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Advent Readings - The Angels Speak

Lynne Modranski is a worship leader as well as an author and teacher. She's written several Bible Study guides and Children's lessons.


Readings for the Advent Season

In spite of the fact angels are only mentioned a few times in scripture, people everywhere are fascinated by them. And no more so than during the Christmas and Advent season. After all, it was an angel who told Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds of Jesus' birth. It was an angel who rescued Joseph and his family from Herod's hands, and it was angels who ministered to Jesus after His temptation in the wilderness.

The writer of Hebrews makes it quite clear that we must avoid the worship of angels. Angels are created beings just like we are. They are messengers or warriors of God. Without the Creator, angels would be as helpless as humans. So, be careful of seeing angels where there aren't any and beware of worshipping God's creation. Instead praise God for the message that these angels brought to Mary, Joseph, Zechariah and others throughout the Word. Praise God because the message the angels delivered is timeless and speaks to us still today.

Below you'll find samples from each week of this set of readings. To get the full booklet or see the devotionals written especially for this year, see details below.


More Advent Readings

What is Advent

and what is an Advent Wreath?

The season of advent is so busy. We're decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping and attending all kinds of parties, programs and services. Sometimes it's so hectic that we lose sight of what the season really means. These readings are designed to help you celebrate advent. They have been created to turn our focus back to Christ during this special time of year. Below you'll find readings for each Sunday in advent. They were created to be read as the congregation gathers.

To really turn your focus on the true meaning of Christmas try having a daily reading with scripture. It is recommended that each day's time of devotion be closed with prayer. These readings don't have to be shared with candles or an advent wreath, but if you choose to use an advent wreath, you may want to know its significance

The wreath is a complete circle. It reminds us of Jesus' complete never-ending love for us. It is green, ever-green. Again reminding us that like the ever-green, Jesus' love never turns away from us.

The candles - You should have one white candle for the center. It should be surrounded by 4 purple or royal blue candles or 3 purple and one pink one. Purple candles are used to remind us of repentance. We need to ask Jesus to forgive our sins and turn away from them. In addition, purple, like royal blue reminds us of royalty. Even though Jesus was born in a stable, He was a king. The pink candle stands for joy and the white candle, the Christ candle, reminds us that Jesus was perfect. He is God's son, God in the flesh, and He is without sin.

The Light - The light of the candles reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world. In Him there is no darkness and His light will brighten the world if we let it shine through us. You don't have to have a wreath. You can simply set four candles in a circle in a special place or even light the same single candle for the entire season.

Each day read the recommended scriptures and the reading. There is nothing magic about these readings. If you find others you like, use them. Advent is simply a time of preparing the heart. Your method of preparation doesn't have to be fancy or even include a candle, it just needs to include Jesus!

The First Week of Advent

Your Prayer Has Been Heard

Read Luke 1:5-25

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The theme for this week is "Your Prayer Has Been Heard." Aren't those comforting words? These are the words that God delivered to Zechariah as he was ministering in the temple.These are words that the Lord delivers to us today. They come through pastors, friends, scripture, meditation and celebration of answered prayer. God desires to hear and answer our prayers, and this week as we prepare for Advent, for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will look at how God heard and answered prayer.Light one candle on your advent wreath or collection of candles every day this week. Tonight as you light it, thank the Almighty that He hears your prayers and desires to answer the prayers of those who seek to delight in Him. Rejoice this week in every answered prayer. No matter how large or how small. God is listening and "Your Prayer Has Been Heard!"

Your Advent Celebration


The Second Week of Advent

The Lord is with you

Luke 1:26-38

Wow, God is with us! Everywhere, everyday, in everything we do. To Mary, and to most of us, that is terrific news. However, there are probably some who are terrified at the thought that God is always with them, always seeing and hearing. Most of us should probably shudder when we consider the true implications of that statement.As you light these candles this evening, think back on all of the things you said today. Did you say something in anger, were you unkind? Did you take something that didn't belong to you (no matter how small) or borrow something without asking permission? Did you go someplace you are ashamed of ? Were all of your thoughts pure and holy and all of your motives Godly? Remember, God saw every second. He knows your innermost heart.But don't forget the first candle. God also hears our prayers. Take time now to ask forgiveness. God will hear and forgive. Then you can be excited to know that "The Lord is with you."

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Third Week of Advent

Give Him the Name Jesus

Isaiah 9:6-7

Throughout scripture Jesus has been referred to by many names. This week we will meditate on several of those names and what they mean for us.Isaiah called Jesus four names that not only give us a glimpse of the power of Jesus, but also encompass the truth of the Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit).Wonderful Counselor . . . is the Holy Spirit. He convicts and guides and speaks to God on our behalf when we are too grieved to find words on our own.Mighty God . . . Have you considered just how mighty our God is? He is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing. He is everywhere all at once and right here with us.Everlasting Father . . . From the beginning of time till time as we know it is no more and beyond, God will be our Father and Jesus will be at His side.Prince of Peace . . . Jesus brings a kind of peace that the world can't understand. As many have discovered, true peace is only found in Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God and Everlasting Father!

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Fourth Week In Advent

Good News of Great Joy

Luke 2:1-12

Angels spoke to shepherds. Yes, they were a very unlikely lot to receive a visit from an angel, but God still comes to the least likely today, too. Many expect Jesus to speak only to pastors and leaders, but God daily speaks to all of His children. However, in order to hear His voice we need the same qualities He found in shepherds.As you light four candles, ask yourself if you have:Humility . . . Shepherds were humble. Jesus needs each of us to be humble before Him.Openness . . . The shepherds were in a place where they could listen. You may not be able to be in an open field in the middle of the night, but you can have an open heart as well as an open schedule.Willingness . . . As soon as the angels delivered their message, the shepherds were off. Are you ready to pick up and go where Jesus asks, or would you first need to tie up loose ends and clear your calendar?Jesus has good news for us. It is good news that brings great joy! It is good news that must be shared. Listen this week as we share the good news. Be ready to share it with everyone you meet.

The Inspiration for these Readings

These readings were written to correspond with "The Angels Speak", Sunday Advent Readings by Galen Hackman, originally published by Meriwether Publishing and now available from Christian You can find this booklet for every Sunday designed for congregational reading. Click the title to get more details.

What are your Advent Traditions

knit1tat2 on November 10, 2011:

I talk with the Lord everyday, often, and have seen many miracles large and small, for me, advent season is all year!

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