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Facts About Angels In Our Lives

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Overview About Angels

Let's look at facts about angels in our lives.Most faith believes there are guardians who help us avoid disasters and acts as our lifetime guide. This word originated from the French word 'angele' which means 'the messenger'. The very first biblical figure that made a reference to God is Daniel who referred to them by names.

The earliest known depiction of an angel did not have wings. One of the most famous example is the Angel in the Sacrifice of Isaac picture in the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus. In 1930, a sarcophagus in Istanbul was discovered to have an image with wings. Wings are said to be a symbol of limitless and the sublimity of their existence.

The leader of angels and regarded as an archangel is Angel Gabriel. There are many mentions of Gabriel in the bible and is also believed to be the messenger who delivered the Koran to Muhammad. Raphael is a healer. Barchiel is an angel for hope and is associated to the month of February. Michael is the warrior and symbolizes bravery and courage.

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9 Hidden Facts About Angel

Lets take a look at 9 facts about angels in our lives which we need to know in order to understand these heavenly bodies.

1. Angels are mentioned in the holy books to have cared for soldiers and members of the military

2. They can never be detained by prison or jail cells.

3. They are the caretaker of little children. Jesus Christ fondly spoke of children being under the care of angels.

4. They answer only to Jesus Christ and GOD

5. These heavenly bodies always lives in constant praise and worship of GOD and Jesus. "I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God: and I have been sent to speak to you, and to bring to you this good news." (Luke 1:18,19)

6. Heaven is the center for angels.

7. Scholars who study them are known as angelologists.

8. Resources on angels primarily comes from the Bible,Apocrypha and the mystical Kabbala.

9.There are 7 archangels;Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Zerachiel and Remiel.

Must Read Books about Angel Facts

Understanding The Angel Ranks - This diagram gives you the structure of the 'hidden' world.

angels structure

angels structure

Angel Of The Month

Characteristics of angels are associated to certain month of the year. Which month were you born? Lets look at the which angel represents a particular month.

January : Gabriel - referred to as the spirit of truth and Angel of Resurrection.

March = Machidiel - Angel of courage and stamina.

April = Asmodel - provider of the spirit of rebirth and patience.

May = Ambriel - promotes awakening and inner truth.

June = Muriel - fosters close emotional relationships like friendship and family ties.

July = Verchiel - brings the gifts of nobility, affection and a generous heart.

August = Hamaliel - Angel of Logic or Perseverance.

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September = Uriel - promotes peace and erases the painful memories and past.

October = Barakiel - bestows success, fortune and luck.

November = Adnachiel - brings independence and humility.

December = Hanael - the messenger who brings our prayers to be answered.

angel in media

angel in media

Angels In The Media

Our media has influenced our mind and perception on facts about angels in our lives. The mystery and fascination about these heavenly entities has been capitalized by the media to popularize it among us. You may have seen how they are portrayed through various media forms like movies, television shows, books and various websites on the internet sources.

From a very young age cartoons often show angels as cuddly little creatures with wings. Whenever someone has a thought, two angels appear at the side of each shoulder depicted as good and bad entity respectively.

The media has brought them closer to us by portraying characters that helps humans directly, appears in front of humans, saves our lives, born among humans and falling in love with humans eventually choosing the human life.

Angels On DVDs

5 Ways To Teach Your Child About Angels

Teaching good virtues to a child is always important. If you'd like your child to have more spirituality and a habit of always saying and doing good deeds, teach your about angels and what they can learn about these heavenly bodies. Here are 5 ways to

1.You can use the concept that every individual are guided by a certain angel and therefore should always behave well and be nice to one another.

2.You can have your children watch movies that depicts this subject.

3.Teach your children to pray. You can mention about the guardian angel or Archangel assigned to them based on their birth months and find the right prayer for those angels.

4.Buy them books and other reading materials where they can find out more about the topic.

5.Build up on the concept by getting them angel costumes that they can wear for parties or a figurine that they can keep in with them for good luck and protection.

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tonyleather on February 05, 2014:

I think that everyone has a right to believe in what they choose to, but am personally by no means convinced that any being such as god or angels exists, or ever has!

Prem (author) from Malaysia on October 08, 2013:

@techgadgeteer: Hi...thank you so much for visiting my lens :))

techgadgeteer on October 08, 2013:

Very nice. I too believe in angels.

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@dellgirl: thanks dellgirl for visiting my site :)....i try to match up to your standards :D

dellgirl on September 25, 2013:

What a nice lens you have, I like what youâve done here. Thank you for sharing. I DO believe in angels!

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