meet. Think of dark magic like raising an attack dog. Keep teaching that dog nothing but hate and pain, and where will you be if he decides he wants to attack you? If Baron favors the other person he will only attack you anyway.

NOTE: Some houses see Baron as dangerous, cold, and hostile towards all non-Haitian folks. My first Mambo said no, he loves everyone and is fun-loving. A later Hougan said his house NEVER approaches Baron as he is only Death and Judgment and will kill you if bothered. No two Vodouisants can agree either. So be careful and let him take the lead.

In Haiti he can be seen as cold, and his brother Ghede is the fun one. But again, some houses say no, it is the opposite. Ghede is dour and Bawon fun. Whatever his personality, he is ruler of all the ghede, or unclaimed and neglected dead. Some of my Barons are cold as ice and remote authoritative figures. Some are warm and loving, some behave like ghede instead of Bawons.

Still Life Skull Votive

This crystal skull holds a tealight, the prefect accent for any Baron altar, or as a thank you gift for a service. It comes in purple, one of the colors he sometimes likes, clear, also used with him. Red, and green. Some people use color magic with the lwa, so you could certainly order a different color HERE

A Video Mine Enjoys

OK, his royal majesty wanted this renamed and new music put in. His ego knows no bounds. But whatever makes him happy, right?

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Baron's place in the New Age

He is...

Baron is seen both as a God and a loa, or spirit. Those who seem him as a god often base this on much older African spiritual traditions. He will respond to being treated this way, and as he is as old as the most ancient Gods it does make sense. But there are many who point out that only Bon Dieu is God, and treating any lwa (spirit) as god is disrepectful and not true Vodoun.

Those who favor Haitian Vodou will treat Baron as a loa (lwa), or spirit. Here he is more like a Catholic saint. Powerful, but able of being stopped by Bon Dieu, the Good or Great God/Father Spirit. Here the rules are much more strict as to approaching and dealing with Baron. For example, some houses say you must meet him at a house only. They feel the only thing coming to uninitiated folks is a ghede, or trickster spirit.

Add to this that many Haitian have every reason to exclude blans (any outsider) and they will say you will never meet him. This to me is understandable, but Bawons in general do as they please. So do any other spirits. We all have African blood unless your ancestors dropped from the sky. My lwa at least, Bawon included have never shown a race hatred towards me. It is true it comes up, of course. But if you show respect and love to him as your elder, he will work with you.

Neither way trumps the other. I have the most success blending both. I treat Baron as a lwa, but with relaxed rules for working with him By relaxed I mean I try to follow Haitian rules, with some New Orleans flavor. So instead of his beloved casavva bread, he gets dry toast or flat bread. Instead of a mosquito drum, he gets a spirit rattle from my PowWow work.