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Your Blessings Are Paid For! Receive Them Today.

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Our ways are not His ways.

"Get this course to earn a handsome amount of money," "You gotta do more to lose weight," "You need to have the self-control to get rid of this habit," "You gotta try, try, try." While we all have heard these statements once or often, all our efforts and hard work leave us exhausted and drained even more.

The more we try., the more we get drained. The more we put all our strength, the more we feel weak and helpless. And before you know it, all these demands begin to feel heavy on your shoulders. You start to feel overwhelmed, inadequate and weaker.

Well, the truth is that you don’t have to bear it all because Christ fulfilled all your demands on the cross 2000 years ago. You no longer have to worry that if you do nothing, nothing will happen.

God has sanctified us.

As I was meditating on the word, the Lord recently opened my eyes and gave me a revelation. I may have heard this a thousand times in the church, but suddenly I got to see it one day. In Egypt, while the nation's people faced one judgment after another and struggled relentlessly, the people of God (Israelites) were free from any dangers. Although afraid, they did not have to face any of those judgments. The Lord showed me how he made a difference between the people of Egypt and the people of His covenant. When darkness was all over Egypt, the Israelites had lights in their dwellings. And we all know that it was not natural darkness or natural light; otherwise, Egyptians could also light a candle. However, the Bible says that the darkness was so deep that no one got up from their place for three days (Exodus 10:22-23).

You see, there is a huge difference between those who believe in Christ and the world. The reason why Christians suffer along with the world is that they walk in the ways of the world.

No, I am not talking about the sins and mistakes because Christ has redeemed us and given us His everlasting righteousness. That case of our sins is forever settled!

What I am talking about is the ways to become successful, healed, and attain health and peace in our lives.

One day as I was feeling overwhelmed about how to take my career to the next level, I went to the internet. I searched and searched, watched videos, and listened to a thousand pieces of advice. I began to feel like sinking. I can't do this or that, I don't have this degree, that certification, and soon I got myself into unnecessary worries.

Days later, God spoke to me; He told me that no matter what, you will always be provided for, not because of your efforts, your doings but because of the cross.

Receive, don’t earn

You see, Jesus became poor on the cross that we might become rich through His poverty. He took the stripes so that we could stay healed and whole. He wore the crown of thorns so that we could stay peaceful wearing the crown of glory and honor.

My friend, I am not saying that we should do nothing. But what's important is- our belief. Do we believe in our heavenly Father who cares about the birds, numbers our hairs, Feed the birds, and clothes the grass with beautiful flowers, and how much more does He cares about us?

Suppose you have a son or a daughter and they need something. Will you ask them to go get the work done and then give them food or things they want? Perhaps many of us will do this. But our heavenly Father is not like us. He is a good good Father. The moment you need something, straightaway, His answer is Yes, take this, my child.

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Your blessings are purchased on the Cross

Even now, if Satan puts doubts in your heart that God will not do it for you (when you are asking for a breakthrough), there is evidence that God will do it for you.


When God gave Jesus for all of us, how shall He not FREELY give us all things with Him? My friend, the Lord gave up His only begotten Son for you so that He saves you first from your sins and then from every adverse situation in your life. Your dreams and your desires matter to Him. The greatest extent one can go for him whom the person loves is to die for him. While our lovers may say that they will die for us, The Love of God is already proved in the death He died for all of us.

The Israelites were saved from judgments in Egypt not because of what they did or didn't but because of the covenant that Yahweh God cut with their Father Abraham.

When the Lord promised Abraham that He would make Abraham father of nations, Abraham asked what's the guarantee that God would fulfill His promise. God took that question seriously, and God (Yahweh) cut the covenant not with Abraham but with Jesus as Abraham's representative. That incident is the picture of the cross.

In ancient times, by cutting the animals, the two kings would cross between them, meaning that if any of them breaks the promise, it shall be to them like these animals (they will have to die). But God in the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud crossed each other from in between the animals.

Your blessings are paid for.

God the Father and God the Son crossed each other. Because Yahweh God Himself is the Father and Son, the covenant meant that if God did not keep the promise, He should have to suffer, and if Abraham broke the promise, God would pay the price on his behalf. Since God is perfect and there is no flaw, even when Abraham or his generations thereafter did not keep the covenant of God, God was faithful to them. It was because of the Passover lamb that is the picture of Christ.

Therefore, you see, my friend, today also, God will provide for you, heal you and bless you for the sake of the cross, no because of our deeds. But because of His Cross. Cross is the symbol of His everlasting covenant of Grace. He promises that He will remember our sins no more. Today, He is not demanding anything from us, instead with open arms He is ready to supply whatever you need.

The cross makes the difference between the world and you, the believer of Christ.

No matter what, you will prosper, get that dream job, get the promotion, and it shall be well with you because Jesus has paid it all on the cross. Even if things do not turn out as you expected, never lose hope because you are the seed of Abraham through faith. Irrespective of your actions, the Lord will bless you and your family if you believe in the perfect sacrifice of Christ!

So, believe!! Now is the time to receive all the blessings from your Abba Father!!

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