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Zodiac Compatibility of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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The Star Couple

Celebrity couples are everyone’s dream couples. They are beautiful, have amazing chemistry and what’s more, they are madly in love with each other; the very thing every couple out there desires. One of those highly followed awaited couples are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kim and Kanye met in 2013 and got hitched in 2014. Up till now, they have an amazing, star studded marriage. This kind of love, this kind of marriage is our fantasy. Today, we will find out the hows and whys behind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love story. After all, three marriages later did Kim find her Prince Charming. Read on to know what made them tick!

Before marriage, Kim and West were just very good friends. How did that friendship blossomed into the sacred bond of marriage, you might ask? Well, Kim once stated in her interview that they were destined to be together and always had a very good connection. To be destined, to be written in the stars and to be connected are the very romantic things that make us swoon and sigh. Kim and Kanye's amazing hit it off the hill love story has been linked to their zodiac signs. Kim, a Libra and Kanye, a Gemini are a match made in heaven!

There has been a lot of talk on the love connection between a Libra woman and a Gemini man. Both are air signs and are known to be the star couple. Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus, the Planet of Love and Gemini by the Planet Mercury, the Planet of Communication. Need we say more? The love compatibility and the communication between the Libra woman and the Gemini man is unique. They complement each other by using their love and communication to work together. The Libra woman prizes harmony and love with their partner more than anything else and the Gemini man is known to bring that love to completion with his tenderness and the ability to communicate well. They are both on the same wavelength and perfect soul mates! Kim affirmed to this on her website and said:

“I did a little research about Libras and Geminis and found out they’re a perfect match!” Kardashian gushed in a post on her website and app titled “The Week in Kanye: Libra and Gemini Forever.”

And, as it turns out, their union was written in the stars. According to Kardashian West, a Libra, she and her husband of two years are “on the same wavelength” – “SO true! We’ve had an amazing connection right from the start,” she wrote.

The Two Air Signs

The flexibility and happy go lucky nature of the Gemini man matches perfectly with the somewhat dominating leadership of the Libra woman. Their ability to work together as a team and complement each other is astounding. The Gemini man is sensitive to the needs of the Libra woman and exposes her to the world of dreams she so desires. The Gemini man takes the Libra woman on a roller coaster ride of what can be called an amazing, adventurous love and the Libra woman is too happy to comply. They might have different point of views and areas of interests but no matter how much the odds work against them, they can weather through all the storms. Hand in hand, Libra and Gemini not only complement each other but they make up a very good team.

The dual air sign match forms a lively, idealistic team. They hit off right of the bat just like Kardashian and West. Their compatibility is unique, strong and perfect even to the people who surround them and both the Libra woman and the Gemini man know it and dwell happily in this praise. The Libra woman’s explosive and fiery personality matches perfectly with the calm, cool minded and logistic one of the Gemini man. Their sexual compatibility is as strong, as fiery and as explosive and both have a perfect sexual bond. Their mutual introvert nature does cause conflict every now and then but their love and communication far exceeds that of any zodiac sign and overcomes all hurdles.


Libra, the Sign of Scale

Libra is a sign of the scale and therefore balance and fairness are very important to the Libra woman. The Gemini man completely understands the nature of the Libra woman and deal with it accordingly. They both share their sides of responsibilities, chores and workload equally. The sensitive nature of the Gemini man keeps the Libra woman happy and gives her a sense of being cared for and looked after.

However the flirtatious behavior of the Gemini man is quick to make the Libra woman insecure. The Gemini man is afraid of commitment but once he commits, he loves beyond any boundaries and gives the Libra woman a sense of security. By dispeling her fears, the Gemini man is sure to keep her happy and loved.

This union is a lifetime one and once formed will exceed any out there. The indecisiveness of Libra woman is completed by Gemini man as he is adaptable and kind. His calm and cool minded nature can easily pacify her and help her make decisions instead of making them in her stead; doing so, makes the Libra woman happy and she falls more for the sensitive and loving nature of the Gemini man.

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The Emotions of a Libra Woman

The emotions of a Libra woman are very much in sync with that of a Gemini man. Not only do they understand each other at a deeper level but they can easily communicate and learn about each other step by step. Both being the air signs, are attentive to their partner’s mental and emotional needs.

The love of a Libra woman is unique. When she falls in love, she wants to enter into the world of her partner and know everything about him. This can be a little taxing on a Gemini man as he is not that open to emotions and likes being reserved. With the considerable and persistence nature of the Libra woman, he can open up to her.

The Emotions of a Gemini Man

No matter how much their chemistry and love might be in sync, both the Gemini man and the Libra woman need to understand and accept each other’s differences. This might take time but when they do, it will strengthen their bond. A Gemini man is always in need of respect and praise, something the carefree nature of the Libra woman doesn’t understand easily. This might hurt him and lead to various conflicts. A Gemini man needs to feel he is in charge and this is very hard for a Libra woman who is used to her own freedom. However, with love the Gemini man can teach her how to respect, love and take care of him and if she truly loves him, she will be happy to comply.

They have a very special relationship and have much in common. The fun loving nature of a Gemini man goes well with the carefree fun loving nature of a Libra woman. That’s why it is very easy for them to get along well. They have this connection which is felt in any form of a relationship between them; whether it’s friendship or a love bond. Most of the Gemini and Libra relationships are friendships converted into a love relationship and we have this very example in Kardashian and West’s relationship. Both are good friends turned into lovers.

Any form of conflict is based on Libra’s “balance”. As long as a Libra woman knows how to balance the relationship, their love will reach the stars. The Libra woman is prone to get stubborn and this can clash with the warm and compassionate nature of the Gemini man. The Gemini man is flexible but when it comes to the stubbornness of the Libra woman, he is helpless. She is not the one who lets go easily and after some time, the Gemini man pulls back. This not only angers but upsets the Libra woman and it makes her question their love. The stubbornness of the Libra woman rubs the Gemini man wrongly and his fun-loving nature doesn’t allow him to keep up long in such a relationship. However, if the Libra woman understands his personality and doesn’t let the balance tip, their relationship is not the one to easily break.


Compatibility Between The Two

With so many common traits backing them up, if both the Gemini man and the Libra woman approach the relationship with maturity, their relationship will progress into a more loving one. It all depends on the Libra woman’s ability to keep balance in the relationship and to not let her stubbornness get in the way of their love. If she lets go of the attributes that annoys or upsets her man, he will love her more. The secret to winning the heart of the Gemini man is to not get in the way of his fun loving and carefree nature. He might be adaptable but he is not the one to change his nature and that can hurt the sensitive Libra woman and put misunderstandings between the two.

In order for both of them to live in harmony, the Libra woman and the Gemini man need to prioritize their relationship above all else and work at eliminating their own flaws while accepting the flaws of the other one. Their compatibility might be perfect but they will still have to work at their relationship. No matter how much love there is between a Gemini man and a Libra woman, their differences can lead to a broken relationship.

Yet the romantic and endearing nature of the Libra woman attracts the Gemini guy and he falls for her feminity. She has the ability to take him by the hand and lead him anywhere and the Gemini man has this tendency to worship her and follow her everywhere. Overall, their relationship is one to be envied, provided they work on making their union a happy and loved one.

Here's Kim's zodiac breakdown:


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Celebrity couples are mysterious relationship with Zodiac Compatibility.There compatibility give message us for happy life and doing better in every event of life.I have found it same which give me message of happy marriage life

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