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Your Soul! the Placement of Your Moon at Birth Holds the Key to Your Soul's Mystery and Your Soul's Power!

Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.

Selected Moon Positions and Distinctive Soul Types

Moon in Pisces - The Oceanic Soul

In the 1970's, mother and son, my mother from a "professorial" level, casting horoscopes; and myself, as her student, was reading, studying and learning.

"Son, you have Moon in Pisces. This blends psychic insight and otherworldliness with the oceanic, predictive and sensitive level. Piscarian and Lunar qualities together."

"Blend?" That sounds like way too much PSYCHIC!" I was puzzled as to what she was saying.

"Yes, it does. But "Moon in Scorpio" will sound oh so different."

Moon In Scorpio - The Mysterious Soul

Scorpio is the most suspicious and paranoid of the sun signs. Imagine deep dark lunar clouds obscuring your view. Referring to your "mixed states", because of the murky insight that you are not being blessed with, you will ascend to higher levels of "Sherlock Holmes" efforts in order to solve your "crimes".

Earth's Moon is Highly Distinctive


Remember the Moon Sign is a More Deeply Realized State

Moon in Cancer - The Familial Soul

As a Moon in Cancer, you will find that family and jobs of your family mean much to you. Private moods and sentiments tend to join together and create a unity in your heart. Like a mothering crab, you will be serious about family.

Moon in Gemini - The Communicative Soul

Geminis communicate continuously. Observing, watching, chattering. Since they do talk a lot, don't assume that they don't also think a lot. When their processes are submerged as in the Moon, they can be like an old fashioned Steam Engine with billows of energy sent skyward. Or the energy sent skyward can be subtle, like an Einstein-cooked process creating invisible heat.

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Moon in Libra - The Balancing Soul

Cool and mellow, dignified and judicious. Sometimes Libra can be very stately. When in a deep state of struggle, the Balancing Soul can approach a state of stillness or an anger that makes its balances jangle and swing to where a noisy rage can usher forth from their interior; more like a scream.

Moon in Aquarius - The Philosophizing Soul

The Image of the Water Bearer spreading its contents out over the land is probably the most vivid in the zodiac. It is a simple symbol. The Aquarius in action, at a bar can talk about this and that subject with a relish that begs for a listen. When the soul is engaged, they often take on the warmth and kindness of a ministerial counselor. This kind of Soul can be downright caring and loving.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Moon in Aries - The Initiating Soul

The dynamic Aries is famous for beginning well, but not necessarily finishing well. Aries will confess this openly to that, because they are not that guilty over that trait. They are full of fire and can begin and begin again. However when the Moon is in Aries, the reverse can turn out to be true. As they age, they can become fabulous finishers. They studiously apply themselves to their Soul's work.

Moon in Leo - The Proud Soul

Pride like a bold lion in its ravenous youth has a way of carrying itself across the Serengeti, and moving its way across herds of prey. When your soul is inhabited by a memory of greatness, even though you remember the "days of youth"; you can find a flat rock. You can sleep under a magnificent tree and linger long in your grand memory. Pride has a way of lingering.

Moon in Sagittarius - The Chevalier Soul

Horses can be such elegant and stately creatures. Trotting, jumping, leaping, rearing up. Then staring with great intensity and blustering. They are sociable, singular, war like and deeply at peace. As a soulful horse you can quietly, serenely maintain that moon state. That Chevalier you can hold in high esteem. You are not a Predator. In your deep interior you can reside in Dignity.

The End of Things, Ask Marie Antoinette, Can Be Hard. Pray for Good Endings!


Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Moon in Taurus - The Practical Soul

If the mellow, calm, easy manner of a Taurus is in your horoscope, (aside from the moon) consider yourself quite blessed. If you do have the Moon in Taurus, I could give a warning that might challenge that "practicality". In a part of "simplicity" you can run into "laziness". That kind of quality can put a capital "R" in Retirement. That is something to be noted in the quietude of relaxation.

Moon in Virgo - The Critical Soul

Virgo can pick, point out error, make distinctions, seek the nuanced ideal, and repeat the need for perfection. And oh yes, cry out for others need for major fixing. If you have a Moon in Virgo---Check your Horoscope and see if you do! Try to do some major Healing in the Depth of your Soul.

Moon in Capricorn - The Achieving Soul

It's hard to Overachieve. Capricorns do it grandly. They are so positive, so organized, big planners, hard working and responsible. If you happen to be a Moon in Capricorn, you are a blessed one! Yes, try not to make fun of people try your best to close things out well. Don't laugh at others!

© 2021 Christofer French

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