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Why Is Meditation a Must for Athletes?

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Benefits of Meditation for the Brain and the Body


Why Is Meditation A Must For Athletes?

Turning to Meditation

How often do you lack concentration or focus or aren’t attentive enough due to distractions causing frustration? Due to hyperconnectivity and an increasing globalization we have been initiated into hitherto unknown comforts of life however practicing calmness is not among the other comforts.

A deluge of information, protracted hours at work, incessant global news about the world in distress, and pollution levels rising; all of these factors have contributed in the creation of an environment wherein people are unable to cleanse their minds which is essential for attention and focus.

To regain concentration what is essential is the primitive meditation therapy. Conventional meditation, in its purest form, aims at achieving a parallel consciousness that has a calming effect on the mind which is relaxing resulting in regaining concentration. You essentially shut your mind to the external disturbances or distractions and be able to pay attention or concentrate or focus inwardly.

Meditation is the tried and tested method or process of decluttering your mind wherein you will not be irate or irritable, angry and restless anymore. Also how you perceive your surroundings will change forever as you reflect on yourself with full consciousness.

Its unlike a religious custom or tradition. At its core through meditation you can feel your state of consciousness and thereby can attain spirituality. You don’t necessarily have to be a believer of any particular religion and it isn't a criterion or prerequisite to practice and learn meditation.

The lifestyle be that as it may in this day and age, meditation is some sort of a panacea or an antidote to counter the fallout of a stressful lifestyle and obviously beneficial. Through meditation you can practice self-care perfectly well, pause your life on the fast lane, regain concentration on what is material, look at the bigger picture so to speak, and destress, no more frustration and negativity, for a refreshed mind. Believe it or not, for athletes meditation is beneficial.

Athletics – Mind Games are involved as well

The assumption is that minimal strategy and physique combined are essential in sports. However the best performers and coaches alike are aware of the fact that proper mindset is equally crucial to win a tournament.

Undoubtedly, almost all sports, whether its team sports including cricket or football or solo sports activities like marathons or rock climbing the prerequisite is mental strength, the willpower to adapt and strategize, and to be vigilant enough to heed the warning signs of an imminent danger. The question is whether athletes can attain this perfect mental condition through meditation. Yes indeed they can.

Concentration – Its practically impossible to successfully achieve your objective without concentration or focus. If you are distracted by your friends and family cheering you for example, or by a bird perched on a pole and cooing it may result in your poor performance in the game. Through meditation you would get trained on the vital and yet tough mental exercise of staying focused on winning the game. To further emphasize this point, through meditation you can play your game smartly and win.

Reduce Stress – Both seasoned and novice athletes alike may be perspiring, have jitters and clammy hands, which is not uncommon. In addition to you losing your focus due to stress, it may lead to quite a few physiological side effects hampering your performance. Through meditation you get trained on relaxing in stressful circumstances leading to enhanced performance.

Optimal Endurance – When you are about to throw in the towel, your mental strength ensures that you go beyond the finish mark and win. Among the types of Meditation, visualization, in particular, can enhance your ohysique’s endurance resulting in your increased motivation to successfully achieve your objectives which, in turn would help you in gaining edge on the field as well as your opponent.

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Rest Well – You can relax and keep calm through meditation improving how you perform. Research has revealed that improvement in our sleep quality is possible, enhances our immunity, and last but not the least, an athlete’s body recovers from the common bruises, injuries, aches and pain quickly. Certainly, meditation is your elixir to remain physically and mentally fit and fine.

Be Resilient – Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, failure is only too common. Injuries, obstacles, even frustrations and biases may inhibit time and again what you want to achieve. Through meditation though, you can get rid of the negative vibes that are integral to any challenging sport event. It would be prudent on your part to rather focus on what is material, which is your objective and you.

Be aware of your weaknesses – Any sport would be a cakewalk for you with your stellar performance. What this essentially means is, in addition to enhancing your strengths, you need to introspect to find out your vulnerabilities. As you soul search through meditation you would know whether you need to control your temper or whether a certain aspect of your performance that you should hone.

Tips on Meditation

Since now you are aware of the benefits of meditation, you would most probably want to do it yourself. A few tips to get you going

Don't overdo it on your first attempt.You may not be able to resist the temptation of sitting cross-legged and contemplating for a while, you however, may not realize that meditation is harder than you might think. Rather, begin with a shorter timespan and opt for a place and position that you think is absolutely comfortable for you.

Anxiety is both a negative emotion as well as a distraction that may hinder meditation even for those who have been practicing for a protracted period oftentimes struggle to stay focused. Nonetheless, it's vital that they flow just like any other thought pattern. Its a matter of time that mentally you would be at peace with these thoughts as you observe without experiencing any sort of negative vibes.

A technique that athletes often find useful is focusing only on a single part of the body and experiencing its potential, power and strength. This is extremely helpful in detoxing your mind of distractions and facilitating you to focus, and simultaneously reestablishing your connection physically and getting ready for the upcoming challenges of the physical activity.

Another form of meditation that is highly motivating is sitting and visualizing the outcomes you seek. This jogs your memory into remembering the purpose of this meditation form. Hallucinating the progress of the game will facilitate in strategizing, recognizing your strengths, and motivating you to be a star performer fulfilling your dreams.

The crux of the matter isn’t simply knowing the several benefits of meditation, you’ve got to implement them in your routine athletics training and ensure you are on the right track to winning games.

Meditation and Mindfulness Tips for Athletes

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