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Why Kundalini Awakening Is a Spiritual Madness?

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.

Why Kundalini Awakening Is a Spiritual Madness?

Why Kundalini Awakening Is a Spiritual Madness?

Kundalini aspirants, who start to experience the awakening, show peculiar behavior. Their thinking and working methods change rapidly. They may sense far-away auras and visions. Some of them even talk absurd, which doesn’t match the society standards.

Society principles are organized to treat everyone’s brain in the same direction. If you decide to look for another direction, you are considered to be mad. These principles control your brain and discipline you in a way you forget how to express yourself freely.

When the awakening of kundalini begins, all these social barriers are lifted up. These principles fade away like they never existed and your mind is free to think, work, and speak in its own style. That’s why you often appear to be a mad case in the eyes of the ordinary folks. For them, the solution is to visit a specialist who can polish you back in the way society works.

At first, a kundalini awakened person looks like a mad individual, but if you look closely, you see the difference. For example, a man laughing continuously without any reason and a man laughing with his friends look the same, but, certainly, they are completely different.

Some examples of spiritually awakened people are Indian fakirs, Avadhoots, Sufi, and Christian mystics. They look crazy, but they have a very clear and disciplined mindset. Their inner consciousness is very strong and lucid.

Execution of mystics and abuse of esoteric doctrines

Since ancient times, we thrive on and respect those people, whose actions and teachings were less moral and more diplomatic. We forgot those people who talked about the real wonders of a man’s life. They were persecuted for their extraordinary experiences. They were considered insane.

Take the example of Socrates, who was poisoned, Christ, who was crucified on the cross, Al-Hallaj, who was skinned alive, and Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake, also including witches of Salem, and many more. They were executed because their visions had the capability to destroy and drastically modify society standards. This is the main reason why certain esoteric doctrines are kept hidden from the majority of the populace.

Though this was long ago, it still happens today but not in such a heinous manner. The level of hatred and crimes have risen to such an extent that people across the world are looking for an alternative. Due to which, people, today, are more interested in enlightenment. We can’t ignore the fact the crimes and situations that existed thousands of years ago are still here. War, poverty, murder, corruption, etc. still happen and on a large scale.

Similarly, spirituality, insanity, madness, and enlightenment are still here, somewhere near us. This is difficult to find because people with such traits are kept behind the doors so they can recover from their insanity and go back to being sane. They need to stick to the social norms, else they are dangerous to the normal people and thus, categorised as mad.

It gives heat to an important question, how can we differentiate between an actually mad and an enlightened person? Is it through the person’s external appearance or through our inner fear that arises because we’ve encountered a person who behaves differently from the majority? Some of the people who are kept in asylums because of being distinctive may be categorized under as someone going through spiritual awareness by spiritual gurus.

Consequently, it is up to science and technology to implement reliable and robust methods to figure out the insane mind and the superconscious mind.

Spiritual experiences from the east to the west

Though gaining spiritual consciousness is an essential part of a man’s life, this truth was neglected for a long time in the west. If any person would experience such awakening, then he would be sent to a mental hospital for treatment. This behaviour was considered abnormal and out of control. In short, it was thought to be too revolting for the social norms. That’s why, when people living in the west yearned for spiritual awakening, they would go the east.

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On the other hand, people in the east highly acknowledged those who spoke of experiences beyond the mind. Their abnormal symptoms were the signs of higher consciousness. According to ancient belief, the present consciousness of a man is not the finished product. It is, indeed, a temporary matter that needs evolution from one state to another.

The word depression, that is considered a mental illness in the west, was a stage of spiritual evolution for the east. With the lust of materialism overtaking both the parts of the world, the concept of spiritual development is distorted now. Today, people across the globe are undergoing a severe mental crisis. This needs to be handled carefully and the balance must be achieved everywhere, whether east or west.

It is easier than you think to differentiate a spiritual being from a lunatic

The spiritual awakening starts without any interruption. Your consciousness overpowers your ego and there’s a free-flowing. However, there’s a possibility the impurities within you may create certain neurological conditions. This makes it necessary to differentiate between the kundalini awakening and the psychological instability.

They may look similar and their behaviour may seem to overlap. However, mental illness never happens in a person who is free from conflict. It may happen in those who have faced some personal tragedies like the death of a loved one, loss of property or other emotional breakdowns. They may start to show signs of psychotic behaviour.

On the other hand, people who are detached from an emotional breakdown and have no severe anxiety issues can never suffer from mental illness. If you don’t have any such problems related to your personal or social life, and you still sense some extraordinary experiences, then something good is occurring within you.

The actual mad people don’t go through constant experiences. They are not strong enough to trust themselves and stay focused. They are internally blinded and externally ineffective.

If you have an awakened consciousness, your determination is constant and your personality is highly influential. You have the ability to make accurate judgements and decisions. You may have a slight lack of control like a mad person, but you are guided by the supreme consciousness.

When such ultimate experiences start to take place within you, it is recommended to take the help of a guru, who is well acknowledged with illumination and mental health. He/She can make the correct decision and guide you if your brain is going the process of transcendence or regression. If there’s some damage, it can be treated and in case, it’s spiritual, you are channelized to refine your behaviour. You are not forced into unwanted circumstances, rather you are treated according to your emerging personality and consciousness.

If you don’t receive the right guidance and required support for the experience, you may end up with a doctor. Fortunately, scientists are running wide research, now, to explore the unlimited potential of human behaviour. They agree with the fact that the behaviour can be both psychic as well as spiritual, and can also be related to physical and psychological factors.

In conclusion, it is important for you to understand, the awakening of kundalini is not an abnormal psychological condition. An abnormal mental condition is due to the bad effects of the present mind consciousness, while the kundalini awakening is about eliminating the effects and releasing the unlimited potential of your mind.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Prachi Sharma


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 27, 2020:

To tell the truth I like the masks these days. People do not laugh 'at' me so much as I am laughing to myself or out loud, my norm is giggling. This just reminded me of when I started doing that. We use the term insane more than "mad" now. And my wife thinks me very insane ;-)

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