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Who Causes Gun Violence and Is There a Solution?

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Gun Violence and Violence in General Originates from the Devil

The definition of the word violence is: “the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy,“ says Merriam-Webster Dictionary. This same publication defined the devil as: “the personal supreme spirit of evil often represented in Christian belief as the tempter of humankind,...“ Within the definition of the devil a description is mentioned, “spirit of evil.” That word evil was utilized by various people describing the acts of the gunman. Christopher Olivarez, a Department of Public Safety official commented, “He fled from that residence that shooter was making way into the school. There he was like an evil person killing children. At that point their primary focus to prevent state and local law enforcement to prevent anymore children from lost of life.”

A representative spoke about the Buffalo, New York incident where nine were killed by a gunman including a retired policeman named Aaron that worked as the security guard for the grocery store, “Aaron bravely fought evil that day.” These were acts of pure evil and seemingly no one gave the credit to the originator of evil, Satan the Devil. News anchor Gayle King of CBS Mornings expressed these words about Aaron as well as the shooting in Buffalo, “So l think its an important reminder. You know how people say what we need in this country is a good guy with a gun. That man was a good guy with a gun and he lost his life trying to help and save others.”

These two horrific events with lone, evil, gunmen have shaken the world as people ask, how could these types of shootings continue to happen in America? Wicked acts exist not only in America but the whole world because of the devil. 1 John 5:19 explain, “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” (THE HOLY BIBLE Old and New Testaments IN THE King James Version) The Guest anchor Dana Jacobson of CBS Mornings acknowledged, “lt effects everyone. The entire country is mourning with them. You think of people who have gone through this before. I hate saying a club but a group of people no one wants to be a part of. These communities are tied with each other forever. In a way that they don’t want.”

Yes. It is vital that each of us recognize evil when we see it and experience it. Only a demonically possessed person could walk into a school and shoot to kill nineteen innocent children with their “baby teeth” and looks of terror in their eyes as well as two loving teacher. The demons also led the gunman in the Buffalo incident, to walk into a grocery store to shoot and kill innocent people because of the color of their skin. People’s attempts to blame it on mental illness which could have played somewhat of a part. We do know for sure that all mentally ill people do not kill as many researchers have revealed. The Devil and his demons have to kill and destroy as many as possible through their wicked acts by using individuals without the right thought process or heart condition as as Jeremiah 17:9 states, ”The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate. Who can know it?” (The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures) The Devil cannot be blamed for all problems in the world today. Within the article on an article is featured entitled Is the Devil the Cause of All Suffering? The information revealed, “However the Devil is not responsible for all suffering. Why not? God created humans with the capacity to choose between doing good and doing bad. (Joshua 24:15) When we make poor choices, we reap bad consequences.—Galatians 6:7,8.

Satan and his demonic forces does not want humans to come to know, love and serve their Creator Jehovah God. The devil forgets that these individuals have the hope of the resurrection and they can be brought back to life on a paradise earth. Nothing can and will stop Jehovah from fulfilling his purpose through his precious son Jesus Christ, who was also put to death by wicked people being used by the demons. On the third day God resurrected Jesus who now rules as king of that Kingdom we pray for at Matthew 6:9,10 which states, “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.“ (The King James Version) That kingdom will eliminate all violence, sickness and death that exist in this chaotic world today.

A photo of the school’s sign in Uvalde, Texas where a gunman killed 21 victims.

A photo of the school’s sign in Uvalde, Texas where a gunman killed 21 victims.

Gun Violence and Public Health Mass Shootings

“This year alone, think about this for a second, this is only May…There has been 214 mass shootings and at least 77 incidents of gun fire on school grounds.”

— Gayle King, News Anchor for CBS Mornings

Solutions for Gun Violence and Mental Health Issues

Each of us are devastated by the horrifying news of gun violence within the United States. Other countries have attempted to eliminate this problem by banning certain weapons. Some politicians blame gun violence on mental health issues. Here are some solutions but remember only God’s kingdom can rid the earth of these problems. Please go to for additional information. Men with their good intentions cannot do this without their creator Jehovah God under the rulership of his son Jesus Christ. Dr. Celine Gounder appeared on CBS Mornings and revealed, “On ways to help cure gun violence. We should be talking about gun violence prevention…There are so many things that work that are actually not about gun control.”

Questions were raised about mental health concerns when anchors Dana Jacobson asked why is it, “Time and time again after a mass shooting people turn to mental health issues but there are people that have mental health issues that never do anything like this?“ Anchorwoman Gayle King previously asked, “What can you say about mental health at this time. It seems that the conversation is now moving to that this is a mental health issue. We need to do something about mental health which is also true. But there are a lot of mentally ill people that don’t go and do this. Isn’t this so much bigger than a mental health issue?” Karen Price, Chief of Psychology at Texas Children‘s Hospital discussed, “Mental health is certainly part of the picture. I don’t think it is the full story. We know that we have a mental health crisis in this country and really in many countries across the world in the wake of the Covid pandemic. And certainly we need to do our best to create systems of care to take care of our children, adults, families at any stage where they might be experiencing mental health concerns. I do think we can talk about information that comes out and how we can make things different in the future. What signs we need to look for that somebody might be experiencing. The kind of mental health concerns that could lead them to be dangerous. While also recognizing that you’re right, the vast majority of people with mental illness are not dangerous. They’re not a danger to the society.“

Will more guns make us safer? Is mental illness the major problem? Reasonable answers have been given in this article. Now it is up to each individual not to allow this ghastly crime to occur again. But how can we keep our children or just humans in general from not being victims of violence? Imagine a world where people tried to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ where people love one another and guns will never be required. That’s the world l pray for regardless of your skin color or religious background for all mankind. That type of paradise without sickness, gun violence or death will exist in the future. Will you be there to see Jehovah’s promise fulfilled through that kingdom Jesus taught us to pray for?

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