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Women Apostles, The Undisputed Facts


Lesson 4 Women Apostles

This is a sensitive subject because most man made religions and doctrines do not give women their proper respect. For centuries, women were not to speak in public, let alone in the temple.I come to set the record straight. We will explore the Women Apostles in the Bible.

Remember in Lesson 2, we talked about the dominion that God gave to us all from the very beginning. Adam and Eve were the first two apostles to ever embrace the face of the earth. One of the characteristics of an apostle is to be sent by God to fulfill his purpose.

In Genesis 1:27&28(paraphrased) God created man in his image and likeness and blessed them both. He spoke to them and told them to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. And have dominion over everything. God didn't speak to Adam and then Eve. He spoke to them both at the same time. He showed no favortism nor sexism when it came down to appointing an assignment. At this point God was indeed an Equal Opportunity Employer. There was no need for Affirmative Action because God saw Adam and Eve as one because they were husband and wife.

Eve was our first female apostle because she was sent to subdue the earth. To subdue means to take care of by planting, working, preserving, nurishing land or places where vegetation can be produced. We discovered in the previous lessons that apostles are planters. They plant churches. Eve planted the first church. She is the Mother of Mankind. Knowing this, Eve can not be exluded from the ranks of the Women Apostles Hall of Fame.

Women's Roll in Society

Before we can go any further, we have to get some facts straight.

1. Back in the bibical days, in the land of the pagans, women had less rights than a slave. They were only used for reproduction. They weren't even adored and loved as an equal. Men only married them to have children only. There were no companionship. If a man wanted companionship, he sought out another man for it. This was the very beginning of homosexuality. This act was first introduced in the days of Lot with Sodom and Gamorrah. All types of sexual sins were committed there which was a reason God destroyed them.

2. Women were not allowed in the temple. They could only remain in the outer court. They couldn't enter the the place where the pulpit was. Only men and the young chior boys. Only the priest of each tribe could enter there. To go to the Holies of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant stood, only a selected priest could enter there.

3. Women were not permitted to select their own husbands. Husbands went to the father of the woman he wanted and had to offer something for her. Usually it was cattle, money, or labor. If the man's offering was good enough, the father granted his daughter to marriage. Most of the marriages were arranged. Women had absolutely no power over who they married.

4. Women only were allowed to work in the home tending to the things of the house. Rarely did a woman work for someone for pay. It was and still is the husbands job to provide for his wife.

5. Women were not allowed to vote.

6. Women couldn't speak in the temple. If they had any questions, women had to wait until reaching home to ask their husbands.

7. Women couldn't participate in court proceedures only if they were witnessing the sin committed.

You see the laws were crucial concerning women. BUT NONE OF THESE LAWS WERE GOD ORDAINED.

Apostle LaShonda C. Harrell Andrews

Apostle LaShonda C. Harrell Andrews

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The Official Seal of Apostle LaShonda C. Harrell Andrews

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The Official Seal of The Upper Room Deliverance Ministries Inc.

My Story

You know, I always knew that women could preach in the church. I have grown up with some of the greatest women of God. I enjoy Prophetess Juanita Bynum, First Lady Long, First Lady Jakes, Paula White, Judy Jacobs, and a host of TBN finest. Before I knew my calling to the Office of the Apostle, God was already planting in me with the gift of planting ministries. I always wanted to do something great for God that required traveling to convert nations. I was called to the Office of the Prophet as a prophet to all nations as stated in Jeremiah chapter 1.

Remember that Apostles are the sent ones and had to have seen the Lord in one way shape or form. I saw Jesus in a few night and day visions. Both of my experiences were special.

The first one, I was walking hand in hand with Jesus on an ocean. When I saw that one, I knew that was the calling of an Apostle because who else walked on the water with Jesus? Peter walked with Jesus and Jesus said Upon this rock, I shall build my temple and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. There was a ship raging towards usand I said to Jesus," look at this ship coming towards us." But I wasn't afraid because I knew the Lord would protect me. Just as the ship was about to touch us, the Lord raised his hand towards the ship and it overturned killing everyone on board. This was a day vision. My eyes were fully opened. It appeared to me as a movie on a projector. I thought I was bugging at first until I brought this vision to an apostle.

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The second vision was a night vision. I was in overseas in a land that I would want to call Israel or Jeruselem, a place like that. Jesus came out of the sky on a cloud. But before he came, there was fire consuming the land and its people. The fire moved like a spirit. Then Jesus came. When he got off the cloud, he began to teach the beatitudes and people were throwing tallits ( Prayer Shaws) to cover him. They did not want to hear what Jesus had to say. I was fighting them by removing the tallits off of Jesus.

I took both of these visions to an apostle whom I hold in high regards. He didn't want to tell me at first but a few months later, my calling was revealed. These visions were prayed over and discussed in depth amongst two apostles before it was revealed to me. It wasn't until I went to a service and an open prophecy was given that I had a clue that my calling is an apostle. I brought that to the apostles as well. It was then did they affirm me to the office. From that point on, I have actively worked in my calling as an Apostle.

Women Apostles in the Bible

1. Miriam, Moses sister, a sent one. { Micah 6:4 } For I have brought you out the land of Egypt and redeemed you out of the house of servants; and I sent before you Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.

2. Deborah, wife of Lapidoth, Judge over Israel.{ Judges 4:4 } And Deborah, a Prophetess wife of Lapidoth judged Israel at the time. Deborah? A Judge over Israel, the position that Moses and Joshua held. The only thing required for such a position of leadership, dominion, and birthing out ministries is the HOLY GHOST being upon a person. Remember, MARY WASN'T PREGNANT WITH JOSEPH'S SON, BUT GOD'S SON, just as any Apostle isn't an Apostle by the gift of men, but of GOD alone. It is GOD that gives them the vision and the ministry to birth out, not man.

And countless others such as Ruth, Queen Esther, Anna, Hulda, Hanna, Sara, and the Samaritan woman.

Books on Women Apostles

Mary Magdoline washing Jesus feet with her hair.

Mary Magdoline washing Jesus feet with her hair.

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Capstone Question

From a male's point of view

This is a lesson that my brother Apostle, T. Greene of New York wrote:

According to your Bible and mine, in 1st Corinthians 12:26-31, it says Apostles are gifts to the church, just like Prophets, tongues, healings, and so on. We all know that GOD is NO RESPECTER OF PERSON. Would GOD limit HIS gifts? Then HE would be a liar, for GOD said that He would withhold no good thing from those that are faithful and obey. You, by limiting such a position, gift, and honor, make yourself a modern day Pharisee and worse..... a thief for you steal away the Word of the call to a daughter of the King. That's tresason!!

Paul said to the Galations that there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, MALE nor FEMALE. If we in the body of Christ have to come to you and correct you about such a male/female problem, then I have to ask the same question Paul did:


It is a very interesting topic that the LORD has had me to attack, concerning the "silence" of HIS women in the church. Please understand that 1) I'm not speaking as a theologian concerning the topic, but as a prophet and a son of the KING who has studied to show himself approved, and 2) I will not "explain away" the biblical verse, for you can't explain away the written and living Word of GOD. I will, however, explain the bible verse, as I have done research concerning this important subject.

1st Timothy 2:8-15 ASV translation: "I desire therefore that the men pray in every place, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and disputing. In like manner, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefasteness and sobriety; not with braided hair, and gold or pearls or costly raiment; but (which becometh women professing godliness) through good works. Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in quietness."

Now the writer of this particular verse in the epistle is the Apostle Saul or Paul, a learned man concerning the scriptures and the laws of the land; a pharisee amongst pharisees. THE BEST OF THE BEST THAT GOD HAD TO OFFER AT THE TIME! So if Paul the Apostle/Teacher says this then we can safely assume that it is the word of GOD. And it is! Yet we come upon a dilemma. How is it that women are to "just stay silent in church" when the scriptures state otherwise? These are key examples, for as some has aptly stated, "There never was a time from Sarah to Mary when women was not held in honor":

Prophetess Miriam: In Micah 6:4 she is mentioned as one of the three to deliver Israel out of Egypt. Noted historian Dr. George Rawlinson comments on her office and her words in the song sung after the deliverance directly after the Red Sea account, saying "In Miriam we have the first of that long series of religious women presented to us in Holy Scripture who are not merely pious and GOD-fearing, but exercise a quasi-ministerial office."

Prophetess Deborah: The wife of Lapidoth; the mother in Israel; the judge and prophetess that followed after the order of Moses and Joshua. She was a woman who accomplished much. She was the military leader of Israel, not hinder by her sex, but respected by all including Barak the general, because she spoke for and was appointed by GOD. For 40 years she stood in the office of leadership over Israel, the equivalent to a modern-day Bishop. (Kinda hard to swallow, but its truth no matter how you want to take it)

Queen Esther: This woman was the vessel that stood in the gap for the nation of Israel against their enemies at the time. She was a leader in the land, and she even installed the feast of Purim, one of the seven feast that are a sign of the CHRIST.

Time will not permit me to go further and mention women like Prophetess Huldah, Hanna, Sarah, and others!

The Apostle Paul would have DEFINITELY known about these women! In fact he would have known about the New Testament women as well:

The Samaritian Woman: John 4:1-42 speaks of a woman that JESUS met by a well who was a prostitute. When JESUS was done with her she was an Evangelist, running into town telling me to come meet the Messiah John 4:29.

Prophetess Anna: Luke 2:36-38 speaks of this prophetess seeing the CHRIST as a baby and "spoke of HIM to ALL them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem", meaning she to preach, taught, and prophesied openly to both men and women.

And there are still others in the four gospel accounts and the book of Acts that can be mentioned.....

Apostle Paul himself dealt with women that were able to teach and lead the people, mostly mentioned in Romans chapter 16, women he called his co-laborers in the ministry.

So when we come to this verse of "silence", we are faced with a dilemma. If reading from the KJV, it would indicate that she should keep her mouth shut! That goes against all scripture for the Book of Revelation says they over came by the blood of the Lamb and THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY. If you silence their testimony, then you actually are keeping them bound, and that is witchcraft. Many people feel that the KJV is the best of all the versions, but that is a foolish idea. The best of all is the ORIGINAL HREBREW and GREEK. When you read the KJV, you must take into account two factors: 1) the cultural bias for women back then, and 2) the form of english spoken. We don't say thee thou and thus anymore! If you do when you pray brother, then hey, that's on you, but I would wonder why considering the fact that you didn't write in such a manner to me! Does GOD only understand such a language? If that were the case, then He would require us all to learn the Bible in Greek Hebrew and Aramaic. But fortunately HE said "every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess"!

But that's another issue in itself............

The proper translation for the word "silence" in that verse is "quiet" or "quietness". The word means tranquility, the absence of disturbance. One scholar says, "Clearly, the term does not prohibit all speech, but does call for calm, non-disruptive conduct." It is a conditional term, and not a term that indicates silence for all time. Paul used this same exact word when he spoke about order when the gift of tongues was being used in the church, according to 1st Corinthians 14.

The women at the time were talking a lot, causing a commotion in the church. We both know that sometimes females talk a lot. That goes for males as well! Well in the church back then, it was no different. "There is a time and season for everything", according to the preacher of Ecclesiastes. That time Paul had to address a time for some silence.

Now as far as usurping authority, the verse suggests that women should not attempt to overthrow the authority of men. They have their own sphere of influence and they are to not cross over and try to control the sphere of a man's influence. It does not mean that women cant teach or preach at all! If that were the case then Paul would be contradicting himself because he said in 1st Corinthians 14:31 that "ye all may prophesy, one by one", and the statement he made about being equal in CHRIST JESUS found in Colossians 3:11. Prophecy is for what purpose? Well according to his words in 1st Corinthians 14:3 edification exhortation and comfort. That means that a woman can edify or TEACH the body of CHRIST, according to the Apostle. We know that a woman can do such because there were female prophets, or prophetesses, at the time, and they can be found throughout the New Testament.

So when we look at the true translation of the scriptures we see that the preaching and teaching of the gospel is not a ministry strictly for males. We are ALL to do such. That's why we have a testimony, and that's why we get filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, to do this mighty work that the LORD left us to complete. JESUS once said that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Pray that the Lord of the harvest send laborers. HE likened the ministry to planting and gathering wheat. Well, last I checked in my Bible, Ruth was out there gleaning right next to the men, and Boaz (a type of CHRIST) told the men to not harm her and charged that she be left some wheat to glean also.

So why have we tried to take the wheat from the Ruth's of our time? Let her glean, for JESUS the Kinsmen-Redeemer has commanded us to do so!

First Queens of the King Ministries International

  • First Queens of the King Ministries International
    Grace and Peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am stopping by here to introduce a new ministry on the rise online and off. This ministry is dedicated to all women. Stop by and be a blessing and receive one for yourself and your family.

LaShonda and Shivon Andrews



Zephiniyah on November 04, 2020:

Thank you for this article. I have a few wuestions to pose for the readers as i read some of the comments.

Question 1) are we not all, earthen clay vessels?

2) are we all not The of sons of Man? Neither given in marriage in Heaven?

3) are we all not made a new creation, when we confess Jesus is Lord? By water baptism and recieve the baptism of the Holy Ghost?

4) do these fleshly lives matter? According to God, our purpose is to seek being spiritual minded. To stay out of the flesh.

5) if a man and woman are joined together in one flesh. Then woukd they not be counted as The Son's of God.

6) if we are nothing but a speck of dust, wouldnt it be consider to be called by a title? Giving self importance to our selfs, by the doctrines of Men. To ask for recognition and be acknowledged by the churh is blasphemous. This is why we need the Holy spirit, to lead and guide us into all truth and righteousness.

7) based on my questions, am I female or male? Answer, I am a whosoever and nobody, that knows God is all that matters. Our relationship is the most important quest everyday. Seeking his face matters only.

In closing. The Lord God almighty will use any body, who is willing and obideint. Who answers the call, and is willing to pay the price. Many are willing, to answer, but lose staminia, and determination to keep going forward. Even when they loose everything and everyone.

Are you willing to find out what the Lord has for you, personally? Are you willing to lay down your life?

Apostle sheryl on June 18, 2012:

Joel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah was all Prophets so what's your point? Your role is to quit trying manipulate women, but do you follow that, no. Womens titles are whatever God appoints to them and they are unlimited in nature. So who are you, to counsel God.

Apostle Tony Hill on June 15, 2012:

This is a sensitive subject but must not be manipulated by our own desires all positions comes with the intentions of God. God is not the author of confusion women titles and roles has been openly defined and written through out the old testament and the new. God did not leave it to our imagination he defined it through word. Miriam, Debora, Anna all was labeled prophetess in scripture so there no need to explain their position.

Angie Bailey on May 30, 2012:

II Timothy 4:2-4

"Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."

God loves us all, but we each have a place. Calling God sexist for creating special (and different) roles for men and women is unthinkable. Please do not follow any man or woman in this case. You can read the scriptures for yourself. Do not place your salvation in the hands of anyone else other than God.

Minister Lynn Davis on May 22, 2012:

God makes His calling distinctive and with confirmation to equip one to endure. He knows that there will be opposition

Apostle T Motley on May 08, 2012:

Praise the LORD! Apostle Lashonda Andrews. God is good. i want you to know that i know that you are a true Apostle of GOD. It is a true fact. That, if god called a person the be an Apostle and not man. You will be than saw the LORD in some shape or form because i did.You have to believe GOD in this walk and not man. GOD tells you what you are.There are so many voices out here. Thank you for speaking the truth and educating GODS people. There are so many people that need to hear what you are saying.

keep up the good work!


Apostle T Motley

Apostle sheryl on May 07, 2012:

These guys are crazy if they really think for one second that women are suppose to stop listening to God and listen to some man. The men in the world did this, wanting to control women so it made it easier for them, to sleep with the women, now you want to bring your worldlyness over to the kingdom, now you want to control the members of the body of christ i dont think so, you cant even recognize the body of christ, stop stepping out of line men, stay in your place, go home and teach your wife something to hopefully help edify the body. God didn't make you head of every mans wife, he said one man per household. stay out of logic and just use plain old common sense. all the witchcraft being used by men to manipulate women for filthy lucre or sex cut it out men, its fake and you know it. The judgement of God will come against you if you dont stop. women no man can recognise Apostles anyway because they are chosen by Jesus, women don't ever set your call by God aside because of what some man dont believe, don't ever do that. If you want to know something about women ask a women not a man.

reena patrick on April 26, 2012:

I'm from Peshawer Pakistan. this research help up me to understand the meaning of apostles. Praise the lord he never distinguished between men and women. He loves both and give them equal responsibility in the church office.

Scarlette on October 23, 2011:

What do you think about Thecla

overseer: Smith on July 07, 2011:

How do I get in touch with you? The name of The church is Apostolic House of Prayer.Would like to learn from you.If the Lord id willing I will become an Apostle May or August of 2012.Ive been Pastoring for 11yrs Apostle Lashonda If its the Lords will you Email me. Thank God for your imformation.

NATHANIEL GRANT JR on April 14, 2011:








Apostle CR on December 30, 2010:

I know women are called to be Apostles, The Lord told me that I will except it 20 years ago. It was not a choice for me, it was Gods purpose for my life!I did not want it or believe it back then, when I was called by God! I thought, this could not be God! But it was God! Many are called, but I know I was chosen! No doubt in my mind! I am called to be an Apostle! And those who oppose us, are in danger of God's jugdment!

SaiKit from Toronto on November 09, 2010:

Quote Lady LaShonda:

"Once in relationship with God, further work must be done as commissioned by Jesus Christ. We all are to teach everyone, all that he has commanded us to teach, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is our commission, which by the way, was not gender specified. So that knocks out two specific offices that are held by women today. 1. Prophetic and 2. Teacher."

So are you saying that the Great Commandments automatically make every believer a prophet and teacher?

"When God heald the women of adultery, he commissioned her to tell everyone what God has done. It was women who bore witness (First Hand) of the risen savior at his grave site. The were commissioned to tell the 11 of his resurrection. This also knocks out two other offices. 1. Apostolic and 2. Evangelistic."

So are you saying the women who were sent to tell the 11 about the resurrection were apostles?

Your definition make every believer a prophet, teacher, and apostle.

Following your logic, every believer IS apostle, teacher, prophet, and evangelist by default.

If so, then why did God need to specifically dispense these gifts (1 Cor 12:7) and appoint these office like He did in Acts 1:23-26; Acts 6:2-6; Acts 13:2-3?

And if everyone has the same offices by default, why would the gifts be said to be different for different part of the body of Christ (the Church)?

1 Corinthians 12:28-29

28And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

29Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles?

SaiKit from Toronto on November 09, 2010:

Quote Lady LaShonda: "Women were talkative during services. Especially the women of Corinth. Therefore, they had to wait till they got home to ask their husbands what was taught. BUT, this scripture never said they couldn't hold an office."

Scripture never said they couldn't hold an office?

Scripture did say what offices they shouldn't hold:

1 Timothy 2:11-12 (King James Version)

11Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

12But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

Obviously woman cannot hold the office that has authority over other man, nor can she teach, except teaching other women (Titus 2:3-5)

This makes it impossible for women to hold the office of apostles, teachers, pastors, and bishop.

However, they can be deaconess and prophetess (Romans 16:1;Acts 21:9)

Quote: "If you look further into scripture, it clearly says that a woman can't speak in the church without her head being covered."

Actually, the scripture clearly says that a woman can't prophecy and pray without her head being covered.

Like I said earlier, they were not prohibited from being a prophet. They weren't prohibited to pray as well.

However, they were never teachers or preachers in the church.

1 Corinthians 11:5 (King James Version)

5But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven.

Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 09, 2010:

I believe I have already explained these verses in the hub. AND Jesus Christ himself said the law is what keep mankind transgressing against him. The reason Jesus Christ preached this was because MEN were making all kinds of laws, that people feared the consequences of the law opposing to loving GOd in the power of his might.

Women were talkative during services. Especially the women of Corinth. Therefore, they had to wait till they got home to ask their husbands what was taught. BUT, this scripture never said they couldn't hold an office.

If you really have examined this hub, then you should know that women had less rights than a slave. She was only used to reproduce. NOT GOD ORDAINED. She was never ordained to be less than a help meet. She was never ordained to be unequal to her husband from creation. God blessed them both to do the same job. It wasn't till the fall of man did women have to be submissive to her own husband.


If God is the love of her life, than her husband is God. Therefore, she is subjected to him. We (the Church) are the bride of Christ. Therefore, all of us have a job to do.

If you look further into scripture, it clearly says that a woman can't speak in the church without her head being covered. Many women in ministry today head is covered by God the father, the Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and her covering (ususally a man).

Once in relationship with God, further work must be done as commissioned by Jesus Christ. We all are to teach everyone, all that he has commanded us to teach, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is our commission, which by the way, was not gender specified. So that knocks out two specific offices that are held by women today. 1. Prophetic and 2. Teacher.

When God heald the women of adultery, he commissioned her to tell everyone what God has done. It was women who bore witness (First Hand) of the risen savior at his grave site. The were commissioned to tell the 11 of his resurrection. This also knocks out two other offices. 1. Apostolic and 2. Evangelistic.

The women who were co laborers with Apostle Paul took on the pastorial becuase they carried the teachings to their homes and held studies. So please stop trying to make women less than who God called them to be.

SaiKit from Toronto on November 08, 2010:

Also, you forgot to mention the rest of the verses:

1 Corinthians 14:34-35 (King James Version)

34Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.

35And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

How do you explain the rest of the verses?

SaiKit from Toronto on November 08, 2010:

If I was ignorant of portions of the Bible that says women should be quiet (keep quiet, silent) in the church and women being under authority of men, and then come across this hub, I would have immediately realized what the Bible really teach. (Contrary to what this hub talks about)

The reason is because the explanation and reasoning of this hub is so obviously flawed and sketchy that an objective person will immediately spot it and go back to the plain meanings of the Bible.

Quote Lady LaShonda :

' The proper translation for the word "silence" in that verse is "quiet" or "quietness". The word means tranquility, the absence of disturbance. One scholar says, "Clearly, the term does not prohibit all speech, but does call for calm, non-disruptive conduct."'

Sai Kit:

The word "silence" in that verse is almost always used as "shut up", "not making a sound" in the entire New Testament.

Go to (Online Bible dictionary and concordance) to search for the Greek version of that word, and then click that word for all the Bible verses that use the same word, and you will see.

Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 08, 2010:

There is so much biblical evidence that proves the authority of women that were written by men, that it really baffles me how people continues to discredit God on his word. If we all keep limiting GOd's word exclusively to gender, than we make him out to be a liar. And we all know GOd doesn't lie. His word always prove itself. Revelations are always changing. God can use anyone he want to for his glory.

Its not our fault that some men would rather run the streets and become thugs, than to be the prophet, priest, and kings of their households as God ordained from the beginning.

I personally believe that when a man forfits his God given authority in the house and in ministry, is a slap in GOd's face. For this reason, plus more, women are more willing to accept GOd's will for their lives than some of these men. Men don't like to submitt to GOd's perfect will. Its a natural instinct that they have that doesn't like to be dominated. Some men just believe that no one is above them including God. AND GOD destroyed cities because of this. AND for a man to exalt himself higher than God has committed the same abomination Lucifer has.

As for a woman usurping position is not at all what is taught in many denominations today. Basically a woman can not be husbands and fathers. That is usurping authority. God gave man that position to be, not women. However, that does not mean that woman can not hold ministerial offices in the church. We all have to remember, those offices are gifts to the church that God gave to everyone. Never in the bible did it say a woman could not hold any of these offices. To say otherwise is limiting God's almighty power and calling him a sexist. God is an equal oportunity employer. He will, has, presently using whomever he chooses for his purpose and not ours.

SO ladies if GOd has called you, no man can tell you otherwise. Your relationship with God proves all things. Do not be dismayed at satan and his attacks. This is his job to destroy the end time leaders to prevent GOd's kingdom to be manefested here on earth. Be who you are ladies and know if GOd is for you, who or what can be against you. NOT EVEN THE DEVIL!!

SaiKit from Toronto on November 08, 2010:

Sisters, be very honest with yourselves. Just because you like to hear what this hub has to say, doesn't mean it's the truth.

As I read this, I am very concerned and I am pondering about the endtime. People no longer respect God's words and love to reinterpret it the way they want, even though the reinterpretation defile logic and the straightforward meaning of the words.

Using the kind of reasonings that Lady LaShonda used in this hub, anyone can talk up a storm out of anything in the Bible, that end up totally contradict with the plain meaning of the words.

It's dangerous. I am very much concerned and see the fearful face of endtime as I read the comments and this hub.

How many families were broken because females want to be "equal"? Their definition of "equal" is highly flexible. It really depends on the whims of the person at the time.

How many fathers left the family because the womens and daughters become too "strong"? How many girls become single mothers because they have to have their ways?

In the endtime there are so much rebellions. Families and churches are disabled and destroyed by rebellions more and more as the end time draws near.

Sisters. I plead with you to watch out for your own destiny. Be careful of what you hear. The ball is on your court. If you don't want, no one can really control you, not even God. If you choose, you may submit to godly men in the Churches and trust God for His blueprints for the churches, which place men on the tops position, i.e. apostles, pastors, bishop, and teachers. Don't try to usurp these positions.

The teaching in this hub can bring huge damages to you and other people you loved.

Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on October 19, 2010:

I agree with you 200% Lionswhelp!

lionswhelp on October 12, 2010:

Great Hub. We know of at least two women, Mary Magdalene and Junia in the New Testament. Apostles were probably very common and there may have been many both females and males. How about Phebe,Prisilla and Aquila,and many others mentioned in Romans 16:1-15, 2 John 1.

Jesus came to restore women to their rightful place beside men. I never thought of it that way but Eve could really have been an apostle too. Thanks for pointing this fact out to me. Yes,women are first rate Christians meant to preach, teach and be as prophetess's for God, Acts 2:17-18. Jesus Christ doesn't like it when men cut off one half of his ministry from doing their job as ministers for him. That's why there will be a Laodicean Church full of wise guys that think they now better than Jesus Christ.

E.O on July 17, 2010:


Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 29, 2010:

That is an interesting thought provoking statement you made Rev Lady. And I absolutly agree with you 100%

To those who oppose Women in ministry..

God is no respector of persons. He doesn't care if you are Greek, Jew, Gentile, Male, Female, Adult, Child, Bond, or Free. He isn't worried about all that. What he is concern with is who will crucify their worldly thinking, and pick up a relationship with him and follow HIM all the way to his second coming.

People spend more time focusing on the domination of one sex over another, that true ministry is being neglected. If more people spent more time ministering to the lost, than being concerned with who God is pouring out his spirit upon, than more souls would be saved, healed, delivered, and set free.

I didn't write this hub to sound or even be superior over the man. I know my place in marriage, and ministry. And to unsurp authority doesn't mean insubordination. For every woman know that Christ is the head, her husband is the head of her. In this aspect only, a woman can not be the husband. NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE if interpreted correctly does it say women can not be ministers of the Gospel no matter what position she holds....

When people read the bible, you all must really study to show yourselves approved, rightly divide the truth. We all must understand the bible was first writen in Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT) before English (King James). Learn what the words mean in Hebrew and in Greek, before using them to edify self agenda.

Jesus came to set us free from the pharisees and sadducees (law makers and blasphemers)who knew not him nor his word, and had part in his crucifixion. His Apostle Paul wrote letters to different churches based off of their actions.

Example: Women were talkative in that particular church while doctrine was being taught. They would interrupt the teachings and or services when they didn't understand somethings. Therefore, they had to wait till the got home to ask their husbands. NEVER IN PROPER CONTEXT, did it say women couldn't hold ministerial offices.

RevLady from Lantana, Florida on June 27, 2010:

We hear a lot about why Jesus did not choose women to be among His twelve disciples but less about why Jesus did not select Gentile men to be among the twelve. Interesting.

Forever His,

Apostle Tony Hill on May 18, 2010:

Its the spirit of the world just as we see in then house holds of so many christians the woman is running the house and she wants to have the highest position in the church its because she wants to be equal and non submissive its the spirit of the world. If we keep adding to the word of God so that it will support our desires that's the reason why we need to humble ourselves to the word of God because we are the ones creating loop wholes by always finding away to wiggle out of obedience and that's why the world dont believe the word of God.

Apostle Tony Hill on May 18, 2010:

Greetings in the name of the Lord,

Truly this is a touchy subject but one that can be solved by discerning the motive behind women apostles. If we look at the responsibilities that were given to the individuals in the garden we find the responsibilities of the man and woman were different. Throughout the bible we always see that gardens and vineyards represent the work of God or ministry and looking back at the beginning He gave that responsibility to Adam to tend to the garden and God created Eve for two purposes--that Adam would not be alone and for Adam's pleasure. Furthermore, in the book of Timothy it states that a man cannot hold the office of a bishop unless he is able to rule his household well, therefore making it impossible for a woman to be an apostle or a bishop because she's not given rulership over the household. So, why would God bring confusion to the Body of Christ by having us reason concerning the roles of women when He has given us too many plain accounts of roles that women can operate within the ministry such as: prophetess, evangelist, and the gifts of helps. Jesus had many women among Him but did not choose any of them to be one of the twelve. Why?

Diana Hart on March 05, 2010:

We get extremely caught up in titles-being human. Whether or not a person is called and apostle or prophetess, evangelist or Pastor. It seems that we are so afraid that someone will snatch the cookie from our hand-we aren't doing the work of the Lord.

It should not matter if a woman is an Apostle, Pastor, or

Evangelist!! The work is the important thing! I believe that Jesus exhibited the non importance of legalism on multiple occasions! He made it abundantly plain in his conversation with the Samaritan woman that the fields were "white for harvest". Here the disciples were amazed that he spent his time talking and encouraging a "lowly" woman, who left her jars and went running to spread the good news concerning Christ instead of doing the same.

They constantly were reprimanded because of their non belief. Their faith was on constant adjust, but this woman ran---she didn't waver a bit. She ran!!! Women are very devoted to the Saviour! If God can loose a donkey's mouth and speak through him-he can use anything in his creation for his purpose! Please don't get it twisted, our thoughts are not his-no one is greater than he, no one can know the mind of God except the Holy Spirit and Christ. I am a Masters prepared Biblical Studies Scholar with a concentration in New Testament-it doesn't matter what you know-it's who you know. I know Jesus and him crucified and risen-that's what is important!! Not who speaks-which is really a lot of egotism but what their words accomplish!! Save the lost-harvest the field-snatch people from the coming fire!

Marie_Style from Lithonia Ga on February 18, 2010:

You make a good point and I have also wondered the same thing. In the bible we say that man is refering to man and woman and then do not include women in the apostles. So is that a human issue. More then likely it is because the bible has been written and rewritten, so much and in the time that it was written women were on the back burner and not recognized as figure heads in society and so according to their time a woman could not hold a position of power. When it came to politic or religion/The Church. I also like women apostles and follow a few some you named that I know.

Jisblessed on February 17, 2010:

I've read most of the comments and I've been going back and forth in my thoughts about this. I'm wondering what happened with the curse? It seems to me that women was under the curse until Jesus Christ. So was man. What happened to man being over the woman as long as she lives? What happened to a woman should not usurp authority over a man?

I wonder why Jesus didn't have a woman disciple that was chosen among the twelve? Though we know He went against Him being sent to the lost house of Israel. When He told the cannanite woman that it wasn't meet to give the children's bread to dogs and then grant her request by her faith. Why didn't He make this issue simple, plain to understand so it wouldn't be this much debate over it?

The disciples went to apostles in the book of Acts and in there women served but not under the title apostle. The bible never called them apostles, Evanglists, prophets, pastors or teachers. They were called labourers and prophetess. Old Testament the same thing. They are called prophetess and Deborah a judge as well.

I'm a woman and I admire women in ministry very much. And struggle with the call of pastor being a prophetess. I know God can do anything and can use anybody to do whatever He wants to be done. I know about how in the last days God will pour out His spirit upon us all and women would prophesey and that's preaching. We all can preach once the Holy Ghost come in us. He is the preacher. But are we to take those five fold titles?

Preaching and a title is two different aspects of ministry. I believe we can preach but the five fold titles, I question that. Prophet and Prophetess means male and female,right? Can a woman be a Prophet, if so, why the title prophetess?

And the saying God uses women because the men won't or don't do what they're suppose to doesn't quite fit to me. Because there are lots of men pastoring and using the five fold ministries. Today there's a church on every corner; not a shortage of men doing ministry. And God has all power; He can't convience a man to do what He wants them to do? The heart of the king is in the Lords hands and He can turn it any way He choose. I read that some place.

Why do we have to take scriptures and turn them to say what we want them to say to prove a point and it leaves you wondering is that true or not? Why would God allow this to be such an issue in the church? Is it God or the Devil?

So far I'm lead to believe that women are used of God especially when they have the Holy Ghost. We have the abilities to do what men do in ministry because of the Holy Ghost. I believe God honors faith to whomever display it. And He grants blessings and ministries accordingly. I believe there is an absolute will of God (like marriage) and a permissive will of God(divorce) and that's because of Moses. Women I believe is operating under a permissive will of God. That's it that's all. I will never try to use the scriptures I've seen about women doing what they do. It doesn't speak plainly, like when Jesus chose the twelve and then called them apostles. I don't see that for women.

I love and admire all women in ministry; those I see on TBN as well as those in my local churches. I believe God allows it and that they won't go to hell for doing it. So I'll end and say as Jesus said when His disciple said master they over there casting out devils in your name and they follow not us. Jesus said Leave them alone; if they are not against us than they must be for us. Amen!

Apostle Stacey Woods on January 26, 2010:

You have done WONDERFUL work in presenting this. Of course I'm all Amens. CONTINUE IN THE FAITH!

Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 24, 2009:

Hello Yes2truth,

I really believe that you should read the entire series before commenting in such manner.

Let me ask you these questions?

If women were not among the twelve, then please tell me who were the women that were with the twelve the night that Jesus was betrayed? During the Last Supper, there were women there too who were anointed to carry out the same purpose as the apostles.

Another question...

The day of pentecost. Do you really believe that the hundreds of people who received the Holy Spirit were all men?

If you are putting limitations on God, saying that women can not do the same jobs in the minstry as men do.Excuse me, God didn't call women to the same offices as men, then you take the scripture out of context. What you are saying is that God can not do exceedingly above and beyond what we may ask or think according to the power that works in us until the end of time.

Take God out this box that people leave him in saying that his power is limited to only men. Go back to Joel and Acts...

yes2truth from England on September 24, 2009:

If women were intended to be apostles, why were there no women amongst the twelve?

Why were twelve learners (disciples) called and chosen and not any women?

Paul only refers to men remaining single in order to give themselves completely to The Work - not women.

Finally, Eve was not an apostle, and to say so means you are reading your own biased opinion and non Scriptural nonsense into the Holy Scriptures.

James Brown from United States of America on September 01, 2009:

Do your work for the Lord Sister and let the dead bury the dead!!

Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 01, 2009:

All I can say is Amen jxb7076. The sad thing to this entire discussion is the fact that few people believe that God can not use a woman to do the same job as men. God said in Joel that he is pouring out his spirit among all flesh...his sons and daughters shall prophesy. Now God said this in joel about the end times. Paul preached the same scripture in Acts. This is where the holy spirit fell on the hundreds that were present. All were not men. So for any man to say its against God for women to have positions in the church that requires preaching (or even plant churches apostolically) need to go back and review the scriptures.

One important point that I'd like to make is, Paul was establishing churches all around. This one particular church (Corinth) women were talkative. What they didn't understand was the newness of the church altogether. As with everybody, whenever there was a change, there were several questions. FOR THIS CAUSE, women had to wait until they reached home to question their husbands. Once they received the answers, church could move more smoothly...There was no more reasons for women to interrupt church services with a bunch of questions.

Also there is scripture that goes into detail about a woman preaching without her head covered. That was never to be taken literal. Jesus is our covering and I can teach an entire lesson about that...

We must talk again soon.

Be blessed

James Brown from United States of America on August 31, 2009:

God has recognized the ability of and faithfullness of women throughout His program from the beginning. The importance of women is found in a number of Biblical events. Women like Miriam the prophetess (Exodus 15:20); Deborah the judge (Judges 4:4); Ruth and Naomi (book of Ruth): Esther the queen (the book of Esther); Anna the prophetess (Luke 2:36); Dorcas the servant (Acts 9:36-42); Lydia the saleswoman (Acts 16:13-15); and the daughters of Philip (Acts 21:9).

Jesus showed the utmost compassion toward women during His short ministry here on earth which was displayed in His open and warm attitude with the woman of Samaria (John 4); including His close fellowship with Mary and Martha (John 11), and Mary Magdalene (John 20); and His teachings concerning purity (Matthew 5). How about the way in which Jesus Shielded women who were then considered nothing more than sex toys and tools of labor and child bearing in the eyes of men. Jesus actions not only support His attitude toward women but also the fact that God considered (and still do) them an important part of the plan for His kingdom.

The ministry of the Apostle Paul also supported the importance of women in God's plan for the new Heaven such as found in Romans 16. In the early part of the chapter, there were over thirty people greeted by Paul, and the Bible states that at least ten of them were women! There is Phoebe, the servant of the church who helped many in need; Priscilla, a co-worker; Mary, considered the faithful worker; Junia, considered a relative of Paul and faithful companion; Tryphena and Tryphosa, twin sisters who were also co-workers; Persis, and Rufus' mother whom Paul called his mother also (in a spiritual sense). There was also Julia and the sister of Nereus, whom Paul gave a great deal of credit to for the success of his ministry.

It is clear from Paul's writings that he considered women to be creditable witnesses and important vessels who were very useful in the earlier formations of the Christian church.

Hebrews chapter 11 consists of a number of women listed in the great "roll-call of the faithful. The comment about "women being silent" is one of the most misquoted text in the Bible alongside "I can Do All things in Christ"

The Bible states some very clear principles which govern the role of women in the church. First principles suggests that women are theologically equal with men. Galatians 3:26-29 summarizes this principle very clearly. These verses concerns the spiritual status of individuals within the body of Christ, and not functional roles. Man's emphasis is more on functional roles as oppose to spiritual roles. In these texts Paul is clearly teaching that in the sight of God, men and women are theologically and constitutionally equal and when placed at the foot of the cross they're both at ground zero. The gifts of grace and salvation are given equally to all persons as they respond to Christ in faith.

However, Galatians 3:26-29 does not teach that men and women are entirely the same, and that all differences are erased when both are in Christ. Men are not superior to women, or women to men, but that the two sexes are vastly different, only in the physical sense and they were created to perform specific physical roles - but are considered equal from a spiritual perspective. If God gave Adam a soul then remember Eve was created from Adam's rib. I would find it quite unusual of God to give Adam a spirit and Eve nothing. Remember also that they were both banished from the garden and equally punished in accordance to their physical properties.

This is strictly my opinion as I understand the written scriptures and the role of women in the early church based on the roles of the women listed in this hub which are found in the Holy Scriptures.

One more modern day point; look around in any given church today and you will the that the majority of participants are.....women!

Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on August 27, 2009:


If you look up the Debora's history, you'll find that her husband wasn't strong enough for the job.

On another note...

Let me bring this interesting fact that according to history, women were less than slaves. They really had no rights according to man. For this reason, men sought companionship in other men. They took a man as his life partner. This is where homosexuality came about. Why wouldn't God use a woman if men were partaking in abominations such as that? Somebody had to do it. I don't see God telling a woman, she can't get into heaven because she preached the word. That is only the falacies of man.

Dr. Oscar A. Williams, Jr. from PA on August 26, 2009:

I'll use a women because there isn't are some men not strong enough to do these things.

I do not see those words in the Bible anywhere. I've studied God's word longer than you have been alive. We can all agee to disagree agreeably my sister.

God bless.

bayareagreatthing from Bay Area California on August 22, 2009:

Please let me add to your historical proofs of women in ministry-

Lady LaShonda (author) from Atlantic City, New Jersey on August 17, 2009:

Hello Oscarwms,

1. There can never be a confusion with the word Disciples and Apostles. A Desciple plain and simple are followers of Jesus Christ. An Apostle are the sent ones of Christ to carry out a mandate to further advance the Kingdom of Heaven.

You must first read the rest of the series before making judgements. If you would have read the first 4 lessons to this series, you may have a better understanding. Its like you read Revelations before the rest of the bible from begining.

2. It is true that the old testament never called them Apostles. HOWEVER, they carried out God's agenda as such when referring to their obligations and responsibilities to the Church and to God.

3. I realluy believe that you need to really study it for yourself. The word Pastor was used only once in the NEW TESTAMENT, and Deacons were to carry the church incase a pastor wasn't present to do such. A Missionary does the work of an evangelist and Apostle. It is only the agenda of Man that refuse to accept the facts that women can and have always from EVE been effective as Apostles of the Lords Church....

Please let us all remember that Men were so busy working on the coal mines back in the Victorian ages up to now, leaving their wifes and children behind to care for the needs of the church. This is the reason why God chosen more women to lead the church because men were too busy to do so. That is biblical. Deborah's husband Lapidoth was too spiritually week to be a judge let alone lead Isreal. Therefore Deborah his wife had to do so. This is why I say that more men need to take his rightful place in God, being a good husband, prophet, priest and king of his household. But some men these days are negelecting to do so. AND GOD is simply saying, "I'll use a women because there isn't are some men not strong enough to do these things.

Dr. Oscar A. Williams, Jr. from PA on August 03, 2009:

First I like to say that I believe in the equality of women and a lot of churches has used scripture to still subjugate the women. The new testament churchis not about equal rights it is about God's agenda. I think you are getting thigs confused when you say apostles are sent ones so every time you here of some one being sent that qualifies them as an Apostle. The next thing there where no apostles in the Old Testament. There are no women Apostles in the new testament. You are getting the word disciple mixed up with Apostle. There were women disciples. One can be a disciple of Jesus and never be called to be an Apostle. When Jesus called an Apostle he was only sent to the lost tribe of Israel. Paul was the only Apostle to the Gentiles. The qualifications of an Apostle is that they have been a witness to everything the Jesus said and did. Or as Paul who was taken in the wildernes an personally taught by Jesus. After Judas' death they had to fill the position. "So we must choose a replacement for Judas from among men who were with us the entire time we were traveling with the Lord Jesus from the time he was baptised by John until the day he was taken from us. Whoever is chosen will join us as a witness of Jesus' resurection. Nobody in the old Testiment or today can was a witness of Jesus' resurrection.(Act 1:21) If there were women to be an apostle the verse would have said: "A replacement from a man or women"

The Church of Jesus Christ is not man made. The Bible is clear that the only office in the New Testament Church are Pastors and Deacons You are the ones trying to remake the church under guise of equality for women.

Ande Moore from Austin, Texas on April 12, 2009:

Well done. You can still look deeper and find more deception from the origanized religions towards women. Who's was the beloved apostle, Lazarus or Mary? Keep up the good work.

Mohideen Basha from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA. on February 28, 2009:

wonderful hub lady lashonda. no word to praise this work. your points and arguments are 100 per cent acceptable. i posted it in my facebook profile for my fb friends.

Pastor Dr Carlotta Boles from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC on January 11, 2009:

All I can say is PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!! One day I had my Testimony posted on a Social Network and I received an e-mail saying: " Praise God for your accomplishments, but do you know the Bibilcal meaning of a Pastor? I knew then I was getting persecuted! I did not debate, or get mad. I just told him that when Jesus died and rose the third day who was the first person he seen? MARY! And what did he tell her to do? Go SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT HIM!!! When we are reborned, we are to Re-created!! Man and Woman! Praise God for you my love!!! Keep spreading the WORD!!!!

Apostle Barbara Jones on November 18, 2008:

I was again enlightened and encouraged by this blog!

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