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Why We Worship God

I am an ordinary person. My interest has been to write stories and stories of daily and past events. That I want to share with you.


A simple question to you. Why do you go to religious or places of worship.
Perhaps, your answer is, we pray to God. But for that, what is the need to go .there. You can also pray at home.
Perhaps the answer is, we need a place of solitude.
Where there is no one between you and God. Where only your attention is in praying to the one and only that God. You have to communicate with him,. You have to focus.
Where your infatuation,greed, deceit, your own, alien all these things have nothing to do with it.
Do not let any such thoughts remain in your mind. If only, true faith and devotion towards God.
You must have seen, when people visit this holy place. So he starts talking foolish about here and there.
People can never get out of these stupid things.
If you come then to pray to God. But the mind is wandering somewhere else.
Only the body is here. But souls are wandering somewhere else.
In such a situation, if we pray a million to God. Our prayers cannot reach God.
Unless we pray with true devotion to God with our mind word,deed and soul.
That is why perhaps these holy place of prayer or places of worship have been made.
So that we can only pray to God in solilude with true devotion. Almighty please accept our prayers. May our wishes come true.
Here also we are praying to God for our selfishness. That why we are praying. So that he fulfills our wishes. It is also not selfless.
Have you ever thought? Whatever God has given us till now? Do we really deserve it Or God has given us much more than our status or ability ?
The day you think about it, you will be satisfied. After that day whenever you pray to God will be selfless. After that day all your remaining wishes will be fulfilled automatically.
God's grace will automatically start showering on you.
Even God would not want that his devotees should lack anything. We just have to pray with a sincere heart.
Whether you do this prayer at home or visiting a holy place of prayer,these is no difference. God will surely accept your prayers.
God resides in the heart of every human being we can't even recognize them. We wander here and there in search of God.
With a sincere heart, call on God and look. He will surely meet you in some form and give darshan(visit).
We are innocent, who do not recognize them.
He is with us every moment.

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