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You Are Very Lucky If You Are a Taurus, This Is Why

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They Don't Brag

The Leo is a sign that you would expect bragging about how great they are, but the actual credit should go to the humble Taurus. Sometimes, the people in this sign are slightly shy, and it may take more time than usual to get to know them. Once a Taurus learns to be extroverted and outgoing, they really enjoy it and may even start being slightly annoying, but their smarts, looks and charisma make it easy to forgive them.

Emotional Intelligence

The Taurus is one of the most charismatic signs in the zodiac. Usually people in this sign have high emotional intelligence, can sense what others are feeling or even thinking, but at the same time, the Taurus is in control of his/her own emotions. It takes a lot to make a Taurus angry, but you really shouldn’t push your luck, because once a Taurus gets deeply disappointed in you, you can’t do anything to get them back.


Ambition and Power of Character

This zodiac sign is extremely powerful because it has a wonderful blend of ambition and intelligence, meaning , that the Taurus will not quit his/her goals easily. On the other hand, the Taurus is not a stubborn sign in the classical and rigid way, contrary to that he/she will be persistent in an intelligent way using a calculated measure of assertiveness and patience to achieve his/her goals.


The Taurus is a passionate character, enjoys food, wine and art, or if they are more of the sports type of personality, you will probably find them watching and cheering for their favorite sports team alongside with a cold bear. If they are not professional athletes, don’t expect the Taurus to do sports of fitness. They have a “do, or do not” policy and want high standards in all that they devote themselves to, or they don’t even start in the first place, some people may interpret this trait as laziness.

The Taurus Lover

Taurus signs are most often passionate lovers and will make everything to express their love and appreciation to their partner. They are creative and have a subtle character, that will make you fell warm, bathing in appreciation. If you are jealous at your Taurus partner it’s non of your fault, they are attractive, very easy going, relaxed and yet they somehow make an impression and get noticed everywhere they turn up.


At Work

At work, or generally in their professional life, the Taurus is not a sign that loves hard work. There is an exception however, if the Taurus is on a mission to achieve a very ambitious goal, he/she might work 3 or 4 times than the average employee. Then again, this sign doesn’t love authority and it’s not likely to work hard unless he/she is the boss. If the Taurus find themselves in the average job position, they will appear as very lazy, and jet they will have always done just enough to escape conflicts and trouble.

Leisure and Recreation

When hanging out with friends or competing at some game or activity, the Taurus is one of those signs that just doesn’t want to loose. Unlike other zodiac signs, the Taurus is not likely to openly show his/her frustration or even be aggressive, but will likely make gentle fun of others and put a lot of effort in competitive games. Arguably, the Taurus will put more effort in leisure and recreational competitive activities with his/her friends than his professional job. They might seem relaxed and easy going, but they really want to win. They will be very persistent and keep playing until they win, or may even practice secretly on their own.


As a friend, the Taurus is a true treasure, very loyal and supportive. If you have a good Taurus friend, you can talk with them about whatever you like and be sure they will handle your emotions and sensitive information with delicate care. They will give you a sincere advice and won’t criticize you excessively. The Taurus doesn’t need a perfect world, just some barbecue and a cold bear. However, the Taurus does subconsciously expect some amount of emotional support and compassion for his ideas, problems or values, and if he/she considers you as a close friend, you better respect his/her feelings.

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mdosmanali on August 08, 2018:


isaacomanga on June 12, 2018:


Filip Stojkovski (author) on June 07, 2018:

Hey guys, I'm happy that you liked this hub. It has some comedy aspect to it, but at the same time I tried to describe some specific character attributes. It wasn't too difficult since I'm a Taurus myself and have some close friends that are the same sign as well. I had fun writing this one, and seems you had fun too. Cheers!

Xavier Nathan from Isle of Man on June 07, 2018:

Mr Happy sent me your hub to read and being born May 12th your hub describes me perfectly. :)

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on June 07, 2018:

This is all very strange how some of these general characteristics from the zodiac signs actually fit the people born in that month.

I'm not a Taurus but I know some Tauruses and many of the things written here are true, in my opinion.

Fun hub - thanks for putting it together. Cheers!

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