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Why Theists Hijack the Notion of Deism?

Skeptic,searching for the ultimate question of reality;basking in the mystery of this vast universe which may or may not have a prime mover.

Why Deism and Theism Are Not the Same Thing?

Deism and Theism are not the opposite sides of the same coin as often portrayed by religious apologetics. Theists have hijacked the notion of deist god to their advantage since centuries. But a sincere investigation into the matter makes it utterly clear that a theist god is often portrayed in contradicting characteristics.


Yahweh, the jewish god has been shown in the Torah as the ultimate malevolent, vindictive, jealous person whose jealousy is evident in the second commandment of mosaic law - “Thou shalt not take any other god before me”. He orders persecutions of tribes irrespective of women, children or elderly. The christian god even though when portrayed as “God the son” is loving in nature, "God the father" keeps on his vindictive nature as his jewish counterpart. Islamic God “Allah” even though is portrayed as the most benevolent is entirely sadistic who keeps on threatening throughout the entirety of Quran with hellfire for disbelievers.

Weird things a theist god care about

It is pretty clear from the examples that whoever these deities or forces are, they can not be the same force that created the whole of this universe. A force that is capable of creating such gigantic unimaginable universe and concerns himself with humanly affairs such as what we eat, drink or on what day, what we wear, who do we sleep with, what church we go to. These are evidence enough of the absurdity of theism which just can not take this entity willy nilly to prove their points. This entity has clearly no apparent connection with the revelation based religions.

Brief differences of the two GODS

Deist GODTheist GOD

Created a universe with no center

centers around only earth and especially humans

Does not intervene

Intervened only in bronze and iron age

Worked out the basic laws of nature

Worked out laws about what to eat, who to sleep with and in what position.


God of Espinoza vs God of Abraham

The closest thing we can come to speculate about the deist god is the God of Espinoza and Liebnitz. These philosophers introduced the notion of god as some sort of prime mover or the mathematician who set the laws of nature in motion in the earliest moment of creation. Even though this god is benevolent in nature, he definitely doesn’t intervene into the natural world to suspend the laws of nature.

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The late Christopher Hitchens said-"There’s is no reason why this entity is in total indifference to us. You can not get from deism to theism without a series of extraordinarily generous assumptions. A deist has all his work, still ahead of him, to show that it leads to revelation, to redemption, to salvation and to suspension of the natural order; hitherto you’ll be putting all your faith, all your evidences. Then theist claim why not for a change of taste and a change of pace, the same natural order which is so miraculous, is randomly suspended when miracles are required. This is having it both ways in the most promiscuous and absurd manner, in my submission."


"Fine Tuning"- the Trump Card of theists

Another claim of theists is the claim of the fine tuning of the universe which is essentially another claim under deism in disguise. A theist god’s intention centers around human affairs, he certainly didn’t need the entirety of the universe because humans are the apple of the theist god’s eye. A deist god is completely capable and under no obligation to conform to human centrality to create the entirety of the universe. He can design the universe any way he pleases. He could be a great architect who is fond of building things with exact precisions. Even though this satisfies the fine tuning argument to some degree, a theist god still has to clarify his position on the evils of the world.

A benevolent god must certainly oppose to unnecessary evil. Yet we find the natural world full of evil. Millions of babies die at birth every year because of the poor structure of human birth canal. A theist god must certainly be benevolent enough to do something about it. If a child can not even start his life to go through the “Test of the creator” then what’s the point? Millions of people die every year because of natural calamities but the heaven sits with total indifference. But whenever something good happens, theists come as soon as possible to claim- “oh,God did it". A theist god has created an option to bypass all the evil on the Devil. Still the devil and his intentions are created by the theist god himself.

Religion’s strength is it’s comforting hand. It provides with false hopes. Hopes that death is not the ultimate end. Even if it’s hard to admit but the world is a pretty bad place and horrible things happen out here. People die and we are left with an awe of where they have gone. One day you're laughing, living life the fullest with your loved one and the next day they are gone. They just vanish and you are left with this void and hollowness and yet life goes on. You try to forget they ever existed so that you can live without feeling remorse for the rest of your life. This is where religion sneaks in to take advantage of you when you’re most vulnerable. Taking advantage of people when they are in the lowest place of their lives is obscene wickedness.

Religion takes advantage of people’s illusion of mind-body dualism. Ever since our cognition has developed to a point of understanding animism, to assert agencies to disembodied intelligence, we’ve developed this false knowledge that there resides another agency inside our body that is indestructible. When our rigid body fails to function, the soul leaves the body to bask in the eternal light of happiness. Needless to say, modern science has conclusively proven that we don’t have a soul. The soul or what we speculate to be a disembodied spirit is nothing but the superior colliculus of our brains that has the ability to create these illusions. So, if we don’t have a soul, it is absurd that our souls need some kind of redemption from some kind of first sin that we didn’t even commit.

According to Christian apologetics, you are told that you’re a miserable sinner by birth right. You are born in sin because the first human ate an apple. You are also told that you are created sick and ordered to be well. And best way to do so is to conform to the idea that god reincarnated himself in the flesh to be his son who has to be sacrificed so that he could pardon himself. Couldn’t he just forgive himself?

In conclusion, A deist god can’t be such shallow, jealous, control-freak, dictator which is absolutely the way a theist god is and should be. Theists do not comply to accept the greatness of this god instead they cling to their narrow-minded god but hijack the deist god only when necessary to rebut skeptics.

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© 2021 Md Abir Hossain

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