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You Can Find Angels in Nature and They Can Renew Your Soul


The world tries to portray angels as fairy tale beings. The world tries to destroy the sources of God's love! The world is trying to remove God's name from human laws. Dear brothers, this world is no longer good for us Christians! Satan has taken over and it seems to me that he wants to capture more and more human souls. The weapon of Satan is not a sharp sword! His weapon is called a 'lie'! If you open your eyes in the name of Christ, you will see that over 80 percent of the world's media is in Satan's hands! He is the chief editor of the evil media! His greatest victory is that every day more and more people trust him.


Many Christians have failed the test of wisdom! Christians have knelt before Satan since they allowed evil schools to teach their children! These evil schools teach that Satan does not exist, that hell does not exist, and that God and His angels are fictitious creatures! The evil schools teach the children to accept evil as something good! This world is woven of satanic lies!
Hell is reserved for those who poison their children with false teachings! Please understand what is written in the Bible and compare those words with what is happening today in this "modern" world! Send your children to private Christian schools and teach them to serve God, not Satan! Satan wants to change the roots of our thinking. He wants to destroy the truth and everything related to the truth! You are not even aware of the danger that has caught you in shackles. Satan wants to change these words from God: Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; Male and Female he created them.


Where can you find angels?

You can find angels in nature, far away from the world and people! Being in Nature, or even just looking at nature scenes, removes all evil and bad energy! You cannot see angels, but you can feel their energy in every sound of nature. Angels can renew your soul when you interact with them. The best way to get in touch with the angels is to pray, far away from other people, somewhere in nature! In the last 30 years, many studies have shown that exposure to nature (e.g. visually or through active engagement) is beneficial for human health. Nature was created for us, and we were created to preserve, shape and love nature. Humans cannot survive without nature. Humans and nature are uniquely and inextricably linked. Nature is the workshop of God. Everything around us seems to say that there must be someone who has planned everything and keeps everything under his control. Without God and angels, this world is vain, gloomy and meaningless. Everything that has no rational purpose, that is only instinctive, that is not planned, that does not lead to a goal, that does not solve anything, that does not save or sustain life, is meaningless. He who is wise seeks the meaning of his life and finds it!

The goal of life is to return to the Father, and angels are there to help us along the way! Everything on earth, suffering and pleasures, invite us to return to our source, God, to become strong and happy again as God who is our Father. If we think deeper, there can be no greater and more magnificent goal.

Be grateful because angels are watching over you. Be grateful for each day and remember that gratitude widens your heart and makes it joyful!



Angel of God,
my Guardian dear,
to whom His love
commits me here,
ever this day (or night)
be at my side,
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

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Guardian angel protect me at night and day!
Hear my prayer when I pray!
Please protect me with your light
and never lose me from your sight.

Your light makes my aura brighter
Your presence makes me a better man
Help me when life gets rough
Help me to achieve God's plan.

Talk with me through the silence,
Your voice is so mild
like mother's words good night
which she says trying not to wake up her child.

Help me to understand your signs
Help me to understand your guidelines
Guide me on the path of peace and light
Protect me in the darkest night.


© 2022 Dream Lover

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