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Finding an Astral Lover

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.


The Astral Road to Love

So you've decided to take an astral lover if you ended up here. Your lover could be anyone or anything from an elf to a ghost to a Deity. But before you begin please read the 'Why do I want this?' section.

I want to point out before you start that this is a real and valid form of sex magic. If you are not cool with that, run to the nearest exit. As we go on I'll cover tips, tricks, and snags you might hit along the way. Remember to follow your heart but also think with your head. The one with the brains in it, honey.

To old-time readers: I have somehow misplaced half the lens. The older lens would not update, hence this new one. Just sit tight and I'll see what I can do. All photos and written material are my original work, so paws off.

Please Note: I've recently been informed my work has been stolen and I'm asked here that the thieves removed the stolen work immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

Why Do I Want This?


The vibes you put out in the astral realm will get definite results. So take a moment before you leap to figure out just who or what you desire. Do you want a one a long term relationship or just a booty call? You can explore your sexuality, learn new things, or just find a good time. Just keep the vibe you want in mind, OK?

Also keep that firmly in mind when a potential lover shows up. If he, she, or it is not what you are looking for move on. Example, say you want a kind, thoughtful lover of the light. And this being shows up that seems like what you want, but something is a bit off. Run the Hell away! You do not have to take every being who answers your call. Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong send that being on his or her way.

Who can I call?


Anybody or anything. Calling up a fictional character will most likely get you a friendly shapeshifter. But he or she will be there time and again, ready to take on new forms. You can meet a creature from beyond our world, a fairy, a Deity. It is all up to you. Keep in mind that actual beings like elves or Deities can cross over into our world very easily. Double that for ghosts. Yeah, you can call voodoo loa too.

In Gnostic voodoo as a matter of fact, it is a given that you will take one or more loa as a lover. It is all about feeding your sweet love that vital sexual energy. And to be polite, magical cream from your wand or honey from your hot box. You can go right ahead and put that in food offerings if you want, or leave it plain. Some inventive lovers will just help themselves.

How To Do It


You can either do this in your sleep or in meditation. You'll find with practice you can open a mini portal to see your lover during waking hours. In meditation, once you have entered the astral realm put out a mental, verbal, or visual call for your lover. Remember to be specific here. It might take more than one try, but an interested lover will definitely show up.

They will tend to match your idea of a perfect lover and will have the experience to take the lead if needed. A lot of them thrive on the energy generated from sexual unions so don't worry about taking advantage of them. As a matter of fact, they will have a lot more staying power than you will.

Now What?

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That's up to you. Depending on how well your first encounter went you might want more. If so just keep calling the same lover. If you want to play the field and explained so, that's fine. But just dropping a lover who though you wanted him or her will result in nasty whispers to every other suitor to comes to you.

As time goes on you will develop a union with your lover. This can be as intense as the two of you want it, and yes it is real. This is where you think good and careful about pledging your undying love. If you give a serious pledge don't be surprised to find out lovers in the realm are being kept at bay. Don't expect Goddess to hide you if you cheated either.

Can I get pregnant?

Dearie Me!

All those fathered by God stories have at least a kernel of truth. It could be possible that the lover pulls you into a realm where he is plenty fertile. So make it clear to those famous for fathering kids that you don't want one. Yes, Zeus, I'm talking directly to you.

Also even though I have only one sexy source, the Baron Samedi is said to have fathered a child. The New Orleans Devil Baby in fact. Whether this is a real thing, a hougan covering his tracks, or just a tale is for you to decide .

Let's not forget the Virgin Mary is said to have ben impregnated by God, The Holy Spirit, or even St. Michael.

I want to get serious - Wedding Bells!

Honey if you both want it, that's the most serious sacrament in the world. You don't need a piece of paper or a ring to make you a married. Some folks like to pick out rings with the partner tailing along. (Remember that portal I mentioned?) Just remember that this is a very real marriage and infidelity on your part will hurt your lover. This isn't some pretend being you made up, you know.

Don't believe me? Ask a mambo what the average loa will do to an unfaithful husband or wife.

Also remember that you have to live here in our realm. Since you will stop dating a lot of well-meaning people will want to know why. They might even try to force you to go on dates. And no, telling them about your betrothed won't help a whole lot. Even the most open people, including witches and pagans, may feel you've slipped a gear.

Secret Lovers


Unless you are talking to open-minded or been there, done that folks, keep your trap shut. You start telling people about how real you lover is and they will slap you in a loony bin. Worse still, if they do believe you some might try to save you from this 'demon' possessing you. Yep, some people feel that sex is evil, therefore your lover must be evil. Yeah, that's a load of crap, but it is out there.

This can do real damage to your lover as they will most likely get the name and general location out of you. Zealots on a mission sadly seem to be able to hurt astral realm beings fairly easily. So if it does slip out, tell your lover to flee, at least for a while. You really don't want to see what an angry lover could do to his and your enemies, as he will see them. This goes double if you chose a God, Goddess, or so forth.

Myself, I don't care if you are in love with a dragon, an animal spirit, or anyone or anything else. Love comes in all forms. But a lot of pagans aren't so open-minded. Now I don't want you to ever feel ashamed of your lover, of course not. You should be proud of a healthy relationship.

But you do have to live in two worlds. The one you share with your lover, and the so-called "real" world. It can hurt to pretend that ring is just a pretty, or that the altar for your sweetness is just art, or some other lame explanation. But it is worth it to live in peace and not have some dang fool try to save you.