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Why Do the Innocent Suffer

"Jerry retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach from Kingdom Ambassadors Global Univ. & Currently MHC Life University"



Beloved, this message is one concerning a question that I believe we all have asked ourselves and others at least once in our lifetime and that is " why does most of the bad things usually happen to good people instead of the bad people and why did Jesus wait four days as found in (John 11:3-6) to come see about his friend Lazarus, he had been sent word that his friend was very sick, I mean beloved, he was their spiritual leader and he did not even show up for the wake.

Saints, it was in the late seventies maybe early eighties that I had a vision from the Lord concerning the unseen colossal war that is taking place around us that has helped me prepare for the place in ministry where I am today in other countries walking by faith that all my needs will be met.

Beloved, I was on my way to the Southern Baptist Seminary located in Louisville, Kentucky because earlier, I had been given an invitation from the school to come spend some time on campus and see what the school was about.

Saints, I had a friend that was an enrolled student there and he had played some of my preaching to the faculty which they liked causing the Dean and Faculty of the school to send a word of invitation for me to come live on campus in the dorm with my friend and partake of some free classes to see if I would like to continue my education with this school.

Beloved, after much prayer, I felt a release to take them up on their offer but decided to stop along the way to visit some friends living in Jonesville, Virginia who were an elderly couple and were faithful listeners of my weekly radio program which I usually did live from the studio that was located in Church Hill, Tennessee.

Saints, I had never met these precious people and had only spoken with them a few times on the phone.

Beloved, I stayed with them a few days and still remember the room and being covered with several blankets to keep me warm because back then most people did not have heat at night but would get up early to go to the basement and heat up a coal fired furnace.

Saints of God, I remember like it was yesterday, on one particular night while praying, I approached God with the question "Lord, why do innocent people suffer and are usually the ones that get hurt?"


The Vision from Heaven

Saints, I shall now make an attempt to reveal the vision that I received from the Lord that really made me do some more studying on the creation of man and his purpose on Earth.

Beloved saints of God, I remember in the vision that the Lord said in the vision these words, "Jerry, I am not the God of this world and I am bound with an oath to watch over my word because I only intervene when it fulfills my purpose and when my people pray for power and deliverance." "Jerry, Adam was given dominion over this planet and the elements that govern this planet and Jerry, it did not take me by surprise when Adam gave in to Satan's deception and schemes which caused him to forfeit his delegated authority to this treacherous deceiver, the fallen Ark Angel you call Satan."

Beloved the Lord in the vision said, "Jerry although the redemptive work to purchase man my greatest creation was completed at the cross, I have not returned to execute my judgment upon the kingdom of darkness and claim ownership of the planet for I have set a day including a plan where all will be fulfilled."

Church, I remember in the vision saints, that the Lord said "Jerry, would you like for me to tell you why I made man in my likeness and image," then the Lord said "Jerry, Satan did not challenge me on my power but on my justice system, and he managed to convince a third of my created beings to follow him in his accusations which resulted in a revolt in my beautiful Heaven."

Beloved, the Lord said, "Jerry, nothing takes me by surprise and I already devised a plan to show my justice to all through my greatest creation which is man created in my likeness and image, which I personally sculpted from the dust of the Earth and through man, I will show all creation my Holiness and justice to all."

Saints, many years later, I discovered that there is a glue like substance called Laminin in our body that holds our cells together, and it is shaped in the form of a cross. Saints, we have a substance holding our body together and it is shaped to resemble a cross.

Yes dear reader, before the fall of Adam's transgression in the garden, the Living God in his perfect state of holiness, walked with Adam in the cool of the evening knowing that he would give into temptation and plunge the whole human race into sin but beloved, before his disobedience in the garden, God was looking at the cross that was holding him together and in his infinite wisdom was looking at a future event when he would send forth his Son to be made in the likeness of sinful man which would become the sin substitute to redeem not only his greatest creation but everything that was lost through the fall of Adam back to God.

The Cell Structure Laminin

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How Does this affect Me

Beloved, Adam was given complete dominion over this planet including the elements and laws that govern this planet but the fall happened when he gave in to Eve and ate of the forbidden fruit breaking the law and commandment of God.

Saints, the moment Adam willfully broke the law of God, he forfeited all of his power, dominion and authority to Satan, the master deceiver, the one that cleverly deceived not only Eve but a third of the Holy Angels in Heaven.

Beloved, I told people years ago that storms and plagues will increase as the enemy knows he has a short time because he desires to kill and hurt as many as possible hoping God will get the blame for his evil schemes.

Church, remember that the Holy Bible calls him the prince and power of the air.

Dear ones, did you know that the children of God are a purchased possession and therefore, they do not have to live in fear of this evil tyrant.

Beloved, there should be no room for anxiety and fear in the life of a believer especially those born of God's Spirit, that are covered by the precious blood of his son and adopted into his royal family.

Saints, shout it from the housetops that we have been redeemed and translated out of the curse that was placed upon all creation because of Adam's fall in the garden and have been translated into the kingdom of his dear Son.

Beloved, let me repeat that and can you that are saved shout it with me, "We have been translated out of the old Covenant called the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son which is an established covenant God made with his Son when he raised him up making him both Lord and Christ."

Church, God made a covenant with his Son Jesus (the other Adam) which is an everlasting covenant where you and I are adopted into his royal family and made Sons and Daughters of the most high God.

1. Did you know that the scriptures speak of Jesus having a soul and spirit just like you and me?

2. Did you know that the scriptures also declare that God was in Jesus reconciling the world (creation) back to himself?

3. Did you know the scriptures teach that he that knew no sin was made sin for us and did you know that his soul was made an offering for sin? (2 Corinthians 5:21) (Isaiah 53:10)

Beloved, everything that happens in our life is not by chance but preordained before the foundation of the world. You might say Jerry, how can I know this for myself and my reply would be answered with a question.

Do not the scriptures teach that Jesus the lamb of God was slain before the foundation of the world and declare that all things work together (good and bad) for the good to them that love him, the called according to his purpose. (Revelation 13:8) (Romans 8:28)

Saints, did you know that everything that happens to us and those around us have a divine purpose and that is for God to reveal his justice to Angel's which are learning more about his justice and mercy through his dealings with his church which is his body on Earth, therefore beloved, our prayer should be, "Lord here I am please bend me, use me, empty me of self and leave your signature through my life to influence future generations.

My Conclusion

Dear reader, God is the one that set the penalty for sin and not Satan, therefore in the end in God's perfect timing, it will take only one Angel to bind this deceiving devil to the bottomless pit where he will be bound for one thousand years.

Beloved, did you know that all creation is waiting for us to realize who we are and as stated plainly in Luke twenty two that we are to walk in the delegated authority given from father to the Son which in turn the Son gave to his church which is his body on Earth. (Romans 8:22) (Luke 22:29)

Saints, I am so excited that I would now love to present a little demonstration of the Love, Mercy and Justice of God our Father which I believe will give us clarity concerning the priceless love of God.

Beloved, in this scripture, here was a judge that gave all brought before him the full sentence of the law however one day his own mother (The church) was brought before him which had been caught in the very act breaking the law. Saints, he had no choice but sentence her to the full extent the law would allow but then something happened which shook up the entire court room (Heaven).

Church, let us embrace the cross of Jesus Christ as we see the Judge in this example wipe the tears from his eyes as he humbly steps down from the royal bench stretching his hands out to the bailiff stating there is nothing in the law that forbids me from serving moms (the Church) sentence including the sentence of death.

Beloved, this is a small example of what our Holy, Just and Merciful God did for his greatest creation (man) to rescue as many as possible from Satan's rebellion.

Dear reader, we may not ever understand in this life why things happen like they do, but I assure you that they have a divine purpose that will affect all eternity.

Beloved, the Scriptures declare that God is Love and we as his children are very precious to him.

Saints, the scriptures declare that God has our names not written, but engraved on the palm of his hands which can be found in (Isaiah 49:16)

Beloved, I pray this message has been used of God to touch your hearts and I would like to leave this closing statement with you and that is, "We are not promised a life without difficulties however the scriptures do declare that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivereth them from them all" therefore beloved, we can rest in knowing that all things both good and bad work to our good as we lay up treasures against the time to come that we may lay hold onto Eternal Life. ( Psalms 34:19) Romans 8:28) (Matthew 6:19-21)

International Evangelist
Dr. Jerry W. Hulse Ph.D.
Miracle Life Church International

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Jerry W Hulse (author) from Kingsport, Tennessee / Philippines on April 24, 2020:

Good to hear from you my longtime friend.

Im stuck working walmart stores out of Cheyene, Wyoming for several months now. Hope you ok through these trying times

Some of my books are free on our website

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 24, 2020:

Jerry, thanks for sharing your vision and your insights. Good to hear from a man who hears from God.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 20, 2020:

A little long to pick up and read all of it. What I read was interesting. You may want to break this down into two hubs. Just a thought. Very interesting about Laminin. I always have trouble with God "letting" something happen. Seems he always gives us a choice.

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