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Worldly Pleasures, Hereafter and the Beginning of New Life Episodes

Yohan12 holds a bachelor's degree in Islamic guidance & counseling, master's degree in education and Doctor Cand. in Islamic Studies

Are you sure your future journey in the hereafter will look sunshiny and green with beautiful flowers like this?

Are you sure your future journey in the hereafter will look sunshiny and green with beautiful flowers like this?


All human beings in this world must go through several phases of lives. After their life in this world finish, finally they have to come to death and be ready to deal with other new life episodes.

Everyone has a beginning and an end, as well as a predetermined limit to the level of individual life power, except Allah as the Creator of the universe Who will remain eternal forever. As His word:

"Everyone who is 'there' (anywhere in this world) will perish, except for the power of your Lord who will last forever, the Most Great, the Most Glorious" (Qur'an, Ar-Rahman: 25-26)."

All human beings have destined by Allah for a long-term goal and they should strive for a future more eternal life which is divided into several phases. Unfortunately, only few people who are really aware to the signs and warnings of life given by God clearly through the details of the universe.

Regarding the starting points on the two paragraphs above, Allah said:

"... those who remember Allah while standing, sitting or lying down, and they think over the signs of creation of the heavens and the earth. Then they said, 'our Lord, You did not create all this in vain; Glory be to You, protect us from the punishment of hell. Verily in the creation of the sky and earth, and the alternation of the night and day, bring up clear signs (of Allah's Greatness) for people to perceive (Quran, Ali Imran: 190-191)."

False Presumption of Worldly Pleasures

Even though many people might be aware of their negligence to God's warning about death but most of them don't pay fully attention because they've already been joyfully immersed in the false perception that the life in this world is only once and will never exist for the second time and so forth, then the widespread assumption arises that the world is nothing but a place to have fun with all the worldly pleasures, really, it is an unfortunate fake, but strongly deceive. Additionally today's given facts show many people practices wasteful life, then followed by others as socially acceptable habits.

Some people forget that they're humans who have huge responsible to be a true man or woman but they also understand that they are not animals who can act and behave freely without Allah's guidance and avoid themselves to act over the limits of normal values. Consequently, ​​as we might see today, good and bad mixed altogether. Thus, we would be well suggested to keep in mind on the following Allah's message:

"... And there is no life in this world but only games and fun for joke. And indeed the life of the hereafter is better for those who live piously. Don't you understand?" (Qur'an, al-An'am: 32)."

What does the message above mean? It means that the majority of human perceptions about worldly life is nothing except fun and joy for games. Consequently, this leads the majority of people to behave and act as they want freely as if they will never die. Thus, Allah remind us that the life after death in hereafter will be better for sensible people than the life in the context of today's world.

Since all of us have been given with common sense and conscience so how we plan and manage our future in achieving our true happiness that would be our responsible. This can be an absurd to hear about, but as long as you have strong believe in your God, you would definitely pay deeply attention to His message:

"... and this world is not the real life except fun and amusement. And indeed the Hereafter is the true life if they really perceive (Qur'an, al-Ankabut: 64)."

Yes, that's absolutely right, it is only the real life as we assume but not the true life because there might be lots of things beyond the reach of our inner consciousness.

Regardless of your beliefs and religious understandings and sects, recalling this message from Imam Ja'far Shadiq would be helpful:

"human life in this old world is no more than a moment. What have passed are like dreams and what have not yet arrived or happened would be mysteries. But your hereafter happiness must be determined by your today's very short life. Thus, control your lust, then be patient in applying Allah's instructions so that you still have good hopes for your future that would lead you to your unlimited happiness."

The Phases of Human's Lives

Almost all holy books explain that the life in this world is neither the beginning nor the end of everything. Particularly based on Islam, it is only a very short phase of life among others, just a minute, that we must go through and strive for before and after our death, they are:

  • a spiritual life before we were in our mother's womb (azali realm);
  • a life in the womb of mother before we came into this world (rahim);
  • a life of the world we are living today (dunia), and;
  • a spiritual life in the grave (barzah); in this new life, our good or bad reward would begin.

Then, after finishing the realms of the death life, we must continue to the true lives after death as the next life phases in newer realms, in these places our rewards and punishments would continuously impact, they are:

  • the first true life in a very large flatland (Mahsyar);
  • the second true life in a pool of balance court (Mizan), and;
  • a final true life to strive for individual's salvation passing through a straight bridge (Shiratholmustaqiem); how we will be success in this phase of life must be based on our previous own rewards before we come to the next newest life.

After we pass the three phases of newer lives as mentioned above, then we will pass through to the two opt phases of the next truest eternal lives, namely:

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  • the hell, and or;
  • the heaven.

Our hereafter that would be in those two future realms above, the hell or heaven, must be currently decided when we live in this contemporary world, alternatively of 'what to do or not to do'. This mean that our life conditions there would be depending on how we determine our way of life today's on how we think, feel, behave, say, do, act, and work, etc.

Those choices between both hell and heaven are not simply believed and said, but must be perfectly completed by many things as stated above. And either we will go through the life of heaven or hell, everything is only related with the matter of time. Everything would be adjusted to our today's choices and deeds; the choices of honor or dishonor and goodness or badness, of how we produce everything would consequently impact the truest life of our hereafter in the whole.

Could you imagine what would your journey be like when you cross over a bridge that fall to pieces like this?

Could you imagine what would your journey be like when you cross over a bridge that fall to pieces like this?

The Life after Death and the True Beginning of a New Life

The truest life is not begun in this world, but there, after death. Life in this world is actually just a preparation for gathering everything to forge us dealing with our new lives in the hereafter, that is our truest future that we will pass in a very long phase of time, even there is no absolutely time frame.

The future of the world context is actually just a pseudo-future and only for a short time, only a few years. Let's take an example, a baby goes to the future phase of childhood life, then children wait for years to the future phase of their teenage life. Then teenagers are waiting for their future episode of their adult age, and adults are waiting for their old episode. After that, finish, but not the last ending. Everything is only a matter of a short time limit to spend, just a few years.

In this world, we can estimate the amount of our life time. It is countable in the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

Generally, you can survive for less than a hundred year, you will not be able to achieve more, except you have something very special: God's good predestination, as well as how you establish your particular balanced relationship with universe.

Think carefully about how your opt future lives with unlimited time, in the hell or heaven, which is all out of your control ,but in the control of Allah, as Qur'an states:

"... He is Allah Who is in full control of the Day of Judgment, in the hereafter, (Qur'an, al-Fatihah: 4)."

Therefore, entrust your worldly affairs how to involve in through Allah's instructions in anticipating your today's life and welcoming your future truest lives. You have to wisely decide both of them now, hell or heaven are on your own hands..

Advantages of Remembering Death

Everything in this world own each restriction that frequently deceives us. As Allah said that:

“... and the life of this world is nothing but a real deceptive pleasure (Qur’an, al-Had: 20)."

You would be well suggested not to hope with your endless lust to make you gain fake happiness because it will only lead you to be loss and experiencing self-destruction. Imam Ali bin Abi Thalib said:

"O... my loyal followers, there are two things that I really fear about the most from you: worshiping your lusts which will prevent you from truth, wise, and goodness, and worldly long vain daydreams that will make you forget and neglect your afterlife."

Then, regarding the importance of remembering the death, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib also stated that:

"If you realize what the death is truly going through then you will be confused and exhausted, you will be sad, nervous, and scared about your current situation. Due to such conditions, then your consciousness might emerge so you will strive hard for obeying all the commands and prohibitions of Allah. But unfortunately, you are not able to realize thoroughly because between you and those who have died is limited by a hidden barrier so that you can't make a full sense. Believe me, soon the inner barrier be revealed, since then, by Allah's permission, you will see, hear and feel it if you are fully aware. After that you will also be shown the best way to accept wise guidance from your Lord (Nahj al-Balaghah, Sermon 20).”

The statement of Imam Ali bin Thalib above is supported by Imam Ja'far Shadiq that there are at least six advantages of always remembering the death, namely, to:

  • control individual's endless lust urges
  • increase self-awareness
  • enlighten and straighten in creating self-mindfulness
  • sublimate individual's stubborn and haphazard behaviors
  • avoid an individual from violating Allah's commands and prohibitions
  • protect individual form greedy and rapacious behaviors
  • have the right life sense to the world; it is not everything but mainly beneficial for striving and anticipating for achieving truest afterlife happiness.


People who think about their death from an earlier time would help them control their minds and neutralize their daily behaviors to support them establish their life balance between both their today's world pleasures and the true happiness of hereafter in the next life episodes.

Hopefully, the planning of your future life in the hereafter would be well-organized and enable you to reach your pleasures things and make you be happy forever.

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