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Azna the Mother God

Azna, Mother God

Azna, Mother God

Azna Mother God, the Divine Feminine

Azna Mother God is the Divine Feminine and Great Interceptor. She is Father God Om's counterpart, as God is both the masculine and feminine principle. I've spent years studying, and sharing principles and knowledge of Mother God Azna. As an artist, my passion is to create images of the Divine Feminine, some of which appear in Sylvia Browne's book "Mother God".

Artwork by Christina Simonds at:

Mother God Azna

The Divine Female

The Feminine Principle of the Divine has been a consistent belief spanning many cultures throughout time. She was venerated as the equal of the Divine Masculine with the exception of the patriarchal rule during the last two thousand years. Still, She appears in ancient text such as Genesis of the Bible: "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."

Her reference is found throughout the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi such as in Wisdom of Solomon

Luke 11:31: Jesus said: "The Queen of the South" came from the ends of the earth to listen to the Wisdom of Solomon..." And 8:1-7: "She reaches mightily from one end of the earth to the other, and She orders all things well...She glories Her noble birth by living with God, and the Lord of all loves Her. For She is an initiate in the knowledge of God, and an associate in His works."

These and many other Gospels promoting the Feminine Principle were excluded from the first church doctrine that would later become the Bible. In 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine I, a group of bishops chose which Gospels to keep and which to discard.

The trilogy known in Egypt and Greece during preceding times, was 'God, Goddess, and the Holy Child'. The Christian Trinity was formulated as only masculine 'Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit'. Many, including myself, find this a probable conclusion to why Wisdom of Solomon, among other Gospels, was rejected by the patriarchal Church Fathers, choosing which scriptures would be canonized.

Regardless, the Goddess, Mother God, has still manifested to help humankind, making Her presence known. She appeared as the Lady of Lourdes, the Lady of Guadalupe, and the Lady of Fatima. She's been known by many names including Athena, Isis, and Mary the Blessed Mother. Several cultures emphasize Her different aspects through countless interpretations of Her, such as the wisdom of Sophia, the protection of Freya, and the radiance of Amaterasu.

In research provided through modern-day trance medium, Sylvia Browne, Mother God's accurate name is Azna. Her primary function in our lives is protection and intercession according to the Gnostic philosophy of ancient Essenes with whom Christ studied. Research in books such as Sylvia Browne's God, Creation & Tools for Life and Mother God, the Divine Female is The Great Interceptor. She intercedes on our behalf to create miracles in our life.

Both Mother and Father God exist as counterparts of each other. Mother God is pure emotion which moves, whereas Father God is pure intellect and remains static. He is the Great Unmoved Mover and holds everything together. He's also known as the Great Man, in that we, and everything created, exists within him. Mother God, however, has form being that She is the emotion which moves. Therefore, She has the ability to move in and out of this world. Both She and Father God are complete unconditional love. She loves and helps all of humankind, while appreciating those who love Her, with a tendency to give more energy and attention to those who give it to Her. She passionately and powerfully protects us from evil, and is described as wielding a golden sword to slice through the darkness of despair and fear.

When asking Her for a miracle in our life, or remembering Her during our darkest days, it doesn't matter if we call Her Mary, Brigit, Azna, or simply Mother. She attends us with loving compassion and perfect protection.

Philosophy Revealed

God, Creation, and Tools for Life is condensed from the first three Journey of the Soul books in a series of eight which my mother, Mary Simonds, compiled. The original series of eight Journey of the Soul books contain over 20 years of research with Sylvia Browne's Spirit Guide and are Sylvia's most advanced teachings. These books are also at the heart of the Novus Spiritus organization Sylvia founded which is one of the various groups, helping to revive the ancient beliefs of the Divine Feminine. I highly recommend this book for it's deeply logical meaning of God, both the masculine and feminine, our creation, and tools to help us in our life.

Visit Novus Spiritus here for more information regarding the original series of eight Journey of the Soul books, or buy condensed version below which holds the most relevant information.

Sylvia Browne's book Mother God takes us from the beliefs of our ancient ancestors in many cultures during the height of venerating the Mother Goddess, through to the modern era, with it's countless religions and philosophies. She reveals how the divine feminine has been suppressed by politics and religious dogma of the patriarchal rule in the modern era. Additionally, she features personal accounts of miracles people attribute to Her intercession, and offers prayers one can use to call on Her.

Mother God features three of my goddess drawings: Azna, Buku, and Amaterasu, which are all representative of Mother God who can appear in different visages to different cultures.

Visage of Azna - Vision of Mother God

Azna Mother God

Azna Mother God

As an artist, I wanted to answer one of my most frequently asked questions, people want to know. Do I "see" what I draw? Particularly the image of Mother God, Azna. Is the image I drew of Her, how She really looks?

My response is it's as close as I could come to depicting Her visage I saw during a hypnosis session through which I traveled to the Other Side. At the time, I was going through what felt like one of the darkest times in my life. I was seeking some solace, any peace at all, through hypnosis and what I found was a far greater glory and comfort than I could've ever hoped.

She was more exquisite in all Her divine beauty than is possible to recreate with pencil and paper; yet, I was filled with passion and purpose to try. I began drawing for hours outside on our cabin's deck in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. I always appreciated the beauty of my surroundings, deep within a thick redwood forest, but the quiet beauty seemed even more amplified. I believe nature is God's church because I feel God so much easier there. Yet, as I drew Her image on a large illustration board, I could feel Her more than ever before. She was in attendance, like a strong, undeniable presence around me, as She is with each one of us who honor Her in all our many different ways.

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All the love I felt for and from Her, I poured into Her image while creating it. We can transfer energy and emotion into our creation as we form it. No matter what type of expression we create, our intent is felt by those who experience it. This we know from much information out there. A well-known example would be the study in the movie "The Secret" which discusses scientific observation in focused mental energy and thoughts of love toward a bottle of water. This produced molecules seen through a microscope, which resembled a crystal snowflake, pure and pretty looking. From the same batch of water, another bottle of water was concentrated upon, but with thoughts of focused hate. When studied, the molecules looked rotted and decomposed.

I focus specific energy into every piece I create, according to the aspects I'm depicting, and always with powerful, loving intent. Still, my Mother God, Azna drawing is one of my most commented on images. Perhaps so many people express their love for that particular image because Mother God is by far the strongest, most powerful embodiment of love. Father God Om is most assuredly just as all-loving and powerful. The difference is that, as the Divine Masculine, He's pure intellect and ever-constant, holding everything together. Therefore, He is stationary and does not move.

Mother God, however, being the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, is pure emotion which moves. She shifts in and out of this world to help us as Her children. Whether physically manifesting as the Blessed Mother in Lourdes and Portugal, and as the Lady of Guadalupe, or coming to us from behind the veil of the Other Side, to stand before us unseen. Even if we don't see Her, we can feel Her love and presence. We may know it only as great peace that comes to us, but acknowledging Her, amplifies our sense of well being and makes our prayers stronger. It brings us greater comfort because we can feel more powerfully, Her love which protects. She is always there to protect and help us. Calling on Her to intercede in our hardships, brings Her to us without fail, with mighty sword in hand to pierce and deflect the darkness of fear and sorrow.

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As Mother God is our ultimate co-creator, I've created a background for my image of Her, with the doves of love and the light of Heaven emanating from Her. She is the Guardian of this planet and all living things are are attributed to Her. For this reason I've depicted flowers placed at Her feet, in particular the red rose symbolizing Her sacred heart.

It is my hope that my Azna depiction and my other Goddess images, because Mother God comes to us as we individually see Her, will resonate within the viewer's heart, stirring a memory of what they've seen before and know deep within their soul. I have several more illustrations of Her to create as there are so many races and cultures to depict. So my Goddesses are an on-going series.

God is the greatest power, most glorious, and highest love above all, and I'm excited to share everything I can about Her through art, with the world.

Mother God Azna - Blessed Mother Mary - The Great Interceptor

Blessed Mother statue

Blessed Mother statue

A question often asked is, "As a Catholic, I'm confused. How does Azna and Mary the Blessed Mother relate?"

I was raised Catholic myself and deeply love many aspects of Catholicism, in particular the adoration and representations of The Blessed Mother. Religions incorporate the Feminine Principle and the Catholic religion emphasizes Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Because Mother God can take on the visage of the culture She's addressing, like when appearing to the children at Fatima, She has been seen and perceived as Mary the Blessed Mother. The qualities attributed to Mary are those of Azna, Mother God. Azna is known as The Great Interceptor and in the Catholic faith, Mary is who one turns to, to intercede for them without fail. Even dates of festivals which celebrate the Feminine Principle in these two different belief systems, are identical. Anza's Feast Day is celebrated by Gnostic-Christians on December 8th. A feast is also held on December 8th by Catholics in honor of Mary the Blessed Mother for The Immaculate Conception.

It doesn't matter what name we call Her, nor does it need to be a traditional prayer, when asking Her for help. I have recited structured prayers most of my life, both Catholic and Gnostic-Christian (Gnostic: "Seeker of Truth). In my experience, especially in the hardest of times, I've found that my own personal prayers from the heart are the most powerful.

We are connected to God, both Mother and Father. She knows our heart and comes to us instantly when we're in need and convey our intent. Call on Her and talk to Her in the manner fitting to who She is to us. Ultimately, She is our Mother. She loves and understands us. She is not separated or distant from us like some unreachable, intangible divinity. She is right here within us, connected to us through our heart.

The following two prayers to Mother God are more traditional prayers, which I do enjoy. The first is a Catholic prayer through which is said The Blessed Mother will manifest your prayer, no matter how great the miracle. (The statements in parenthesis are those I would personally omit.) The second is a Gnostic-Christian prayer known to be powerful in beseeching Azna to manifest a miracle in our life.


REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to you I come; before you I stand, (sinful and sorrowful). O Mother of the Word Incarnate, (despise not my petitions, but) in your mercy hear and answer me. Amen.


We give homage to You, Blessed Mother Azna, because of our love for You and Your love for us. Thank you for the grace and protection You have given us, Beloved Mother. We know You have ultimate power, glory and righteousness. No matter what comes our way, we know You are there for us with Your sword in hand to protect us from darkness. You, Mother Azna, have loving emotional power to intercept and create miracles. Your understanding and love is boundless, and with You, anything is possible. I ask You Beloved Mother, to grant my petition today.....-state petition-.....We know You will not forget us or leave us. We feel Your glorious presence, knowing You are with us today, tomorrow and always, ever grateful for Your constant, eternal love. I ask this in the Name of God the Mother, the Father and the Holy Child, Amen.

Lady of Guadalupe art

Lady of Guadalupe art

Our Lady of Guadalupe


"Listen, my son (or daughter), to what I tell you now: do not be troubled nor disturbed by anything; do not fear illness nor any other distressing occurrence, nor pain. Am I not your mother? Am I not life and health? Have I not placed you on my lap and made you my responsibility? Do you need anything else?"

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Mother God Images

Representations of the Goddess through Art

The art below are my interpretations of Mother God from various cultures throughout time. We all see Her in our own individual way and I believe She comes to us in the visage we most resonate to.The legend of each Goddess and their totem animals are all aspects of our one true divine Mother. My series continues on with many more cultures I want to depict.

I'm also featuring:

Inner Goddesses

Within each one of us inherently lies traits of Mother and Father God. We all are a spark of the divine and therefore, have Their divine DNA within us. As we travel through life, we can become disconnected from feeling this truth because of fears which affect us, the negativity of life we absorb, and through negative programming from people, society and religion. In this fashion, we often feel lesser than who we really are. My Inner Goddess series helps us reconnect with the truth of our soul through a visual image, each created to represent those glorious qualities. It captures the inner beauties and strengths we all have within, waiting to be discovered!

Amaterasu - Goddess of Radiance

Amaterasu - Goddess of Radiance

Amaterasu - Goddess of Radiance

Amaterasu is a Japanese Sun Goddess whose beauty and light brings hope and wisdom to the world. Her warmth radiates life force and comforts us as She is the ultimate of nurturing, caring, compassion and protection. Her essence is that of light and fire, which is contained within the ancient life-giving symbol of the sun. This aspect of Her nature allows you to feel Her warmth and comfort as She protects and softens your painful experiences.

This image also represents the Inner Goddess within all of us as our soul shines a light so bright, it can only come from God. In dark times when negativity affects us, to pull our self from fear and despair, we can focus on and find our inner light to shine once more.

Buku - Mother Goddess of Africa

Buku - Mother Goddess of Africa

Buku - Mother Goddess of Africa

Various West African tribes refer to their ultimate creator as Buku, the Sky Goddess, who sends messages through the spirits within earth, stones, trees, water and natural occurrences. This portrays an origin of the term "Mother Nature" with the belief that the earth is the Goddess' domain. Her strength and protection are ever-present in our lives as we recognize Her beauty in all that is around us.

Azna - Mother God

Azna, Mother God

Azna, Mother God

Among several names different cultures have used for the Goddess are Asherah, Ishtar, Kuan Yin and Athena. In ancient Gnostic text, She is referred to as Azna. She is our all-loving, compassionate Mother God, the Great Interceptor who intervenes in our lives and creates miracles. She comes with sword in hand to pierce and deflect darkness, protecting us from negativity.

As Mother God is our ultimate co-creator, She is featured here with the doves of love and the light of Heaven emanating from Her. Azna is the Guardian of this planet and all living things are are attributed to Her. For this reason She is depicted with flowers placed at Her feet, in particular the red rose symbolizing Her sacred heart.

Azna - Portrait

Azna - Portrait

Azna - Portrait

Goddess of Dignity - Babylon

Goddess of Dignity

Goddess of Dignity

Goddess of Dignity, Babylon - with Totem Animal

Goddess of Dignity

Goddess of Dignity

Like the powerful essence of her majestic leopard energy which symbolizes her qualities, this Babylonian queen alone, must govern her kingdom. She worshiped the Goddess Ishtar whose legend tells of a divine Queen of Heaven, who led us by the hand from terrible chaos and brought life and harmony by the law of love. Emulating Ishtar's divine example, this Babylonian queen ruled with compassion and reminds us there is no other who can have control over us. Our own heart and mind is the only control that can rule us, and for happiness we must rule with self love.

Goddess of Strength - Portrait

Goddess of Strength

Goddess of Strength

Goddess of Strength - with Totem Animal

Goddess of Strength

Goddess of Strength

This Egyptian Priestess embodies courage, loyalty and unending love for the true queen, Mother God in Heaven, whom she serves above all. In her Egyptian culture, the cobra is associated with the Goddess as a symbol of protection. It is this quality she draws upon from her mighty totem animal, which emanates from her inner strength. As we protect our truth with solid conviction, nothing can unbalance us from who we know ourselves to be.

Goddess of Personal Power - Portrait

Goddess of Power - Portrait

Goddess of Power - Portrait

Goddess of Personal Power - with Totem Animal

Goddess of Power

Goddess of Power

This Turkish Gypsy Queen, guided by the Goddess herself, teaches us that the hardships we face can never claim us. Through them, our essence is like that of the great Phoenix which burns up in all its glorious brilliance, becoming ash, only to rise up from the ashes and burn brightly once more. As the Queen's fiery totem energy embodies, her powerful essence reveals the inability to be destroyed by any means. She shows us that no attack, no darkness, no evil that can be done is more powerful than the innate power of one's own soul. Through every hardship we rise up stronger and are able to defeat our foes, whether inner or outer challenges, to prevail in the end.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Azna's Angel

The Throne

All Angel phyla are for Mother and Father God to command, yet one Angel phylum is relegated specifically to Mother God. There are two Angel phyla which are the highest level of Angels. One is the Principality Angels who make up the "gate" of Father God. The other is the Throne Angels which make up Mother God's "court". They are all warrior-female Angels who, like Azna, carry a sword to sever the darkness that can surround us. This is how they help souls to the light of the Other Side in times of great devastation, during which they are known to appear. This is also how they help us in our times of need when we call on Mother God because they are always with Her. Azna is never seen on the Other Side without Her minions of Throne Angels around Her, trailing to the left and the right, in front and behind Her.

Book of Angels - featuring the Throne Angel

Find more information on Throne Angels and all the Angel phyla, in Sylvia Browne's Book of Angels. Several of my black and white Angel drawings are featured in this book, which contains each Angel phylum function, element, totem animal, and more. Discover which Angel to call on for which purpose, and read several accounts of actual angelic experiences.

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Maurice Glaude from Mobile on March 10, 2017:

I've often admired your work. Glad to see it here at hubpages.

Able3 on January 23, 2016:

Dear Mother Azna..I almost forgot. Oh please if you would raise up your Mighty Sword, and with a slam surround my Jack with the White Light of the Holy Spirit! You have so graciously protected me..and it worked. I thank you. I am truly blessed to be writing this to you. With my Love, Melinda

Able3 on January 23, 2016:

Mother Azna..You know me. I am here today to petition you because I damaged someone close to me. I do not remember She, who cares for the animals, but this is about my cat Jack. I was careless around his environment with pesticides, as well as being in a place where my artist roommate is careless with her toxic products. Jack is only 5 years old. He is VERY sick. I took him to the vet but it seems like he has no will to live. I am so sorry for my carelessness. Please help, PLEASE don't let him die. He is All I Have that I believe loves me. This is my petition to you. Let it be as you see best. I Love You, Melinda


What would you have said if everything in existance began with two who were mother and son at first the mother created the universe, heaven and angels while the son namely i who created music, planet earth, hell, purgatory and humanity i have few names such as LUCIFER and JEHOVAH i never rebelled against GOD if you can call her GOD but there is one thing that should then be clear is that GOD didnt create you i did you can mock me all you want and insult me all you want but what matters to me more are your actions even if you are atheists try hard to not kill to not commit adultery to not use violence i hope you will be able to redeem yourselves that was all i had to say farewell you foolish, blind, naive and misguided mortals.

Deanna on April 23, 2015:

I have the black & white drawing of Mother Azna which I purchased from Sylvia Browne's website years back when you were working with her. It is still my favorite drawing. I really love the colored one too. Probably will get that one in the near future. Thanks for all you do to share the love of our Mother God.

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on November 11, 2014:

Very beautiful Mother God Artwork.

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