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Why Is a Hindu Failing?

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The daily interaction with the people who surround me, made me realize that people's ignorance towards the culture is increasing.

Educated Hindu is a person who always has confusion about right and wrong about his belief. Fortunately, the ongoing corona pandemic has made a few Hindu's believe that the Namaste culture is correct. But most of them are still in a dilemma. The present generation needs reason or logic to believe in something. I will try to articulate a few things, so the non-believers can start taking some pride in being a Hindu.

Hinduism was not a religion initially; it was just a way of living(culture). Hence, you will find that there is no one God. There are 33 crore Gods, which is unbelievable for the rest of the world. But these Gods were just humans; I will call them superhumans. Some are worshiped all over India, and some in a particular village or town. These superhumans had qualities/skills which they were very good at. Because of which they had many followers, just like any other sportsman or actor or leader. They showed the society a new way of living or surviving in their era. For example, Ram brought the practice of monogamy, law, and humility. He was the king; still, he practiced it to set an example in front of his people.

Hindu civilization was the most advanced one. You must have already read an example of Harappan civilization in the history books. Point is the people then and before had good knowledge of science. The culture got corrupted with the many invasions that happened. First, the Mogul and then the Britishers. Many scriptures were torn and torched. The intellectuals were targeted and finished. This led to
a loss of knowledge. People were hopeless during this period, and this became an opportunity for few. People started the 'fear of God' business and corrupted it more. Hence you will see that most of the things followed are under the name of God. There are scientific/logical reasons behind a lot of things, but if you ask your grandmother, she may not be knowing.

The invasions converted many people into different religions. These religions have extreme ideologies and only one God to believe. This is contradictory to the Hindu culture. Since this culture has always been open, everyone is welcomed, accepted, and respected. And I believe, because of the same reason, India is standing with the slogan of Unity in Diversity. The Hindu culture has turned into a religion for many since multiple religions surround it. I don't want to prove that it's not a religion, but if an individual thinks it is, then he should believe it with a whole heart. Once you start believing and following it without any doubts, the journey becomes simple, and you will not feel inferior or insecure. Bow down to the deities if your grandmother says, bow down to the elders, bow down to the person you respect, it will bring humility within you. It's important!!

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It's because of this culture; every individual has liberty in India. Let's respect it, stand tall with it. Each Hindu must keep the following in mind:


Vikarna (author) from India on May 13, 2020:

Thank you Umesh Ji !!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on May 12, 2020:

Welcome to HP. Interesting analysis. Keep up writing in HP.

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