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Who Was Prophet Muhammad?


Birth and Family

Prophet Muhammad was born in 571 A.D at Macca and he was the last prophet of Allah. Prophet Muhammad was from the race of prophet Abraham, his grandfather's name was Abdul Mut'talib and his father's name was Abdullah and his mother's name was Bibi Amna. Prophet Muhammad belongs to the Hashmi tribe.


When prophet Muhammad was two months old, his father Abdullah passed away, and when he was just 6 years old his mother passed away. His grandfather Abdul Mut'talib took his custody then and he also passed away when prophet Muhammad was 8 years old. After the death of his grandfather, his uncle Abu Talib takes care of him, Abu Talib was a merchant and he teaches prophet Muhammad the lessons of trading.

Occupation and Marriage

Prophet Muhammad was a trader and he was the most honest trader of Arab. Once he was trading for the richest women of Arab Bibi Khadija, as he was well known for his honesty, Bibi Khadija ordered her servant to observe prophet Muhammad throughout the trade, and when the servant came back, he praised about prophet, she got impressed and she sent marriage proposal to prophet. Prophet Muhammad accepted that proposal and he got married to 40 years old Bibi Khadija at the age of 25.

Marriages and children

Prophet Muhammad's first wife Bibi Khadija died when he was 50 years old, than he married 10 more women from different tribes. Prophet Muhammad had 2 sons from Bibi Khadija, Qasim and Abraham who died in their early ages and he had 4 daughters, there is the conflict that 3 of the daughters were step daughters but the only surviving daughter was Bibi Fatima who was also from Bibi Khadija. Bibi Fatima was later married to prophet's cousin Ali and they had two sons, Hassan and Hussain. The family including prophet Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, and Hussain is called Ahl-e-Bait (the holy family).

The first revelation and invitation

At the age of 40, when prophet Muhammad was in his routine seclusion, he heard a voice "Read". He replied I can't than an angel called Gebrail appeared and reveal to Muhammad that he is the prophet of Allah. Prophet Muhammad told this to his wife, friend Abu Bakr and cousin Ali and they became the first acceptors of Islam. After that prophet arranged a gathering of his family members at his place and revealed that he is the prophet of Allah. Prophet asked his closed one to help him in that mission but denied that massage except his 8 years old cousin Ali, and prophet said "Ali is my heir".

The Migration to Madina

When prophet Muhammad started the invitation to Islam, the Arabs whose income was due to the idol worship were affected and they all gathered to stop Muhammad, First they started to torture Muslims and then they boycotted Hashmi family in terms of tradition, when prophet Muhammad refused to give up and Muslims increased in numbers day by day. The disbelievers planned to kill prophet Muhammad at night and Allah ordered prophet to migrate to Madina. Prophet migrated to Madina by leaving his cousin Ali behind at his bed.

Islamic battles

Following prophet Muhammad, Muslims started to migrate to Medina and as Muslims were poor and weak, the disbelievers planned to kill them in a battle. At 624 A.D, 1000 disbelievers were gathered in the supervision of Abu Jehal at the place of Badr to fight Muslims, on the other hand 313 believers fought that battle. Muslims tasted victory on that day and the leader of disbelievers Abu Jehal was killed in that battle.

To take retribution of Badr, under the supervision of Abu Sufiyaan, at 625 A.D, 3000 disbelievers fought 1000 Muslims near the mountain of Ohad. The disbelievers tricked Muslims by attacking from behind after running from front from the battle because of which Muslims lost that battle and the uncle of holy prophet Hamza was martyred in that battle.

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After 2 years at 627 A.D, disbelievers again gathered a huge army to attack Muslims in Medina but this time Muslims planned to dig trench in order to avoid them to enter medina, only one solider "Omer" was able to cross trench and he demands an opponent for fight, Ali the cousin and son-in-law of prophet accepted the challenge and killed him, the Muslims technically won that battle.

Muslims continuously became more powerful and at 629 A.D, under the supervision of prophet Muhammad, Ali was able to conquer the fort of Khyber by killing Jewish leaders Haris and Merhab.

Conquest of Mecca

After the conquest of Khyber, at 630 A.D Muslims with huge crowd rushed into Mecca under the supervision of prophet Muhammad, the disbelievers of mecca had no choice but to surrender and prophet Muhammad became the ruler of Mecca without shedding any blood and prophet forgave those who tried to kill him at the night of migration, those who boycott them and hurt Muslims and even the killers of martyrs in battles including his uncle Hamza. From that day, under the government of prophet Muhammad the national religion of Mecca became Islam.

Death of Prophet Muhammad

After the conquest of mecca, prophet Muhammad became both the religious and political leader of the time and under his leadership, the Muslims became more powerful. At 632 A.D, he performed his first and last pilgrimage, while returning to Medina, he stopped at the place of Ghadeer and gave a sermon called the last sermon of holy prophet, and according to Shia concept, he appointed Ali as his heir after him.

Prophet Muhammad died due to illness later that year (632 A.D), his last rituals were performed by his son-in-law Ali and he was buried at his own house in Medina.


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