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Yocona River Bottom: A True Encounter With The Unknown

I write a wide variety of genres about people, places, things, and animals. Some are factual and fictional articles. This is a true story.

An Introduction to Yocona River Bottom

Most of you have read or at least heard of the works of William Faulkner and his fictitious Yoknapatawpha County. Well, this legendary county never existed; however, Yoknapatawpha was the name the Chickasaw Indians gave to Yocona River before Europeans arrived in the area. In the native language, it means, "water flows slow through flat land."

Faulkner's fiction originates from the Indian name, but Yocona River is real, as well as a small settlement by that name in Northeast, Mississippi. There are many legends that abound about this area, including strange sightings and other unexplained phenomena seen and heard there. However, the article you are about to read is a true account of an unexplained occurrence.

Gravel road similar to the Boy Scout Road, Randolph, Ms. where the Yocona River bridge is located

Gravel road similar to the Boy Scout Road, Randolph, Ms. where the Yocona River bridge is located

The Stage is Set For a Frightening Encounter

It was a winter night in 1971 when a 17-year-old boy was driving home from his girlfriend's house near Randolph, Mississippi. This particular Sunday Night was not bitterly cold and a thin fog hung in the air like smoke from a battlefield.

The young man felt an uneasiness in his stomach as he approached the Yocona River Bottom that stretched for several miles across the landscape. There were no houses in this part of the river bottom, just woods and an occasional field. The teen didn't know why he had this strange feeling, for he had crossed this place many times before without incident, but tonight was different. There was something in the river bottom that was just not right, and he knew he had to go this way to get home.

River at night

River at night

An Approach to Terror

The car that the nervous young man was driving was a 1965 Mercury Comet Convertible, and even though the top was up, he felt very vulnerable that foggy night. The road he was traveling on was dirt and gravel, and the bridges were narrow wooden structures that didn't have side rails. The first bridge that he approached in the bottom was the Yocona River Bridge itself. It was a short bridge because it was near the headwaters of the river, and the river at this point was no more than a wide ditch.

As the young man made his approach to the bridge, he saw the first one! It appeared as a huge red reflector on the bridge guardrail, but he remembered there were no guard rails on this bridge. As he drove closer, the light seemed to make a 180-degree turn, and then he could see the whole form. It had changed to a soft white light that appeared to be something wearing a long shimmering garment, but he saw no face, just the form of a being that stood about as tall as a 6-foot man. Even though he could not see a face, he could see the shape of the head, which seemed long and narrow. It was like nothing he'd ever seen before, and whatever this thing was, it appeared to be watching him.

This fog is a little thicker than the night I saw the unexplainable

This fog is a little thicker than the night I saw the unexplainable

No Place to Escape The Creature

There was no place to go, but drive past it, and it stood in the roadway on the right side of the entrance to the narrow bridge. "Will it reach down through the cloth top of the convertible and be upon me?" He thought. But there was no time to think, as he pushed the gas pedal to the floor, and sped by the thing and crossed the bridge. As he reached the other side, he looked to his left, and there on another road that led into a field, stood more of the creatures in what appeared to be a circle. They all looked the same. He looked in his rearview mirrors and could no longer see the first one; it was gone. "Was it on top of his cloth topped convertible?" he wondered?

As the terrified young man sped home, he was continually wondering if one or more of the beings was there with him; just waiting for him to open his door to get out. Nothing happened for the ten-mile ride to his house, but when he arrived, he laid into the horn, hoping to awaken his sleeping family. As soon as the vehicle came to rest, he opened the door and charged into the dining room, falling as he reached the inside.

The unknown beings were similar to this

The unknown beings were similar to this

The Safety of Home

To his relief, he was met by his brother and an uncle, who listened to his story of what had happened. He told them he wanted them to return with him to Yocona Bottom, and try and determine what he had seen. His uncle and brother had never seen him this frightened and agreed to go back with him. The three took shotguns and returned to the place he had seen the beings, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

With guns in hand, the three exited the vehicle and walked in the muddy drive that led into the field. There were absolutely no footprints there but the ones they made, and an inspection of the edge of the roadway, where the boy had seen the first being, revealed no footprints.

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The map below shows the location of this strange occurrence. If you click on "satellite" on the map, it will bring up the picture.

This Incident is Still a Mystery

The boy and the girl went their separate ways after this incident, with one reason being the boy's fear of crossing the bottom at night alone. Not many years after this incident, another thing happened to him that he could not explain, but it wasn't as drastic as this occurrence.

He wished many times he had been older and had stopped to find out what he had seen, but maybe it is better that he didn't. You see, this frightened young man was me, and I might not have been here to write this article if I had stopped; I will never know!

This is a true incident that happened over 40 years ago, and it is still as fresh as if it happened yesterday.

© 2018 Gerry Glenn Jones


Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on November 06, 2018:

Mama dog, I told you about it years ago when we were working together.

Momma dog on November 04, 2018:

Damn pup,

Some story.

Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on October 20, 2018:

Yes, Pamela, this one is real. I try to specify when something isn't, but sometimes it's confusing to people.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on October 20, 2018:

This is amazing and very scary. I would have put the pedal to the metal also. You sure have a number of scary happenings in MS. I never can decide what is real and what is a figment of our imagination when something like this occurs. I do not doubt that this one is real. Scary article for sure.

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