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Windowless Souls: True Tales of Hollow-Eyed Children

I am an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.


An Unexpected Encounter

My first introduction to so called "hollow-eyed children" occurred about six years ago in the days leading up to Halloween. It was then that a friend posted details of a frightening encounter that made everyone who read it sit up and take notice.

Before going any further, it is important to note that this woman, whom we will call 'Nancy,' is not someone who is prone to flights of fancy or exaggeration. It was for this reason that her account was taken seriously.

According to her, she was heading home after a long day's work when a child appeared from out of nowhere in the road up ahead. Nancy got as close as she dared before stopping her car.

It was late in the evening and the sun had gone down, but she could just make out the figure standing only a few feet in front of her bumper. It was a young girl, no more than ten or eleven years old, wearing a lacy white dress. She also sported a head of long black hair that hung in her face, obscuring her features.

A mother of two, Nancy's maternal instinct immediately kicked in. As she was about to get out of the car and ask the girl if she needed help, the child ran up to the driver's side window and started demanding to be let inside.

Startled by the sudden show of aggression, Nancy refused to open the door. She also found it off-putting that the girl kept her hands over her face, presumably to hide her identity.

Thinking that she should probably get some information before assisting the youngster, Nancy asked where her parents were. The girl ignored the query. Instead, she continued repeating the same thing over and over again: "Take me with you."

Nancy didn't know what to do. She felt sorry for the child, but something about the situation didn't feel right. After briefly wrestling with her conscience, she decided that she couldn't leave the girl stranded in the road. It was as she was unlocking the doors that a sudden turn of events prompted a change of heart.

She went on to write that as she was opening the door, the girl had dropped her hands, revealing her terrifying secret. In place of eyes were two dark hollows where the orbs should have been.

Nancy quickly pushed the girl away and shut the door. The action enraged the child to such an extent that she began pounding on the windows with a ferocity that belied her size.

No longer concerned for the girl's well-being, Nancy hit the accelerator and sped away. Even as she put distance between them, she could still hear the girl screaming, "I WANT TO COME WITH YOU!"

As soon as she was in the clear, Nancy pulled over and phoned the police. After listening patiently to her story, the officer she spoke to informed her that they had been receiving similar calls all evening.

Nancy never heard another thing about it, so she assumed that the matter was somehow resolved. The point of her post had been to warn others that if a little girl with stringy black hair attempted to flag them down on the roadway, they should lock their doors and keep moving. Although she might look like an ordinary child, she was something else entirely.

It wasn't long before netizens began commenting that the story was a hoax; there was no such thing as demon children who went around hijacking unsuspecting motorists.

Despite their assertions, Nancy refused to back down. The words she had written were her own, not a copy and paste of someone else's unsubstantiated claims. She knew what she saw, whether anyone believed her or not.


The Time of the Season

As it turns out, stories of brushes with hollow-eyed children have been circulating since the early 1980s. The run-ins are all strikingly similar. Motorists, and sometimes pedestrians, stop to help a seemingly lost child who is standing in the street. The youngster, who is almost always a girl with long dark tresses, is either completely silent or screaming at the top of her lungs. It would seem that as far as this ghostly presence is concerned, there is no middle ground.

It is nearly impossible to get a good look at the child who takes great pains to conceal her features. On some occasions, she is said to wear a sweatshirt with the hood pulled over her face. At other times, she sports sunglasses or simply keeps her hands over her eyes.

At some point during the interaction, the barrier comes down and the girl's eyes, or lack thereof, are revealed. This is usually when the panic sets in. Besides having black pits instead of the traditional orbs, these children are said to have skin that is alternately described as bluish or translucent white, much like that of a corpse.

Encounters with the children have taken place in both the light of day and the twilight hours. Although most accounts involve a lone subject, there have been several instances in which victims claim to have been accosted by groups of these fearsome youths.

In most cases, it is around Halloween that someone will answer a knock on their front door only to find themselves confronted by several children with jet black hair and dressed in old fashioned, frilly white clothing. All have their faces concealed in some way.

When asked if they need something, one of the children will speak up and request, in a voice that is just above a whisper, to be allowed to come inside. When the homeowner asks why, there is no response. A moment later, the youngster will repeat the appeal, only this time, much louder and with more urgency.

By this time, the person inside the dwelling realizes that something is up and shuts the door. What follows is usually several minutes of angry fists pounding to be let in. Police are called to the scene, but the children are long gone by the time they arrive. No trace of them is ever found and the incidents are filed away with all of the other nuisance calls that go hand-in-hand with Trick or Treat.


Where the Truth Lies

To bolster the claims that hollow-eyed children are a real phenomena, there are reports that their images have been captured on film. One instance involved a family in the United Kingdom who were joined, unbeknownst to them, by an otherworldly presence while enjoying a day at a local park.

During their visit, the mother had snapped several pictures of her kids as they played in the sunshine. It was only after having the film developed that she made the frightening discovery that they had not been alone.

While browsing through the prints, the woman noticed that, standing alongside her children was the image of another youngster whom she had never seen before. The figure stood out, not only for her old fashioned attire, but also for the gaping holes that she sported in lieu of eyes.

The woman who had taken the photo was positive that the child had not been present that day; she would have been impossible to miss. How the disfigured interloper had managed to show up on film when she had not been visible to the naked eye only added to the surreal nature of the events.

So, who are the children with the ghostly white faces and black sockets devoid of orbs? Since encounters are most often reported in streets, railway stations and subways, it has been theorized that they are the spirits of youngsters who have perished on the tracks or in traffic accidents.

It is possible that the sightings are the result of overactive imaginations or, perhaps, mass hysteria since they seem to occur in clusters. Even so, it is curious that these run-ins, regardless of where they take place, mirror one another right down to the smallest details.

Undoubtedly, some of the stories are hoaxes, but other accounts are difficult to dismiss. After all, even the most farfetched tale often begins with a grain of truth. It is not entirely out of the realm of possibility that the displaced souls of children who were taken from this world prematurely would seek refuge among the living if given the opportunity.

If they do indeed cross to this side on occasion in hopes of finding their way home, what better time than Halloween when ghouls, goblins and children with no eyes can walk among us without attracting unwanted attention? That is, of course, until their secret is revealed.


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