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Why Do We Perceive the World Differently?

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to write on different topics, including Spirituality, psychology, and more


The focus

The focus

We all perceive the same situation differently

Two people can look at the same situation and see it completely differently. Have you ever wondered why your spouse, family members, or friends thought differently about the same things you think about?

All is well, so it must be. As humans, we are all similar on the outside, but completely different on the inside. We are each led by ideas of different desires, goals, and thoughts.

All this is revealed when we get into unplanned, unforeseen situations in which everyone's intention and different attitudes appear. Every time we are faced with a variety of situations, we respond to them “in our own way,” which may be different from other people’s reactions.

It's because of our past, what we experienced at some point in our lives when faced with a similar situation. The experience of the result of our previous decision has continued in our memory and we are now reliving it.

Choose to think differently

Choose a different angle of approach to the situation you are facing. After all, a stick always has two ends. The coin has two sides. So every situation has its "good" and "bad" sides.

Choose to enjoy the moment you experience. Choose the "next" approach angle. This may be your only chance of success. If you think like everyone else, you will act like everyone else.

The result will be like everyone else. That way, you will be no different from the crowd. When you think differently, you stand out from the rest. Maybe it's time for you to look at your situation from a new, different angle?

It's time to start thinking differently, Act!

Do Something Great

Do Something Great

The three foundations of the Universe are kindness, compassion, and help

When people live in unity with everyone, they see themselves and the whole as themselves. Then kindness, compassion, and help are inseparable and merge into one word — love. A loving man is always right, and his works brings good to people and the world.

The whole universe exists thanks to the principle of mutual assistance and healthy interaction "all for all" when assistance to the beings of the younger evolutionary chain or to those in trouble, is a matter of course.

When a person does good work for the welfare of all, he expresses his highest spiritual aspect and at the same time promotes the common desire of people to improve the spiritual condition of all humanity.

Help is impersonal

Help is impersonal. In times of trouble, it does not distinguish between what is worth helping and what is not. Help is not the humiliation of another, but the support that prevents a person from breaking. We don’t cry for each other, but look for ways to help in a difficult situation.

Sometimes people think that by empathizing with or helping others, they will also secure help in case of trouble. But such thinking is selfish. Real help is pure and unconditional, with no thoughts of reward or benefit to yourself.

Love one another

Love one another

What is Kindness?

Kindness is always silent. He does not tell everyone about his good works and does not ask to be included in the lists of benefactors. Goodness is always the flight of a pure heart that warms people's hearts with unity.

To empathize with others in trouble is human, and to alleviate the suffering of others is the highest virtue. Each of our good deeds for the good of others is an expression of our spirituality.

When we sympathize or help others, people cannot be blamed for being in such a situation. It only exacerbates their suffering. And it is all the more impossible to gossip about people in trouble that is the greatest cynicism.

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Kindness and help

Kindness and help

What is compassion?

Compassion is the ability to feel another person's suffering as one's own and to give possible help to the suffering without thinking. A person who can feel the suffering of a stranger will never give suffering to other people.

Compassion best heals selfishness and indifference and allows you to feel oneness with others. Compassion is also the ability to enjoy another person's happiness. And by helping others, we can express our best qualities and pave the way for the common good through each person's well-being.



Help cannot be ruled out if it is given wholeheartedly. Whatever help it is, it is the most expensive thing a person can give you. But it is not right to force help. But those who really need it usually do not dare to ask for it, so they should be helped without offending and exactly what they need.

Don't help the lazy to laze and the drunkard to feast. Real help is a necessity, not the encouragement, and support of flaws. Help can take many forms: someone needs to be around, someone needs a good word or advice, and someone needs bread or clothing.

It is also possible to help a person with forgiveness; when we forgive a person, we give him the opportunity to perceive the mistake and, if possible, correct it and change for the better. By forgiving, we free the person from guilt, and we rid ourselves of the grievances ourselves.

The more developed a society is, the greater its ability to empathize and help each other, and vice versa. If people spent as much time on compassion, mutual help, love as they do now on hatred, hostility, jealousy, anger — the world would change in one day.

Forgotten Promises By Sami Yusuf

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Misbah Sheikh (author) on February 26, 2021:

Thank you so much Peggy for appreciating

I am glad you liked it.

I wish we as humans can understand that we need to work on ourselves first, the world can change so why not start with ourselves


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 26, 2021:

This article is beautifully written and promotes all that can encourage people to live lives in the best manner possible. Your very last sentence is so true!

Misbah Sheikh (author) on February 26, 2021:

Thanks a million, Manatita

Your kindness and generosity has always inspired me


Misbah Sheikh (author) on February 26, 2021:

Thanks for the appreciation, Pamela

Yes we as humans are here on this earth to serve. If we do good to others wholeheartedly with having no greed of getting something in return from them only then we can feel inner peace.

Do good and forget and get ready for doing it again and again throughout the life.

Only expectations with God are fulfilled.


manatita44 from london on February 26, 2021:

See life as struggle. The soul cannot grow without struggle, but it's a beautiful one if you know how to look. The soul comes for experience and struggle is necessary to encourage growth. Your goal is Moksha (Freedom), but this takes time. be patient; persevere! Salaam!

Misbah Sheikh (author) on February 26, 2021:

I know there will be a lot of hurdles in my way but i chose to move on this path because I am sure I will meet some beautiful souls like you in this way.

Thanks for being the first one to read and appreciate this article


Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 26, 2021:

This is a very well-written article with great suggestions, Misbah. I think following your advice would make anyone a bit happier and certainly more peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

manatita44 from london on February 26, 2021:

A beautiful piece! Continue to listen to the inner voice. Follow your own star. Enjoyed the video. Very proud of you.

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