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Working Aquarius Moon Magick

We follow the wisdom paths of our ancestors embracing a nature-based spirituality. This solitary practice comes out in art, craft and word.


Under An Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is a lunar phase which occurs each and every month for 2 and a half days. Lunar energy is transmuted through the wild and unpredictable astrological sign of Aquarius. This occurs when the Moon orbits the constellation of Aquarius as seen from earth.

In astrology the transiting Moon reflects mood changes. These are day to day encounters triggered by lunar energies and aspects made in our astrological chart. The Moon symbolizes females. In predictive astrology women approach us in an Aquarian fashion during this transit.

Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. It is a fixed sign. It likes to stubbornly hold it's place. Some astrologers claim that it is the most eccentric astrological sign. In modern astrology it is governed by the planet Uranus, but traditionally it's ruler would be Saturn.

Aquarius Governs Electricity


Aquarius Correspondences

Uranus is an outer planet in astrology. It is the modern ruler of Aquarius. Traditional astrologers would have used the planet Saturn. These are the correspondences of Aquarius from Aleister Crowley's book 777.

  • 27 on the Key Scale
  • Mouth
  • Scarlet
  • The House of God
  • 378 Mystic Number of the Sephiroth
  • Horus
  • Ares
  • Tuisco (Scandinavian God)
  • Ruby or any red stone
  • Absinthe
  • Rue
  • Horse, Bear, Wolf

Appropriate Aquarian Magicka Workings

Aquarius Moon Magick To Do

Scientific concerns may be tackled when the Moon is in Aquairus. If you have a science test this would be a good moon sign to plan an intense study session under. It is also a good time for parents to do science projects with kids. If you wish to achieve positive vibes schedule the work for an Aquarius Moon.

An Aquarius Moon is going to help in opening up your self-expression. Uranus is the planet of dramatic change. If you wish to be outspoken you could use this lunar phase for spell-work. Aquarius is a sign with an out-going, activist vibe which will help you speak out more.

There are other workings which benefit from this lunar energy. Breaking unhealthy habits and eliminating addictive patterns. These are dramatic changes taking place in our life. Disruption is the key to transformation. Many people feel that the word disruption has a negative connotation. When we are disrupting a negative pattern that can be a positive thing.

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Healing Magick

Healing With The Power Of An Aquarius Moon

Aquarius rules over the calves, ankles, and blood. We can use theUse this lunar phase to heal those parts of the body. Uranus governs a few select plants. Since Uranus is a newly discovered planet there are fewer herbalists who have assigned planets to it's governance. I will list those out that have been selected as Uranian plants.


  • relieves rheumatoid arthritis
  • subdues the appearance of bruising


  • anti inflammatory
  • strengthens the immune system
  • cures skin ailments

Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus)

  • antispasmodic
  • cardiac depressant
  • astringent

Siler Root

  • alleviates headaches caused by sinus complaints
  • combats diarrhea
  • gets rid of body aches

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Melanie Marquis on January 09, 2021:

I especially like your thoughts on the idea of disruption, and how it can be a positive thing!

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