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Why We Don't Want to Die?


Why we don't want to die?

This article is an attempt to reveal a very famous phenomenon of everyone's life through a suitable writing piece. It is very common aspect of everyone's life that nobody wants to die and to live an immortal life. Whether he is at the age 18 year old or 90 year old but still he has a healthy wish to live more years of life. There many cases where you would have observed with your naked eyes that a person who had enjoyed the every phase of life lavishly or he had passed doleful time but still he wanted to have more moments of life. People don't want to move away from the aroma of the charming scenes of their lives. Although they afraid of death yet they try to neglect this reality which everyone has to face in form of departure of this world in their lives.

Safty measures to have a long life
People always strive to introduce new method of living long life through invention and innovation. It is quite obvious that with the invention of scientific methods the lives have been transformed in a robotic posture. There are many pharmaceutic companies which have been working on different types of medicines to enhance the life expectancy rate for many years. The pharmacists want to invent such types of miraculous medicine which would be beneficial to reduce death rate in the world. It shows that we don't want to die and all the time we are busy to discover such methods which would be guarantee of living somehow an immortal life. If the man has made the bullet to kill someone but he has also invented the bullet proof jacket. Nowadays, the air bags are used in different vehicles to protect life in severe accidental case, I'm not against it but I only want to indicate that we are more conscious regarding our lives and the purpose behind of these precautions is merely that we don't want to die.

Lockdown and life
The policy of lockdown is established in almost every affected country of covid-19. There are many merits and demerits of this policy but irrespective of its consequences we can conclude that all the measures are taken to protect the lives. People who were not ready to stay home for one hour had to stay for weeks. I don't have any aim to criticize all the measures which were taken in affected countries, I merely want to justify my approach that the people don't want to die at any cost. I'm going to explain this natural fact that why we don't want to die. It does not start from this worldly life, basically it starts from the kyte of the mother.
Mother's kyte and baby unawareness of the world
When the baby is in the kyte of his mother his entire world is the part of his mother's belly where he has been staying for several months. He is totally unaware of the outer side of the world. Although his life depends upon limited resources yet he is satisfy with them. His unawareness creates fear regarding outer world and that time he does not have the idea of afraid exactly. His unawareness causes his afraid when he comes into the outer world, he starts to weep instantly. This stage clearly provides evidence that the baby is afraid of new world because of unawareness. He has lost the beautiful music which was in form of his mother's heart beat. He doesn't have any idea about this newly faced world. He is completely in state of unawareness of whatever is happening on front of his eyes. His crying voice is an indicator that he doesn't want to live in this new situation and not to want to be the part of this strange world which is completely unknown for him.

Like the baby we are also unaware about the life after death. It is a psychological factor that we always escape from those situations whom we are unaware. We don't want to die because we don't have any idea and experience regarding life after death. This unawareness creates afraid and fear among us regarding death. No doubt that there are many religions that preach regarding life after death but still we have not experienced it. That's why we don't want to leave this world like the baby who was not ready to leave his mother's kyte. We have indulged in this world from toe to head, this world has become our last desirable destination. We have expanded our life's businesses everywhere in the world and made future plans for making progress in every field of life. Our curiosity and interest have enlarged highly in this materialist world. We are completely engaged in this world with full awarenesses that's why we are not interested to give up our activities and lavish life. Our unawareness of the next world has exaggerated our fear of dying. Unawareness of the next world's activities is the main cause of this reason that we don't want to die. It is also the psyche of the human beings that they hesiat to put their selves in unawareness state and situation.
The most interesting think is this, we know very well that we will have to die and can't get rid of the panic reality of death. But we don't want even to think about it because the materialistic life and unawareness of the upcoming moments after death have become a chain in our paws. Everyone is looked unable to break this nexus of thoughts in his mind which is creating fear and fidget in on going activities of the life. A burning question is always hanging in everyone's mind that how can we come out of this state.

Neutrality regarding death
Basically, people don't try to understand the balance of the world. No doubt they have been living in this world for many year but actually they are unable to understand the psyche and need of the world. Like air, water and fire the death is also an important factor for the human beings.

Death is associated with balance
What type of balance can be produced by the death? The question is very important and logical. If we strive to perceive the theme of the world, we will be able to understand this phenomenon. If the people are allowed to live unlimited time on this planet which known as Earth, there will be created the situation of chaos.
Let's suppose
If the creator of the universe does not give death by His side and allows to human beings to decide the death in this case the humanity will have to face a unbearable disaster. Humanity will have to pay for it in different ways. As everyone knows that the Earth is very little as compare to the universe, at first due to the natural elimination of the death we will have to face scarcity. The shortage of food will cause famine on the surface of the Earth. People will have to fight with on another to fulfill their basic necessities of life. This fight will move from one nation to other nation and at the last phase of this fight will horrible. The near and dear ones will have to one another for getting food. The man has to kill his own siblings to eat his meat, when the every grain will be finished from the surface of the Earth. The patients who are affected by cancer, they will have to remain forever in unpredictable pain. Death is the balance which is the most suitable device to create equilibrium in the world.

We are free in intentions but not in appliances
This is a solid fact which can be tested through experience that we are allowed to do planning but we are helpless create appliance of it. Sometimes it looks that some particular work is done by us but in reality its appliances were created someone else. Death is also an appliance which is made by its creater and we have no right to alter it according to our will. We has to only bow on the front of it without any resistance. In my opinion when somebody is helpless about something, he should made it interesting. Like other there are many spiritual techniques in every religion which can be utilized to make the death meaningful. The expert of such techniques can aslo attain the mystery of awareness of the life after death then death will not be fearful for him.
How the question " why we don't want to die" is transformed into " we want to die"?
Death is often misled in the society by people. It is considered something like a wrathful object and the society is scared of death from many aspects. Infact the death is an invitation of the meeting from the creator to the created. If the relationship between the creator and the created is strong, the death will be the will of created. The created will behave like a moth who always wants to mix itself in candlelight. When the created gets the reality of the cosmos, he will consider the death as hurdle between him and his creator. In this way the question " why we don't want to die is transformed into we want to die.


Malik Faiz Abbas on June 13, 2020:

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Very realistic sir

Malik imran murtaza on June 12, 2020:

Great wqar kazmi i really read it very truly saying yourself keep it up

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on June 11, 2020:

I do not want to die -- man I have it good in this life. But part of that good is me and my creator. So in death a closer walk with my God. I fear death not.

(Welcome to hubpages now get two pictures, I use 3, and two videos, I use music. Come over to my articles -- not to read but to follow those who comment, they are awesome)

manatita44 from london on June 11, 2020:

Thought-provoking article and fear itself comes because we dread the hereafter. The answer lies in this statement of yours:

"If the relationship between the creater and the created is strong ..."

Are we ready? Salaam!

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