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You Find The Answers

You Find The Answers

Whence came the concept of sin or a god to obey?
From where came the devil or hell where sinners pay?
Where do man find the tree of the knowledge of evil and good?
Where is the Garden in Eden which man left but never should?
Is there a The Tree of Life that can cause man to live forever,
or a heaven where there is endless joy and sorrows never?
Why were man, during creation, told to replenish the earth?
Why are all things of value given value of a monetary worth?
If woman came from a man's rib when it all first began
why isn't a child born man and the divisions done again and again?
When given a choice, why is one right and another wrong?
Whence came the concept it's not good for man to live alone?
What is the garden Allah has prepared for that special few?
How did forty days of rain cover the earth and mountains too?

Buddha means becoming enlightened, the Messiah's anointing too,
so why is the Buddha in error and the Messiah's words held true?
Yehuveh means I AM THAT I AM and what is is what it be,
so since we are what we are, why isn't God you or me?
If the mystery is revealed by understanding the things that be
where is the one with wisdom enough to cause us to see?
If we can pose the questions, then there are answers too,
and the responsibility for finding them is left up to us is True?


manatita44 from london on January 11, 2020:

A beautiful piece! You are, to me, much more lucid with poetry. Do more. Peace.

Elijah A Alexander Jr (author) from Washington DC on January 10, 2020:

Thanks, Kasha's Too, that is what I'm encouraging everyone to do for themselves and stop believing those "Preachers for Money's" concept of what life is about. When you have time look as some of the revelations of the Bible's message is.

Kas Too on January 09, 2020:

Brilliantly well-spoken.

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