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Working Magick When the Moon is in Scorpio

Lydia is a practicing Druid who has dipped her toes into various occult organizations over the years.

Scorpio is a highly fertile sign to do spellwork under.

Scorpio is a highly fertile sign to do spellwork under.

The Astrological Sign of Scorpio

We are all familiar with the sign of Scorpio and its intense reputation. Scorpio rules the 8th house in astrology and is a fixed water sign. This sign is concerned with beginnings and endings. There is a tendency towards black-and-white thinking. Scorpio does not appreciate the varying shades of grey, but this helps provide a mental focus for this intuitive and investigative astrological sign. It is also connected with inward reflection and the shadowy realms of our psyche.

The Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio moon is one of the most fertile to do spellwork under. Since it is a water sign, it is nurturing to your magick intent. Whatever seeds you plant should be certain to grow. A Scorpio moon is second only to Cancer where the moon is in its own domain.

The moon is exalted in Taurus, so when it resides in the sign of Scorpio it is in fall. A fall in astrology is not as hard to integrate as a detriment. Those born with their Moon in Scorpio may have a tendency to experience some intense inner demons. All in all, since this sign is watery and nurturing, Moon in Scorpio isn't too bad a placement in a birth chart.

Scorpio's Correspondences


Mars & Pluto


The Scorpion

Part of the Body:

Bowels, Sex Organs


Feminine, Yin


Black, Red




I Transform

Tarot Card:




Orion's death was inflicted by a Scorpio. Zeus placed Orion in the heavens to commemorate his fight.

Orion's death was inflicted by a Scorpio. Zeus placed Orion in the heavens to commemorate his fight.

The Constellation

The constellation of Scorpio goes back to Babylonian times. They referred to it as Mul.Gir.Tab which means "the creature with the burning sting". It is one of the oldest recognized constellations. Originally this constellation used to be much larger. It included what is now known as Libra. The Romans broke the constellation up into two parts in the first century AD. Libra was created out of what formerly had been the scorpion's claws.

This constellation also contains the star Antares which means "rival of Mars". Antares is also called "the heart of the Scorpion" and glows with a reddish hue. This fixed star is said to have strong Martian energy. It shines the brightest in the entire constellation.

The Planetary Rulership

The traditional ruler of Scorpio was Mars. Later the planet Pluto, named for the god of the Underworld, was introduced as its ruler. The discovery of this planet in 1930 happened when a lot of dark events were going on in the world. Astrologers assigned Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio as its appearance was thought to be related to the developments in psychology, the world wars that were going on, and the creation of the atomic bomb.

The constellation of Aries is sometimes thought of as the daytime home of Mars, while the constellation of Scorpio was the night. Aries is by nature brash, brazen, and confrontational. While Scorpio is a sign with warrior-like qualities, it is more secretive, brooding, and covert.

In Greek Mythology

Scorpio is linked to the story of the death of Orion. Orion brags about his hunting prowess claiming that he can slay any beast on the entire earth. This angers the earth goddess Gaia. She sends a Scorpion to stop him. Orion confronts the scorpion and fights him. In the end, he dies of a tragic sting to the head. Gaia rewards the scorpion by placing him in the heavens. Zeus also places Orion in the heavens as a way of acknowledging his fight.

Scorpio is an investigative sign that delves deep with an obsessive tenacity.

Scorpio is an investigative sign that delves deep with an obsessive tenacity.

Experiencing Scorpionic Energy

Scorpio is the most intense moon sign on an emotional level. It is a reflection of death and rebirth. This sign is expert at allowing us to come to terms with the impermanence of life.

In the sign of Scorpio, there is resistance to change. These energies are part of the letting go process. Scorpio reflects a time of holding on before complete surrender. It allows us to unmask things that are hidden beneath the surface. Under the guidance of Scorpio, we can learn how to trust our intuition.

Scorpionic energy can feel uncomfortable. Destruction can come about if we don't listen to our intuition. Some of the changes it brings in are unpleasant and undesired. It is the end that must occur so we can begin anew.

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Potential Focuses for Spellwork

  • Ancestors
  • Personal power
  • Secrets
  • Psychology
  • Sexuality
  • Shadow Work
  • Release
  • Death

New Moon in Scorpio

The new moon in Scorpio occurs when it is conjunct with the Sun. This happens anywhere from late October and well into November. Right in the middle of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Many cultures celebrate holidays that have a theme related to death at the time of this transit. Holidays like Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, and El Dia de Los Muertos.

At the time of the Scorpio New Moon, you can get intentional about deep transformation. The sun sheds light on the mysterious element of our psyche giving us the ability to transform in conscious ways. We are empowered to peer in and observe what lurks in the shadows. What parts of your shadow can you accept and integrate at this time?

This is a new lunar phase heralding the gaining of closure. Tap into your imagination and summon up your dreams. We are in the season of Samhain where the veil is thin. This veil lies between our past and our future as well. Envision yourself becoming the person you wish to be. Often at Samhain witches choose costumes that reflect the blessings they seek in the coming year. You could choose to do ritual work to get intentional about this at the New Moon as well.

The Scorpio New Moon is also a great time to initiate connections with spiritual guides and ancestors. Think of it as a great time to get intentional and initiatory regarding deep, transformative work. It could be on a psychological level or perhaps you wish to use this as a time to get serious about personal empowerment.

The destructive qualities of the scorpion bring about deep transformation.

The destructive qualities of the scorpion bring about deep transformation.

Waxing Moon in Scorpio

A Scorpio Moon occurring in the waxing phase is ideal for building upon things. You could work magick aimed at growth or prosperity relevant to the sign of Scorpio. You may wish to focus on growing on a level of personal empowerment. You could also use this moon phase to work on your psychic skills, investigative research, or develop imaginative flights of fancy. It is a great time to do a Tarot card reading to tune into how to get any of your personal projects off the ground. Use this time to achieve your goals utilizing your intuitive skills.

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio is a time of intense psychic energies. It occurs when the sun is in the earthy sign of Taurus which is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus likes to keep the peace. A conflict occurs between two fixed signs that are both resistant to change.

The bad reputation full moons have is partly because the sun always creates opposition. There are strong opposing energies at work. It is not always a bad influence. Two signs opposing each other also bring about balance. Balance is the end goal. However, you may find these energies quite unsettling as you adjust. This makes this full moon a good time to conduct rituals aimed at release. Working with a stone like black obsidian helps you better deal with negative energy.

This Full Moon can help you connect with crone goddesses or the divine feminine. You can connect to the element of water with a healing bath with herbs. Select herbs like yarrow, jasmine, or rose. It is also a good time for meditation. Be mindful of intuitive insights. This is a potent time for psychic discovery.

Watch out for anything that puts a burden on the urinary tract or sex organs during the Scorpio full moon. It is thought that this strain is avoided. Postponing surgery on sex organs or bowels to another time is thought to be wise. Pregnant women should avoid extreme activity at this time as well. Miscarriages were believed to happen more readily on a Scorpio Full Moon.

Don't waste Scorpionic energy brooding. Use the heightened psychic energy to focus on resolving deeper issues.

Don't waste Scorpionic energy brooding. Use the heightened psychic energy to focus on resolving deeper issues.

Waning Moon in Scorpio

Address the underlying issues and be conscious of your shadow. The waning moon phase is about minimizing negative influences in our lives. This might be a good moon to work magick at releasing ancestral trauma or coping with grief or loss. If you have a fear of death this might be a good time to come to terms with it.

Scorpio is also a sign for workings dealing with personal power. You may wish to use the waning Scorpio Moon for magick work aimed at minimizing the things that stand in the way of you feeling capable and confident. If you feel you are shy, lacking in confidence, and not strong enough to succeed, this is a great time to magically whisk that insecurity out of the way. Remember to focus on minimizing problem areas. Save building up strength for the waxing moon phase.

Make the Most of it and Make Magic!

Whenever the moon is in Scorpio it can be a time when feelings from the past resurface. You may feel suspicious, moody, and secretive. Fighting these feelings can be energy-consuming. Find a positive way of putting them to good use. Get comfortable with your emotions. Don't let them distract you from this remarkable time of increased psychic awareness. The obsessive energy of Scorpio can give you focus. It can help you tackle your problems. It is a great time to magic away! Just make sure to not sting too many people in the process!

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