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Are Televangelist's replacing small and Mega Churches?

Dana Tate is a licensed Evangelist under the leadership of "God's Temple of Deliverance Inc, located in California.


Church and Sunday Dinners.

Due to the advancement in technology, we can accomplish almost anything at our leisure. Thanks' to our computers and smartphones, we can enjoy the benefits of online shopping, paying bills in the comfort of our own homes and, watch church on our beautiful, flat-screen televisions, all while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

When I was growing up my family attended church faithfully. We enjoyed the fiery sermons delivered by our pastor that fed our minds and rejuvenated our souls. Afterwards, family and friends would gather around the dinner table and enjoy a home-cooked dinner, prepared by the hands of my grandmother; this tradition instilled family values and kept our family strong.

Today my southern grandmother would be shocked at the new technology that no longer requires believers to visit an actual church. Due to our busy lifestyles and demanding work schedules some believers are gravitating towards a more convenient source. Thus, the popularity of televangelist's are increasing.

The Popularity of the Trinity Broadcast Network.

I must confess I am one of those crazy people who loves to be saturated in the word. So, this means I attend church on a regular basis, ferociously read my bible, and practically leave the channel on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) twenty-four, seven.

As much as I love these new technologies that allows me to satisfy my insatiable craving for the word, it doesn't satisfy my need to be around other worshippers or, receive hands-on prayer, when needed. As I attend church and notice the half-filled pews and see the churches shutting doors due to lack of funds it makes me wonder:


Church versus Televangelism.

We cannot deny there are advantages to watching church on television. For example; televangelist's are able to reach and feed more people through seemingly unlimited resources. Also, we can receive the word of God twenty-four seven and not be limited to a church schedule.

According to the holy bible God is not slack in His promise towards us, but long-suffering in His desire that no one should perish. This means He is patiently waiting for everyone to hear and have a chance to receive the gospel.

Now with our advanced technologies, its easy to believe eventually every ear will have a chance to hear and receive; that is good news for the saints who wait in hope for the day of redemption. Still there are pros and cons to everything and so I made a list of my opinion on the pros and cons of the church versus televangelism.


Pros of Televangelism.

  1. They're able to reach more people.
  2. It's convenient for the busy lifestyles we lead.
  3. You can choose your favorite pastor.
  4. There is no guilt if you have nothing to give.
  5. You can hear the word twenty-four, seven.
  6. Even a self-proclaimed atheist may decide to watch and see what this God stuff is all about

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The cons of televangelism:

  1. There is no fellowshipping
  2. No hands on prayer
  3. No church activities to join
  4. No encouraging music from the choir
  5. No feeling of family or, sense of belonging
  6. No way to utilize spiritual gifts
  7. The air time is costly, which requires them to constantly ask for funding

The pros of church:

  1. Fellowshipping with the brothers and sisters in Christ
  2. Spiritual gifts which are given to the body for the uplifting of the saints
  3. Prayer from a church member which feels more sincere from someone who knows and cares about you
  4. The songs of praise and worship, which plays in your heart when you need encouragement
  5. I truly believe when two or more are gathered the Lord dwells among them. There is just no substituting the presence of the holy spirit when the praises of the believers are gathered together
  6. A good church looks out for the community in which it resides in
  7. There's a sense of family and nurturing that you can't get from television


The con's of church:

  1. Dealing with different personalities, which may cause an unseasoned member to run from church to church.
  2. In financial struggles, the pressure to give may seem overwhelming.
  3. A dedicated member may find it difficult to set boundaries with church leaders when pressure to help out the church interferes with worldly responsibilities
  4. We must get out of bed! In the heat, rain and snow, we attend tired or not
  5. Some church members can be cliquish and cause guests to feel unwelcome

Ministry work and the Government. How are they alike?

Although some may think the churches in the neighborhood may soon be obsolete, the growth of televangelist's is at an all time high. Now let's be realistic, we would all love to think of our preachers as struggling prophets loving the word and God so much they are preaching for free but that's not the case. They must eat too. They have bills to pay too. So it's easy to imagine the church is run like most governments with higher ups, officials and titles and what-not; In order for a pastor to be 100% available he must receive compensation.

Now this is where the eye-opener begins, while some preachers are barely keeping the church doors open, televangelist's are living high on the hog.

Estimated Wealth of Joyce Meyers


Money, Power and Privilege in the ministry.

Joyce Meyers, head of the Joyce Meyer's Ministries, is one of the world's most famous Christian bible teachers. Along with a thriving ministry, Joyce is also a bestselling author who has written over 70 books. Honest about her struggles from sexual abuse by the hands of her father, Joyce appears committed to teaching believers how to apply the word of God to their lives. Joyce's net worth is estimated to be around 8 to 10 million she has been scrutinized by peers for her lavish lifestyle which includes million dollar homes for her and her husband as well as their four children.

Estimated Wealth of Joel Osteen


Joel Osteen, the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Texas, is reportedly worth forty-million. Joel's staggering wealth is contributed to his best-selling books. Its been said that Joel has forfeited his salary as pastor but some have accused him of using his Mega Church to drive book sales.

The humble beginnings of Lakewood church began in a converted feed store in the year 1959 by John Osteen and his wife Dodie. With the death of his father in 1999 Joel stepped up as senior pastor of Lakewood Church. Joel is widely known as a motivational pastor who delivers the word with a twist that is fresh and inspiring.

Estimated Wealth of T.D. Jakes


T.D. Jakes is the chief pastor and bishop of The Potter's House, Located in Dallas, Texas. Contributing to his wealth, reportedly eighteen million, are his books which have landed him on the New York's Times best-selling list. His church sermons, frequently aired on the Trinity Broadcast Network, known as the Potter's Touch. He also holds an annual revival known as the Mega Fest and, an annual women's conference, Thou art loosed. The bishop is also a recording artist, a songwriter, and had a few of his books turn into movies in which he made cameo appearances.

Estimated Wealth of Creflo Dollar


Creflo Dollar, the head pastor of World Changers, in Atlanta, GA, has often come under scrutiny for his lavish living. He is widely known as the "prosperity pastor" teaching believers that it is their right and the will of God to live prosperously. Creflo was once investigated for "wrong doings" along with others by the U.S Senate Committee, however, nothing was found. The latest scandal was that he allegedly asked his congregation to help purchase a 65 million dollar plane for his ministry, but the videotape that supposedly surfaced from that incident has been taken down. His net worth is reported at twenty-seven million. He is also a bestselling author.


Saint's Get Your House In Order!

Now that we've explored the pros and cons of church versus televangelism as well as compared the staggering wealth of televangelist's versus the pastors behind the pulpit we may think to ourselves is it fair that the wage for the same kind of work is so unbalanced? Well, in order to figure this question out we may need to take the article out of a spiritual sense and more into a worldly understanding.

In the world, we are paid according to the responsibilities we hold. The supervisor who certainly doesn't labor as hard as the blue collar employees receives a higher wage because he has more responsibility. He is accountable when things go wrong. Now back to a religious sense. It seems fitting that whoever feeds the largest flock receives the higher wage. Also, there is more responsibility that goes along with that privilege because "To much is given, much is required."

  • My personal opinion is I would never choose televangelism over the church. However, I have a lineage of church roots and my old fashioned ideas do not coincide with the rapid advancement of technology. This is the time for the new generation to bring the world to a new level the same way it was my generation's responsibility to improve and evolve. It's the way the world is designed to self-evolve, grow and replenish.
  • Finally, each believer must ask themselves this question. Are you focused on your wants or the promise? Which is, God will create a new heaven and earth and the world will be ruled in righteousness. No more crying; no more dying. The bible says God is not slack on His promise but long-suffering in the hope that every ear shall hear and have a chance to repent.

If you believe in the promise then televangelism's popularity makes sense. With the new technologies, it is easy to believe that eventually everyone will have a chance to accept or, reject the gift of grace. So I guess whether we love or dislike televangelism depends on our faith and wants. If you love the church and fellowshipping and the old traditional values then the church is the obvious answer. However, if you believe in the promise and you live in hope that the world will one day be returned to its original state, then the only answer is.

Go televangelist's...go!

Test your faith

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. Do you wish Jesus would hold off awhile longer, and allow you to have more fun?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. How confident are you in the fact that God is planning a new world?
    • Very confident.
    • I can only hope.
  3. If the rapture came today, how likely are you to say "Sorry Lord, my child/husband is not saved. I can't go."
    • very likely
    • Not at all they had their chance. So now, its off to the promise land!


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. Do you wish Jesus would hold off awhile longer, and allow you to have more fun?
    • Yes: +4 points
    • No: +5 points
  2. How confident are you in the fact that God is planning a new world?
    • Very confident.: +5 points
    • I can only hope.: +1 point
  3. If the rapture came today, how likely are you to say "Sorry Lord, my child/husband is not saved. I can't go."
    • very likely: +2 points
    • Not at all they had their chance. So now, its off to the promise land!: +5 points

Interpreting Your Score

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Televangelism VS. Church

© 2015 Dana Tate


Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on May 21, 2019:


I recall a memory when I was around (I'm guessing) six, and my cousins and I would be ushered to a playroom the church had for children.

There were dolls and real baby beds and we had so much fun. Mind you, this was grandfathers church because my grandmother never would have permitted it. Kids or not we would have sat there and if we acted up, grandmother would have given us the evil eye or worse, a spanking.

My great grandfather was a preacher, my grandmother an evangelist and my grandfather a deacon but I only recall my mother entering church twice. Once when she married my father and the second when we had her funeral.

As a child my mother allowed me to study with everyone I wanted to. I studied with the Mormons and Jehova Witnesses and my grandmother was horrified she thought I would become confused with so many different teachings.

My mother understood it was important for me to find my own path. When my journey comes to an end I will be standing in front of the Creator being the only one accountable for the choices I made.

I am a Christian and I love the television preachers and church preachers. I'm more concerned with the words that come out of their mouths than the lifestyles they live. I also feel that "religions" are man made and I prefer to read and meditate on the word. Anyone seeking Him with a pure heart will find Him.

Thank you for reading and contributing to this hub.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on May 20, 2019:

A very interesting analysis of the changes in religious practices due to technology, convenience vs. fellowship. I’d never given this any thought probably because of the home into which I was born. I can’t remember my grandmother, a devout Baptist and the granddaughter of an Ozark Mountain circuit-riding preacher, ever setting foot in a church. However, every Sunday morning she listened to the “word of God” on the local radio station. Sometimes a family member took me to Sunday school, but if they didn’t, I had to either sit quietly or go outside and play.

Grandma was painfully arthritic from her years of working their farm, including plowing with a mule, and keeping the farm running while my grandfather managed several farms for a rich merchant in the county. So, I always took for granted “broadcast religion” even before I entered the broadcasting field myself. I guess I’ll always be thankful that my wonderful grandmother had the comfort of the church brought to her on Sunday morning because she found it too painful to sit on a hard pew in church.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on August 22, 2018:

Likewise. The pleasure was all mine.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on August 22, 2018:

Saying "if you expect me to listen to you then please give me the respect and listen to me" is the sum of it all. Thank you for allowing this interchange.


Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on August 21, 2018:

I appreciate your testimonies and always encourage my readers to read the comments. I feel they receive a broader understanding even if they don't necessarily agree with it, and not one person's point of view. You never know when you are enlightening the unenlightened, so every opportunity must be taken. The bible does say:

1: One plants

2: One waters

3:God, gives the increase.

I admire your dedication to your calling. I remember commenting to one of my readers and actually saying I didn't feel the televangelist would sell everything they owned and distribute to the poor. Maybe it was wrong for me to make that assumption because I really do not know. I do know the Lord, said in the gospel of Matthew as well as the gospel of Mark: "It would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into heaven.

I truly believe your interaction with the police officer was a chance to minister. I would love to visit your website and will let you know my thoughts. I also like the way you handled the JW's at the end of the day we don't have to agree, or, we can agree to disagree but respect should be given if it is expected in return. In other words, if you expect me to listen to you then please give me the respect and listen to me.

Thank you so much for your comments. They are very much appreciated.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on August 21, 2018:

Dana, Truth is never negative nor positive, IT IS WHAT IS without any "judgmental" or other adjectives to describe it.

As I said earlier, church means "the called out from the world" so, if everyone only go to the buildings (or listens to televangelism) and the rest of their lives are some form of working to sustain the existing system of "the few controlling the masses" as church-house and televangelism do, we are not called out from the world. Organized religion is formed, in most respects, to follow the nature of the world's system of governing.

What I see is you are "gestating" after your "conception" before following Jesus' last words in John 3:8. The "travail," before completing the 'birthing process,' is our deciding to follow those instructions and the "birth" is giving up Mat. 19:29's requirements. Paul said "the invisible [new birth in this case] is clearly seen being understood by the things made" which makes is a process like the natural birth. What you are doing is what I was prior to walking away from my apartment of furniture, 2 cars, all except 6 changes of clothes plus the ones on my back, my wife and without any money in my pockets in 1976 after nearly 3 years of gestating. What I did is what the 5 wise virgins [5% of civilization's end time population] will do while waiting for the bridegroom, the 5 foolish will never complete the birthing process necessary for entering Armageddon's "safe heaven."

I've had many conversations with JWs, now that I have a website, I will not even receive their literature unless they promise to read my website, I will discuss the differences in their beliefs and mine. Once they say they will read it I accept their literature and when I see them again I tell them if I agree, disagree and why then ask if they read some of my site. [If you want to read some of it the house next to Twitter on my profile is the link. I will read "Discover your purpose and find your joy' when I leave here.]

Any discussion we accept without mediating on it later will do what organized religion does. The important thing about everything you hear, read, see or experiment with in any way is to reason with it in meditation. Accepting blindly is the reason we become part of organizations, including a nation.

Because of a "speeding ticket" I got just after giving up my job but before finally leaving my wife, when I came back through Dalas-Fort Worth, TX I got stopped for my peculiar look of locking hair, staff, sandaled feet, pants rolled up half way my calves and only a bedroll when the ticket appeared. Of course I was arrested. When the Arlington PD detective picked me up in Dallas he asked why I was so unusual. I explained I had been preaching "follow Jesus" and felt I was a hypocrite and forsook everything. He asked me about what I had learned and I shared much of my testimony so as we arrived at the station he said "you don't need to be in jail," took me to the booking clerk for booking and walked out only to return in about 20 minutes and told the clerk, "when you finish booking him give his 'the serviced' and let him go."

Later as I was walking Interstate 20 west of Abilene, TX a highway patrolman stopped me, took my information, called it in my ID. Then he asked me for if he could look in my bedroll where I had a stake knife, spoon and fork. Just as he said I was going to jail the dispatcher asked if I could hear her so he went into the car and came back took my open bedroll off the hood of his car and said "you can go" then left. Spirit had used my "speeding ticket" to give me "Public Minister" diplomatic immunity I found it to be years later. So, true to Jesus' teachings, father will take care of us.

Sorry about so much testimony but that is the only way we can know each other

are "of the spirit."


Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on August 20, 2018:

What a beautiful testimony. I certainly don't want to say anything negative about the church, so I'm going to choose my words carefully.

I love to explore all aspects of religion, but what I really mean is all aspects of ones thinking. This is just my way of having a healthy, spiritual journey and, not one where I feel brainwashed into a certain way of thinking.

With that being said: I have a friend who follows Jehovah's witnesses. What impressed me about her wasn't her teachings, but the passion and love she had for the word.

Eventually, she started to invite me to the Kingdom Hall, which, I always politely declined and this is the reason why, I noticed that although I felt we were having a healthy, mutual, discussion not on religion but, on our passion for the Creator, I noticed that she was steadfast on trying to teach me her understanding even though it was clear I had my own.

When I asked her why she would invite me to her functions but would not come to mine, she said simply, " because of the different teachings." But couldn't I make the same claim? Her teachings are different from mine, yet, I gave her the respect of trying to understand her way of thinking but obviously it was not reciprocated.

This was my first experience in understanding a brainwashing in organized religion. Let me make this clear, there can be brainwashing in any religion where the hearer chooses to let their pastor teach them the word, knowing it in order to quote it but, not understand it enough to be the light that the word manifests so brightly for unbelievers to see.

The Holy Spirit is your teacher and guide. Because every born again believer is filled with the Holy Spirit, we are all on the same page in our understanding. The Church sustains us and is a refuge for us. Also, for the new born believers who we help shelter into the fold.

The problem with "organization" is it can hinder you from growing into your full potential. I believe we were sent to do something whether you were the trail blazer, or here to improve on an existing idea, only you can do it the way it needs to be done. You are not like everyone else but unique and one of a kind in your design. If you look at the world today. People are afraid to be different. People are criticized for not fitting in, so everyone tries to be like everyone else and try not to stand out. A lot of potential is not being tapped into because people are afraid of being ostracized therefore, man becomes their guide and not the source of life.

I also believe we were created for worship and humans are forever seeking glory that belongs to only One. If you read my hub 'Discover your purpose and find your joy.' I give my opinion on why I believe you need to connect to the One who holds the blueprints to your design in order to find your purpose.

I said all that to say the problem I have with religion period, is it seems to be drawing people more with blessings of financial wealth. And, many people seem to not grasp that money is nice. But the true treasure is wisdom. Nothing can compare to her. She is worth more than rubies and gold. Anyone can get money but without wisdom, few can retain it.

Sorry, I went on and on I seem to have done this in all my comments today. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on August 20, 2018:

Dana, because of the teachings of organized religion [religion means "a way of life which teaches one the meaning of life" and is also the definition of "educate"] It appears the religious and church have gone underground. Some I've met in my travels had become drunks until we conversed, one in particular told he "wished he had never talked with me" he said it was he was not able to get drunk no matter how much he drank. That was something I had found out on my 35th birthday, I bought 2 bottles of wine and went to a bar where whenever someone had a birthday the regulars would buy them a drink of their choice. I drank all but maybe one glass full of one gallon and about 20 different kinds of alcohol drinks but never even got what is called "loaded," just a slight buzz.

Another had been on either a 6 or 16 week "drunk" and wanted off. He was talking to AA when he saw me and we began to talk for more than an hour. Every ab out 5 minutes he wanted me to tell him what to do and I constantly repeated "talk to your higher self" and at the end of it he took the gallon of wine he had not opened and flung it against a brick wall and returned crying praising god for doing it. After spending the night together he woke up with the same praise. He had no money so I bought breakfast and after it he sang the praises until he realized he needed to go back to the town where we met so I divided the $18 I had with him and sent him on his way. Later I found the $9 I had given him in my left pocket [I kept my money in my right one at that time].

I said that testifying to how "the church" has gone underground.


Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on August 01, 2018:

Elijah, you are spot on with that comment. The Church is ordained and held together by a strong spiritual hand. If the Church was able to be replaced or, had the ability to become obsolete, I believe it would have happened a long time ago. People have been trying to destroy the foundation of church since the beginning. It has not only lasted, but people are being added daily. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on July 31, 2018:

According to the definition I obtained for the term church, "the called out from the world," and all of the teaching of the supposed coiner of the term, the Christ, such as follow his lifestyle of "having no place to lay his head, forsake all family members including houses and land, and become a wonderer like the wind after being born again" I would say there is no way church can be called out of the world and hogging the world's goods at the same time. Because of that and all you presented my answer to "Will Televangelism Become The New Church" NO, it can never replace our being called out from the world.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on May 01, 2016:

Perspycacious I feel the same way. Although I love the church television programs The Holy Spirit is truly in the atmosphere when believers come together in worship. I truly believe there are pros to both televangelism and church, and that in the end, they all work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Thank you so much for contributing your comment to this hub.

Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on May 01, 2016:

Feeling or sensing spirit can sometimes happen while watching the TV, but it seems more likely to happen when in the presence of other believers. Of course, God can touch our spirits at any time and in any circumstance. An example can be drawn from Rev. Billy Graham's evangelical rallies as contrasted to his broadcasts of those same rallies or from the difference between listening to a game or attending the same game. Active, devoted congregations appear to have something to offer, that even the best televangelists may find difficult to replicate.

"Where two or more are gathered together.... ."

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on May 01, 2016:

And, thank you Shyron, for contributing your comment to this hub.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on May 01, 2016:

Hello Dana, I believe in God and his word

Written in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

I was baptized in the Church of Christ and still believe

Because of all the blessings I have received

And when my life here ends

I will go and pay for my sins

Thank you for this work Dana

Blessings and hugs


Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on March 09, 2016:

It would be a true test indeed. Personally, I feel that anyone who fears God would. Especially if they understood "He give's and takes away. They would surely lose more than millions if they did not do what God, who is the giver of all things, asked. But I do understand your way of thinking because as much as we say we are not conformed to "worldly ways, how much of that is true. Again, your comment is more than appreciated.

Diamond on March 08, 2016:

Very well-written article. I don't know if televangelism will replace the church. I do believe the foundation of "the gospel" has been distorted. What I mean by this is In acts: The first church sold everything they had and distributed everything they owned to the poor. I wonder if these millionaires would do that. I mean seriously wouldn't it be a true test of faith if God really asked them to keep only what they need and give the rest away. The question

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 31, 2015:

Tamarra, thank you for reading and leaving a comment on this subject. I am aware that some feel televangelist's and preachers are making a fortune off their congregation. I won't deny it, I would, however, like to draw your attention to Philippians 1:18 ("What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed; and in this, I rejoice. Yes, and I will rejoice") In other words, whether preachers and televangelists are, "false prophets" apostle paul says if in greed or in truth the bible is still preached. So, in the end, the job is still done. So, if there are wolves among the sheep, then God sees it and will deal with it accordingly.

Tamarra on December 30, 2015:

I don't know if televangelism will replace the church but I am sick of watching these so called men of God become rich and beg their struggling congregation for money. I wonder if they care that their congregation is broke believing on prosperity while the preachers live good. They are all preachers and televangeliste seem to be doing the work of the devil. Jesus didn't need airplanes and fancy buildings he took his ministry to the streets. Real ministers don't sit behind pulpits or TV screens but minister to the poor. I ike the part when u said if u believe in the promise. Well most. Ministers are con artist who are not true believers. IF they were their goal would be to preach and not reap. I like the article but these pastors are wolves in sheep clothing. How much does it cost to feed the homeless There is a saying give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they will eat for a lifetime. Are they teaching them? I think not.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 24, 2015:

Thank's frank, and happy holidays.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on December 23, 2015:

Happy Holidays ...:)

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 10, 2015:

Melcarrier, It would truly be interesting to see if the televangelist and preachers would sell everything they own and give to the poor; that would be a true test of faith wouldn't it? The bible says it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven, who depends more on their riches than on God. Even if they did, they truly wouldn't be giving away anything that was theirs but what was given to them, since they are fully funded by us who give. I guess we can take comfort that Jesus says on judgement day many will say "Lord...Lord, I preached in your name!" And, Jesus will say, " Get behind me satan, I know not thee!" We can also take comfort in the fact that some preachers and televangelist can fool us some of the time, but can fool God none of the time, for He knows their hearts and woe to the wolf who preached in sheep's clothing disguised as a sheep, who led the flock astray.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 10, 2015:

Michael-Milec- Tv televangelist certainly appear to be stars with million dollar bank accounts. Sometimes when they are constantly asking for funding, I think about their millions and wonder "how much of that goes into their ministry?" Everyone wants to be a star nowadays and it seems as if we are truly losing track on what life is all about. It's funny how you used the term "socializing" under the name of the church. Yesterday I was in a store and saw two church members of mine, they were cold and distant and wouldn't have acknowledged me at all if I hadn't acknowledged them first; so much for "church family."

I can see why some would prefer to watch church on tv instead of going to an actual church the whole concept of "true religion" is diminishing. What I see in both the church and with televangelist, are people who are starting to fall more in love with themselves, and each other, and God seems to be a mere ingredient instead of the main course.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on December 09, 2015:

I don't mind seeing pastors being supported by their flocks, but when I see televangelist with a multi-million dollar televangelists net worth it contradicts Christ telling his disciples to sell everything they own, give it to the poor, and follow him. The Christians I really admire are the martyrs in the Middle East and other foreign countries who endure persecution and even death to share their beliefs. To me, most of these televangelists are out and out shysters, and I hope their influence decreases. Thought provoking hub.

Michael-Milec on December 09, 2015:


Dana, this popular socializing under the name”church” will endure yet another historical change as long as there is a “product” and "customers.” In time like this, when we read that sixty-five million american, 31% of adults are abandoning ‘church’, your Hub-article is more then timely, raising a question once more what is a “church” and what a church stands for. Assuming the talk is around a “ christian church” having to do with God as the 2 Peter 3:9 indicates. No, I am not trying to be cynical. If we take in consideration the origin of the “church” we do not find any biblical foundation for a traditional, institutional ‘church’ known through the history and its diversity as known today. Today ‘church’ is what the people want, serviced and planned by councils, synods, board members, special educated preachers/ priests or televangelist, you get the idea … Since roughly around 325 A.D. the movement popularly known as “church” only in English language ( other languages have similar tradition)- this was a historical turnaround when “church” went into mas-production of membership, where the money took priority role and a scripture was spoken in a language known only to those who held the office. .. Some clearer picture of what was happening to the movement taught by and commanded by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we see by reading the book of Acts as well as the Epistles. One of the most troubling point Paul the apostle writes in Galatians 3:1-5. . .

Your concern is timely and troubling. A contemporary ‘church’ is in a great disarray, but not the people of God. Those 31% abandoning organized religion / church were faithful “members’’, they remained loyal and fateful to the cause of the kingdom of God as the redeemed children keeping close as small units of believers obediently fitting into the words of Jesus, “ anyone who has faith in me, will do what I have been doing…”(John 14:12) and also Mark 16: 17-20, plus more.

We all are well aware of real “ body of Christ’’- the spiritual reality worshiping the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the worshippers the Father seeks” John 4:21-24.

Meanwhile there will continue popping up “ Mega-stars” with supper millions $ on their bank-accounts, as those spectators coming to clap to approve best entertainment a -la Hollywood and Vegas style. The God Creator, our heavenly Father knows well whats going on, and as long as at those places from time to time is the Word red and Jesus Christ calling to repentance, the cons and pros would be discussed on the written pages of HP or FB as well the others.

Responding to your “test your faith”- well my only prayer is to remain faithful unto the end and to endure all ‘tests’ and persecutions by the help of the Holy Spirit who always is / was with me during my faithful service well over a half of century. His grace is sufficient to me…

Please, do not judge me if I say presently we are not ‘church-goers’, however we have fellowship with the redeemed children of God the Father Almighty creator of everything. HalleluYAH.

Be blessed and continue to be a blessing as you are...

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 04, 2015:

I agree, Dr. Pragan, each televangelist has their own style of delivering the word; and this is why I can look at church tv all day. I learn something from each and everyone I listen to. The four I mentioned above happens to be my favorite. In reality, I love all of them for their unique style and passion.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 04, 2015:

Eric- excellent point on how technology and televangelism are forms of isolation, and Christianity is about human interaction. The church is the body and there should be a feeling of completion and oneness. The foundation of the church is love, and technology is creating a world of isolation. Not just with churches, the family, in general, are being weakened by our thirst for our expensive gadgets.

When I was a kid, dinner time was the best time. We would gather around the table and enjoy a nourishing meal and discuss our day. It was a time for bonding. Now, holidays are all about gobbling down our food and running to the nearest store to purchase gifts for bargain prices. I love church tv because it reaches people who cannot for one reason or another attend church. However, as we see the decline of human interactions it makes me wonder if the church on the corner will survive.

Dr Pran Rangan from Kanpur (UP), India on December 03, 2015:

Dana, I fully support your views in response to my first comment. As a matter of fact, the same religious precepts are explained and interpreted variously by many, so one gets a chance to listen to interpretations and views of others on television. One gets to learn a lot from other's interpretations and views about a religious principle.


Eric Wayne Flynn from Providence, Rhode Island on December 03, 2015:

HI Dana, great subject... I feel that technology and televangelism are forms of isolation, and Christianity is all about human interaction. I could go on a rant, but I do tend to agree with what Frank said. It seems that with our new isolating world of technology it can create a greater demand for God; but in actuality it is counter productive, it is supply and demand and a form of business and I feel Jesus would go wild and flip tables ala the marketplace if he were here to see these new forms of worship. I mean wouldn't Jesus smash a TV in it of itself in the first place; all false forms of idolatry are projected now from technology and a screen. Once again, love the topic of conversation here, it is truly something that can be talked about for hours and hours..... I watch way too much TV and use the computer way too much by the way, I'm trying to curtail such things... We shall see.


Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 03, 2015:

Tricia Ward- thank you for reading and contributing to this discussion. I agree with everything you said. I also have been "burned" by the church and so I understand that church tv can appear ideal to some. However, believers come under heavy spiritual attack so the strength and prayers from other believers are very important.

Also, I was prone to depression and heaviness more without the uplifting of the other members of the body of Christ. I believe Church tv is a wonderful source for getting the word out to others, who might not have a chance to hear otherwise. Especially Christians in foreign countries, where practicing other faiths can cause problems.

But the church is a body and family and, I agree that isolation from other believers is not healthy. The love and support from other members when you are in a good loving church is very important.

Tricia from Scotland on December 03, 2015:

Interesting hub Dana, you have obviously put a lot of effort into it. God and Jesus for that matter were very big on relationships. We don't have so many God channels here but I suppose I can see it both ways. For years even before TV for some the message was only via radio. So in that sense TV can be a source of being fed. But it should not be your only means. I know folks that don't go to church as they have felt discouraged by the institutions. But they still have faith, but I would argue that is not ideal. As a missionary and a community worker there is value in developing community and the church is a community of believers. TV does not quite cut that. He created us to be relational and so if we are in isolation we are missing out. Just a few thoughts..

Good hub

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

Thank you, Dr. Pragan. Joyce Meyers is also my favorite. I always say I can trust someone when I know their testimony. Joyce Meyer is one remarkable woman, and you can tell she is passionate about the word.

Church television is so powerful because it reaches people who normally would not be able to hear the word. It is also wonderful for people who are bedridden and people who would never admit they are curious about the gospel based on others perception of it.

I truly believe televangelism is just another powerful source for getting the word out and church and televangelism work hand in hand to ensure every ear hears and have a chance to receive the gift of grace. Thank you for reading and contributing to this subject.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

Missy, there is a saying that we "church folks" have wich is,- the church is just like a hospital, meaning everyone there is not well. I also have had problems in the church with some of the older mothers which inspired my article - "How I learned how to listen and reaped a harvest"- I'm actually grateful to them because I learned to put my hope and trust in God and realized church people were no better than me, but we were all trying to be well.

The not so positive experiences in the church are exactly why many people love televangelism, they can still be fed the word without all the drama. Luckily God has led me to a wonderful church and although the congregation was a bit cliquish at first, they eventually warmed up to me. All the televangelist I mentioned above are my favorites, they each have a different style of delivering the word that feeds my soul. I pray that if you decide to find a church home again it will be more positive, but for now I think the main thing is that you are still being fed. Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences on this subject. By the way 100% percent on the quiz...awesome!

Dr Pran Rangan from Kanpur (UP), India on December 02, 2015:

There are many advantages of modern telecommunication; televangelism is one of them. I am a fan of Joyce Meyers and I listen to her programs on TV in India. It is only because of TV that I can listen to her programs without attending them personally.

In India too, there are many TV channels of spiritual programs; we can choose the programs we want to see.

But going to church often gives a person a sense of belongingness. We can connect with people personally.

Your have very nicely enumerated the pros and cons of televangelism and church. With the modern lifestyle, it is quite conveniently helpful to remind us of the ethical values by listening to such programs.

Thanks for such a nice hub.

Missy Smith from Florida on December 02, 2015:

This is a great hub Dana! It's a really good subject to talk over with others. This is a hard one for me. As a child, I went to church every Sunday and with my Granny on Wednesdays, and it was fun. That was when I lived in Georgia. I moved to Florida and my sister and I found a church that would send the church bus by and pick us up. Needless to say, my sister fit right into her unknown surroundings and met and made a lot of new friends at church. However, as I loved to go to church, I was that shy loner and this church of cruel kids only made fun of me and would do things like untie my dress while we were in group singing. I kept trying to go and kept getting haggled. Unfortunately, the adults just turned a blind eye to the bad ones and my tears. Therefore, I quit. I tried a few more churches, but I never fit in again.

My mom and dad have a church family; my dad is actually there right now. When my fiance left me, I moved back home, and I joined their church. It helped me a lot. I finally got my wish of being baptized. I felt like I had found a church family finally. The preacher and his wife actually came to our holiday dinners and became a part of our family. However, the church turned sour, the preacher and his wife left. It was bickering bickering bickering. The preacher and his wife stayed a part of our family though, and we would visit their new church from time to time. However, word came that the preacher we trusted and loved after 32 years of marriage to his wife, just up and left her overnight for her best friend in the church they were at.

Anyway, my point is; I think it is wonderful if you truly have a church that is a total family, that preaches and teaches the right way, and you know deep in your heart will not disappoint. However, for loners such as me, televangelist is the way I choose now. I love Joel Osteen. My mother surprised me with tickets to his sermon one year for my birthday when he was on tour.

I actually hope that good churches stay around, because if you are lucky enough to fit in, it is a special feeling. Even so, I like getting up on Sunday morning and listening to the preacher on television. He preaches to the church, of course, and then we at home get to sit in too.

It's really no simple good or bad answer for this. I guess you just have to roll with the changes, because everyone has a different type of lifestyle to accommodate. Oh...I made 100% on your quiz. :)

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

Mabel, thank you for your visit, comment and share. Yes, I also see televangelism as an extension of doing the work of the Lord. When I hear the history of TBN from Paul and Jan Crouch, it seems to be a part of God's divine plan. It has its own purpose to help spread the work of the Lord. But I agree in my heart nothing could replace the fellowshipping and unity of the church. All blessings to you.

mabelhenry from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on December 02, 2015:

Hi Dana: I hope all is well. Televangelism was not meant to be something that would ever vie for the role of the universal or local Church. It is an aspect or the flow of the five-fold ministry via television. internet, etc. Its purpose is to be an avenue to spread the good news, not to replace the Church or it is no longer evangelism. We would have to be aware of anything that functions not so much outside of the Church building, but apart from the Body of Christ which is made up of members in particular, each one having a different function. Televangelism has its place, but the Church will always have its place in our hearts and nothing can replace that. Good topic and your coverage of it is a blessing. Sharing it on FB. Have a great rest o the week.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

manitta- thank you for reading and leaving such insightful comments. Many blessings my friend.

manatita44 from london on December 02, 2015:

Yes. Amen. Continue ...continue. Much Love and thanks again for a brilliant Hub!

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

Manatita- I am not familiar with the teachings of Yoga philosophy, but I did read the teachings of Buddha because I have a friend who is Buddhist, and I related to it. To the horror of my family, I have always tried to learn about different teachings, not because my faith in my religion is not strong, but to get a deep understanding of truth. And what I discovered is, some people think differently and understand differently, but it all comes back to one truth, which is, we are a spirit and soul that has a strong connection to a higher being. And we really feel the connection through teachings of the word, prayer, meditation and love.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

Frank- the televangelist's have shined a new light on the word. When I was growing up it was more fire and brimstone; now, it's more about grace, prosperity and blessings. Many people do see televangelists, and even some pastors as the devil's considering their congregations are praying to be blessed, and live as well as their pastors, do. I try to use discernment when I choose who I will follow and give what I can. Afterall, you can't squeeze blood from a turnip. Thanks for reading and commenting.

manatita44 from london on December 02, 2015:

Yes, God does it every now and again. Because I respect you, I must say this is just my view and the view of Yoga philosophy. We feel that he did it in Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Christ, Lord Chaitanya, Bhagavan (Lord) Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo and a few more. Their message is the same but they take on different jackets in different ages.

Of course, if your sincerity of purpose; your purity of intent is deep and soulful, then you will definitely reap the inner benefits at God's choice hour. Spirituality is the language of the Heart. It speaks in Silence. Love, serve, pray, offer, surrender ...

Sorry about all this. I don't do this too often. Last time perhaps. I mean well. Much Love, much ..

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

Eric, I loved how you said- life for you was not in the church, but the church in you..." that is so true. I love attending church and being around other worshiper's, but for me attending on a regular basis is a personal choice. Joel Osteen is truly one of my favorites and I'm sure seeing him in person is a wonderful experience, I hope to have that privilege someday.

Many of my friends and even family members prefer to watch church on television and don't want the inconvenience of attending the church that's how this article came to mind. I certainly hope we never see the day when the church is replaced by tv church and we may never see it in our lifetime. But someday in the future it may be a real possibility. Thank you for reading and leaving such a deep and insightful comment.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 02, 2015:

mantita44, I was surprised when I read the documentary on the history of TBN and discovered they had been around since the 70's. I had only discovered them around 8 years ago, but I have been hooked.

As I said I leave the channel on all day because my soul literally craves the word. The teachings of Billy Graham has become one of my favorites. I see him as a true man of God, who tirelessly, worked until he went to be with the Lord.

The teachings of Vivekananda, seems similar to the teachings my friend, who is Mormon, was trying to tell me. It was a truly interesting concept.

Because I truly believe in my heart God is going to do this again, I respect all aspects of how the word is reaching people. Thank you for your wonderful and informative comment.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on December 02, 2015:

wow what an interesting read.. I don't watch televangelist even though they have one of the most colorful aspects of speech.. but to me .. they are the devil in sheep's clothing....

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on December 02, 2015:

Dana this is a very outstanding piece of work. I appreciate it. My wife really enjoys a good Osteen sermon on TV. We also go see him when he is in the area. It is an "event" that is spirit filled and worthy of our time. But we could never look at that as a substitute for church. My wife is very active in hers with our son. I do not see eye to eye with that pastor/priest although we are friends and have great respect for each other -- he just is not my preacher man. Although recently we had a "church service" in our home with him leading wonderfully and with grace. I dearly love our friends in that church group - call them family.

I read the Bible, meditate on the word, and pray constantly. And I attend different churches. This works for us. Life for us is not us in the church but the church in us. God gives wonderfully if we choose to accept the gifts.

So hooray for both and may they both last for forever.

manatita44 from london on December 02, 2015:

Interesting Hub, Dana. I grew up with Herbert W Armstrong's The Plain Truth, and Billy Graham, and much of my Christianity, apart from the Anglican Church, of course, was to follow the Evangelists everywhere!

In England, I went to huge crowded audiences at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Wembley Arena and other places. KICC seems to have mastered the Art of Sales by Doctrine. All this to tell you that it's not new, but yes, modern advances in technology has indeed helped some, especially in the United States.

You seem to have investigated it quite well. I most certainly know these people and especially Joyce Meyers and T.D Jakes. They are household names in Christian circles.

Whenever I go to Jamaica, Queens, I go to a famous Christian Bookshop and buy a few things. Look for books by one Juan Mascaro or The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis. The second is the most widely read Christian book, outside of the Bible.

I mention these guys because authentic Christian Directors or Pastors, may not be as many as we believe. Still, speaking of Billy Graham, my teacher once said that he was a great motivator. So these guys exists because we want or look for what they offer. Sad about the figures, but they cannot get there without us.

I know so many people who complain about the bad news in the Newspaper, but we still buy them. Drifting a little bit, America is full of Life-coaches, motivators and inspirators, and while these are more in the New Age category, some are also incredibly rich.

My dear Friend Wayne Dwyer passed recently. He was in the first 10 of America's most influential people. Covey is up there too, and Deepak Chopra, probably Indian, although most certainly international, has sold milllions! Eckhart Tolle, has also come unto the scene. A talk of theirs vary between £75 to £200.00 for 2 hours.

Vivekananda teaches, that one day Religion will die out, that humans will wake up to the fact that we are indeed made in the image of God; that we are in fact Gods.

Still, I feel that we will continue as now, to use our homes, our churches, temples, mosques and stupors, as well as utilising the Tele-Evangelists, and the increasing internet seminar set-ups, to deepen our love for God.

Excellent Hub!

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