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Young, Rich And Cordial - Dr Khehlelezi Inyanga Yodumo

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Inyanga Yodumo

Dr Khehlelezi - Inyanga Yodumo

Dr Khehlelezi - Inyanga Yodumo

Rich Traditional Healer

Rich Traditional Healer

Who Is Dr Khehlelezi?

The proudly Co- Founder and Executive of copious business entities including the famous Mzo Lifestyle has a directive of further establishing his brand to streamline traditional medicine, religion and amalgamate religion and culture to help the people from South Africa to be a better version of themselves and to inculcate beautiful Africans about the significance of the power of our traditional practices.

Overlord in Sovereigns, Healer In Healers, Mr Moneybags Dr Khehlelezi famous by Inyanga Yodumo.

Bhongolethu Mzozo is a well known ingenious South African traditional healer. He uplifted the people of KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape by merging African tradition into Christianity then Celebrity Lifestyle, then business and everything came out as pure wealthy.

The father of Lilitha Mzozo, Dr Khehlelezi Eastern cape Born and went through his spiritual journey in Zimbabwe, at a younger age of 13 he was already a phenomenal Traditional healer. The owner of numerous sport cars and a R25 Million mansion in the Eastern Part Of KwaZulu Natal.

Dr Khehlelezi is a radio presenter at Vuma FM, actually i can say in every radio station he visit then he leaves a mark of a lot of listeners for that specific radio station. Recently he was invited in one of the highly listened radio stations in Zimbabwe. Then i beg your pardon, Which Other South African Traditional Healers have performed like him?

Dr Mzo Inyanga Yodumo

Dr Khehlelezi's Background

Inyanga Yodumo - Dr Khehlelezi

Don't allow energy of negative people to affect you but Let Positive be anything and Negative be nothing. Clearly this is a procedure Dr Khehlelezi use's toward the way he approaches success. I love him because of the words he say. I love his work his true prophets but mostly his technique of approaching life. Dr Khehlelezi is one type of a person who never become jealousy of others.

Do you remember the car challenge. A multi million car but Dr Khehlelezi made R400000 from the SMS money and people said that he scammed them and made excess profit from people. That is the negativity i am talking about because he didn't even make a profit instead lost more than R1 Million to someone he doesn't know at all. Now think about how many individuals have done that in South Africa. Not even a pastor and a traditional healer have done that. This tells us that Dr Khehlelezi is different from others.

Going through his YouTube videos, he always aim this statement that you should not be stingy because you buy a blessing. He goes on to paying R7.5 Million to a Spanish pastor to buy a blessing. what do you say about that.

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My personal voice to people is that value other people hence you will be successful. Our very own Dr Khehlelezi is the proof of that.

Dr Khehlelezi's Life style

Dr Khehlelezi Praying

Dr Khehlelezi In deep Prayer

Dr Khehlelezi In deep Prayer

Facts About Dr Khehlelezi

To remind you of history on 15 February 2021, Dr Khehlelezi made history worldwide when he removed a spell against him at church which was mainly aimed at killing him. The day i will never forget (Well you can always reflect on it for more information). Apparently Dr Khehlelezi was prophesizing at church and there pointed and picked out a lady carrying a spell which was made by her husband and made to destroy him. Then the lady confessed the rest.

On 8 February 2022 Dr Khehlelezi went inside deep running water and withdrew a stash of dry money covered with plastic. He went on to explain that it is a payment for a major job from Cape Town. He said his ancestors showed him that his money has arrived. All these scene's are recorded and not edited.

Every single time he preaches then that is when he deliver a lot of facts about his followers, people who are having complicated lifetime troubles and losing life. The power in Dr Khehlelezi is able to save them from all the hardships they are facing. Now this gives us a clear view on what is Dr Khehlelezi is capable of.

Once in a blue moon when he was proving to people that his power is superlative, it is when he disclosed a stolen car. They went with police officers and as a team to get a stolen car. An Audi was found in the bushes, this shows the power of Dr Khehlelezi.

Rating Dr Khehlelezi

Dr Khehlelezi In A Radio Station

Dr Khehlelezi With Ngizwe Mnchunu On A Radio Station

Dr Khehlelezi With Ngizwe Mnchunu On A Radio Station

Dr Khehlelezi Disclosing A Spell Against Him At Church

Dr Khehlelezi Fetching Money From The River

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