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AnomalyMan's 'Deep Anomalies' Page


AnomalyMan's Deep Anomalies Page

Welcome to one of the set of lenses on HubPages.Com from The AnomalyMan - you can find more of my pages on HubPages too. (Look For The `Anomalous Creature' Logo) This page features anomalies such as UFO's, Bigfoot's and Old Time Pictures.

Did you know that President Obama was asked on the first campaign trail about UFO Disclosure? IF you wonder what his answer was, it is on this page via YouTube. (BTW, in late 2011 the US Government issued an official statement that humans and aliens have never interacted and that the US government was not hiding UFO information.)

And, before you think that UFO videos are new and hot stuff - wait until you see the UFO videos on this page from the 1950s? Some of these 1950s UFO videos below have been seen by more people off this page - than anywhere on the internet. (So, Tell A Friend. Heck share this page on Facebook.)

But, this page has much more - such as an excellent 2009 BIGFOOT video from the USA - and other high strangeness told with pictures or first person stories. There's even old time Shorpy pictures for real time travel; watch out, these Shorpy pictures are addicting and provide a glimpse into the real past.

So, sit back and enjoy even if you haven't seen the other AnomalyMan Pages yet (find some in the sidebar) - and thanks for being a HubPage user.

Right here and below - I bring you some of the super classic Ufo `tapes' from the 1950s -- that different era just half a century ago. BTW, have you ever seen airline pilots - even once - talk this way about UFO's - in public, on camera, since the 1950's-1960s? Ever wonder why?

1950s Airline Pilots Talk About UFO Sightings

Real 1950's UFO Movie


This is a super cool video -- famous in a way since it has been seen by many folks in various specials about the `turn of the century' that is the turn from the 1800's to the 1900s. It's cool that we can literally see the huge changes our society has undergone.

Over 300 of you have clicked this link since Jan. 2008 - thanks.

Real Time Travel - 1903 Flatiron Building NYC - Windy Day

PRICELESS `SHORPY' PICTURES - Photography From 1850 - 1960

Who has the best oldtime pictures on the internet? Well, Time Magazine said Shorpy was one of the best. So, step into The Time Machine - The Shorpy Time Machine - Amazing Pictures - Right Here.

  • 1910 - Firemen; at the Firehouse
    Not sure if the moustache was a requirement or not - lol. What a classic picture.
  • Beach `Skirt' Police of 1922
    Did you know that the LAW in 1922 was that women could not wear beach wear that was more than six inches above the knee? Did you know that the cops would come and measure any suits that approached the line of the law? This is a priceless pic and the
  • 1909 - Queensboro Bridge
    Incredible picture of this amazing bridge - gives the full scope.
  • 1925 - The KKK March On Washington D.C.
    Timeless history picture.
  • 1910 - BackSliders
    The term for daytime umbrellas - you have to see this Sunday afternoon at the pier a hundred years ago. Can you hear the music?
  • 1922 - The Corner Drugstore
    And, the street scene in front of it - make sure to see the price on a quart of icecream. All of the above links were from our Feb 09 - The AnomalyMan Listing - page on squidoo. More added each month.
  • U.S.S. Franklin in 1916
    You have to see what used to be done to boats near the end of their lifetime - make sure to read the comments.
  • Manhattan Bridge circa 1908
    Bridge building 100 years ago -- this is an amazing picture during construction. Would you walk up this woodplank to your job?
  • The Measue Of A Boy
    Here's a Shorpy almost beyond belief. Eleven folks from the government `measure' a small boy on an office table. You have to see this to believe it. Was on the Shorpy site a few days ago. The comments below this picture are also a must. The strangene
  • Scouting Outing - 1937
    Today's beyond surreal Shorpy. You have to see how many scouts and scout leaders we are talking about -- almost as far as the eye can see.
  • Midgets For Cooledge - 1924
    As one comment said "Would a politician today... have a 1) foreign 2) smoking 3) midget 4) wearing a fur coat as an attraction??? See what you miss with political correctness???
  • Elks Parade (1916)
    Another surreal look into the past. It's truly amazing that this many turned out for a parade by a civic organizaiton. Well worth a click.
  • What Ward Cleaver's Really Reading In The Note From Beavers Teacher (Freeze Frame)
    Priceless Shorpy.
  • Work Crew - 1910
    Not to hard to figure out why child labor laws were enacted is it? Wonder if the kids really cared? Classic picture from Shorpy.
  • Iconic America - 1905
    Get ready for the very best in Surrealism. Scene is of a lazy summer afternoon.
  • 50 Foot Tall Ice Formation In The Town Center
    Timeless picture from yesteryear.
  • Car On Daytona Beach - 1904
    Today's Shorpy - has to be one of the first ever - right?
  • San Fran Earthquake of 1906
    Today's Shorpy - will be in Archive - great view the day after the shaking and fire. Give it a moment to load as it also is loading a Google Street Image too.
  • Fight Night - 1897
    Under the deck of a ship - sailors gather for the `fight' of the week to see who is the toughest - beyond classic.
  • Breaker Boys - @ 1900
    Today's Shorpy is three young fellows about 10 or so who were mine workers (like Shorpy himself) -- brings to mind the child labor laws ----- oh, and by the way - that sure looks like tobacco pipes in all of their mouths.
  • Bondage - in 1923?
    One of the more strange Shorpy's you will find - in swimsuit.
  • Jamming - 1919
    In the old days folks respected each others space and didn't crowd in on each other --- oh wait, you mean women even got on men's shoulders to look over a crowd? Today's Shorpy - real time travel.
  • Easy Women - 1920
    Today's Shorpy -- you have to see the suggestions by the government for how to avoid VD -- look this one over closely.
  • Jamming - 1919
    In the old days folks respected each others space and didn't crowd in on each other --- oh wait, you mean women even got on men's shoulders to look over a crowd? Today's Shorpy - real time travel.
  • Easy Women - 1920
    Today's Shorpy -- you have to see the suggestions by the government for how to avoid VD -- look this one over closely.
  • The Timeless Hobo In A Boxcar Photo
    Enjoy the flashback in time. I hope you enjoyed this set of pictures - I have MORE Shorpy sets on nearly every AnomalyMan lens that you can often find links to in the right hand sidebar. Thanks for being an Anomalyman Fan.

Real 1950s UFO Video - Do you remember this one?

15 Second Video From the Early Ufo Era - More Folks Have Seen This Video Here Than Anywhere On The Internet - In Fact, over 500 YouTube Hits. Since This Video Is A Classic, That More Than 7,000 Should See - Send This Webpage To A Friend - Thanks.

Amazing Oddities On eBay - This is a REAL Auction

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Orbs Are the Ufo Phenomena

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Classic Ufo Stories

In 2002 a national survey revealed that 12% of all Americans had seen a Ufo close-up or knew someone who saw one close up. It takes only ONE of these crafts to be from elsewhere to be the BIGGEST story of all-time. Below, you will find some of the biggest stories in the field.

2009 Bigfoot Video - One Of The Better Ones - Beast Of Gum Hill

Watch in the background at about the 15 second mark - the entity - seems to appear out of thin air. Or, is it a man in a monkey suit?

Beast Of Gum Hill - 2009 Bigfoot Video

Books About The Classic Ufo Cases - The Most Famous Alien Abduction Stories Ever Told

You learned of these stories above - now get more information via these amazon links.

Ufo Pictures and Videos - The Best of the Best

  • Classic Ufo Shape
    The typical flying saucer as they say. Looks like a 1960s picture.
  • YouTube 1950s UFO
    You have probably seen this before - a true classic. THIS website is the number one link on the entire internet to this YouTube video. After you see it - you will know why.
  • Broadcasting of the Third Kind
    This is truly a MasterPiece - covers all of the UFO stories ever to hit the TV screen. This SUPER link you only find here - so bookmark us and return again.
  • Alien Grave Site
    Excellent read.
  • Russian Crash Site Video
    If only a video like this existed of US troops guarding a crash site -- really, what could this be other than a ufo? Has to be a smuggled, blacklisted video at one point in time. Hard to explain if not ufo.
  • Stephenville Ufo Video
    David Caron's vid. Un-cut, the long version. THE ufo event of 2008. This is the video where the Ufo starts doing `signs' in the sky - which became a trend in 2008 in other locations too.
  • From An Airplane Seat - A CLOSE up UFO
    One of the best ever. You will NOT believe your eyes. Totally over the top.
  • THE New Alien Autopsy
    Very Strange; the autopsy is done on a `being' about 7 inches long. Worth your click. Totally unique vid.
  • Star Wars Ufo Video
    If I've seen this before - I've forgotten. This is supposedly shot from the Space Shuttle and shows something amazing. This video is only 4 minutes long and repeats the cool part four or five times. Don't miss it.
  • Orb-Ufo In Thunderstorm In Oklahoma In 1997
    This is a classic that eventually became called `the object video' -- it's compelling. It's put into a 9 minute `documentarary' -- the object shows up at about 4:20 - hmm.
  • Underground Bases In USA That House Non-Human Beings
    Perhaps the strangest `documented' read on this entire page - and that is saying something. Long detailed read that borders on fiction or is fiction. Must encounter this material. Hey, if you are a squidoo member - I'd love a star vote to indicate
  • Website Hosting
    Do you need a website? Other than Squidoo - I use this one -- It's called 1 and 1 --- and really, it's that simple. It's the world's largest host -- it has 800 numbers for service -- it costs me under 12.00 per month for three websites and two blogs
  • 2008's Best Lights In The Sky Video
    Almost impossible to explain what you will see in this video -- and - it is right over a major city.

The Phoenix Lights - The 1990s Greatest UFO Mystery - Did The Aliens Decided To Show Themselves in 1997?

Classic ENTITIES Stories - The Murky Weird-Side of Anomalous Things

What did the National Guard see deep in the woods? Read Onward.

Entities - Books And More

You Can Purchase This Or Any Of These Books Today With Simply A Click

Anomalous, Fortean, and Mighty Strange Pictures

One of a kind pictures.

  • Moving Giant Stones In Ancient Times
    You know a little about this on-going mystery of ancient times -- HOW did they move HUGE objects. You know, Easter Island, etc. Great read you will enjoy.
  • The Japanese Jesus Trail
    If you have never heard of this tale - you should. A portion of all folks believe that Jesus `went' to Japan after his death. They have a burial plot too. Must read.
  • Origin of Domestic Dog
    Your family dog - the master of the house - how did the dog `evolve' -- did you know that the origin of the dog is murky?
  • The Anomalist.Com `A' Files - Instincts
    Just how did birds `learn' to not land on electrical lines at the turn of the 1900s? Great great read of a story you have NEVER heard mentioned before. You will bookmark this story.
  • Orang_Pendek
    Worlds most mysterious creature? Just what real creatures do lurk in the jungle?
  • More Thunderbird Proof
    It's amazing that twice in one year (2007) that proof of an oldtime story emerges. Heck, even if it was an eagle and not a prehistoric bird.
  • Legends of the Crystal Skulls
    You know, those skulls that started to turn up in the 1800's that reportedly were Aztec and Mayan -- well, here's the results of over 15 years of research. Crystal worshipers may not be happy after this great 10 minute read.
  • Is The Universe Electric?
    Theory growing in acceptence and in direct challenge to many existing cosmology ideas. Detailed read of idea.
  • The Human HIVE Mind
    Read here about 5,000 folks controlling ONE Pong paddle - great read.
  • Self Made Japanesse Mummies
    About one to two dozen religious men have transformed themselves, literally, into mummies (and they then die) using this method of ingesting various items prior to their death - cool pictures and make sure to read the second page for the exact method
  • Advice From America's Worst Mom
    Very interesting four minute read. Find out why this woman was called the worst mom in America. And, if you read until the very very end - you will find out a very interesting twist
  • Thunderbird Pictures - Resource Alert!
    Remember those old Thunderbird pictures that everyone remembered seeing but no one could seem to find anymore on the internet? Well, consider that a thing of the past.
    In 1936 nest were found in the Utah desert that were HUGE (with pic) - and lend some credence of the existence of HUGE birds less than 150 years ago. A MUST read story.

Classic Anomaly Stories

In this module I bring the BESSSSSSSSST from my other daily anomalies site as they get too old to be currents. You will find great stuff here.

Thunderbirds - Do Giant Birds Exist?

One of the persistent legends is the giant bird - the Thunderbird - still exists.

Great Anomaly Content Websites

This list alone is reason enough to bookmark this page. WARNING, each of the websites below can change the way you think about the world.

  • The Anomalist
    To me, the very best daily anomaly site on the internet due to it's wide range of stories and comments from the editor as why to read the story. Not just a dumping of links - great content too in the archives.
  • Google UFO Map
    Interactive map from google of the ufo sightings of the past 30 days.
  • Saucer Smear
    50 years of the Ufo journal -- you will kick yourself for not discovering this when it was free -- still cheap -- it must be good as it's the only link listed that is a pay link.
  • Over 5,000 Consciousness Papers
    Years of reading material.
  • Reality Carnival
    Clifford Pickover's one link a day mindblowing website.
  • About.Com's Paranormal Site
    A well done on-going listing of the anomalous.
  • The Daily Grail
    Cool links described - similar to Anomalist but with a different slant and content.
  • Amazing Link List To Esoteria
    Is this the BEST link site on the internet for all subjects of thought? Perhaps. You WILL bookmark this link, for sure. Hey, if you are a Squidoo member - how about a vote -- you would have had a hard time finding this -- voting is our reward. Bec
  • One Line Descriptions With Impact
    Clifford Pickovers new blog - you will thank me for this link. Very esoteric links and a big big variety.
  • Material Intangible
    Bruce Duensing's frequently updated blog on the event horizon -- cites Watts, Gurdijeff and other classics as influences. Known as the man who writes respectable Tin Foil. Always mindblowing and at the end of reality.
  • James Randi Foundation
    The funny part is that what is considered `content' by all the sites above - is consider hoaxes and even less at this site of critical thinking. Things are listing in easy A-Z format.
  • The Circle Makers
    Very interesting website about cropcirle makers - the real weird part is that as they do these circles --- anomalous things occur.
  • Cryptozoology
    A great site for this type of content - off the beaten path a bit.
  • ParaNormal TopSite Listing
    You vote for ME when you make this click (please do so as it will bring more people to this page for me too) - thanks. Lots of content at the other end on this listing for sure.

Other Anomalies Worthy of this Page - I Have High Standards For This Page and These Qualify

  • BIORHYTHM Generator
    Remember these charts from the 1970s? You know, the emotional, intellectual and physical sine curves? Is today an intellectual peak for you -- find out in less than 60 seconds. Very Simple To Use.
  • World Current Sunlight Map
    A view from space of our wonderful planet -- right now - including the clouds. Super cool.
  • Baseball FAN Zipcode Mapping
    This is a priceless link. Every zipcode by WHO the zipcode considers `their team'. You have to see this if you have a favorite baseball team.
  • ?Got Psi?
    This is the number one ESP testing site on the internet -- even ranks your efforts againist others and has hall of fame stuff for guessing. Also, it's FREE. You will enjoy this.
  • The Rapture Index
    Some who believe the end is coming will point to how anomalies cited in the Bible are coming true --- here's that anomaly indexed into a Rapture Number -- at 156 as of 4-6-06. (The index stands at 158 as of 8-8-06 & 163 as of 12-10-06 - and 159 a
  • Nasa's Mapping and Graphing Of World Temperatures - 2008
    Visual in so many ways - lots of extra information too - don't miss this if you like science links.
  • Best Pareidolia EVER
    I bring this from the incredibile Forgetomori Website -- here is a picture that many at first glance see a Jesuslike figure as self-evident ---- but -- upon closer examination is really just a little girl on her dads lap. Try this out. How about a
  • Dreamlines
    Amazingly cool link. Enter two words and let it produce a DREAM for you out of visuals it collects from the internet. You will play with this often.

Strange Anomaly Videos - Multi-Category Weird Stuff

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