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Working for a Pisces Boss: Intelligence, Grace, and Wisdom All in One

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The Wise Pisces Knows How to Lead

Pisces is meant to be a boss. This is someone who can mentor people to heights they never knew they could reach. Pisces is the teacher, the friend, the sage. It's in their nature to nurture minds and cultivate sound thinking and action.

The final sign of the zodiac has observed all the performances of the other 11 signs. They have the wisdom and age to know what is the right way to go vs. the wrong way to go. Pisces can tap into this intelligence if they so desire.

Pisces needs to be in a workplace or environment where they can mentor people. This is someone who cares exponentially about growth, empathy, and the veil beyond everything. Because they think in bigger and kinder ways, they can be great leaders that people won't want to leave.

I can only really say kind things about Pisces mentors, teachers, and leaders I have had. They're rare for some reason, and maybe that's because other signs are making more of a roar and making themselves known. Pisces doesn't need to do anything to make themselves known. They have a certain sagacity to them that is noticeable upon introduction.

Listen to Them and Follow Them

If you have a Pisces boss, you need to listen to them and follow them. Give them your best performance, apologize when you have fallen short, and be kind in return to them. Pisces are big people, they involve themselves in a wide world of social affairs, and sometimes they can get into a heap of depression or deep hole about oblivion.

Pisces is meant to show their wisdom, to help cultivate a successful environment, and to nurture. One of the greatest teachers of all who imparted wisdom and helped give of some benevolence to this planet was Jesus. I know that may seem really cheesy, but stay with me.

The age of Pisces is considered to belong to Christ, and athough it's really hard to know what really happened with this man more than 2,000 years ago, the myths that have transpired, the religious craze and zealots that have followed, he was definitely a person with sound teachings on what we owe to each other. Focus on his teachings to see his Pisces ways.

Pisces is all about what we owe to each other. It is the idea that you treat your neighbor as yourself. Pisces is about sacrifice for the greater good and to believe that in sacrfice you'll find yourself. I would say you're very lucky if you have a Pisces in your social system. They can do things with people that can push them into better versions of themselves. They work to make sure you are great. They have a different mentality than most bosses because of their wisdom and great mental power and great emotional power.

Pisces is given something special that the other signs do not have. The special gifting it receives can also be a burden. Be as compassionate and understanding to your leaders as they are to you. Kindness wins. Kindness diffuses bad situations.


What We Owe to Each Other

Pisces is a water sign. They deal with moods, vibrancy, the flow around them, and more. These people as leaders are often beloved. They want to enchant you to help you grow.

How Should I Approach a Pisces Boss?

Pisces is not one of the more challenging bosses. They'll carry some of the weight for you. They can be intense. You'll have high expectations that they'll want you to achieve.

To work well with a Pisces boss, follow them. Listen to their every word. Take notes when you can. Be willing to go down their tangents because you may find really important treasures.

Sometimes you may need to give them a slight nudge to get back on track and in the right direction. Keep them positive; don't feed them lots of negative energy or annoying things. Pisces feed off the energy around them. They like more calming people, people who are quiet, sharp, and willing to do good work.

Pisces will want to avoid people who are bombastic, dramatic, create more problems than necessary. Pisces is willing to work with you, but if you're constantly making things hard for them it puts a lot of strain on them.

Pisces will teach you to love people and to embrace what's around you. They're impressed by caring and diligent people. Don't be tacky. Care about your co-workers. Stand up for the rights of others. You want a Pisces boss who is progressive.

Your Pisces boss may be sarcastic but still loving. Your Pisces boss may mock what they find ridiculous, but ultimately they want people to be good to each other.


Pisces Energy with Others

Pisces can get really down and hard on themselves. They feel a lot of weight for this world and all its problems. Don't try to add to that weight but try to take some of it off them. Accept them and show them you won't abandon them. Pisces is constantly looking for meaning, for the greater good, and how to be better.

This is the type of boss who:

  • Buys their employees lunch
  • Has a certain contagious and original energy they offer into the environment
  • Someone who both cares greatly for people and also kind of hates people
  • A wordsmith unlike any other
  • Someone with a talent and a knack for details
  • Someone who is just a little bit of a rebel
  • They can have really big displays of emotion that flood over a room or they have quiet introspective moments
  • They will give extra attention to people who are their favorites. They will favor those who have a certain shine and grace to them

Pisces and the Other Elements

Pisces overall is one of the best social blenders of the whole Zodiac. They get people. They understand you. They know what's happening. They know how to work with the different variety of personalities around them. Pisces is a talker and a listener. They're excellent leaders, one of the best out of the earth and water based groups -- which tend to lean more into managing resources than leading by starting projects.

Pisces borrows both from Aries and Aquarius, which are powerful leaders. All signs borrow somewhat from their neighbors to help them gain a better understanding of the universe. Aries is considered the ultimate self-starter and Aquarius the ultimate innovator. This helps Pisces to become a very finely attuned leader and a flexible manager of the very important resource of emotions.

Pisces is one of the best types of bosses you can find if you come across a mature one: they have every ingredient to be a good person, to make you feel like your work is meanginful, and to get you on track to something even greater than success.

Fire Signs

Pisces finds fire signs amusing. Pisces likes that they are go-getters, that they charge into battle, that they have giant egos, and can that they get things started.

Sagittarius, a Little Worrisome for Pisces

Pisces can trust them to get things moving, but sometimes they worry that the fire signs don't have the mental fortitude they really need. My Pisces mentor used to despise my Sagittarius boss because he thought she was super tacky, all over the place, and a burden on other people. Pisces didn't care for the carefree and ambigious portrayals the Sagittarius gave. But Pisces regardless of how he felt on a personal level knew how to work with her, to respect her, and to give her boundaries.

He was still willing to propel things into success even though he didn't necessarily agree with her methods.

Pisces will favor Aries and Leo better. Aries is a neighbor sign and generally in the Zodiac people get along with their neighbors. They can relate because they're from a similar season, but they're also different because of the elements they bring to the table.

Aries, Pisces Is Thankful for Their Ambitions

Pisces and Aries is somewhat wild because Aries and Pisces as neighbors are kind of pole opposites -- they're the Alpha and the Omega. Together Aries and Pisces are essentially the power of a God. Aries begins the Zodiac, Pisces ends it and sacrifices himself to once again let Aries rise to the top. Pisces is nurturing, a mentor, sagacious and cautious and aware of potential oblivion. Aries is a warrior, charging into battle, based almost entirely on action and instinct, and a mental sparking insanity.

Aries is the head and Pisces is the feet. Aries goes into battle to wound; Pisces goes into the battlefield to heal the soliders. Sometimes these two are opposites, other times they are the same. Pisces will admire Aries for his sense of direction and purpose. Pisces wouldn't sacrifice it all if the next sign wasn't something as brilliant as Aries.

In fact, if the first sign of the Zodiac was Sagittarius I think Pisces would feel a lot more grief about handing off the torch. Pisces knows they can trust Aries to start off the cycle with the right kind of energy and bang to keep things going perpetually.

Leo, A Sign Pisces Respects because It Champions Others

Pisces also can't help but love Leo. Pisces thinks Leo is a little bit of a nut and mad, but they love a commanding leader, someone who understands the throneroom, someone who is willing to make tough decisions. But Leo is known for the heart, as the champion of others, for their positive Sun like energy -- and that's what really speaks to Pisces.

Pisces finds Leo either too egotisical or the kind of bright charm that is crush worthy. Pisces wants more people to be champions of others. And Pisces believes the heart space is ultimately superior to the head space. Pisces gets Aries and Leo of the fires signs. Aries is the symbol of the head; Leo is the symbol of the heart. Sagittarius throws in a curveball as the symbol of the thighs.

Again, Sagittarius is too much of a mixed bag. Pisces sees Sagittarius as the inferior flame. Sagittarius is also the one to surprise and confuse them the most. Pisces eventually learns not to underestimate the Sagittarius and her power and potential. Pisces needs to keep an eye on Sagittarius and expect something cunning, wild, and lucky to happen.

Earth Signs, Kicking off with Taurus

Water and earth signs for the most part get along. Water gives to earth to help make the flowers grow. Pisces appreciates Taurus for its hard work and ability to get things done. Pisces sees Taurus workers as vital to a living workplace environment. Taurus gets the hard work done, and they particularly make sure to get the necessary practical things done. Pisces appreciates these people because they don't always like doing these practical things themselves. Pisces honestly thinks the world would be incomplete and chaotic without Taurus.

Virgo, the Scholarly Earth Sign Impresses Pisces

Pisces and Virgo have a lot in common and both function on a kind of chivalry to others. Pisces will appreciate Virgo's cerebral ways and passion for work. Pisces will be a little confused by Virgo's loner ways because Pisces believes so much in personal relationships. Pisces will think Virgo is a little odd, but they'll appreciate the hard work that Virgo brings. Again, Pisces can always see the value of an earth sign.

Capricorn, the Kind of Family Person Pisces Adores

Capricorn is easy for Pisces to understand. Capricorn's values are based a lot in family, in tight social connections, and a conservatism to sustain one's self. Pisces is more willing to sacrifice for others than Capricorn. Pisces learns from Capricorn that they can care for themselves a little more and have more solid of priorities.

Pisces loves Capricorn because of how they support their family. They see the good in what Capricorn's doing and appreciate that someone is looking after their future generations and trying to come up with plans that are beautiful in how they support others. Pisces also sees the hard work that earth signs do as sacrifice.

I would argue overall that Pisces connects best with Taurus and Capricorn, but Virgo doesn't elude the Pisces. Pisces can make things work with all three.

Air Signs

Pisces finds air signs exciting and extremely important. Pisces thinks the other signs are crazy for neglecting and misunderstanding Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Pisces believes that air is important for living and the way these three think is vital to survival. Pisces loves to watch smart people. Pisces wants to see what they do, how they can grow, and what they set themselves out to do. Any one of these could be a very noticeable favorite of Pisces. The water sign finds it really exciting to mentor one of these people because they see so much potential in them.

Gemini, the Amazing Brain Power Pisces Seeks to Find

They love that Gemini is a whole host of personalities and capable of so much insight. Pisces would love to have a Gemini on their team to create, research, and explain. Pisces could listen to smart people all day long, and Geminis are typically a never ending source of brain power.

Libra, the Harmonizer that Gains a Soft Spot in the Pisces' Heart

Pisces adores Libra. The water sign does have a special spot for both Taurus and Libra simply because they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Pisces believes in them with a extra boost because they believe they have good hearts for others. Pisces thinks Libra is a mess, but they get it. They understand that Libra wants to bring harmony into the world, they're indecisive for a reason and not just out of a whim. Pisces would love to help Libra grow and to come more into their own person. Pisces believes it is critical that Libra gains her voice.

Aquarius, the Favorite and Destined

Aquarius will be greatly favored by Pisces. This will often be Pisces' personal and undisputed favorite. Why? First, Aquarius is the air sign born right next to them so they can kind of understand each other. These two also have unique destinies in the Zodiac. They're the final two, and they're meant to bring about utopia, paradise, or the next realm.

While many of the signs are trying to live and play on Earth, Aquarius and Pisces are living beyond that. These two signs get lost in the metaphysical, but Aquarius is guided by air and Pisces is guided by water, which can make for some fascinating differences. Aquarius is the pupil of Pisces the sage. Pisces can do wonders for Aquarius and their mental energy. Pisces knows how to direct the constant flowing thoughts of Aquarius.

These two are related and connected to each other. They are the gatekeepers and the answers we need as we pass into death, as we go through the door, and as we walk through the portal into something else. Aquarius is the water bearer that has the power to move the flow and Pisces is the fish that swims in it.

And in the workplace... these two will have unmatched chemistry.

Water Signs

Signs of the same element typically get along, not always, but typically. Sometimes people are in the upright position of their element and sometimes the reversed position. When you're in the upright position you are running correctly, you are mature, you have an understanding of how you can be useful, and you have essentially tamed your ego.

In the upright position you love your neighbor as yourself. The reverse position is about the opposite. You're immature, you're focused on yourself, and you're more of a danger to the planet than a merit. Pisces in reverse is a constant existential crisis married to thoughts on oblivion. A Pisces in reverse is an extreme rebel with a long list of terrible habits and addictions.

So I would argue Pisces will get along with other water signs depending on whether they're in the upright or reverse position. Pisces is willing to nurture themselves, and if they can nurture themselves then surely they can work with others. Pisces gets Cancer and Scorpio and wants to help them.

Cancer, A Need to Nurture to the Moods

Pisces gets that Cancer is tied to the moon and has different moodshifts every minute. Sometimes it's exhausting for Pisces. Sometimes it's honestly exhausting for Cancer.

But Pisces gets it. They can live in the different moods. They can be amazed by it. They can be caught off guard by it. Pisces ultimately needs to create boundaries for itself as do all water signs. Pisces needs boundaries with Cancer's moods, but the thing about Pisces is they can help direct Cancer. Pisces can nurture Cancer. AND THAT IS AMAZING FOR CANCER.

Scorpio, Taming the Snake into Something More

Scorpio is impressive to Pisces. Pisces will like to have a Scorpio on their team, but they want to make sure Scorpio is in control of their impulses. Pisces cares greatly about this sign and wants to help them reach their highest potential. Both of these signs are about sacrifice, and they can learn from each other. Pisces has the ability to help Scorpio transition out of its two lesser stages -- the snake and scorpion -- and into the phoenix.

Scorpio is one of the most complicated signs of the zodiac, so getting them in line with a Pisces could do them a world of difference, and Pisces would find it gratifying to mentor them.

Pisces and the Mirror of Pisces

Two Pisces together will amplify the energy they have. This can be fantastic if both are in the upright, positive position. If both are in reverse, they can amplify addictions and very bad habits. If they have opposing positions it'll be a mixed bag. Pisces will come to Pisces as a mirror. This can reveal things they may not want to accept about themselves or it can help enlighten them.

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