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Desiring God

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Humans have worshiped God for a very long period of time and desired his blessing and protection. We have always been fascinated by the things around us and wondered who might have created them. Thus we began to praise and worship the creator in hopes of drawing his favor. Not only did people in one part of the world alone worship God but all around the world, every race of people began to worship God even though they had no contact with one another. However, people from different parts of the world and over different time spans worshiped different Gods. This varied from natural elements such as the sun, fire, moon, etc. to beasts and mythological beings. No matter who we considered being our God, the purpose remained the same.



Desire God:

We all need someone to support us and give us strength. It is always good when we have someone to stand by our side always and guide us. God has served this purpose for us all. Just knowing that there is someone there for us who will never let us down is enough to keep us going through any difficulty. There are times in our lives when we lose all hope and fall into depression. It is during these times that our faith in God and the trust we have in his strength and grace that saves us. Having our trust in another person may fail us but if we have our trust in God we will never be put to shame. A person’s faith and belief in God is enough to shape his character and guide him on the right path.



Be Thankful and Pray:

It is true that God is a place of refuge for those who are suffering and broken. However, that doesn’t mean that we must seek him only in times of need. It is not uncommon to see people neglecting God when things seem to be going well and then suddenly turn to God when everything starts falling apart. Some people start to lose their faith when things go wrong for them. But God always gives us the courage to face any problem. We forget about the millions of disasters he has averted for us and hangs on to that one single problem we have. We complain to God for having a small injury in our leg whereas someone who doesn’t even have a leg is praising God with all his heart. Whom do you think will be blessed by God? If we do not praise God when we are happy, we do not deserve to pray to him for his grace in times of strife. It is true that God is merciful and kind. But that doesn’t mean we can take advantage of his kindness. Our conscience must hurt us every time we turn away from God. We must not consider the act of praising God as a moral obligation. We need to learn to praise God even during hard times with all our heart. Everything happens for a reason and we have an all-powerful God watching over us through it all.


There are however some people who take things to the extreme. Extreme forms of worship have been prevalent from ancient times. The Aztecs offered live human sacrifices to appease God. Even nowadays there are various cults who perform many bizarre and extreme traditions. And there is the other extreme end containing the atheists. These are people who deny the existence of God himself. We don’t need to prove the existence of God in any way. Our own existence is more than enough proof of that. And it is enough to keep God in our hearts always to appease him. He doesn’t need our money or ask us to make any sacrifices. He just needs a place in our hearts.




True faith doesn’t look for signs or proofs. We need to have blind faith in God. If we waver at the slightest sign of failure then we do not have true faith. Our lives must be centered on God. We must lead a God-fearing life. This is the same as having a good conscience. If we try to do something wrong our conscience must not allow it. The fear of our own conscience is greater than anything else. We ourselves know what is right or wrong and if we just have a clear conscience then that alone is enough to lead a life that is right in the eyes of God. You don’t need a holy place to say prayers and it’s never too late to start. Being a good human in real life is all that is needed. It is true that sometimes we may lose our cool and start blaming God. But to err is human and God is divine enough to forgive us for our sins. But it is our duty to do our best to stay faithful and true to him.

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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Who is God?

There are a lot of religions around the world now and each religion has a different God. However, we forget to remember that we are all worshiping the same God. The name might be different, the form of worship might be different but it is inevitable we are all worshiping the same God in the end. It is highly unlikely that half of the people on earth were created by one God and the other half by another. The teachings of all religions are also very similar to each other. Although the name might vary, the purpose remains the same. We are all united by the fact that we were created by one God.

True Strength:

As I had mentioned earlier, worshiping God has given us a sense of security and strength. Whenever we feel helpless, it is the faith we have in God that gives us the much-needed strength. It also acts as a placebo. When someone is really sick, if he has the faith that God will cure him then this itself acts as a placebo for helping him heal. Without God, our lives would lose all meaning. Our conscience is entwined with the fact that we will be punished by God if we do something wrong. If there is no God, there is no such conscience. Hence there will be no morality or the sense of right or wrong. The presence of God in our lives has accomplished a lot more than what we can imagine. As long as he is silently protecting us, we are in good hands.

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Neville666 on October 21, 2017:

Hey , I’m not brooding over my future . It’s the future of mankind that I am sorry for . It’s because of people not doing anything about putting the world right from the start that has resulted in mankind’s and the worlds forceable end . So as many have said , don’t panic keep calm and carry on what will be will be has led us to this inevitable stage of the end of the brief story of mankind .

Random Thoughts (author) from Chennai, India on October 21, 2017:

Personally I am not that much bothered by it. If it's your time to go then so be it. No good ever comes from brooding over your future when even the next minute is uncertain. Its better to just hope for the best and move forward.

Neville666 on October 21, 2017:

I am not overly religious but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that the end of days is actually 99% here. Trump is linked to Nostradamus in his predictions with very clear certainty . East is fighting west and trump and Kim are mad enough to use nuclear weapons very shortly . People lie and are corrupt from top to bottom and the whole world has no honour . Earth quakes are everywhere , disasters in the weather and antibiotics are almost at there end of effectiveness . The nuclear bomb is a clear description of one of the horsemen in my opinion . What can we do ? Nothing really apart from pray you are the first to go before society totally breaks down . Good luck

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