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Worship Him in Spirit and Truth

Your Body is His Temple

"For we are the temple of the living God; just as God said, ‘I will dwell in them and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people." (2 Cor 6:16)

"But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." (John 4:23-24)

Ps 34:1-4 “I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the LORD; the humble shall hear it and rejoice. O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.”

Whether you are a pastor of a church or praise leader, or simply entering into the worship experience in your home and prayer closet, this message of worship is so beautiful to the saints.

The Word says God’s temple is in us. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19-20). Oh, the thanksgiving, praise and worship that we have the right and purpose to accomplish! Before we get into the set-up of the Jewish temple and its relationship to the process of thanksgiving, praise and worship, we need to see WHY this is so important!

Praise is the VICTORY!

SING: "The victory is ours, the battle is the LORD's, so lift up the banner of PRAISE!"

Let's first look at Ex 17:10-13 (the lifting of hands wins the battle!)

10 "And Joshua did as Moses told him, and fought against Amalek; and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill.

11 "So it came about when Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed.

12 "But Moses' hands were heavy. Then they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it; and Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other. Thus his hands were steady until the sun set.

13 "So Joshua overwhelmed Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword."

Let’s now look at 2 Chr 20:17-25 (so good, I had to type it all)

17 “ ‘You need not fight in this battle; station yourselves, stand and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem.’ Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out to face them, for the LORD is with you.”

18 “And Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before the LORD, worshiping the LORD.

19 “And the Levites, from the sons of the Kohathites and of the sons of the Korahites, stood up to praise the LORD God of Israel, with a very loud voice.

20 “And they rose early in the morning and went out to the wilderness to Tekoa; and when they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, ‘Listen to me, O Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, put your trust in the LORD your God, and you will be established. Put your trust in His prophets and succeed.’

21 “And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed those who sang to the LORD and those who praised Him in holy attire, as they went out before the army and said, ‘Give thanks to the LORD, for His lovingkindness is everlasting.”

22 And when they began singing and praising, the LORD set ambushes against the sons of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; so they were routed.

23 For the sons of Ammon and Moab rose up against the inhabitants with the inhabitants of Seir, they helped to destroy one another.

24 When Judah came to the lookout of the wilderness, they looked toward the multitude; and behold, they were corpses lying on the ground, and no one had escaped.

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25 And when Jehoshaphat and his people came to take their spoil, they found much among them, including goods, garments, and valuable things which they took for themselves, more than they could carry. And they were three days taking the spoil because there was so much.


The Temple Design: Process of Worship

Ps 100:4 “Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name.”

To understand how we progress into the worship of the Lord in the Holy of Holies (God’s very presence) let’s first look at the set-up of the Jewish temple. It consisted of a wall with gates, the outer courtyard, the inner courtyard where the altar of sacrifice stood, and finally the Holy of Holies where the very presence of God dwelt.


We are told to enter His gates with thanksgiving. Let’s look at what that word thanksgiving means: 8426: an extension of the hand, avowal, adoration, choir of worshippers:-confession, praise, thanksgiving, thanks offering. Ps 134:2; Heb 13:15


Once in the gates, we are in the courts defined as 2691: a yard (as enclosed by a fence), a hamlet (surrounded with walls). Praise God, we are now surrounded by walls, a fortress of protection! God is our fortress as shown in the following scriptures:

Ps 18:2-3 “The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.”

Ps 31:3 “For Thou art my rock and my fortress; for Thy name’s sake Thou wilt lead me and guide me.”


To come into His courts, we must PRAISE defined as 8416: laudation, a hymn of praise. Let’s look at some forms of praise shown in the Bible:

Singing praise songs (Ps 9:11)

Being loud (Ps 33:3, 95:1-6)

Clapping hands and shouting (Ps 47:1)

Making a joyful noise (Ps 98:4)

Musical instruments and dancing (Ps 150:4)

Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Eph 5:19-20)


Now, in the inner court was the altar of sacrifice. Heb 9:7 states “but into the second (holy of holies) only the high priest enters, once a year, not without taking blood, which he offers for himself and for the sins of the people committed in ignorance.”

Who is our sacrifice? Yes, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who shed His perfect and precious blood on the cross for all our sins. Those who believe in Him are called holy to the Lord. He has made us priests! Rev 1:5-6 “To Him who loves us, and released us from our sins by His blood, and He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father; to Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.”

Likewise, as we have been forgiven of our sins, God tells us what we must do before coming to His altar.

Mat 5:23-24 “If therefore you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar, and go your way; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.”

What is our sacrifice to Him?

Rom 12:1 “I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.” Jesus did this for us!

Bring a sacrifice of Praise!

Heb 13:15 “Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.”


The holy of holies was separated from the rest of the temple by a veil or curtain, and only the high priest could enter it. What happened to that veil when Jesus died for our sins? Mat 27:50-51 states “And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit. And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom…” NOW, we who are saved are indeed priests (Rev 1:5-6) and we are called into His holy place to worship Him.

So, to finally enter into the Holy of Holies of our Lord, our God, our Savior, we are to be thankful to Him and bless His name. Thankful here is defined as 3034: to hold out the hand, to revere or worship with extended hands. To bless the Lord is defined as 1288: To kneel, to bless God (adoration), congratulate, praise, to salute, be still.

The Lord tells us to “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10). While in this place, it is time to listen and receive of His glory. Receive His love, His healing, and His direction. Hallelujah!


Judah's Daughter (author) from Roseville, CA on March 01, 2012:

AMEN, kumba!! What a BLESSING to have you come and read!! I praise our LORD God, Jesus Christ, for you!! Dan 7!! AMEN!! Dan 7!! The revelation of Truth!!! Hallelujah!!

kumba on March 01, 2012:

I thank God the the Relation of the thruth, the mystery that was hid from ages is now made manifest to the saints Col 1:26, which is Christ in you the hope of glory Col1:27. Thank God for the Oneness truth. Jesus is the Father, Jesus is the Son, Jesus is the Holy Ghost.I thank you for your labour

Rev. Teddy C. Ryan III from a life in sin saved by the Lord's grace - we are blessed with the ministry in Florida & Georgia on January 10, 2011:

Again, thank you as well... I am finding many great correlations in your spirit-filled HubPages to relate with these various articles. Likewise I will continue sending more "curious minds" your way too. The more we can do to glorify, worship and praise our Lord God, the better. There is enough darkness in the world already, so those of us with a voice (or a "pen") need to "shout it out loud!" in whatever form we can for all the world to hear and see.

My prayers are with you always... keep up the fine work.

Judah's Daughter (author) from Roseville, CA on January 04, 2011:

Thank you, christ4ever!! I just had to go and read your hub before I commented back to you. I left quite a lengthy comment there because it was just so awesome! I recommend it to all readers everywhere! God bless you, also, as we continue in the labor of His love.

Rev. Teddy C. Ryan III from a life in sin saved by the Lord's grace - we are blessed with the ministry in Florida & Georgia on January 04, 2011:

Well said again my dear! -AMEN

I've also linked your article as a "Resource Well Worth Reading", to my series topic:

Keep up the great work as always! ...with continued blessings. :)

Judah's Daughter (author) from Roseville, CA on January 01, 2011:

christ4ever, yes ~ ALL things praise and glorify His name, let EVERYTHING that has breath praise the LORD and ALL things serve Him. While we yet have the Adversary and his followers not praising the LORD God, when all things are restored at His coming, we shall see this once again, as it was in the beginning. He is the Sovereign LORD. God bless you!!

Rev. Teddy C. Ryan III from a life in sin saved by the Lord's grace - we are blessed with the ministry in Florida & Georgia on January 01, 2011:

ALL things praise and glorify His name...

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. (Psalm 150:6 NKJV)

Your laws endure to this day, for all things serve you.(Psalm 119:91 NIV)


Judah's Daughter (author) from Roseville, CA on February 28, 2010:

Thomas Andrews ~ Hello my brother ~ I appreciate your comment, and as “iron sharpens iron”, may I suggest you read my hub “Let Me Tell You WHO GOD IS!”: The Spirit of God and Spirit of Christ are one in the same. Christ Jesus was God Himself in the flesh. Here’s just one scripture of many to show you that He is one: Romans 8:9 “However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him.” We do not have two spirits living in us. We have the Spirit of God in us, so we have the Spirit of Christ. He is the same Spirit. Be blessed!

Thomas Andrews from Arkansas on February 28, 2010:

A good read. "Spirit & truth". Jesus declared he is the truth. And we know that the Holy Spirit was promised to us by Christ. Every Christ received the spirit of Jesus Christ at the time of the new birth. The redeeming spirit of Christ. By this we are made a new creature in Christ Jesus.

But this is not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is the fathers spirit. The Holy Spirit comes and goes at will. But Jesus spirit can never depart from you. He is grafted onto your spirit to make you alive again. If his spirit was to leave you would die on the spot. Do some praying and reseach it. Shalom

Judah's Daughter (author) from Roseville, CA on November 19, 2009:

Thank you, Shetslo! I am so glad you were and are blessed! Our Lord is so awesome and has given us the precious gift of coming into His presence because of His Son! There's no safer place to be than spending beautiful moments with our Father. I so appreciate your coming to read and for blessing me with your comment.

Shetslo on November 19, 2009:

I love the way you relate the temple design with worship in the spirit. Nice song to go with it too. Thank you!

SirDent on August 06, 2009:

On my latest hub there is a song titled Lord You're Holy which is a great song. The song I mentioned in my earlier comment can be found at

Judah's Daughter (author) from Roseville, CA on August 06, 2009:

I found a couple of wonderful worship videos; there are so many ~ I so love to sit, listen, worship and pray. God bless you abundantly, brother.

SirDent on July 20, 2009:

Because God is spirit we cannot worship in the flesh. Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard what God has in store. It is revealed by His Spirit. Good hub. THumbs up.

By the way, the gospel group I play bass in is named Judah.

There is a song titled take me In to the Holy of Holies. You should search for a youtube video and put it here

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