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Astral Projection Made Simple

Astral Projection is a practice that can be a given for some while a few year practice for others. Fear not! We have a comprehensive guide!


Astral Projection

There are several reasons many magical paths and traditions emphasize the OBE (Out of Body Experience). First and foremost; it proves that reality is not quite what the initiate once thought it to be. Other facets of magic, such as the Magician’s Choice can be explained away by ‘common factors’. Astral projection cannot. It is a visceral, deep and intrusive evolution of one’s mind to realize that they are awake outside the physical. Once you have achieved it you will know with absolutely certainty what is happening. No, it will not feel like a hazy lucid dream. It will be, in many ways, more real than this waking world you now think you understand.

The second principal reason it is brought up so often is for its link to NDEs (Near Death Experiences), which often serve to ‘prove’ the existence of life after death. Draw your own conclusions from this, however we of course recommend that you test this existence indirectly. Third, the astral holds incredible power. To hear with astral ears and to speak with astral mouth is telepathy. To touch with astral hands is psychokinesis. To see with astral eyes is clairvoyance. Often those who struggle with these abilities while in the physical world will project their consciousness to
more easily access these skills and gain a basis for practicing them there. We have our reservations against this method, however it is true that most need training wheels when learning to ride a bike. Perhaps a more apt metaphor, however, would be that of being thrown into a dark ocean and being forced to learn how to swim. Let us be clear: projection is rarely what you may expect it to be from movies and books. You will likely be afraid the first time. You will likely be paralyzed, unable to do
anything at all. Fortunately, you will also not last very long. The majority of successful projections the first time around result in a quick and violent snapping-back to the physical body. We will explain why in just a moment.
One final note before we begin. The nature of the astral (body, world, environment, ethos) is that of mind. Everyone will experience it slightly differently. What follows are methods to get you there, but once you are there, there is very little we can do to guide you. You will need to figure out your own mind on your own. This may seem daunting at first, but it is more a matter of repetition and willpower than intellect and raw talent. If you want it badly enough (and if you’re reading this, you likely do), it will
come to you eventually.

The key to this is being Headless. If you are at all unconfident with that process go back and review it now.

The astral is empirical, yet subjective. When you begin training this skill you will likely find yourself in many lucid dreams and false awakenings. Again, when it is the real thing you will know, but for the beginner it is common to over-eagerly state that you have done it. To help solve this dilemma we present to you this test: find something, while out of body that you can check back on later. Venture out from your window in your bedroom and count the cars on the street. How many bikes are locked up outside? Touch and move things. Are they still there when you wake? Will yourself to appear in front of someone, if you are bold enough. Do they remember seeing you, in some form or another (or whatever form you choose to wear)? Check on a family member or friend who is out late. Ask them if an event took place which you watched but were not physically present for.

Projection is easy. It is Awareness that is the hard part!

There are many theories as to how exactly projection works, most of which are unimportant. Remember, we care about results here, not messy theory work. One helpful guess, however, is that anytime a conscious entity ‘loses consciousness’ in the physical they project unwittingly. The trick is to wake up while out of body. In this way astral projection is indeed closely tied to lucid dreaming. You can use one to ‘jump’ to the other, in fact. That transformation will be in one of the bonus exercises, so refer
to them if you dream lucidly often. Wakefulness is a scale, not separated levels. Cease now to think of two modes, of either being conscious or unconscious. There are shades in between and you will learn to move along this gradient at will. You
need only retain consciousness as you fall asleep to rise and fly.



Stillness of mind
This is a simple mental exercise to help quiet the constant chattering that exists in most minds. That chattering is most of the reason why astral projections don’t last long; you must be able to focus on what is actually in front of you and what is actually happening. If you daydream while out of body, you will find yourself entering a lucid dream and cease projection into the physical world. This is a matter of

To begin this exercise first make sure that there is nothing pressing to be taken care of. Your mind must be free to float as it will. If you need to remember something for tomorrow, write it down. Turn your cellphone off and avoid blue light from electronics.
Sit down with good posture – with your shoulders above your pelvis and your head at a level position. Lay your hands on your thighs. The aim here is to relax, but not to the point of falling asleep. Now, become Headless. If you struggle, remind yourself of the core of this practice: you are not your experience. You are not the feeling of your skin that courses through your hands. You are not the stiffness you feel in the neck. You are HERE, at the centre of everything. Be still and watch as your world,
your body falls into a deep state of relaxation. Feel the tension in the shoulders drop and watch it with interest, as the observer you are. Do the same wherever you feel tension. Now, what of these words? You are listening to these thoughts as they pass through your mind. Watch them rise in the west. Watch them fall in the east. You are as a traveler, sitting on a bench in a train station. The thoughts are as trains. Watch them as they pass. And wait for the trains to end for the day.

Eventually this will afford you moments of complete ‘mindlessness’ (though we prefer the term mindfulness). Do not panic when this happens. Just watch the world in front of you, in this eternal moment. Experience your mind. Begin this practice at 10 seconds in that zone and add 10 seconds per day until you reach 90. Once you are at the cap forget about counting time – watch that too.

Flooding the physical with astral energy
This will look familiar to those of you who read our article on Ritual Magic. The bioelectrical energy that is responsible for change in accordance with Will in both Sorcery and Ritual Magic is an Akashic, astral substance that is the makeup of the astral body. To project you must be comfortable in your manipulation of this energy.
Sit down comfortably so you can read these words without straining yourself in any way. You should sit with proper posture, with your shoulders above your hips and your neck in a neutral position. Place your hands on your thighs if you are able. Now, Take a deep breath. Let it go with an easy sigh and as you do so focus on becoming completely still. As still as a statue. Blink when you need to, however no other motion should occur at this time. Do not force this; relax into it. As you do so draw your attention to your toes. Simply feel them. What do your toes feel now? The fabric of your socks? Do you feel a small tingling sensation? This tingling sensation will pick up the more still, the more relaxed and the more focused you are.

Let this continue to build until you are absolutely sure of its existence. If you cannot feel anything abandon this experiment for now and try it again when you are more clear headed. Once you are satisfied with your toes draw your attention upwards. First to the heel of your left foot. Then your left shin. Then up to the thigh, and to the hip joint. Do the same with your right. Now go to your fingers. You may find that the intensity here picks up far faster. Left hand, fingers to palm, to forearm, and then all you can consciously feel up to your shoulder. Then do the same with your
right. Now place your attention at your anal sphincter. Relax and again let that tingling sensation fill your abdomen. Think of all the organs down there and how their natural processes generate this tingling you are now experiencing. Fill your abdomen, then lower back. Then go up to the chest cavity up to the base of the neck.
Be careful here. Go up through your neck in sections very slowly.
Then to your jaw and cheekbones. Then up to your nose and ears.
Then your eyes. If you close your eyes and focus on bringing the energy there you may see flashes of blue. Then up to the base of the head.
Now that your whole body is saturated with your natural magical essence do it again. Three more times. Do not try too hard with this. Just be honest with what you feel. Let it happen. Let the chi flow through your body and fill it with power. Once you feel soaked in this energy (which will feel like intense vibrations) simply be still and enjoy this. This may be the first time you consciously experience something like this, but this is how the body heals once in REM sleep.

Bonus: If you feel confident that you are filled with energy and can actually feel it leaking off of you because of overflow open your eyes. In dark rooms you may find that your skin is producing a soft blue glow.

We start in the mornings. The most important thing you can do to prime your mind for projection at will and control while out of body is to be Headless as often as you possibly can. When you get up in the mornings do not be heavy and move with a messy kind of baggage in your mind. Retain the lightness you expect from the astral
and go about your day with an air of grace to your movements. It is equally important to start a dream journal. Write in it every day as the very first thing you do. Be
as detailed as you can, and if you can’t remember anything then simply write “I don’t remember anything yet”. The ‘yet’ part is because memories are held in the physical. If you remain Headless as you go about your day you will find that your dreams actually come back to you, if you look for them. You may raise a spoon of cereal in the morning and be struck by a vision of you at a lavish feast in Vienna with the Hemsworth brothers. As you dream journal more you will notice that you start to remember not only one, but many dreams, as fractioned as they may be. After this you will start gaining lucidity in your dreams just before you wake in the early mornings. Following that will be dreams of flight (some lucid, some not) and finally
false awakenings.

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Also start looking for dream signs – odd points of reality that aren’t normal yet that seem to appear often in your dreams. (I, for example, see palm trees and smell peppermint in the weirdest of places. I know if I see these in cities or other seemingly regular places that I am dreaming) What more can we do to increase lucidity?

We made the claim earlier that wakefulness is a spectrum, and that insinuates that you can lose degrees of consciousness here in the waking world. That is very much the case. There are multiple apps you can use that set reminders at random times during the day. (I use Habitica and lucidify). Set random points to test “ARE YOU DREAMING?” and “LOOK AT YOUR HANDS”.

The first is obvious in intention. The more you actively test whether or not you are in a dream state or in the waking world the better you will be to catch yourself at the right moment. To test if you are in a dream try hopping to see if you float, moving objects with your mind (with very little effort, for you in the Sorceror Masterclass), warping gravity and creating other dream-like patterns.

The second suggestion, to look at your hands, is an easy way to go Headless. The second you look at your hands you will realize that you are looking from a vantage point. Opening and closing your feelings also reinforces the tactile feel of your universe. Doing this in a dream will remind you to stabilize by engaging all of your senses honestly. Try this now. Do these whenever you can remember to. Persistence is key. Once you realize you are awake, be it in a lucid dream, astral projection or even right now try to fly UP using intention alone. In the former two cases success will tell you that you are now in a state beyond the physical. If you succeed in the third case...congratulations, and please do email us.

How to project outwards
This is assuming you have completed the meditation preparation exercises before and are lying down comfortably. Astral projection is exactly as the name suggests; you are vaulting forth with your astral body and leaving your physical behind. The trick to this is properly identifying your intention and synapse with your astral as opposed to the physical. If you have used Ritual Magic, the Magician’s Choice or have done the second meditation in this document and have found success then you have already verified the power of chi. This energy goes by many other names, but regardless of what you want to call it we agree that this is the very fabric of your
consciousness. It is the lifeblood of what makes you, you.

There are many ways to actually complete the projection but all fulfill very strict criteria:
a) The matter of the mind’s eye becomes dominant
b) Senses engage as much as possible to find links that are not physically present
c) Visualization of motion
d) Naturally Headless perspective
Remember that all of the methods that follow will be easier if you complete the meditations mindfully
and go to bed with enough energy to mentally click in to this.

Method 1: An Easy Stroll
For absolute beginners this will likely be the easiest. Try this as your first method for the challenge below. Remain Headless best you are able and go for a leisurely walk in a location you know well. If you choose the UBC campus (which is not a bad choice at all, by the way), I like to picture the alumni centre. When standing in front of your target location close your eyes. What would be there if you can see it? What
shapes? Can you recreate the image in your head? How accurate are you? Open your eyes to check.This is difficult enough on its own, but the real test of will comes from engaging the other senses. What does your skin feel when you’re nearby? A gust of wind? The small drops of rain that never seems to end? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you emotionally feel when you are physically at
your target? When you lie down for bed later close your eyes and gaze into the darkness behind your eyelids lightly, without necessarily trying to see anything. Feel the lifeblood of your consciousness, your astral energy course through your body. As you lay still simply become intensely aware of what you experience, but in
a relaxed sense. A tingling sensation will begin to build in your extremities. You are activating your astral senses with this tingling. Follow it up and down your arms and legs, from the bottom of your torso up to the crown of your head. A comfortable stillness can fall over you as your body experiences a normal resting state. Eventually, as you gaze and feel, you will cease movement. This is when you walk.

Now picture your target. Feel yourself walk up to it and around it. Be playful. Explore.
Eventually you want to picture the target moving down as if it is falling. You are the one rising, however. Persistence is key. Try this as you fall asleep and wait to awaken outside. No breaks once you start. Walk
until you fade...then awaken anew!

Method 2: High above the clouds
This is a slightly more difficult method and should be attempted after you have numerous dreams of flying or ‘very close’ attempts with the above method. Rather than merely waking up at your target you will likely rise from the physical and feel yourself detach. This will be mildly uncomfortable, and that is perfectly normal.

As with the method above, you will lay on your back and gaze into the blackness. Look as if you were lazily looking through a window. Notice that the blackness in front of you is not actually black; there are lights dancing there. You will likely see colours if your meditation has been steady. They will be small and grainy, and you may think them delusions because they are so small. You are about to find out that
this is not so.

Start at your toes and feel the energy there. Raise it and let it writhe through your physical form until you reach your chin. Slowly move from here, gazing all the while, trying to notice the colours that are there. When you reach your eyes with the energy you will see flashes of blue and other colours. Fixate on them. Keep your attention there. Your astral eyes are open with the flash of energy and the colours will soon coalesce into objects.

You will be seeing through your eyelids, and will be able to make out details about your bed chamber. (Sidenote: feel free to take a break from projection work to slowly raise a hand in front of you to verify your dark vision)

Your astral body is not your physical. It holds nearly none of the same traits and is affected by very little that ties the physical down. Gravity is not acknowledged. Imagine that the mattress you lay upon is becoming lighter and lighter until it begins to actually float up. If this were the case, what would you see? You would see the ceiling come towards you. Watch as it expands, as you feel the light fabric of
your astral float as a bubble would. Can you touch the ceiling with your nose? With your lips? Once you do, turn from it by pushing on it with your hands. Aim with open hands at where you want to go and pull it towards you with intention. As you near a window press your face to it gently and notice

how you can slip through if you really want to. Exit and fly.
Continue this mental sequence over and over until you fall asleep. You must have the mental fortitude to see this effort through and not abort your efforts mid-vision!

Reordering the soma
After getting ‘back home’ from projection, especially if the last method is used, some may feel disoriented. You may have trouble walking, raising your arms or even speaking. This is rare, but if it does happen the best thing you can do is to take a shower and focus on the physical sensation of the water. This drawing of the mind back to the physical will re-insert the astral into the physical and help reprogram your soma.


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