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Wtf Reading for Aquarius, Leo, and Cancers

I do not even know what to say about this tarot reading, it had me in tears. you know it if you are here reading it.


The Cards

General Overall Energy

8 of Cups, Queen of Wands, The Magician, The Hanged Man, King of Cups, and King of Swords.

The 8 of Cups and the Queen of Wands tell me that every time you start to gain your confidence and make use of your creativity, something happens that triggers your abandonment issues. If not that, you are walking away from something or someone that you love, and it is causing you to shut down and go within. I know that you are on the verge of going through a spiritual awakening (if not already), and that's because of the heavy pain the 8 of cups is bringing you. I pulled the Temperance card here as the clarifying card, which confirms you are taking some time to figure shit out and grow from do not want to allow any other person "in" without vetting them thoroughly.

The Magician and the Hanged Man also tells me that even though you have to go within to find the balance you seek in your life, you may waste too much time on the mundane issues instead of using this time to dig deep to address the real issue at hand.

Another story I am getting here is that somebody around you is tricky, (hope this is not you, but energy can be reversed), and it is only a matter of time before karma meets them with their fair share of bullshit. They have caused you a lot of pain, and you will finally get the good things coming to you, (because you did not retaliate, you kept your side of the story quiet and classy). To clarify I actually pulled the Justice Card here, and that is why I said karma will be on the way to settle the score for you.

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King of Cups and King of Swords says that you have tons of wisdom and experience that only comes from love and pain. At the same time, you appreciate love and you honor it, you now know it should be respected. It can cut you deep, like the sword the king holds in his hand.

You stand in your truth and you do it from a place of dignity. You have so much to say, so much you could put out there, but you choose to wait. You are waiting for the right time or the right outlet. The things you say to others can destroy their world, or motivate them to fight back. They knew you weren't a quitter, so did they expect you to wallow forever? They underestimate you, but theirs is coming.

Vengeance is the Lord's.

You took the harsh words, the insults, and pain...and are building an empire.


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© 2022 Bri Smith

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